Apr 13, 2012

Faith 3 ;**

Incoming Call 99123456

"il salam 3laikum"
"w 3laikum il salam"
"istatha mhra"
"ee n3m, mno m3ay" She knew who it was
"sultan ilx, 3rftny"
"ee n3m, ya hala feek istath sultan" she had a private number, and a work line. He called the private
" mn '3air istath shryich" She was confused
"3la ra7tik, tf'9al shloun agdar asa3dik"
"mhra 3ndy mw'9o3 shway 7sas mumkin ntqabal" Now she was confused and scared
"we can't meet in my office?"
"la walla I wish ina ykoun bra il bank"
"inshalah we can meet Java Detour, ily bl bd3"
"3la khair inshalah, 7 ynsbich?"

Her mind was shattered what could sultan possibly want.

She got up to take a shower to relax her body and her mind.

She had her evening tea with her parents before getting ready for her meeting with Sultan.

"3ndy meeting"
"shino hal shi'3il 9ub7 o 39er"
"yuba ashwa fr3na bs dawam wa7id, hatha meeting m3a VIP customer"
"shly yabeeh"
"ma yndara ybayen b3d shway"


knock knock

"il 3m sultan, ma buga shay 3la mw3idna"
"ee yala kany nazil"
"an6irik bl syara"

"ily ga3id aswy 9a7?" He kept asking himself that question since he ended the phone call with her.

His mind was preoccupied.

"mt2kid in a ily bnswy 9a7?"
"wnd5lha bl mw'9o3"
"I have to"

What are they upto?


"mr7baa mhra"
"ya hala sultan shlonik?
"il7imdilah, I am sorry about the phone call and the short notice"
"don't worry about it, I promised you we would be at your service"
"this is not a bank matter"
"il 9ra7a mhra, I want to go into some investment with you I am starting up a company, something small and I need someone to be in charge and I think you are the perfect candidate"
"I am honored, but I am happy at the bank"
"I am not asking you to leave"
"2 jobs, is too much"
"all you would have to do is come in during the weekend to look over the books"
"So its an accounting kind of thing?"
"Well, shofay I need someone with a good reputation, good credentials to approve the books and who better than a bank manager"
"what kind of investments are these?"
"the less you know the better"
"3fwan bs sultan, you are asking me to do something illegal and you want me to abuse my name as a bank manager to sign off these transactions"
"what makes you think I will say yes"
"because I know, without my bank accounts your branch will close down the end of the year"
"They have given me 2 years"
"I can make those 2 years turn into 2 months" he moved closer to her "mhra don't underestimate my power over your bank"
"so now you are threatening me"
"la, I am just giving you a reason to say yes"
"wtha gltlik la"
"3la ra7tich, but there will be consequences"
"my branch?"
"your career, you leave the bank you leave the work field for good"
"mn 9ijik"
"hala oboy"
"you are seriously dumping this on me"
"ee shfeech" he stood up "ana lazem amshee 3ndich till tomorrow to think about it"

Calling Osama

"I need to see you please"
"wainich ana yaylich"

He ran out of the duwanya and sped off to see her.

He found her in her car crying.

This was the first time he saw her, he still didn not know her name.

She had only seen pictures of him

"M shfeech"
"if you had to chose between doing the right thing and loosing everything what would you chose"
"the right thing"
"but I will lose it all"
"then you weren't meant to have it"

She paused and looked at him "inta 7lo"

He burst out laughing "ya shgool"

"ismy mhra"

She went to bed knowing what she was going to do, little did she know what tomorrow was holding for her.


  1. Dont i just fall in love with loooovvveeeee
    She makes me fell like in fling up above
    Up in the deeeerp daaaaark abyyssssss
    With nothing but my liiiifeeee tooooooo miiisssssss
    **** mee singing *****
    i7m i7m 9ootii ijanan ** angel**
    tadreen gad shoo a7ibich????
    Gad il ba7ar wsmachah
    Ilsma w6yoorha
    Ilar6' wka2nathaaa <-- love the word /:D
    Bas mostly i love you like no one else will
    And your stories
    Keep posting :****** love u loviii

    - chocolate from cows

  2. Oooohhhhh im first for the second time in a row baaaaayyybaaaaayyyy aaaammm onaaaa rrooooaaaaawwwwwwlllll im inlove with this

    -chaklaaaayt (like grandma says it ) mn bgar

  3. Wooow 7ail 3ajbni ilpost ilyum 
    Cant wait for the next one ;D

  4. chaklaayta: walla iny 7baitich, you are BY FAR the funniest commentor your comments made me laugh out loud!!

    ana ily love you ;**

    caramela: inshalaah a post tomorrow ;**

  5. I loveee love love it!!!!!!! Im so happy ure baackkkk:**** ur blog is one of my fav's!!!!! But im confused ... So mahra talks to osama? & osama is the guy that has never been in a serious relationship? Then who is mesfer? :p im so so sorryy:p thank u! And keep up the good worrkk :*

  6. Y: 7beeeebty thank you okay mesfer is her "boyfriend" and yes osama is the guy who hasnt been in a serious relationship it will clear up as we move along inshalah ;**

  7. AMAAAZZIINGGG!!!! mashalla I just cant believe your back o your posts are hmmmmm WWWOOOOOWWW! a7ib agra your stories mashalla you are meant to write o please add me to your private blog red_roase@live.com