Apr 12, 2012

Faith 2 ;**

"shfeek ahbal"
"agolik shfeek ahbal masik telefonik wtibosim"

He never shared with his friends what he did in his private life, and not because he did not trust them but out of respect for the girls. He was never in a serious relationship but the girls treated him well and the least he could do was not share every picture and incident with his friends.

He was smiling like a dork because he was direct messaging a girl on twitter.


She didn't have a picture or a name but the girl was hilarious.

She had a sense of humor he didn't think anyone in Kuwait had.

They didn't flirt but the direct messaged all day.

"lail7een mo nwya tgolenly ismich"
"mo a7la a'9el M it adds mystery"
"yeah it does, but I would like to have a name since I don't have a face ;p"
"LOL it took you long enough to bring up the picture, how long have you been itching for that"
"heey ana shglt, ana bs glt mfy picture o mfy name"
"aw baby boy mo mt3wd 9aa7 mt3wd they shower you with pictures"
"la yuba fahmtny '3l6"
"really, shout your timeline the only people who talk to you are girls"
"yeah well, I dont have a twitter account 3shan asolif m3a my friends"
"you have it to meet girls"
"LAAA yuba laa wallaa"
"so how do you meet girls?"

The conversations went back and forth for hours, days, weeks and yes even months.

He never brought up anything outside of twitter, and she didn't think much of it.


"he still didn't ask for your number?"
"is he gay?"
"laa shako"
"I don't know, if it was any other guy mn ziman 6alib raqmich"
"he isn't he is different"
"ro7ay zain mako different"
"why don't you have hope"
"because all men are assholes"
"honey, did you date all men?"
"no .."
"I had a few boyfriends and they weren't bad"
"um wainhum al7een?"
"we ended on mutual terms"
"ahaa, assholes"

Somehow, everywhere you go, girls are always complaining about men and oddly enough men are complaining about women.

Both are to blame, because it depends on the individuals.

Anyways, this is a story not a lecture about men and women morals right.

I thought so.

Like I said, it was months before he asked for her number.

"ma agdar asm3ik, agdr agraak"
"3yal igraay"
"bgolich shay"
"bs lat39been"
"I won't"
"heheh mm ma malaity mn twitter?"

Calling Mizoun

"he asked for my number"
"it took him long enough"
"inzain so?.."
"well yeah, I mean you message all day on twitter so not why message all day on whats app"
"leana it becomes personal"
"so let it be personal"
"ma adree"
"just do it whats the worst that can happen"

"9a7" she thought to herself "whats the worst that can happen"

"intay wainich wain ri7tay"
"knt afkr"
"kl hatha tfkreen itha mtbeen 3dy walla bs glt as'hal o asr3"
"lw ma aby ma agolik okay bs in shr6"
"I still won't answer any personal questions"
"and you can never call me"
"okay, yala raqmny ;p"

And he did, he sent her his number and they started whats aping.

She didn't feel anything towards him he was just someone to talk to. It bothered her a little bit because she couldnt find anything wrong with the guy.

"mny dzlha message" He was talking to himself. He would purposely leave his iPhone in his car so that he wouldn't message her.

She would be waiting all day for a message for him because "I refuse to start the messaging"

"kaifha akeed mo fa'9ya" He would end the day on that note.

Which is why they stopped messaging everyday, and it became every few days.

That became every few weeks, and that became to whenever either was free.

He liked her but he wouldn't admit it to himself, or her of course.

She liked his presence and she wouldn't admit that to herself, or him of course.


3 months later

Incoming Call M

1 missed call M
"I need you"

Incoming Call Him

"hala oboy intay wainich mshtaglich"
"me too, mm can we go out?"
"feech shay?"
"mt'9yqa shway"
"laish 3sa ma shr"
"agolik lmn ashofik"

Why did he refuse to answer her call?

Was she upset because he didn't answer her call?

Or does Sultan have a role in this.

"whats his name?"
"Osama, his name is osama"


  1. Hey loviii
    Loved the post
    Love you
    Love mahari
    But hate the name .... Osama he kinda reminds of osama bn ladin thats the only reason the name is interesting
    Amazing you got me hooked :****

    - chocolate from cows

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh im firsttttt booooyyyaaaaaaaaaaa :D:D:D:D:D:D

  3. chaklaayta: thats your new nick name 3la fikraa ! ee I thought of the name osama but you know me and my the names I like to use and it seems like all the rara names have been used and I met an Osama that was hot and thought "hey why not" ;**