Apr 21, 2012

Faith 6 ;**

Sorry for the delay, just bare with me I promise it will clear up, hopefully.

As always I love you.


She hated the power he had over her, ever since she met him but there was chemistry between them, a spark. Even Mesfer could tell which is why he tried to keep their introductions minimal.

He trusted Mhra, and he trusted 9bee7.

But his guy instinct told him to keep his guard up.

"why dont you look at me like that"
"you want me to?"
"I do, but I cant"

She put her phone down and slowly raised her eyes, searching for his gaze.

It didnt take her long before their eyes met, and boy were his eyes mesmerizing.

She remember when they first met, almost 2 years ago.

He walked into the branch, demanding to see the branch manager he was loud and rude.

She quickly stepped out.

"lw sm7t, tf'9al ana mderat il fr3"

He eyed her down, head to toe.

"ee n3m tfa'9al mktiby"

He was annoyed that she was young, he was angry however, he found her pretty

"intay cham 3mrich"
"I dont think that is relevant to the matter, let me know what the problem is and I will try and help you"

He spent an hour complaining about the customer service and their lack of knowledge.

She calmed him down and was intrigued by his attitude, he was so out there, rude, blunt. She loved it.

"Aby rqmich"
"ee etha 9art ay mshkila aby adig 3laich, 3balich I am flirting"

She was mad.

"no, I will make a note anything you need they will help you with."
"ana abeech intay"

She eyed him down.

"tdreen 3ndy 9a7by Mesfer, y9la7lich"

She couldnt believe the audacity on this man

"I thing your time is over, like I said anything yo need it will be taken care of" She stood up and smiled.

"heheh mashy mashy, but this wont be our last meeting"

It wasnt, she started seeing him everywhere she went. He was never alone though he was always with a friend.


She wanted 9bee7, but he wouldnt budge.

"il salam 3laikum"
"w 3laikum il salam"
"Mhra 9a7"
"ee n3m"
"I dont need introductions you remember me akeed"
"I do, how can I help you"

She was with Mizoun, 3thoob and 3thari. They were openly staring at the men.

They were handsome

"remember when I told you 3n my friend, hatha Mesfer"

She couldnt believe he just said that in front of everyone.

Mesfer quickly nudged him and apologized for his friend's behavior.

9bee7 pulled a chair and sat down next to Mhra.

"bng3d m3akum"

Mhra and the girls quickly stood up and apologized and left not allowing the men to say a word.

"7ywan int"
"7beeby il bnt lik 9deqny"
"wnt shako feeny"
"kasr 5a6ry m3ndik a7ad, whya zaina"
"9bee7, mo chithi"
"I will get the girl"

"if you dont, I will" 9bee7 was thinking to himself. He wanted her so badly, but was fighting something.

What could it possibly be?

"t6l3n ba7ar m3ay?"
"3ndy yacht"
"la 93ba"
"m7d yshofich nrou7 for the day wnrid"
"mn 9ijick"
"walla, ma5th yacht 5aly" She knew he was referring to Sultan
"I cant"
"why bring your friends your family"
"wnta btkoun alone?"
"akeed alone mby a7ad yshofich, a'3aar ;p"
"yal 3yaar, mm meta?"
"tomorrow morning"
"I have work"
"ditch, youm wa7id it wont kill you"
"dont you have work?"
"ana b6aaly"
"aha, mm ill get back to you"

Calling Mizoun

"just say yes or no"
"um ok"
"Osama ybeny a6l3 m3ah ba7ar for the day"
"you are going right"
"ma adree"

Calling 3thari

"Just say yes or no"
"il naas tsalm"
"ma 3ndy wgt Osama ybeny al3 ba7ar m3ah for the day"
"ee, life is short"
"okay your answer a7san mn mizoun she said no"
"she is uptight like that, ana 9y3a oh can I come?"
"you want to?"
"ee bs mby ayey bro7y"
"y3ne agola yeeb rfejik?"
"yalaaa call him"

Calling Osama

"I will go, ill call in my supervisor and ask her to cover for me, I have one condition"
"ill bring he food and drinks, and a friend"
"ee yuba okay"
"fehamt ana shno abee 9a7"
"ehehe ana ba6aly mo '3by lat7ateen"

They agreed on the details and the time before she went to bed.

She knew it was wrong, but right now she wanted wrong.

"you are messaging the wrong guy"
"can I call you?"

She had her pillow talk with him.


not Mesfer.

Her "boyfriend"

Sultan on the other hand was planning a way on making it work. How will she split her time between Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

What she will tell her parents?

Did he care?

He needed her on this project for it to work, because if it crashes they will lose everything. That was the agreement he made with her manager, and with the CEO.

They give him Mhra for the project, and he will drop the charges made against the bank.


Thats what it always is about.

The thing Sultan was not ready for was spending so much time with her, he was always fascinated by her work and her personality and knew this would be hard, separating business from pleasure.

It has been a while since he has been with someone.

Does he want to go down that road with her?

He wasnt even being honest.

He brushed his feelings away before heading to bed.

"7beebty shtswy?"

Mesfer messaged Mhra, he felt like he was loosing her and at first he didnt care she was just a fling but he cant stop thinking about her.

He might even talk to his mother.

"Mhoor what are we doing?"
"we are talking"
"what are we really doing"
"I dont know"
"dont you like Mesfer"
"I do, but"
"but shino"
"you are one to talk, he is your friend"
"mm, okay"
"tbeny a9kra?"

What was she doing, things were getting out of control.

She knew it, but curiosity was getting the better of her.

Mhra, this cant be good.

Apr 16, 2012

Faith 5 ;**

1. To those who read part 4 before I reposted, I changed a few mistakes that were made.

2. a7is the blue font I am using y'9ayi9 9a7?

3. Do you really like the story aw g3den itjamlony? I know I have been gone for so long and I might be rusty but I feel like no one is enjoying it ;/


"y3ne im39ba"
"you care"
"ma adree"
"3youn osama intay"
"3n il 3yra"

Incoming Call Osama

"il nas tslm"
"laish already kalamtik and we were whats apping hm aslm now?"
"shino aha, ya kirhy hal klma"
"hehe shfeech 7beeby"
"what do you want from me"
"aby I date you"
"wtha ma aby"
"mo ib kaifich"
"ma a7ib hl esloub"
"you havent dated much have you"
"3de laish"
"shno ga3id tswy shl iz3aaj"
"ga3id atjahaz 7g frashy"
"its a ceremony"
"ee I brush my teeth wdahan wlbis bejamty w6ub frashy"
"mt7u6 face mask"
"ya salam al7en itha il rayal ehtam ib nfsa y3yboun"
"ma glt shay"
"kl hatha o ma gltay"
"you are a strange one"
"yala golely qi9a"

She did, oddly enough.

She never did it before, but she fell asleep on the line with Osama, he dozed off before her and a few minutes after hearing him breathing evenly she fell asleep.

She woke up bright and early, messaged Sultan asking for 1 more day before she made up her mind.

Incoming Call Sultan

"9baaa7 il khair, 9baa7 il wrd 9baa7y mhra"
"sultan did you get my message"
"laish baina messages, 5lena phone calls a7san"
"la I would prefer messages please"
"aha y9er khair inshalah, golely 7beeby trygtay?" Was he serious
"what are you doing"
"nothing laish"
"ee shino 3dey bndish business together"
"so that gives you the green light to flirt"
"dont flatter yourself, I am not flirting ana ib 6b3y atkalam chthi"
"latgolen aha m3ay"
"shino hal isloub"
"anyways, ana rayi7 abu dhabi so 3ndich all week to think then aby mnich khbr"

He wasnt really giving her much of an option, but now she gets to talk to the lawyer first.

She wore a stripped black and white dress, fell right at her knees, red blazer, black heels, pony tail her lipstick and a double coat of mascara.

Off to Caribou.

Then to the office.

The night before there was a crises with the system, which meant a load at the branch.

Today she decided to mingle with customers and her employees instead of hiding in her office.

She helped even with the simple tasks of depositing money into accounts, helping the elderly with their ATM cards and so on.

She was happy today.

Also, she kept checking her phone hoping Osama would message her.

He didnt

Incoming Call Him

1 missed Call Him

"baby im busy"
"9ba7 il khair galby ;* okay oboy ana rayi7 il dawam 3ndina assignment so lmn a5l9 akalmich"

He wouldnt, but it was what he always said.

She didnt care she was annoyed by Osama.

"can we please go out today" 3thoob sent
"of course, yes please listen I want to cut my hair and do my nails so I will go after work so bilail n6l3 ana bgoul 7g mizoun wntay golay 7g 3thari"

She called in for an appointment.

Then called the lawyer, 9bee7.

He was Mesfer's friend, she always had a crush on him but they were good friends and Mesfer got to her first.

Yes, I know ladies all of you are shaking your head in disagreement with Mhra and her "lifestyle"

She met with 9bee7, he was a flirt.

She loved it.

"Shofay n9e7ty, go along with the contract its straight forward 1 year you go there for weekends to the consults and you are back. After the year itha tbeen tgdren itkamleen m3aa"
"la ma aby"
"I wouldnt want to be on Sultan's bad side, tara y9er 7g nseeb Mesfer"

Her world stopped for a second

"bs lat5fen I am under obligation not to mention anything to him, I am assuming he doesnt know"
she just shook her head.
"hala oboy" he had his head down reading the contract
"mm, sh9er 7g nseeb Mesfer"
"Y9er khalaa"
"9aber, Sultan y9er khal Osama?"
"sh3rfich ib Osama"
"ams shfnah knt m3a Mesfer"
"aha, w5ray 3n il 3yla mhra krmal Mesfer 7tan lw mat7bna"
"Mno gaaliik..."
"mn '3air la7d ygoul I can read you, you like him and you are good to him but it doesnt mean you are perfect, tara ma yklm a7d '3airich"
"la ma tdren, Mesfer rayal Osama mo rayal"
"shako Osama bl mw'9o3"
"lw shyfa wyhich lmn gltay isma"
"Mhra ayshay y9er m3ach m3a Sultan awal ib awal tkalmny, ra7 a36ech raqmy il thany my private one"

Now Mhra was confused.

How was she to pull herself out of this.

Okay it seems easy, just ignore Osama right?


She head home, got dressed into skinny dark jeans, a ruffly black shirt with her hair down.

Simples. yes.

Hot? definitely.

They headed to Burger Hub.

The area was packed, hot young men,

"I like younger guys" she was eying a young sugar candy sitting in front of her
"how young" Mizoun was worried
"ma adre younger I guess, y3ne 3dy akalm wa7id 3mra 18"
"btrbena?" 3thari laughed
"maybe" She had a devious look in her eyes "abeeh"
The girls all turned and bluntly started at the eye candy. He loved the attention
"mn 9ijich?"

"Stop staring at the boy" She was distracted by the message she got
"why dont you look at me like that"
"you want me to?"
"I do, but I cant"

She put her phone down and slowly raised her eyes, searching for his gaze.

It didnt take her long before their eyes met, and boy were his eyes mesmerizing.

Error ;**

Dear Readers,

It seems that I am not at the top of my game and I apologize, a reader mentioned something that in part 3 he went to see her at night after her meeting, Osama saw her.

In part 4 I mentioned how he didn't know how she looked like, sorry.

I will make sure I am more careful.

I will repost it.

Also to clarify

Mesfer's sister is married to X, Osama is brother's with X, and Sultan is their uncle.

Is that a little clearer?

Faith 4 ;** (edited)

She woke up with a headache, today was going to be her last day at work.

She has decided to decline Sultan's offer and will suffer the consequences she knew her parents would be proud of her for doing the right thing and will support her.

Walking into the branch, her heart was heavy she loved it her. This was her baby, she helped make it into what it has become.

She was remembering her customers who sent her flowers and gifts when she was promoted to branch manager, each coming in personally to congratulate her.

She closed her office door and was looking down at her phone, a tear almost escaped her eyes when there was a knock at the door.

She looked up and it was him.

She pushed back her tear and smiled.

"9ba7 il khair"
"9ba7 il nour" He sat down in front of her with a wide smile plastered on his face
"so, what did you decide on" She paused, then looked up at him with a smile
"I decline your offer, and I will suffer the consequences"
He smiled, rested back in his chair and pulled out a paper from the file he had in hand "I am glad to hear you say that"
She was confused "what do you mean"
"you are a lady with morals, and that is what I need" He placed the paper in front of her "mhra I am a business man, not a fellon I love my job, my family and my country and would never do something against the law" He eyed her down "I was testing you"
"you thought what you did was amusing"
"no, but I needed to know that I could trust you"
"why is that?"
"shofay il contract jdamich"
She quietly read through it, and realized what he was asking her "you want me to over look a new bank you are opening up in Abu Dhabi?"
"hala yuba"
"mn 9ijik?"
"ee, shofay your contract is a year you will be anonymous to the actual employees you will sit down with the head of HR to decide on the hiring, the strategies and the training. No one will know what you are doing. All week you are here weekends you come to me and you will be done"
"I can't"
"you will"
"no I won't and I can't I will not risk my reputation"
He pulled out his phone and replayed the conversation the had the night before about the "illegal" transaction he wanted to do.
"shofay, don't push into doing this"
"you are blackmailing me"
"3rftay laish I want you, you are smart"
Her mind had stopped, she didn't understand what was going on let alone why this was happening to her.
"mhra, 7beebty hatha il 3qd its a year no one will know so please spare me your lectures read it over tomorrow morning ana 3ndich, you will sign or else you will lose the first time I was testing you now I am serious"

He walked out feeling smug about himself.

Whatever he wanted, he got.

Incoming Call Him

"hala mesfer"
"mfeny shay mesfer"
"la feech shay intay mtnadeny ib ismy"
It was true "Sorry bs bally msh'3ol"
"sorry 7beeby '9yqtich"
"la baby its okay, I miss you" She did
"walla 7tan ana oboy aby ashofich ilyoum" She just got an idea
"ee sure at 7?"
"mshy 7beebty 6l3ay mn il dawam o kalmeny"

It was a rather busy day at worked and she couldn't wait until it was over. She arrived at home and got into bed skipping lunch.

She woke up at 6 took a quick shower and got ready for her night with Mesfer.

Usually she would go over to his place and chill, today they were going to pick up dinner then head over to watch a movie.

They were at home slice, he was picking up the pizza while she waited in the car.

Just as he was about to enter, he stopped to say hi to some guys, and one of them quickly caught her eyes.


She panicked at first, then realized the car was tinted darkly either way she took a quick glance and turned slightly so that her back was facing the window just in case he wanted to take a sneak peak.

He was handsome, different than Mesfer.

She wanted to just sit there and watch him.

Mesfer had left his phone in the car, which was what she needed and she knew the password to his phone, she didn't want to snoop around she wanted 1 thing only.

The lawyers number, his friend.

Mesfer got into the car and she pretended like she was messaging.

"halla baby"
"ma a7ib tmskeen telefonich wna m3ach"
"I'm sorry 7beeby"
"sorry 6wlt knt aslm 3la osama, o5o nseeby"
"ee y7laila ma yshbh rayel e5tik"
"ee osama a7la"

They kept the small talk until they arrived to the apartment, popped a movie into the DVD and enjoyed their pizza.

She snuggled really close to him and closed her eyes to enjoy his smell.

"shfeech 7beebty mo 3jbtny"
"walla mfeny shay" He was good to her.
"you know if you need to talk I am here right"
"adree 7beeby" she looked up at him and gave him a quick kiss on his lips before he hugged her again and they sat there to finish the movie.

At 10 she headed home feeling a little better.

Tomorrow she was going to call the lawyer

Incoming Call Osama

"shfeek sakit"
"feek shay"
"you called 3shan tgoly hi o taskt"
"ha 3yal"
"mm, wilaht 3laich"
"ee goul mn il awal mo t36eny one word answers"
"rada il bait"
"isn't it late"
"I said I am heading home, and I am 28 years old 10 is not late"
"leanich 28 m3nta shino tkoun bara il bait ly nu9 il lail"
"la, a9lan why are we having this conversation"
"khl9 insay bs knt bsalem 3laich, bye"

He was a strange one this man

Dialling il khaal

"goul 5l9ny"
"aby il yacht hal weekend tkfa"
"6lbtik o tkfa 3shan il yacht, cham mra agolik la t6lib mny tby shay 3ndik raqam Thamer kalma o uhwa y'9b6lk kl shay, bs osamo in drait inkum imrkbeen banat wla feeh shrb my79el khair"
"khaly adree walla bs nby n6l3 in7adiq"
"okay yuba, youm il 5mees ykoun jahiz bl machla wl 3da intw ily 3laikum bs tyoun"
"mshkoor khaly"
"rayal shkbrik sh3r'9ik tgol mshkoor, rou7 bs"

Sultan loved his nieces and nephews, he worked hard for them to provide everything for them. He knew he couldn't get children on his own which is why he spoilt them endlessly, but Osama was different.

Osama was a copy of Sultan and he wanted him one day to take over and follow in his footsteps.


Let us take a step back ladies,

Mesfer's sister's husband is Osama's brother.

Mesfer's sister's husband's uncle is Sultan.

Mhra is "dating" mesfer

Mhra is "talking" to Osama

And lastly, Sultan is going to change Mhra's life completely.

This is going to be one hot juicy mess.

Apr 13, 2012

Faith 3 ;**

Incoming Call 99123456

"il salam 3laikum"
"w 3laikum il salam"
"istatha mhra"
"ee n3m, mno m3ay" She knew who it was
"sultan ilx, 3rftny"
"ee n3m, ya hala feek istath sultan" she had a private number, and a work line. He called the private
" mn '3air istath shryich" She was confused
"3la ra7tik, tf'9al shloun agdar asa3dik"
"mhra 3ndy mw'9o3 shway 7sas mumkin ntqabal" Now she was confused and scared
"we can't meet in my office?"
"la walla I wish ina ykoun bra il bank"
"inshalah we can meet Java Detour, ily bl bd3"
"3la khair inshalah, 7 ynsbich?"

Her mind was shattered what could sultan possibly want.

She got up to take a shower to relax her body and her mind.

She had her evening tea with her parents before getting ready for her meeting with Sultan.

"3ndy meeting"
"shino hal shi'3il 9ub7 o 39er"
"yuba ashwa fr3na bs dawam wa7id, hatha meeting m3a VIP customer"
"shly yabeeh"
"ma yndara ybayen b3d shway"


knock knock

"il 3m sultan, ma buga shay 3la mw3idna"
"ee yala kany nazil"
"an6irik bl syara"

"ily ga3id aswy 9a7?" He kept asking himself that question since he ended the phone call with her.

His mind was preoccupied.

"mt2kid in a ily bnswy 9a7?"
"wnd5lha bl mw'9o3"
"I have to"

What are they upto?


"mr7baa mhra"
"ya hala sultan shlonik?
"il7imdilah, I am sorry about the phone call and the short notice"
"don't worry about it, I promised you we would be at your service"
"this is not a bank matter"
"il 9ra7a mhra, I want to go into some investment with you I am starting up a company, something small and I need someone to be in charge and I think you are the perfect candidate"
"I am honored, but I am happy at the bank"
"I am not asking you to leave"
"2 jobs, is too much"
"all you would have to do is come in during the weekend to look over the books"
"So its an accounting kind of thing?"
"Well, shofay I need someone with a good reputation, good credentials to approve the books and who better than a bank manager"
"what kind of investments are these?"
"the less you know the better"
"3fwan bs sultan, you are asking me to do something illegal and you want me to abuse my name as a bank manager to sign off these transactions"
"what makes you think I will say yes"
"because I know, without my bank accounts your branch will close down the end of the year"
"They have given me 2 years"
"I can make those 2 years turn into 2 months" he moved closer to her "mhra don't underestimate my power over your bank"
"so now you are threatening me"
"la, I am just giving you a reason to say yes"
"wtha gltlik la"
"3la ra7tich, but there will be consequences"
"my branch?"
"your career, you leave the bank you leave the work field for good"
"mn 9ijik"
"hala oboy"
"you are seriously dumping this on me"
"ee shfeech" he stood up "ana lazem amshee 3ndich till tomorrow to think about it"

Calling Osama

"I need to see you please"
"wainich ana yaylich"

He ran out of the duwanya and sped off to see her.

He found her in her car crying.

This was the first time he saw her, he still didn not know her name.

She had only seen pictures of him

"M shfeech"
"if you had to chose between doing the right thing and loosing everything what would you chose"
"the right thing"
"but I will lose it all"
"then you weren't meant to have it"

She paused and looked at him "inta 7lo"

He burst out laughing "ya shgool"

"ismy mhra"

She went to bed knowing what she was going to do, little did she know what tomorrow was holding for her.

Apr 12, 2012

Faith 2 ;**

"shfeek ahbal"
"agolik shfeek ahbal masik telefonik wtibosim"

He never shared with his friends what he did in his private life, and not because he did not trust them but out of respect for the girls. He was never in a serious relationship but the girls treated him well and the least he could do was not share every picture and incident with his friends.

He was smiling like a dork because he was direct messaging a girl on twitter.


She didn't have a picture or a name but the girl was hilarious.

She had a sense of humor he didn't think anyone in Kuwait had.

They didn't flirt but the direct messaged all day.

"lail7een mo nwya tgolenly ismich"
"mo a7la a'9el M it adds mystery"
"yeah it does, but I would like to have a name since I don't have a face ;p"
"LOL it took you long enough to bring up the picture, how long have you been itching for that"
"heey ana shglt, ana bs glt mfy picture o mfy name"
"aw baby boy mo mt3wd 9aa7 mt3wd they shower you with pictures"
"la yuba fahmtny '3l6"
"really, shout your timeline the only people who talk to you are girls"
"yeah well, I dont have a twitter account 3shan asolif m3a my friends"
"you have it to meet girls"
"LAAA yuba laa wallaa"
"so how do you meet girls?"

The conversations went back and forth for hours, days, weeks and yes even months.

He never brought up anything outside of twitter, and she didn't think much of it.


"he still didn't ask for your number?"
"is he gay?"
"laa shako"
"I don't know, if it was any other guy mn ziman 6alib raqmich"
"he isn't he is different"
"ro7ay zain mako different"
"why don't you have hope"
"because all men are assholes"
"honey, did you date all men?"
"no .."
"I had a few boyfriends and they weren't bad"
"um wainhum al7een?"
"we ended on mutual terms"
"ahaa, assholes"

Somehow, everywhere you go, girls are always complaining about men and oddly enough men are complaining about women.

Both are to blame, because it depends on the individuals.

Anyways, this is a story not a lecture about men and women morals right.

I thought so.

Like I said, it was months before he asked for her number.

"ma agdar asm3ik, agdr agraak"
"3yal igraay"
"bgolich shay"
"bs lat39been"
"I won't"
"heheh mm ma malaity mn twitter?"

Calling Mizoun

"he asked for my number"
"it took him long enough"
"inzain so?.."
"well yeah, I mean you message all day on twitter so not why message all day on whats app"
"leana it becomes personal"
"so let it be personal"
"ma adree"
"just do it whats the worst that can happen"

"9a7" she thought to herself "whats the worst that can happen"

"intay wainich wain ri7tay"
"knt afkr"
"kl hatha tfkreen itha mtbeen 3dy walla bs glt as'hal o asr3"
"lw ma aby ma agolik okay bs in shr6"
"I still won't answer any personal questions"
"and you can never call me"
"okay, yala raqmny ;p"

And he did, he sent her his number and they started whats aping.

She didn't feel anything towards him he was just someone to talk to. It bothered her a little bit because she couldnt find anything wrong with the guy.

"mny dzlha message" He was talking to himself. He would purposely leave his iPhone in his car so that he wouldn't message her.

She would be waiting all day for a message for him because "I refuse to start the messaging"

"kaifha akeed mo fa'9ya" He would end the day on that note.

Which is why they stopped messaging everyday, and it became every few days.

That became every few weeks, and that became to whenever either was free.

He liked her but he wouldn't admit it to himself, or her of course.

She liked his presence and she wouldn't admit that to herself, or him of course.


3 months later

Incoming Call M

1 missed call M
"I need you"

Incoming Call Him

"hala oboy intay wainich mshtaglich"
"me too, mm can we go out?"
"feech shay?"
"mt'9yqa shway"
"laish 3sa ma shr"
"agolik lmn ashofik"

Why did he refuse to answer her call?

Was she upset because he didn't answer her call?

Or does Sultan have a role in this.

"whats his name?"
"Osama, his name is osama"

Apr 9, 2012

Faith 1 ;**

Remember we said she was single, well more or less.

Then again, arent we all?

Mhra woke up bright and early, she fell asleep without telling him and she knew he
wouldnt go looking for her she was use to his ways, it was fine it didnt bother

She got dressed in a mauve pencil skirt with a light grey crisp shirt, put her hair
up in a bun applied her eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick.

Slipped into her heals and off she was to work.

She stopped at the nearest caribou got her caramel high rise before work.

Sheparked in her designated parking as branch manager, took a quick look in the
mirror and headed towards the bank entrance.

"good morning" to the security guard
"good morning madam"

The branch smelled clean, the way she liked it. She asked the tea boy to light a
piece of charcoal for the incense she recently bought. The employees story
starting piling into the meeting room.

"I am not happy about this early morning meeting, its the only
time I could sit and talk to everyone" she
hated small talk, which is why non of her staff liked

"we have a problem" she continued.

"we have not been reaching the minimal target as a branch, for the past two quarters we have been cutting short and management is not pleased. We need some changes because we are the smallest branch and it will be easy for one of the bigger branches to adapt us and let me assure you we dont want that to happen. We are a small branch, we all know each other"

She took a long pause and looked around.

"I know I am strict and tough but I have to be, we are the smallest and youngest in terms of age not just me but all of you as well, and I did that on purpose I thought our ages would bring us closer as a team I am guessing I am wrong. I have been given this quarter to test you all in terms of reaching your target and if you dont some will be relocated will I recruite new
staff which I really dont want to do"

They all looked at her coldly, "do we have an agreement?"

They just nodded.

As they were about to leave the meeting room.

"please help me help you, I promise I will be less uptight okay?"

They laughed and headed out to start preparing for the opening of the branch.

She headed into her office, turned her computer on coming back from the weekend was
the worst and busiest time.

Just on queue, her phone rang

Incoming Call Him

"9ba7 il khair"
"hala oboy 9ba7 il nour shlonich baby"
"il7imdilah inta shlonik"
"zaain, ha at work?"
"how was the meeting" she always thought he didnt care but he remembered
everything she told him “were you strict?”
“ee I was, I think they hate me”
“bl3na let them hate you walla ma ra7 ylqoun mudera mthlich, a5 bs lw t9eren modesty”
"mesfer khalaa9"
“heheh okay baby I am sorry, ana a5leech you get back to work wna bgoum asb7 wrou7 il dawam okay?”
“okay 7u6 balik”

She was reading through her emails, answering the ones she needed to. Every now and then she looked up at her branch and her employees they were a nice group always smiling and welcoming of our customers.

Every now and then the usual customers would pop in great her, and say a quick hello.

She loved it here.

Her secretary walked in.

“Mhra, il istath sultan mwjoud”
“mno il istath sultan?”
“ma 3ndy fikra, ygoul you should be expecting him”

Her phone rang and it was Bassam head of the VIP customers.

“rand I will get back to you dgeega bs”

“hala bassam”
“ahlaain mhra shlonich?”
“im good, tell me about this sultan I just got richard’s email and I assuming you are calling about him”
“he specifically asked for you, he didn’t want any other branch he wants to transfer to your branch even though he lives far”
“okay what I am looking into, 36ny his account number”
“brace yourself”

To say the man had money, was an understatement.

“he is here let me sit with him”
“don’t turn him down do you know what this will do to your branch”
“ya I know, thanks bassam ill update you later”

Mhra took her mirror out took a quick look at herself, reapplied her lipstick sprayed some perfume and got up to great il istath sultan.

“7yaak allah istath sultan”
He was much younger than she had in mind, strikingly handsome she saw how the women looked at him.
“allah y7eech istatha mhra”
“tfa’9el nd5al mktiby”

He gestured for her to walk in front of him, she waited until he was seated beforeshe sat behind her desk.

“sht7ib tshrab?”
“qahwa turkya medium”

She called the kitchen asked for 2 coffees, they exchanged small talk before
getting into the matter.

“il 9ra7a istatha Mhra I am a big fan, I have followed your career and I am intrigued and impressed which is why I want to transfer into your branch”
“ykoun il shrf lina istath sultan, bs mumkin as2al laish tby t6l3 mn fr3na ily bl 3dailya, its just protocol”
“yes akeed, il 9ra7a Iwanted a small branch where everyone knows me, and I know the staff and the branch manager hnak wayed kanat rude o nafsya wna rayal ma at7ml o ma wdy arf3 9oty 3la mra”

The meeting with istath sultan lasted an hour and half, with a few minor interruptions from the supervisor and customers.

They reached an agreement, she would do the paper work for the transfer.

This was going to be something none of the bigger branches have accomplished, to get a client with multiple six figure accounts was something rare, especially since the bank was smaller in consideration to the other banks in the country.

She wanted to show off, but had to act professionally

“I need to show off”
“I got a customer, y7limoun il afr3 il thanya y79lona”
“alah ybarik feek, sorry I am super exited I had to tell someone”
“o fakrtay feeny”
“mm ee laish ;s?”
“la that’s something nice”
“hehe okay, um shloonik ;p?”
“ana zain”
“feek shay?”
“no baby im fine”
“ee shino my9er?”
“ugh ma adree”
“shfeech M, its just a word”
“aha y3ne tgolha 7g everyone?”
“no bs its just a word”
“okay anyways I have to go”
“ya I know you have work you are busy 9a7”

She was irritated, she didn’t understand why.

She just was.

“shfeeha kathy” He thought to himself.

The thing is he never said that word to anyone, then again he was never serious about anyone.

Do you want to know how they met?

I mean how he got her number?

Apr 8, 2012

Faith Intro ;**

Here it goes, my new story.
I hope you like it, remember it has been a WHILE since I have written anything.
Enjoy ;**
"iff malait"
"shfeech b3d"
"I dont know, malait mn hal routine"
"3baly 3ndich salfa"
"na3m mahoor"
"dal3ny I am your older sister"
"thats why intay mfrou'9 edal3eny"

Lets talk about our characters a little bit shall we?

Mhra, or mahoor as everyone calls her, is the main character more or less. She graduated with a degree in Economics at the age of 21 from Kuwait University and went into the banking world. She is the youngest, in the history of Kuwait, branch manager. She was a hard worker, first one in last one out.

Plus, she worked for a small relatively new bank which is why she was able to climb the ladder in such a short amount of time.

She is currently 28.


Well, more or less single.


Her younger sister. Didnt attend university, does not work, has no goals in life all she wants is to get married.

She is single.

Completely the opposite of her sister who was ambitious and driven.

He was a quiet boy, work, nap, gym, duwanya. On weekends he would go out with friends or family and sometimes went to the shalaih.

He wasnt very different then the rest the men in the country.
He worked in the oil sector.

He dreamed big, but never did anything to really accomplish any of his goals.
He was tall, dark and yes handsome.

Nothing special about his looks, he looked like your average Kuwaiti man.
And boy do we love the average Kuwaiti man, right ladies?

He never had a serious girlfriend, but he did talk to girls he had them on his bbm but never asked to see them (physically or a picture) he wasnt looking for anything he just enjoyed chatting to several girls.

Except one girl, she was the only girl with his number. Even though she had a blackberry, they whats apped all day and she was the only girl he took interest in.

He never went looking for her, but on the rare occasion that they did talk they would spend hours talking.

She always claimed "she was busy at work"

Shino hal wa'9eefa he would think to himself.

All he knew about her was her name "M"

"shino M"
"7lfay bs, adree bs shino ismich?"
"its a secret ;p"
"laish yuba tara bs ism"
"adree bs mo a7la chithi? mystery"
"la mo a7la intay it3rfen kl shay 3ny"
"ma7d galik tgoly, I never asked you chose to share with me"
"ee 3dy, yala golely"
"nope, ismy M"
"3la ra7tich"

Who is M?

Will she be a new character, or have we already met her?


"laish btnameen now" 3thoob whined
"leana I have an early meeting with my staff"
"iff fine"

Mahra went up to her room, got ready for bed and crawled undr her sheets.

Incoming Call Him
"hala 7uby, shlonich"
"zaina you?"
"il7imdilah, twny ga3id ma adre shloun ra7at 3lay nouma"
"noum il 3wafy dgait 3laik cham mra bs shftik ma rdait glt akeed t3ban"
"ee walla shagony shag il dawam"
"how come?"
"ma adree shly 6ary 3laihum imswenla field training"
"ee walla, intay wainich shswaity ilyoum"
"mako walla, ri7t il zwara then ri7t il salon ri7t shway shopping m3a 3thoob o rdait il bait"
"9otich n3san"
"ee walla 3ndy early meeting m3a my staff"
"shday 3laihum"
"ehehe inshalah"
"ana bgoum a5th shower akalmich bbm aw btnameen"
"la klmny wtha bnam agolik"
"tamam, yala bye"

Remember, we said she was single, more or less.

So far ;**

I have posted 2 of my previous stories, my two favorite ones honestly.

Jawl and pixie dust.

In a few days I will post something new and forbidden love.

The others I cannot find or have not been completed.

As always I love you all ;**

Pixie Dust part 3 ;**

Compose message bu sul6an
you alone?

m3a ahaly shfeech?

um 7areb
mafeny shay I have to show you something BUT my hubby cant know

ee okay mo mushkila bs shloun?

um 7areb
ill let you know when to come o pick it up okay?


So ri7t il bait thinking of a way to divert my husband from the transaction that was going to take place sine I dont want him to know just yet.

Think Joun


So I walked into the house, up the stairs and into his office and sat down on his lap hugging him.

3azzam: hala bl zain hala ib um 7areb

Joun: hala feek 7yatie walhana 3laik

I was unbuttoning his shirt as I was saying that since I dont have time to waste.

3azzam: aah walhana 3ly WALHANA 3ly?

Joun: inrou7 our room

I got up, taking his hand leading him into our bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed and sat on his rock hard abs. Using my fingers I traced each, and every single defined muscle on his body.

It drove him insane, I saw it in his eyes

3azzam: baby

he pleadingly said

I kissed his neck playing with his hair, it literally moved him onto another planet.

i7m, lets just say I took advantage of my husband and I am damn proud of it.

I started playing with his hair cause I needed him to fall asleep, and it worked like a charm 20 minutes later he was fast asleep. I hopped into the shower after messaging Bu sul6an and telling him to come.

I changed, and tip toed downstairs and waited in the garden, as soon as I saw his car I walked over to him.

him: um 7areb shfeech 5ar3teny

Joun: mafeny shay bs I have something I know I shouldnt give it to you but you have to read this.

I handed him the diary.

Joun: read it tonight, anything and everything you read stays with you fahem

him: inshalah

Joun: Drop it off at work tomorrow sam3?

him: haha inshalah yala dshay before your husband thinks we are up to something

Joun: w0uldnt you like that bye

him: bye

Dshait il bait wna 5yfa I dont know if I did the right thing or not, but 5ala9 I gave him the diary o allah yaster. I crawled back into bed with my baby and fell asleep happy and content.


pixie shino pixie? fta7 il kitab o shft writing okay so its a diary bs whose diary is it. I put the book on the passenger seat o ri7t il duwanya g3dt for 3 hours b3dain 5thait bandero 3shan awady il bait

bandar: shino hatha?

him: ma adree

bandar: ha shino ma tadree

him: um 7areb gave it to me and asked me to read it o galatly il kalam ily maktoub stays with me

bandar: ahaa

he placed the diary on the dashboard respecting ina the book was meant for me o he know I would tell him once I read it.

I took a shower and got into bed o started reading.

"today they hit me"

"I had to go to the hospital"

"I know have 8 scars on my body"


"no one loves you"

"joun feels sorry for you thats is why she puts up with you"

"I saw him"

"I couldnt take my eyes off him"

"I miss him"

"I love him"

"I hate him, but I love him"


"bu sul6an"

g3dt 4 hours reading the diary 3ainy 6l3t she went through all of that, she dealt with all of that and she had no one to take care of her, to love her, to hold her la o foug hatha she not only likes me but she loves me.

9aber 9aber


araya it7bny?

ma gdart anam mistanis

9:00 am

I took the diary o dropped it 3nd Joun bl dawam.

Joun: so

him: yeah

Joun: any thoughts?

him: laish ma gltely Joun

Joun: I just found out ina she is in love with you

him: not that part Joun her family

Joun: bu sul6an hatha 3my he is family, I am not proud of it but they are what can I do ya3nee

him: shloun they treat her that way

Joun: I really dont know bs no one knows hm oboy ma yadre

him: we have to do something

Joun: we?

him: ee we Joun ana a7ibha

Joun: you think b9er shay bainkum?

him: ma adre I hope so

Joun: I dont know what 3azzam will say to this

him: wana shako ib 3azzam Joun you know I am a good person, you know that the whole 5awla thing was all on her not on me

Joun: I know but he doesnt

I stood up, I was so mad

him: wna shako fee

I stormed out of her office o r7t il dawam wna afaker ma adre shasawi lazem asawi shay !

MAY 17 11:12 pm

pixie I thought I lost you, my heart stopped if someone was to find you and read all the things I wrote ... I dont know what I would do ! I need to start doing something with my life, its real boring. Dr.3bdullah emailed me about doing some free lance work for him since I cant come into the office and I agreed but no one is going to know about this.

I have been avoiding Saif's calls every time he calls me it seems like marriage is brought up and I just cant find myself marrying him, it wont be fair to him I would be marrying him as my ticket way out of this hell whole and not because I love him.

You know how I love, and we know I wont be hearing from him.

MAY 29 11:00 pm

I dont write much cause nothing much is happening but something STRANGE happened today. I was laying in bed, you know the usual.

Knock knock

me: come in

man9or: can I come in

me: akeed

man9or: shlonich?

me: um zaina

9ara7tan knt 5yfa laish yaya 3ndy, let me tell you something about my brother man9or, he is super sweet bs he doesnt have a strong personality and that is why my younger brother and father control his thinking and his actions.

Even when it comes to hitting me, he never physically hurt me and would try to convince the others to ease up on me.

man9or: arent you bored mn hal g3da?

me: haha la 3dee I am use to it by now

man9or: mm how about we go out

me: laa its okay

man9or: laish im hungry and I know you havent had dinner

me: bs a5af....

man9or: ana kalamt oboy dont worry about it

I jumped out of bed

me: okay can I shower quickly

man9or: ee hm ana I need to shower o change, an6urich ta7at okay

me: okay

I was happy. For the first time in months I was looking forward to something, strange I know but I just needed to leave the house I was starting to feel like a prisoner. Samar and Joun came to visit me and I apologized to her for not being able to attend the milcha, but she assured me that it was just a small family thing but she still wanted me to join.

I promised I would come to the wedding whenever it was.

She was so happy, oh well obviously I figured out ina it wasnt him, it was his brother.

She was glowing mashalah.

Anyways, man9or and I headed to Fish market, we chose our food and settled in our chairs.

man9or: so?

me: haha I dont think we ever were out alone

man9or: adree, sorry arooya

me: its okay man9ory its not your fault

man9or: it kinda is ana o5och ilkbeer I should be there for you to protect you

me: I dont blame you I know its not you bs ana mo fahma laish they do what they do ana ma swait lihum shay

man9or: its not you shofay ever since my mother baba was lost she was the love of his life, b3dain he met your mom o he was looking for someone to take care of him and his two sons your mother forget him and she took care of us then you came and he thought he would lose her to you at first he use to hit her for neglecting you and then when he knew he couldnt hit her anymore he would hit you because you were so young and fragile and for some reason 3bala rjoula o barako nisa5t oboy

me: yeah

man9or: i7na yayen in'3ayer jaw o you smile mo we bring up memories right

me: right

I faked a smile because my brother was trying right.

While we were enjoying our dinner here is what happened at home.

The house phone was ringing and after Loreta answered, she informed my mother it was someone for him.

mama: aloo

: il salam 3laikum

mama: 3laikum il salam

: sam7eny ya um man9or daga mit25er bs ana o banaty naby neyey inshouf bntkum

mama: ee 7yakum allah ib bait baitkum

: alah e7yech mita enasbich?

mama: mita ma 7baitaw tyoun

: youm il arb3a ensabich?

mama: ee akeed

: 3la 5air inshalah b3d 9alat il m'3rb inshalah

mama: inshalah m3a il salama

: alah esalmich

After dinner man9or and I went for a walk 3l ba7ar then he got me some ice cream and we headed home.

mama: zain sharftaw

man9or: laish yuma 3sa ma shar

mama: la bs t25ar il wagt wain kintaw

man9or: 6l3na nit3sha o tmshaina

mama: wintay ma 3ndich ilsan? ma adre shloun nas yayoun ya56bounich alah yaster bs

me: shino?

mama: ee youm il arb3a tjahzay byoun eshofounich

man9or: mino yuma?

mama: mo muhum aham shay iny bftak minha

Dialing Joun

Joun: babe dgeega o akalmich

me: inshalah

him: mino araya?

Joun: ee laish

him: la bs so2al

Joun: aha, anyways 3azzam shway o yanzilik

him: myloug 3laich the strict mother

Joun: really? damn it I dont want to be the push over

him: la you wont 3azzamo will

Joun: nan6er wnshouf

so pixie, should I say yes to him?

should I let him rescue me?

should he be my way out?

would it be fair?
My mother woke me up to take me shopping, apparently she wanted me to look good and she believed it would require a lot of work. We bought a dress, heels, she bought me a new pair of diamond ear rings, then we headed off to the saloon where I was waxed, plucked and polished, got my hair curled, got my nails done, we picked up our order of sweets and pastries, then we headed home.

mama: abeech jahza 3l 6 sam3a

me: inshalah

I went up to my room, tied my hair up and took a short nap to pass the time. Roseline woke me up at 5 I took a quick shower then headed to my mother to do my make up, her orders not mine.

Thankfully she kept it simple.

The door bell rang at 6.

mama: yala nizlay salmay 3la murt 5alich

I looked up at her with, terrified.

me: murt 5aly? wh ... why is she here?

mama: mala da3y il as2la ro7ay salmay 3laiha kany nazla

me: inshalah

I walked down the stairs, with my heart beating louder than my heels against the marble staircase. I walked down the hallway making my way to the guest living room.

me: il salam 3laikum

um-saif: w 3laikum il salam hala arooya mashalah 3laich 9ij 3rous

me: tslmeen 5alty

6ab3an everything was clear to me at the moment, Saif was the one who proposed, but why didnt he tell me I know he wanted to marry me, he constantly mentioned it but I never thought he would go through with it.

mama: hala 3lya shlonich?

um-saif: b5air wain 5awatich?

mama: they are on there way now, arooy gomay shofay Loretta 5aleha ityeeb il chai wl gahwa

me: inshalah

I got up and headed to the kitchen, but made a quick detour and called Joun.

Joun: alaa

me: its me listen its saif

Joun: what?

me: its saif murt 5aly tawha yat o 5alaty are on the way

Joun: what are you going to say?

me: ma adree, I have to go someone arrived I can hear them bye

Joun: bye

Joun's mind was racing, it couldnt be Saif he told her he was proposing.

She called him.

him: hala um 7areb


him: bwady il ahal bait araya shfeech

Joun: WHAT?

him: shfeech why are you screaming

Joun: because murt 5alha is there and her son wants araya

him: NA3AM

Joun: akeed fee misunderstanding

him: shasawi al7een

Joun: you cant back out now, 5ala9 they are expecting you

him: alah yaster, 5ala9 joun akalmich b3dain okay

Joun: 6amny

him: inshalah

I sat down with my aunts and murt 5aly for about half an hour and then the bell rang again. I looked over at my mother and she had a smile on her face.

I was confused.

them: il salam 3laikum

us: w 3laikum il salam

mama: 7y allah mn yana

his mother: alah e7yeech ya um man9or

mama: nwartw il bait

his mother: imnwr bhala

They sat down, and were looking at me with a loving smile.

Now I was really confused.

his mother: mashalah hathy bntkum?

my mother was now sitting next to me

mama: ee hathy arayte il '3alya

his mother: mashalah 3laiha alah e7af'6ha w5aleha lich

mama: tslmeen

My mother introduced my aunts and murt 5aly, and it was his mother, 2 of his aunts and both sisters. The ladies were talking and I was just staring in my lap.

his mother: wain tsht'3lain araya?

mama: laa bntna ma tsht'3l

His mother was taken back by my mother, she didnt let me say a single word.

his mother: o min wain t5arjtay

mama: jam3at il kuwait

rand: araya could you please show me where the rest room is

I smiled and got up to take her to the guest restrooms.

rand: araya

me: na3am

rand: mm, shofay bu sul6an asked me to give you his number wna il 9ara7a I refused but he is really worried about you and bs yaby y6amn 3laich

I just blushed, I couldnt even answer her. She handed me the paper with his number and I held on to it as my life depended on it. His family were pleasant, talking and laughing and 2 hours later they excused himself.

I heard Rand calling him and I couldnt help but smile.

As soon as they left, the comments started.

5alty Mais: haa shrayich ?

mama: mn 9ijich no way

my heart sank deeper than the titanic

um-saif: laish mashalah 3laihum imbayn 3laihum 5oush nas

mama: la la not my style

5alty Mais: okay bs mo intay ily bta5then wldhum aroya is

mama: whya malha kilma 3ndy, kalamy ana ily yamshe

I ran out of the living room and up to my room, throwing myself on my bed. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry.

I wanted him.

2 hours later

Joun Calling

me: *crying* please pick me up I dont want to live here please jouny

Joun: 7beebty shfeech?

me: please t3aly

Joun: yala yala I am coming right now

I got out of bed and pulled out a bag from the closet filling it with necessities. I quickly changed into a track suite and walked down quietly.


Calling Bu Sul6an

Joun: bu sul6an bsr3a pick me up inrou7 3nd araya ana 7asa b9er shay

him: wainich im coming now

Joun: ana bl bait yala ta3al

him: send me her number

Joun: okay

The house was quiet, my heart was pounding I knew I shouldnt be doing this but I couldnt take it anymore. I made it down the stairs, across the hallway, down the few steps when my phone rang I quickly answered.

me: aloo

him: rytee

me: *crying* I need you please ta3ly laish you left me

him: im sorry 7beebty im sorry im coming now ni6reny im picking you up

barak: ARAYA

I froze in my place. I didnt turn around to see him, I didnt have to I could tell from his tone just how mad he was.

him: araya ... araya ... alooo

All he heard was a loud slap then my phone dropped to the floor.

He shut the phone and called Joun.

Joun: ha wainik


Joun: sh shfeek bu sul6an, shfeeha araya

him: ma adree ma adree bs sm3t barak o he heard us talking wain 3azzam o oboch lazem eyoun

Joun: inshalah inshalah

Joun called her father quickly explaining everything. 3azzam and her picked up Joun's father and drove over to my house where he found bu sul6an waiting impatiently.

He had a million questions but right now it wasnt the right time.

They kept ringing the bell, and finally Roseline opened with a terrified look.

roseline: she is not moving, she is not moving

He pushed the door open and ran in to see me laying there on the floor lifeless in my own puddle of blood.


baba: ....

He carried me and ran out of the house with Joun. 3azzam decided to stay with his father in law in case things got physical. He had me in his lap and just kept saying my name over and over again.

him: araya 7beebty araya talk to me open your eyes baby please araya .. araya ... rytee .... arooya baby 5ala9 5ala9 im here please gomay

Joun: is she breathing

him: ma adree ma adree ma adree araya araya araya

3my: mn mita wnt i6ig bntik?

baba: malik shu'3ul

He moved closer to him grabbing his shirt.


baba: bs hathy bnty

3my: int fahem shino ya3ne bntik?

3azzam o 3my left my house and followed us to the hospital. I was sent to the operating room instantly since I was bleeding internally and they had to control that.

Joun: wha... what if she ...

him: please joun dont say it please

3azzam: ha sh9ayer

him: she is in the operating room twhum d5iloha we have to wait

3my went to sit next to his daughter trying to console her since he was worried about her health with the baby.

Bu sul6an looked at 3azzam with sad eyes.

him: a7ibha 3azzam o abeha I dont want to play around, lazem itgoum please gouly ra7 itgoum

3azzam hugged his friend trying to find the right words to settle his feelings.

But he couldnt.

No one knew what was going to happen.

After for what seemed like days, the doctor finally stepped out of the operating room and he looked worried. Bu sul6an was the first one to reach to him.

him: ha dictor shlounha?

Dr: wain oboha?

3my: mo mwjoyd bs ana 3mha

Dr: tf'9al m3y shway bl maktab

Bu sul6an was anxious he wanted to know if I was okay.

3my: 3sa ma shar dictor 6amneny

Dr: wala il 9ara7a ma aby alif wdour il bnt imbayn 3laiha she is being abused o 7ta itha btgouly it was an accident aw its coincidence that for the past 4 years she has been in here almost every other month ib ra7tik but I wont believe you

3my: I wont say its not true

Dr: the girl cannot take it anymore, not only physically but emotionally the girl is slowly dying every time she comes to us, intaw ma la7'6taw il bnt is out of life, she doesnt talk she doesnt laugh dymen brou7a o hal shay mo 6ab3y for a 23 year old girl

3my: shino il 7l dictor ana ma knt adre bly e9er ana in9idamt lmn bntay galatly

Dr: tgdar itqadem shakwa aw bala'3 3ly e9er and I have more than enough proof to show ina she is being abused by her family

3my: lazem afaker dictor hatha o5oy

Dr: il bnt bl 3nya bn5aleha for a few days intab3 7alt-ha o b3dain we will move her to a room

3my: mashkour dictor!

Just as my uncle was about to share the news of my health to everyone man9or walked in with tears in his eyes. He look like he has seen a ghost!

man9or: wainha wainha

Bu sul6an ran over to him grabbing him from his shirt, but 3azzam pushed him away

him: 5alny athb7a

3my: bu sul6an yuba hathy o5oha

him: walla in ma gamat matloum ila nafsik SAM3

man9or: 3my ... ana .... wainha ....

3my: ehya bl 3nya al7en o m3a il ayam bnshouf 7alt-ha

man9or: 3my walla ma knt adree, ana rdait il bait o rosey galatly o ri7t 3nd oboy o kalamta o walla 3my ana ma knt ra'9y bly 9eer o kl ma kanaw e6igonha knt a7awel fehum bs ma7d kan ysm3ly fa knt a6l3 mn il bait adre iny o5oha bs hathy oboy

3my: bs man9or int il rayal mfrou'6 t7meha ehya shthanbha

man9or: walla adree ya 3my

Man9or broke down crying, he couldnt handle it he knew he should have been a better brother he knew he should have protected me but he just couldnt take it. He couldnt stand in my father's way.

3my: 5ala9 yuba 5ala9 man9or int rayal she needs you now

Jara7 and Samar walked into the hospital. As soon as jara7 saw his brother his heart ached for him, he walked over to him and hugged him.

jara7: ra7 itgoum ya bu sul6an lat7aty

him: alah ysm3 minik

Samar went to comfort Joun who wasnt doing any better.

3my: baba jouny mo zain 3laich wintay 7amel 7beebty riday il bait m3a 3azzam o irta7y shway o ro7ay 6amnay omich b3d

3azzam: yala baby t3aly

Joun: ayshay e9er call me, o bacher il 9b7 ityebny

3azzam: inshalah 7beebty yala gomay, 3my 6amena 3laiha o ayshay tby kalmny

3my: inshalah 7u6aw balikum

Jara7 and Samar stayed for half and hour and then left since Samar had to be home. Man9or, 3my and Bu sul6an stayed.

I had 3 broken rips, a dislocated shoulder, broken arm, fractured leg, my cheek bone was bruised badly and so was my collar bone.

Bu sul6an spent his days in the hospital. He would be the last one to leave and the first one to arrive. I was in the ICU for 3 days so he would just stand and watch me from behind the glass.

He broke everyone's heart.

He didnt eat.

He didnt sleep.

HE just stood there watching me.

3my: yuba bu sul6an ta3al ig3ad shway

He didnt want to turn him down so he went to sit next to him. No one has talked about why he was constantly there, but it was clear.

3my: inshalah btgoum bl salama

him: inshalah, 3my ana youm 9arat il salfa ahaly kanaw 3ndaha 3my ana abeha ma aby a3esh mn '3airha bs 5ayf ahlha ma yr'9oun feny shasawi gouly shasawi

3my: lat7aty aw3dik inha lik

him: 9ij 3my

3my: akeed bu sul6an int rayal wlni3m feek o ma ra7 alga a7ad e5af 3laiha akthar minik whya mi7taja a7ad yhtam feeha o e7ibha

him: ana b7u6ha ib galby 3my lat7aty

3my: 5ala9 3yal int lat7aty ana akalm oboha w9er 5air inshalah, ma taby itrou7 il bait itray7lik shway 9arlik cham youm mo nayem

him: 5ala9 ana mashy al7en bs ayshay e9er kalmony

3my: inshalah

He wanted to be happy, he wanted to believe what my uncle promised him but he knew in the end it was her father's decision which is why he was feeling uneasy.

He headed over to his grandfather's house since they started working on his room.

him: il salam 3laikum

mother: w 3laikum il salam

him: ha yuma shlonich

mother: il 7imdilah yuma shaklik t3ban

He sat down next to her

him: ee wala yuma ta3ban

mother: yuma ma medany akalmik 3n araya

He quickly sat up wanted to hear what his mother thought of her

mother: yuma ma t9l7lik il bnt

him: na3am?

mother: ee yuma il bnt ma titkalam, a7is malha sha59ya wnt it7ib itsolif o t6l3 wtrou7 o il 9ara7a omha ma ry7tny

him: ana btzawjha ehya wla omha

mother: ism3ny ya bu sul6an il bnt ma t9l7lik int ma 63tny m3a 5awla o shouf sh9ar ma buga a7ad ma tikalm 3nik, 9irt 3lch b7louj il nas, 5awla itbalt 3la o5ok o bdl ma it9adg o5ok wnt 3rf tarbeta 5thait-ha o 6l3t ib shuqa w7na siktna leana glna il muhum inik mirta7 o shouf bl a5eer shswait int ma fakart ib a7ad '3airk ma fakart ib 5awatik ily ma7ad 6aq babna ys2l 3nhum int wagft n9ebhum

His mother left him in his own thoughts, guilt started to eat him up. She was right, people think it was him who cheated. Rand just graduated from university and no one has asked about her, and its not because she isnt pretty or san3a she was but maybe his mother was right it was his fault.

He headed to his room to take a shower, hoping the water would drain his thoughts but it didnt work.

knock knock

rand: bu sul6an

him: come in rand

Rand sat down next to him on the bed and placed her hand on his.

rand: shfeek 7beeby tell me whats bothering you

him: mafeny shay laish

rand: again I ask you shfeeck

him: omy sam3tny kalam and I think its right

rand: shgalat

him: ina araya ma t9l7ly

rand: but she loves you and you love her

him: a3shqha mo bs a7ibha

rand: so what is the problem

him: she didnt like her mother, o galat ma t9la7ly wnha mo ra'9ya o she brought up the whole 5awla thing o galat iny intaw ma7ad yakum bcause of ily 9ar

rand: haa mn 9ijik? il zawaj qsma o n9eb ana twny mit5arja o mahola lail7en bl thanwya that doesnt mean ra7at 3laina b3dain ma tadre ymken we dont get married o its better than us marrying a guy who hits us, aw cheats on us 9a7

him: akeed

rand: so dont you dare think about kalmha sam3ny araya galbha aby'9 mo mithel 5awla, o she loves you o she is good for you 9adgny

him: she is in the hospital

rand: shino?

He told her everything, and her ached for me even though she met me once but she saw how much I meant to her brother, and he meant the world to her.

He even told her the truth about 5awla.

rand: inta lat7aty wnshalah btkoun mn n9ebik

him: inshalah

rand: laish ma teyey tit3sha ma3y?

him: la wala mly nfs bs banam

rand: okay aby ayey m3ak il mustashfa bacher

him: 5ala9 okay wake me up at 9 please mo tit25rain

rand: inshalah yala good night

Rand headed to her mothers room where she explained to her everything, she even told he that 5awla was the one who cheated on him and not the opposite.

mother: b3d galby 3la wldy

rand: mama dont tell him I told you he doesnt want anyone to know

mother: lat7aten yuma, intay ro7ay shoufay il bnt o 6amneny 3laiha

rand: inshalah yuma

The next morning he was awakened by his sister, they stopped for fa6ayer and 9aj sandwiches then headed to the hospital. I had been in a room for 2 days now and according to the doctor I was doing well.

Man9or hasnt been in to see me but he was in the hospital.

When bu sul6an and rand arrived no one was there yet, they came into my room and as soon as he stepped in I opened my eyes.

him: arooya 7beebty

I just looked at him.

He called the doctor and they checked everything and il 7imdilah all was going well, they took me off the respirator but I needed the oxygen mask to help me breath.

He sat down next to me holding my hand.

him: 7imdilah 3la salamtich

I removed the mask, tried clearing my voice

me: alah esalmik

my voice was faint and barely audible but I just wanted to talk to him.

him: sh sh sh 7beebty dont talk

He placed the mask on me once again and he just sat there looking at me, playing with my hair. We were completely oblivious to his sister, and to Jara7 and Samar he walked in. I was in pain, but having him close to me made it all better.

I loved him.

He loved me.

I just wanted to be with him.
Everyone was thrilled that I was awake and after endless pleading from my uncle man9or finally came in to see me. Since I had a pipe down my throat for 6 days my words were just a bit slurry, it was hard to talk, it actually hurt.

Man9or looked like he hadnt slept in days, it broke my heart. Then I started thinking about my parents, neither one came to see me and I doubt they asked.

man9or: 7imdilah 3la salamtich

me: a ... a .. alaah e esal esalmik

man9or: shfeha ma titkalm 3del?

he was terrified.

3my: 3dy man9or il dictor gal yabelha cham youm bs wtrid titkalm 3dy

man9or sat down next to me on my bed, he was just looking at me. I was purple especially my face. Honestly I looked different, but at the time I dont think it mattered, I was just happy.

Joun: baba when can she leave

3my: wala ma adre 3la il dictor

man9or: bt5alonha itrid il bait?

3my: la r7 tyey 3ndy

man9or: la 3my 5alha itrid il bait o ana a7u6 baly 3laiha

Joun: LA sorry man9or so we wont take the risk

3my: 5alha trta7 3ndina cham youm b3dain e9er 5air o int man9or il bait baitik 3my mita ma tby itshoufha 7yak

man9or: inshalah

I could see he wanted me to home but I couldnt.

Joun: rosey keeps asking about you kl shway she calls me wt7in

I smiled, I wish I could just live in a house with just Rosey and I.

one can only dream right pixie?

I hadnt seen him since the morning, but every time someone walks in I look at the door hoping its him but no.

After staying with me for an hour, he headed out with his sister and went back home.

mother: bu sul6an

staqfar allah walla ta3ban

him: hala yuma

mother: yuma sam7ny 3la kalam ams ana aby sa3aditk inta im3wr galby 3la 7altik

him: yuma lat7ateen ana aham shay 3ndy itkonen ra'9ya 3ly

mother: akeed ra'9ya 3laik wtha int 7as ina araya ily t9la7lik ana imwafqa

he wanted to scream, the fact that his mother was against the marriage at the beginning bothered him.

him: yuma ugh araya bl mustashfa

mother: 3sa ma shar shfeha?

Even though she heard the story she was thrilled her son wanted to share with her. He told her how my family abuses me, and its not my fault and I am the way I am because of how I was treated.

mother: 5ala9 btro7laha il laila?

him: ee laish

mother: aby arou7 m3ak

He walked over to his mother kissing the crown of her head.

They decided after 9alat ilm'3rb they would come see me.

Joun: arooya

me: mm

It was just the two of us in the room, 3azzam went to get some dinner for everyone. 3my went back home to rest and come back, and man9or was going to bring Rosey, tea and come back.

Joun: are you in pain?

I nodded

Joun: tben anady il nurse t36ech pain killer

I shook my head no.

Joun: will you eat something for me?

I just smiled, she knew the answer.

So bu sul6an. I looked up at her with my rosy cheeks.

Joun: as much as I was fighting against the two of you, I will fight for you now you knew he was married right

me: mm

Joun: did he tell you what happened

me: la

Joun: they werent dating, but he saw her and he liked her irta7 I guess and even though everyone stood against him he went through with it and she gave him such a hard time and would start trouble with his mother and sisters but his mother mashalah 3laiha galbha kbeer and she would put up with her for him, apparently he caught her cheating

me: w what?

Joun: I dont know the specifics but for the longest time I thought he was the one who cheated and that is why I was against him and you but he then explained everything to me

me: so h he isnt a b bad b boy?

Joun: hahah la 7uby he is a great guy

Just on cue he walked in with his mother

them: il salam 3laikum

us: w 3laikum il salam

Joun: hala 5alty shlonich?

his mother: b5air il 7imdilah intay shlouich m3a il 7amal?

Joun: t3b bs il 7imdilah

his mother: 7imdilah 3la salamtich araya

me: a alah e esalmich 5 5alty

him: la titklmain 7beebty irta7y

I turned a deep crimson red 7beebty in front of his mother?

Joun: bdaina twkum ib awal il 6reej

His mother pulled a chair next to me and was looking at me loving, my insides were burning. Joun distracted his mother talking about birth and babies while he leaned in to talk to me.

him: shlonich?

me: zaina

him: Joun galatly ma kalaity shay 9ij

me: ee

him: laish baba

me: mo yo3ana

him: bs you are weak lazem taklen, 3shany please

me: inshalah

Man9or and Rosey walked in, she ran over to me and hugged me while she cried.

Joun: rosey 5ala9 she is fine why are you crying

3my also walked in greeting everyone and he was followed by 3azzam. The men stepped outside since I needed to get up and use the restroom. Every move hurt because of my broken ribs.

I managed to eat half a sandwich but the pain I was in was excruciating.

3my: man9or bu sul6an 6alb ed i5tik wna wafgt bs int o5oho il kber wl kilma kilmitik shrayik?

man9or: il 9ara7a 3my ana m3ndy mani3 bs oboy shloun

3my: ana kalamta o galy ina araya bnty o uhwa mala shu'3ul bs ana aby rayik

man9or: bu sul6an rayal wlni3m fee

him: tslam yal '3aly

3azzam: ha inbarkla

man9or: barkola

3my hugged him congratulating him.

3my: 7u6ha b3yonik tara ehya '3alya 3laina

him: lat7aty 3my araya bl galb

3my walked in to break the good news.

3my: mabrook arooytee

me: 3la shino?

3my: 3la bu sul6an

They are killing me, I couldnt stop blushing. Laish il i7raj!

him: man9or mita ngdar namilich?

his mother: haa laish mist3yl

him: ma aby an6er yuma

man9or: 5alha t6l3 mn il mustashfa

him: laa laish inyeb il malach ehny

Joun: il bnt malha ry? b3dain naby enjahzlaha

him: 3dy namlich o i5thaw ra7tkum bl tjheez

3my: ha man9or

man9or: haa arooy

They all turned to look at me; him, his mother, Joun, 3azzam, 3my, rosey and man9or and I think I looked like a blob of red paint.

I didnt have to answer, it showed.

3my: 3la 5air inshalah namlich b3d yomain

He wanted to jump in and say tomorrow bs ist7a.

So pixie I guess I am marrying him.

He left the hospital with his mother, 3azzam took Joun home because she wasnt feeling well, 3my had to leave and it was just man9or rosey and myself.

man9or: intay ra'9ya fee

me: um ee you dont think he is good?

man9or: mn ily shfta he is o 3my trusts him

me: um man9or

man9or: they asked about you and I told them you were doing better

I looked away.

rosey: you only ate half a sandwich eat the other half

me: maby

rosey: ay araya eat I will call the doctor, why you dont marry the doctor he has better job

man9or: hahaa rosey

rosey: im serious he is handsome also and doctor

man9or: mynoona hathy, yala rosey ill take you home and ill call the nurse to give you a pain killer 3shan itnameen okay

me: okay

I was left alone, as strange as it sounded I was actually happy. I needed time to think, everything so happened. I went from almost dying to getting married in 2 days.

I am getting married after tomorrow.

He is going to be my husband after tomorrow.

holy crap

after tomorrow.
So im going to be married in less than 24 hours, I know I never thought I would be saying that. Actually I never thought I would be getting married so suddenly, while im all banged up. Let me fill you in on what happened.

The day before katb il kitab.

Doctor: haa araya shlonich

me: zaina, mita agdar a6l3

Doctor: today if you would like

me: 9ij ?

Doctor: ee walla bs its going to be hard 3laich fa you will need help for the first few days

me: its okay ill manage

Doctor: lat5aleny I pass by to make sure you are okay

okay I didnt know if he was flirting or just being a good doctor, regardless, he walked in the second the doctor said that. He gave both of us a look then pulled a chair next to me and held my hand in an attempt to "Claim me."

The doctor smiled and excused himself.

him: ashofich mistansa

me: ee I can leave today

him: aha

me: shfeeck?

him: what did I walk in on?

me: um nothing

him: o all the giggling o smiles

me: are you serious?

him: ee shino shakly im joking

me: he is my doctor

him: okay witha y3nee

I looked at him stunned, this was a side to him I hadnt seen but was he really jealous because I was talking to my doctor?

Joun: wow you can cut the tension with a knife

him: ana mashy itha tben shay call me

me: okay

We waited for him to leave then she asked me.

Joun: shfee?

me: ma adree, imagine he walked in o I was talking to my doctor o galy what did I walk in on o I dont know what

Joun: 7uby its okay after what he had gone through lazem eshik shway

me: bs im not like her

Joun: I know, and he will see that I promise

me: I hope so, we arent married yet o hathy awalha

Joun: welcome to married life

me: you arent making it sound pleasant

Joun: it is babe bs its not easy, and its not always life its hard making 2 people live 1 life

I stayed quiet, I dont think it hit me just how serious the step I was taking. It wasnt as simple as going out it was going to be a life altering decision.

I was scared.

I got ready to leave, Joun and 3azzam have prepared their guest room for me since it was on the bottom floor and it was a mini suit in case Bu sul6an wanted to sleep over after we were officially together.

Rosey had packed my clothes and my personal belongings and set it all up in my room at the house, the thing is I still havent talked to him about where I were to live.

man9or: ha are you ready

me: ee

man9or: wain bu sul6an?

me: um galy he will meet us ib bait 3azzam

man9or: akeed you dont want to live it home I promise you I will take better care of you I wont leave your side bs I need you there

me: I wish I could 7beeby bs I dont want to risk it

him: o ana mo ra'9y

I didnt know if I was happy, scared, or just numb.

Man9or left me with him 3la ma he went to get the car.

me: um I didnt get a chance to ask you about where I was staying, I hope you dont mind that im staying at 3azzam and Joun's place right?

him: akeed 7beebty, ana knt bgolich itha tben tsknen 3ndy bs my apartment still isnt ready bs awal mat5al9 we will furnish it o move in shrayich

me: ee perfect

him: omy s2ltny itha tben 3rs

me: honestly la we can have a small party bl bait 3dee

him: ily tbena rytee o im sorry about over reacting

me: its okay 7beeby

him: ya 7ilo hl klma minich, shaklich t3bana

me: I am it hurts when I stand

him: tbeny ashelich?

me: laaa

He moved closer to me 7sait b6e7 mn zoud ma he makes me dizzy.

him: laish

me: um bs not now

him: so tomorrow ha

I turned crimson red.

him: my9er tst7en

I was saved by the bell, man9or called Bu sul6an informing him he was out front. He sat me down on a wheel chair and wheeled me over to the car, where he carried me into the back seat then drove behind us.

His mother, 3my and murta, 3azzam, Joun, Samar, Jara7 and rosey were all waiting for me. Joun asked Rosey to just live with us, and im guessing my parents didnt mind.

We all sat down for dinner, then at 10 everyone called it a night since they had a lot to do for tomorrow. Joun informed me that there would be someone coming in to do my hair and make up and my nails.

He waited for me to get ready for bed, with the help of Joun and Rosey I took a shower, changed and snuggled into bed. He knocked on my door making sure I was descent and we stayed up until 1 just talking.

It felt great.

This was something I was looking forward to.

It was a matter of hours before he was officially mine, and I dont know what is in store for us but I can only hope for the best.

goodnight pixie.
Two years ago today my life started. I got married and even though I didnt have the wedding I always pictured I got something better, I got the perfect man and now we have our 6 month old beautiful baby girl.

She has her father's big eyes, but my eye color.

I stare at her all day, worried about how I am going to raise her, how I will show her how much she means to us. I just want to hold her in my arms where I know she will be safe, and no one will ever hurt her.

She always bursts into laughter when her father carries her and as soon as he cradles her she is quiet and will just sleep in his arm, he always teases me claiming I am jealous.

Im not.

Out "wedding day" was perfect. I woke up early that morning, excited. I took a bubble bath to calm my nerves, then I had a body scrub which was exhilarating. Joun and I got our hair, make up and nails done at home. I felt like a princess, everything coming to me and all I had to say was "aby."

He pampered me with attention that day, and with love. He couldnt believe I was finally his.

aah I couldnt believe it either I kept looking over at him.

him: shfeech

me: nothing

knt 9ij miftashla bs I couldnt help myself, he was mine. My husband.

him: mistansa

me: ee

him: it7beny?

I just lowered my head embarrassed.

I wore a simple pearl white lace dress. We had the party in my uncles house, my parents showed up to congratulate me.

mama: swaity ily ib rasich o 5thaity?


baba: mabrook yuba

me: allah ebarik ib 7yatik

baba: ma awa9ek 3laiha

him: ehya b3youny

They went over to my parents in law congratulated them and then left. I only see them once a month when he takes me to visit, I didnt want to go but he told me it was the right thing to do and I agree.

I call my mother every now and then and for some reason I know she was excited about my pregnancy and after I gave birth she came over to bait 3my everyday to see her, since that was where I was.

Man9or never left my side, throughout the past two years. He completely transformed into a new man, I am looking for a wife for him, and I only want the best for my brother.

I havent seen my brother barak since before the hospital, I get my news from Man9or, nothing good of course.

Jara7 and Samar had their wedding ceremony in December, 6 months after my milcha. They had a huge wedding it was breath taking from the flowers, to the decorations and the gowns everything was just immaculate. I remember when I came back from the wedding the conversation I had with him.

him: ha baby inshalah istansty

me: I did they looked amazing

him: la bs mo a7la mna 9a7

me: akeed dm int ryle

him: wintay murty il zain kila

we intertwined our fingers enjoying the bliss and serenity being close to each other brought to us.

We moved in our apartment, which was in their house right before the wedding, and we have been living there since. I honestly dont want to leave. When Samar and Jara7 came back from their honeymoon they moved in in his apartment which was across from us.

Samar is now 5 months pregnant and we couldnt be happier.

Rand, his eldest sister, recently got engaged to a man who works with her so we are currently preoccupied with her wedding arrangements, its such a hassle I am glad I didnt have one.

Oh we headed to the Maldives for our honeymoon, we left once I was fully recovered so we could enjoy it fully.

And boy did we.

I couldnt keep my hands off him.

And he loved it.

Aah thinking about it makes me tingly all over.

A month after Jara7 and Samar's wedding I got pregnant and I had the worst time I was on bed rest because I was so weak and my body couldnt hand the strain of a baby. I was worried I would lose it but il7imdilah she was healthy.

I secretly wanted a boy, but I cant imagine my life without her she is my everything.

I didnt go back to work but kept doing some free lance work for a few privately owned companies. At first he didnt want me to but I found a way to convince him.

him: laish tben you work

me: it will get boring if I stay home please 7beeby

him: okay

me: bs okay?

him: ee mo 3jbeny bs itha its what you want then okay

I made it up to him that night and he forgot about it in the morning, he just woke up with a smile.

Of course jealousy was such an issue for the first year it was just suffocating even when I was pregnant with my baby bump he still thought I might be looking around.

Il 7imdilah we are over that.

I wanted to stop writing but I just couldnt, you are part of my life pixie and even though I had to buy a new diary, I now just call it pixie junior, sorry original pixie, but now I think its time to stop.

I am just happy there is no other way to put it and even though you have been with me through the ups and downs now I can stand on my own two feet and I have him to take care of me and make me forget all the bad because he is the good.

Rosey now lives with us and is helping me take care of baby Masa.

5alty chose the name and I just loved it.

It breaks my heart that my parents dont want to be a part of my life but as bad as it may sound it their loss.

Joun, aah joun she has the most adorable, chubbiest baby boy he is almost 18 months old fa tawa bady he gets the hang of running and all he wants to do is just run around everyone, but his chubbiness factor limits his movement, also he gets tired real quick.

ya5tee 3laih! mn al7en 3azzam 7ajz bnty for his son, and honestly it would be an honor.

They called him R3d, after my husband.

I knew weird name huh? but it just enhances his bad boy imagine, my husband that is not baby r3ood.

First year of marriage was a roller coaster, good days and bad days but over all nothing too major and we always managed to settle our issues ourselves, we never brought it anyone from our family because we lived it would just further complex our issues.

I have to agree.

My baby girl is crying out for me so I have to leave you pixie.

Just a few things to say.

Live each day like its your last.

Give your heart to the one you love because even if they might break it they will be the only ones who can put it back together again.

Good bye pixie.