Apr 8, 2012

So far ;**

I have posted 2 of my previous stories, my two favorite ones honestly.

Jawl and pixie dust.

In a few days I will post something new and forbidden love.

The others I cannot find or have not been completed.

As always I love you all ;**


  1. Cool so they were old ones hehe I was going to read them bs ma estaw3abt if I read them already or not :P

  2. Bella: Hope you enjoy it ;**

    Jacqui: yup I think you did I know you did for Jawl but not sure about the other one ;**

  3. your first story madree shismha i think that it was you that posted it. its about two girls that studied in swis o yaw il kuwait o they saw guys ib a car o they invited them chan tabchy wa7da minhom bas a5ir shay 7abita :p if it was you that posted please re post it. it was my second favorite story after jawl :D ya36eech il 3afya