Apr 8, 2012

Jawl part 2 ;**

7arith headed over to Bu 3ziz's apartment, he needed to
"release" some stress. Chasing girls was not something he was
Incoming Call Tarkan
7arith: haa tarkan ya5e int wainik mn ziman
turki: wainik 7arooth
7arith: brou7 3nd bu 3ziz laish
turki: hahah laaish 7beeby '6abi6lik wa7da
laish itro7la?
7arith: ya5e maly 5ulg teye wa7da wtgoly la o
ma adree shino int wainik?
turki: bl bait, agoul murny ayey ma3ak
7arith: haha laa laish mat'6ab6lik wa7da haa
turki: kil tibin o ta3al
I guess our men aren't angels, when the going gets tough you can easily pay for
a girl
Days passed by and
Rsal heard nothing from 7arith, since he didnt look for her she didnt bother.
7arith on the other end was dying with anticipation, he didnt know what was
happening and when the guy was coming to see her. He began to panic, he was losing
her for good and not even to his cousin to a total stranger.

Turki was lost in his
own thoughts, was he bold enough to go through with his plans? He wanted to
marry Ma2ab, not out of love, but because he knew he could, and he knew she
wouldnt say no to him. She loved the attention, and marrying him meant getting
his name, his money and of course a Greek god as a husband. For him, he would
get the pretty wife with the name and the money, but he would also get Rsal as
his sister in law. He wanted to make Ma2ab's life a living hell, she wasnt the
one to play him and he was planning on showing her that.
He reached a decision and was going to talk to his father.
"7beeby tara
malait mn il hotel, lets just go home" Since they got married they have been living in a hotel since
their house was not furnished and they still did not plan their honeymoon.

"ay bait ma3ndna
furniture" stepping out of the
bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist.

"ya rayal cham
mara agolik if we are going to have a decent conversation PLEASE cover up" she couldnt concentrate on anything with him walking around
half naked.
"mm laish?" being naughty
"cause I cant resist my hunk of a
husband" she couldnt.
"inzain you cover
up as well, shino labsatly hot shorts that barely cover anything and a tight
tank top tabeny ayin?" she rocked the hot
shorts and was loving it.

"okay fine" reaching out for her robe while he wore his boxers and a black
wife beater "7beeby I have my
bedroom a small living room, my walk in closet and a bathroom at our house and
we just remodeled fa the furniture is new so we can stay there 3la ma we decide
where we want to go and furnish the house" sitting in his lap as he rested his back against the bed's back

"mm fikra, bs
a5af 5watich ma ya5thoun ra7at-hum if I slept there" at the same time he didnt want her to be uncomfortable at his
house around his brothers.

"bs 5waty mo
mit7ajbat fa its not a problem bs ana aham shay 3ndy ra7tik ana I dont mind
itha ri7na baitkum ana bs glt baitna leana we will have our privacy especially
with our own living room" resting her head on
his chest as he played with her hair.

"ana I have my
own floor ib baitna, my bedroom, my bathroom o 9ala 9'3era bs il mushkila ina
its not closed, shofay kalmay your parents o ana akalm mine o inshouf what
happened shrayich?" holding her tighter
"inzain, can we go get ice cream and
drive around zahgana mn il hotel"
"akeed 7beebty, yala gomay" gently slapping her ass
"shabab" Turki calling out for his friends as he walked into the duwanya
"hala tarkan" lyth answered him
"barkoly nawey
atzawaj" 7arith's heart
literally BURST out of his chest and landed on the floor in front of him. All
he could think about was if he was the one who approached Rsal, and Rsal didnt
want to tell him.
"shfeek 7arouth shd3wa mi5tr3?" Turki surprised with 7arith's attention
"mabrook, sh6ary 3laik titzawaj?" congratulating his cousin
"mako walla 7baina ya o5oy" sarcasm could easily be sensed in his tone
"o mino hal
magrouda I mean sa3edat il 7a'6 hahaha" fidgeting with his phone to cover up his discomfort

"you saw her,
tathker ily bl hotel?" talking about ma2ab,
but of course 7arith automatically thought it was Rsal. He stood up after
excusing himself, hopped into his FX and lighting a cigarette.
Today was the day the
possible "hubby" was coming to see Rsal. She was nervous, but excited
at the same time. She imagined his looks, and his personality and if things
work out their life together. She was lazing around the pool when ma2ab joined
her. At first no words were exchanged, then Rsal decided to break the ice.
"shino ra7 talbsen for today?" hoping to engage her sister in a normal sisterly conversation
"haha lat5afen I
will try not to dress up so you look prettier, which is hard since its clear
ana a7la" looking at her
reflection in the mirror

"laish il '3ror,
dont forget I have the prettier eyes"
Rsal knew how much her sister was envious of her grey eyes

"kili tibin yal
zifta, ana lail7en a7la minik" splashing
water on Rsal
"ya 7mara I have my phone" quickly wiping her phone
"hahah ily ysma3
egoul 3ndich a7ad hamich telefonich"
tying her hair up as she got into the water
"shdarach, yimken I do" wearing her sunglasses as she smirked to herself
"hahah ta7limin ya zifta" swimming away from her sister
"Rsal" Faris called out for her
"mm faris" getting up to hug him
"mama tabech foug
ana mashy I will come back in an hour" completely ignoring Ma2ab.

"inzain, please
mo tit25ar I need you here" grabbing her phone
and walking in to see her mother.

Her mother was going
above and beyond. She asked the nannies to sweep the floors, the stairs,
tables, she made sure the mirrors were spotless. She used the best incense,
spraying the finest mixtures she had.
"mama aish kil hatha? tarahy bs
5u6ba" she was on cloud
nine, she felt so important.
"aish bs 5u6ba
mama every mother dreams of this day"
hugging her daughter as tears stung her eyes.
"mama la tibiki alah e5aliki" crying with her mother
Ma2ab walked in, grunted at the sight of them and headed upstairs to her floor.
"does she have to be there tonight?"
annoyed with her sister
"hahah ee ya
mama" she was worried, she
knew what her daughter was capable of.
7arith drove around for hours, never in his life did he feel so alone.
Incoming Call Lyth
7arith: haa
lyth: wainik
7arith: 6al3 5air
lyth: 7arouth murny il bait
7arith: maly 5ulgik
lyth: latridny ya o5oy yala na6rik
7arith u-turned and headed to Lyth's house.
"shfeek 7arouth
int mo 3jbny" Lyth noticed 7arith's
swinging moods and he hated seeing his friend like this. 7arith confided in
him, telling him everything from Njude to Rsal and to the 5u6ba. Lyth just sat
there, chain smoking listening to his hurt friend. He felt helpless he couldnt
even offer advice because he hasnt been in such a situation, come to think of
it he was never in love. He had girlfriends but not once did he feel attached,
or feel a bond stronger than physical one.

Hearing his friend
made him question his life. Maybe he needed someone, maybe he should change the
way he lived. Now Lyth was lost with his own thoughts, completely ignoring
"hahaha yal 7ywan ana yaybik 3shan
t7ager?" nudging Lyth
"7arouth, tara
7ytna ma95ara mn bint lay bnt mo 7ala" he knew he would drop this mentality the second he saw a hot
girl, and boy was he right. A blond in a Land Rover drove past them, and the
instant Lyth saw her he asked 7arith to follow her and after an hour of following
her she gave in and gave her number to Lyth.
"what were you saying about out
lifestyle?" giving him a look
"hahah haa??" pretending to play dumb
"mashalah 3laich gumar la ilah ilah
5alty" Rsal has never been
more embarrassed in her life. She didnt even look up at the hunk wearing a
dishdasha, but she could smell his masculine perfume which reminded her of
7arith. It stung her heart, but she quickly pushed the feeling away when her
mother asked her to sit next to the stranger to get to know each other.
"guwa" came his masculine voice
"ahlain" Rsal still looking down
"shlonich Rsal 9a7?" He was nervous himself but they had to get to know each other
"b5air il
7imdilah uggh" she looked up at him
and was taken back by his looks. He had dark eyes, dark facial hair and sharp

"wa'9a7" flashing her a smile, even though he was mesmerized by her eyes
something or rather someone else caught his attention.
Since ma2ab walked
into the room wa'9a7's eyes was glued on her. He stared at her openly,
completely ignoring Rsal's presence. Ma2ab was thrilled at the fact that he was
not interested in her sister, but in her.

She looked at her sister "mo
intay il titzwajain gably yal zifta, Turki o ana 7a9alta o al7en 5a6ebich he
will be mine" victoriously saying
to herself as she gave wa'9a7 a naughty smile
"ha yuma shrayik feeha?" '9a7y's mother asked him as they drove home.
"mashalah jameela" thinking about ma2ab
"knt 3rfa ra7
ta3jbkum, bs il 9ara7a ana knt abeha 7g o5ok mo 7gik bs int na6ait o glt taby
titzawj" her initial plan was
for Rsal to be for her eldest son, but her second son '9a7y told his mother
that he was the one who wanted to get married and not his brother.
coincidence? hmm
"9aber ana mo g3d
atkalam 3n Rsal, ana aby i5t-ha"
smiling at the thought of Ma2ab being his wife

"NA3AM? int
yanait?" screaming at her sons
devious thoughts
"ee shino, Ma2ab dashat 5a6ry shl
mushkila" pulling out his phone
to send Turki a text.
"yuma shagoul 7g
il om walla fashla"gazing out of her
window trying to fathom what her son is asking of her.

'9a7y didnt pay
attention to what his mother was saying. He wanted Ma2ad, that was part of the
deal and for Turki to pay the money he has to get Ma2ab to marry him.
"5thaitay kil
shay?" '3aith looking around
the room making sure they haven't forgotten anything

"yup yup, I cant
believe bnrou7 bait oboy" she was thrilled to
the idea of going back to the house she was raised in with her husband, she
also missed her sisters.
"haha walla ana 5ayf itgolenly I just
want to live there" walking out of the
"laa aby I live with you alone" smiling to that idea
"yal shai6ana" raising an eye brow
"wala inta il shai6ain akeed ra7 balik
ib3eed" smacking him gently
"aa7 3wartny" rubbing his forearm
"yal 3yar I didnt hurt you" worried
"embala" pouting
"7yatie im sorry
I didnt mean to hit you" hugging him, letting
go the second she heard him giggling

"yal 5ayis why do
you do this to me walla 3baly I hurt you '3aith" pretending like she was upset

"ya galby goulay
ismy b3d mara" she put him on a
natural high, and to hear his name dancing out of her lips went right to his

"mm what do I
get?" they were now in the
car with their luggage heading to her parent's house. The second the drove away
from the hotel he slipped his hands into hers, intertwining their fingers and
enjoying the electricity traveling back and forth with each touch.
"you get me" flashing her a dorky smile
"hahah '3aaith" looking at him shyly
"aah galby" placing their intertwined hands on his heart
"smilah 3la galbik 7beeby" knowing what those words would do to him
"b3d 3umry, it5afen 3ly?" Typical 5alejy man needing reassurance from his wife
"shrayik?" playing with her hair, something that drove him insane
"mm ana agoul la" glaring at the guy checking out his wife
"then I guess I dont" loving the jealousy fact
"fine" looking away as if he was upset
"mm" ya3ne im39eb
"3umry" uping the dala3 tone
"na3am" with an attitude
" '3youthy" smiling to him as she kissed each finger
"amout ana walla bmout"
Incoming Call '9wai7y
Turki: haa bsher
'9a7y: halaa Turki,
kil shay okay il walda btkalmhum 3la asas iny a5ith Ma2ab, int min 9ijik ma
Turki: int malik shu'3ul sw ily giltlik 3laih
mn '3air kalam fahem
'9a7y: shda3wa yuba, inzain mita bt7wely il
Turki: already b7sabik
o il syara ti6l3 b3d cham youm bs bagy il shi8a 36ny cham youm 3shan a'6abi6 il
'9a7y: 5oush yala akalmik b3dain
Turki: bye
Yes, Turki thought
about and the more he thought about getting married the more trapped he felt.
So, he thought and thought and '9a7y came to mind. A few years ago, '9a7y got
into some trouble with his cousin and Turki came to the rescue and now he it
was pay back time. Keep in mind '9a7y did not need the money, nor did he need
the car but they always say ziyadt il 5air 5airain. In the world we live in
today, who will say no to more money.

Here is the plan, or
part of it at least. '9a7y was to marry Ma2ab, that is if she said yes. Well,
that is all that shall be revealed.
For now.
To say 7arith was
sitting on fire would be the understatement of the year. He couldnt sit down,
he drove around for hours. Parked his car and walked and walked. He smoked
about 10 packs in a matter of 6 hours.
message received
3laiha?" he thought to himself
"la abeha it7is bly ana 7asa." He switched his phone off and headed home to get some sleep.
Just as he was about to get out of his car, he saw his father walking out of
the house.
"hala yuba" kissing his father's crown.
"hala 7arooth,
yuba int wainik ma ashoufik bl bait"
7arith's father was young for a man who had 6 childen, but 7arith was his

"ma3a 3yal 3my aw
3nd il shabab shlonik yuba? wain ray7?" 7arith needed a distraction and was hoping he could join his
father wherever he was heading.

"brou7 Il Faris
ashouf shay 7g omik o 5awatik tyey ma3ay?" Hoping his son would tag along

"akeed hathy il
'3lya, dgeega yuba bayebly my" running into the
house to grab a bottle of water

7arith and his father
enjoyed their outing together. They bought a ring and necklace for his mother
and ear rings for both his sisters. 7arith lived for his sisters, you would
think he wouldnt treat girls the way he did but boys will be boys.

7arith and his father
met the rest of the family at Vila Fairouz for dinner. It was something he
needed, to take his mind of Rsal, howeber throughout the dinner he was itching
to pull out his phone and text her but he couldnt.
He wouldnt.
The next day
"faisal 7yatie" his wife comfortably sitting close to him
"hala 3umry" He thanked god every morning for his wife and children.
"om '9a7y 7aktny
o il walad yb'3a Ma2ab msh Rsal"
It broke her heart, but she wasnt going to force the boy.
"bs ma2ab wayed 9'3era 3l zawaj" his heart ached for Rsal
"3rfa bs itha il walad 3jbha laih
la?" she was confused, she
didnt know what to do
"kalmeha shofay, aw tabeny ana akalmha?" gazing at his wife's beauty
"la ana a7akeha,
bs lazem a7aky Rsal" Dialing Rsal's room on
the house phone. She asked Rsal to get ready so they would go out for coffee.
Incoming Call x5
ma2ab: 7beeby
x5: hala 3umry, ha shlonich
ma2ab: il 7imdilah inta shlonik?
x5: tamam, ha wainich
ma2ab: fl bait 6afshana o juju mash'3ola aby
a6l3 ma3ak
x5: b3d 3umry ma agdar
mash'3oul ma3a il ahal awal ma a5al9 minhum akalmich
ma2ab: ifff bye
Who was he to turn her down? No one turned her down.
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6afshana :(
yala badly bwdech mukan
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wain :D?
surprise, bs libsay jeans aw shorts ya3nee, bs
mo dress!
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okay give me half an hour
She jumped out of the
couch, got into her jean shorts wore a yellow short sleeve pregnant top, her
white ballerinas. She pulled her hair up into a messy bun applied some mascara
and she was done. She looked like a million dollars.
"mama mo 3jbatny,
shfeech?" Rsal's heart was
pounding. She knew '9a7y was not interested in her but she didnt expect what
her mother was about to say.

"mama, ilyoum
7kat ma3am om '9a7y" looking up at her
daughter "o il 9ara7a 7beebty
Ma2ab da5alt 5a6ro" worried about how
these words might affect her daughter.

"jd walla? 6yb
kwayis alah ewafghum" Rsal was actually
thrilled. As much as she was trying to fight it, 7arith kept popping in her
mind and in her heart. She wanted to call him and tell him about the pleasant
news she just heard.

Her mother saw Rsal's
smile, and knew that '9a7y was not the one for her "7bebat omik"
"hahaha na3am mommy" she loved it when her mother called her that.
"inti 3ndik
7d?" She had an open
relationship with her daughter, and she knew her daughter wouldnt lie to her.

"mm not really mama I dont know" turning a bright shade of red
"ya b3d galb omik inti laish
5ajlana?" enjoying their little
confession moment.
"mama 5ala9 I will come to you if something
happens okay"
"Ma2ab aby
akalmich ib shay" Faris walked into his
sister's room and closed the door behind him.
"bsr3a aby a6l3 ma3a Muruj" applying her mascara
"Muruj 3ndaha a7ad?" getting straight to the point
"laih?" surprised with his question
"jwbeny" annoyed with her lack of conversation
"laa bs laih ts2al?" getting impatient
"7amany yaby yitzawaj and I thought of
her" pulling out his phone
"hahah no
way" admiring her
reflection "mino muruj to
end up marrying 3my?" she thought to
"laish no way? she might like him" not understanding his sister's objection to the matter
"leana 3my lazem
yitzawaj bnt san3a mo wa7da mithel Muruj" A little lie wont hurt anyone, will it?

"shino yan3ee bnt
san3a, tawich itgolen ma 3ndaha a7ad"
confused at the whole matter

"now she doesnt,
but it doesnt mean she didnt! listen Faris she is my friend and I hate talking
about her bs alah yaster 3laiha walla" smiling to herself proudly for stirring something up
"3yal laish tit6l3en ma3aha"
"mm maskeena ma3ndaha a7ad '3airy" playing the helpless role
Faris walked out of
his sister's room annoyed with his sister. He pulled his phone out calling his
uncle to him what he heard.

"ma7ad ra7
yitzawaj gably, o b3dain mino ehya it7a9el 3my ana, malyoun wa7da titmna 3my and
she wont be the one who ends up with him" Ma2ab was sick, she always wanted to be the best and if that
she had to step on others for it, she didnt care.
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7arith :D
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are you mad at me?
Incoming Call 7arith
Rsal: hii
Rsal: 7arith please talk to me
7arith: agoul mabrook?
Rsal: 3la shino?
7arith: haha mn 9ijich?
Rsal: if you mean the guy that came, then no
it didnt work out
7arith: ahaa
Rsal: 7arith shfeek
7arith: abd salamtich ma feny shay
Rsal: laish il nafsya
7arith: Rsal intay shtaben mny aby afham?
laish it3thbeny ma3ach
Rsal: shino?? what did I do ?
7arith: mino ily yalich mo Turki?
Rsal: WHAT, Turki shako?
7arith: 3yal mino yach
Rsal: wa7id is '9a7y oma shaftny ib 3rs
7arith: so intay mo ma56ouba?
Rsal: haha laa
7arith: so you are single
Rsal: well not really
7arith: shino?
Rsal: I was wondering,
7arith would you want to go out on an official date with me?
7arith: mn 9ijich?
Rsal: ee walla, ma taby?
7arith: agdar ashofich al7en, lw bs sa3a aby
a36ech shay
Rsal: inshalah give me
half an hour to get read o I will meet you ib second cup ok?
7arith: okay
"baby shfeek?" Falak hanging her clothes was worried about '3aith he seemed
"mafeny shay 7beebty laish" laying down on the bed
"mo 3ajbny a7is something is on your
mind" snuggling down next
to him
"b3d 3umry,
mafeny shay I guess I miss il shabab"
smiling as he hugged her closer to him

"laish ma ti6l3
ma3ahum 7yatie, I dont want you to feel suffocated with me abek you go out and
have fun" smiling at him
"hahah wdy bs galby my6aw3ny a5alech
bro7ich" kissing the palm of
her hands
Sitting up, crossing
her arms across her chest " '3aith we both
had our own lives before we got married, ma abeek you baby me o it7is ina lazem
tg3ad 3shan you will end up hating me" moved closer to him "o
ma abeek you hate me" looking down

'3aith sat up and
pulled her into his lab and hugged her tightly until she screamed "lo shino ma akrihich sam3tny" kissing her back

"inzain 3yal yala
call the guys o rou7lhum o ana ba6l3 ma3a my cousins" kissing his neck
"mm inzain b3d shway" taking her shirt off and laying her down.
"haha '3aith" enjoying his warm lips on her cold skin
"mm" too busy enjoying her soft skin to pay attention to what she
was saying. Before she could even tell him what she wanted they were both naked
in bed, enjoying one of life's most intimate moments.
.... yuma alah e5alech ana aby 7arith a7ib 7arith ma aby atzawaj wld 3my" Njude crying her heart out in front of her mother, hoping she
would sympathize with her.

siktay la yismi3ch oboch walla emwtich mn il 6ag judo" covering her daughters mouth, but it was too late. Njude's
father came storming into her room, eyes fiery red with a bamboo stick in his
hand. He shoved his wife out of Njude's room and gave his daughter a beating of
the lifetime. By the time he was down, she couldnt even move a muscle.
Sha just laid there on the floor.
Her body on fire.
Her heart broken.
"7arith" she cried to herself as she closed her eyes and drifted into
her dream world where she was married to 7arith, and nothing mattered.
"Tarkan" Lyth called out to Turki
"hala" turki was busy thinking about Ma2ab, she has been on his mind
and was going back and forth about the decision he had taken. Was it right? Was
it wrong?

we9alt?" Lyth noticed that
Turki has also changed, and was wondering if he too was in love like 7arith

"hahah mako kany
3ndik, wain 7arouth min ziman 3na"
pulling out his phone to call 7arith, he missed his cousin.

"ma adre 3na,
al7en laish '3aith shaf 7ala 3laina okay tizawaj bs shda3wa nisana" annoyed with his friends, or maybe himself. He had nothing to
do, no drive, no motivation he was simply bored with his life.
Incoming Call bu'3aith
lyth: yalaitny 6alib malyoun
'3aith: haa?
lyth: wainik ya5e, okay tizawajt bs laish
'3aith: il 7ub ya lyth
il 7ub mushkila e5alek tinsa ahalik hahah haa wainkum

lyth: mako walla bl
duwanya ga3den mur 3laina aw emshaw inrou7 il gahwa akeed il shabab ehnak
'3aith: yala amurkum al7en, Tarkan 3ndick
lyth: ee kaho ekalm 7arith, yala na6renik
Lyth smiled, he missed
'3aith he always saw him as an older brother even though he was only 3 years
older. 7arith was going to see Rsal and then meet the guys, of course he kept
her as a secret he didnt think it was suitable to tell anyone.
Not now.
"mama" Rsal calling out for her mother
"hala ya mama im in the kitchen"
"mommy im going
out, t2mrny 3la shay? also did you tell ma2ab yet?" rummaging through her bag for her chap stick

"tell me 3n
shino?" Rsal jumped when she
heard Ma2ab's voice from behind her

5ara3tny, um mama itgolich ana 6al3a bye" Rsal wanted to get away before she was dragged in to the
compose message
ana twny 6al3a
im almost there
"mama whats going on?"
"mama '9a7y's
mother called me and it turned out ina il wld yb'3aki inti msh i5tik" smiling and hoping for the best.

"ahaa, 6yb ma
3ndy mani3 bs aby akalma at3rf 3laih"
she wanted to scream out, first she got Turki, and now '9a7y, Rsal will never
be happy as long as she was around.

"okay mama ana
a7aki your father wnshouf inshalah"
worried about what her daughter was up to.
compose message
guwa ma2ab, ma2ach
'9a7y mn ams .... ana asif I hope I am not being forward bs intay 9ij dshaity
5a6ry :$

Ma2ab smiled at the text she just received, excused herself and
headed to the pool to talk to him with no interruptions.
"ya um faris"
Faris yelling out to his mother as he stood at the bottom of the stair well.
"na3am ya Faris" annoyed with the screaming
"yah yah yah kil hatha 7gy?" flirting with his mother who turned a bright shade of red
"ya walad" his father pretending like he was mad
"sh9ar ma3a '9a7y o Rsal?" stuffing a cheese pastry in his mouth
"um, mama msh '9a7y o Rsal, '9a7y o
ma2ab" fearing his reaction
"NA3AM?" yes, what she feared came out
"mama mn '3air
kalam il rjal yb'3a ma2ab" walking out of the
front door heading to her husband's car leaving him to deal with the situation

"yuba ish-hal
ma95ara? ga3den bl soug i7na ma 3jbta Rsal y5tar Ma2ab? shloun tur'6a?" Furious with his parents

"Faroos yuba
5ala9 9ar ily 9ar o mafy n9eeb ma3a Rsal? o b3dain bainy o bainik ana ma aby ay
wa7id ya5ith Rsal ehya '3alya 3ndy"
reading an email he just received
"ya salam o Ma2ab?"
"yuba akeed ma2ab
'3alya, bs Rsal a7is she is still a child at heart and I need to protect her
a5af wa7id egu9 3laiha, Faroos yuba ana o omik 6al3en akalmik b3dain btrou7
duwanyat bait yadik?" not waiting for an
answer he just walked out
Incoming Call 7amany
ma2ab: aywa 3my
7amany: 7amany cham mara agolich ya bnt, haa
ma2ab: kwysa inta kaif 7alik
7amany: walhan 3la bnt o5oy, wainich aby
ma2ab: ana 6al3a 36ny sa3a o ta3al il bait
7amany: 5ala9 okay ashofich
Ma2ab knew why her
uncle suddenly has taken an interest in his niece.
She had a plan set out.

"tawna 6al3en shino
an hour" Muruj hasnt seen
Ma2ab in a while and she knew it was because of a guy but she had no proof.
"a9lan intay mintay shyfa 9a7bik
"ee 9a7 bs at 7 not now" smiling at the thought of seeing her new man
"mm wain btro7oun?" This was brilliant
"pizza express"
7arith drove to second
cup looking like a dork. He couldnt stop smiling, he couldnt help but be proud
at the fact that he won, and not Turki. Usually Turki always got the girls and
7arith was content with that to a certain extent, but with Rsal he wanted to
win. She was different. He never approached the innocent nice girl, he was
liked the bold gutsy girl who took charge.
He was swimming in new waters.
Rsal was thrilled, she
was following her heart and as much as she was afraid, she was excited as well.
She parked her car, and was greeted by 7arith looking stunning in his jeans,
black button down shirt and white loafers. She wanted to walk over to him and
just hold him, he was welcoming.

it5izeen?" giving her a naughty
smile. Rsal just blushed she didnt know what to see. He came closer to her,
placed his hand on her back and ushered her into Second Cup. He got their
orders and so began their "date"

He talked and talk,
but she noticed how self centered he was. He shied away from family related
topics. It bothered her, however, it still was their first official date and
people date to get to know each other. Every female that walked in, regardless
of age did not take her eyes off him and even though he did not directly look
back at them he acknowledged their presence. Rsal said nothing, she just sat
there listening to him.
"shfeech sakta?" curious to what her thoughts were about
"nothing" she smiled at him "I just like
hearing your voice" looking boldly into
his eyes.
"and why is that" leaning forward, and dropping his tone of voice.
"I feel like you
are a puzzle, and I am slowly putting the pieces together" taking a sip of her coffee and as she looked at him, she just
couldnt take her eyes off him.

"ta3aly ma3ay
bara I need to smoke" telling her not
asking. He just walked out not waiting for her, sat down on the first chair he
saw and lit a cigarette. She followed him and stood in front of him with her
arms crossed.
"7arith" looking down at him
"Rsal" exhaling before looking up at her
"you need to cut
this bad boy attitude, its not working for me" pulling a chair and sitting in front of her "listen, I like you but this whole attitude doesnt work for
me, and if this is how you are then I dont think we work together" Getting up because she knew the answer.

He pulled her back
into the seat "Rsal" he sounded helpless, like he was in need of guidance, love,
attention. It broke her heart "I like you too,
a lot actually and I am trying here but this is how I am I know I might not be
the best boyfriend bs I will always make you smile" looking down as if he was ashamed.

"boyfriend?" she was taken back by that word, it warmed her heart. Was it a
smart idea to have such a bad boy as her first boyfriend? Was she thinking
carefully about this, or was she taken over by her attraction to him.

"haha ee
boyfriend" moving closer to her,
she could now smell his perfume, the cigarette on his breathe, and felt the
hunger in his eyes "3ndich
mani3" in a sultry sexy
voice that made her insides tingle.

She just shook her
head, and smiled to him. He placed his hands into hers, the touch of his warm
skin against her cold skin gave her shivers, he pulled her bangs to the side to
get a better look at her eyes "6al3ny" she just looked up at him, she could hear her heart pounding,
she felt the cold sweat at the back of her neck, she was nervous she forgot to

"rsal" not removing his gaze from hers "breathe" smiling to her. She
flushed with embarrassment, she looked up at him and stroked his scar. He
placed his hand on top of hers, leaving hers on his face and just closed his
enjoying the feel of her soft skin against his scar. He kissed her palm, then
placed their intertwined hands on his lap. They sat there looking at each other.
She took in his features, from his lazy eyes, to his broken nose, his long
hair, the shape of his full set of lips. He just couldnt stop looking into her

mishaina?" he knew the guys must
be worried since he put his phone on silent, he didnt want anything to
interrupt their evening.
She nodded.
He took her hands and
walked her to her car. He pushed her up against the car, and leaned in close to
her. Their bodies were dangerously close. She began to panic "mm 7arith"
he shushed her by placing his fingers on his lips "shh dont talk."

He pushed her hair to
one side, leaned in close to inhale in her scent. She felt his warm breathe
against her skin, it drove her insane, he just stood there, eyes closed,
enjoying the way she smelt, the way her body was trembling with fear, her rapid
breath. He pulled away, and was now inches away away from her face "5yfa?" licking his lips as
he uttered the words, he was looking at her lips.

"7arith, mm if
you think I am going to kiss you I wont, I dont want our relationship to be
physical" she sounded like a 5
year old girl confessing something to her parents.

"you just killed
it" leaning against the
car next to her "I wasnt going to
kiss you" looking down. She
stood in front of him, waiting for him to look at her, but he didnt.
"mm" looking away from her
"7arooth" smiling
"7arooth mara wa7da?" running his fingers through her soft silky hair
7arothy?" looking down. He
placed his fingers under her chin, and lifted it up. He just looked at her and

"sameny ily
tabena il muhim im the only one you call at night before you go to bed"

She just smiled. He
opened her car door for her watched her as she got in. He squatted down to meet
her eye sight "I have something
for you" reaching into his back
pocket to reach out for something. He pulled a leather bracelet, with an
engraving of his name. He tied it around her wrist smiling "you are now mine, o 6oul ma intay ma3ay ma abech you take
it off ok?" kissing her wrist.

She smiled, and just
nodded in consent. He planted a loving kiss on her forehead, asked her to
message him as soon as she got home. He watched her drive off as he lit a
cigarette while dialing Turki's number.
The guys were driving around for hours waiting for 7arith to join them.
"shouf ily bl
Porsche" turki nudging '3aith who was driving, '3aith gave him a look and
just went back to focusing on the road.

"laish il nafsya,
9arlaha sa3a it5izik" lowering the volume
of the radio. Something made '3aith turn to his left and look at her, and when
he did, it was like the colors drained out of his face. She smiled and sped up,
he followed her until they parked somewhere. The guys were shocked with with
'3aith's action.

'3aith stepped out of
the car, walked over to the girl's car. She was already standing outside
waiting for him and the second they saw each other, he pulled her into him. The
guys were speechless.
"hahaha '3aith you are hurting me" Saja laughed
"kaifi" hugging her tighter
7beeby" happy she finally saw
him, the last time she saw him was 5 years ago. He realized what he was doing,
and pushed her away looking at her with pain in his eyes. She just smiled and
moved closer to him.
"I am married Saja and so are you" looking down in shame
"not anymore" you could detect the pain in her voice. He looked up at her "you left him?"
She smiled as she
placed her hands in his "yeah I did, he
use to hit me and at first it was fine, a bruise her or a broken bone there but
the last time it got really bad I was hospitalized and that was when my father
stepped in and forced him to divorce me. mabrook you got married"

'3aith couldnt believe
his ears, he just hugged her lovingly "did
you change your number" she boldly asked. He
shook his head "can I call you?"

"yes, bs.." before he finished his sentence she interrupted him "adree, I will send you a joke if you dont answer I will
know you are with her, but if you are alone I will wait for you ok" He just nodded, he couldnt never say no to her.
She lightly kissed his right cheek, said her goodbye and got into her car.
'3aith got behind the
wheel and rushed off, before any of the men could say anything he roared at
them "ma shiftaw shay
fahmen, o ily 9ar ma yo9al 7g a7ad"
The guys just stayed quiet.
7amany was sitting with ma2ab, not knowing what to say.
"7amany, look I
know you like muruj o ana kalamt-ha and she wants to meet you" she needed to keep a straight face for him to believe her
"9ij?" he was thrilled with the news his niece just gave him
"jd walla o she
will meet you at 7:30 at pizza express okay?" smiling at how perfect this plan will be

"b3d 3umry, I knew I could count on you" walking out of the living room and heading to Faris's room.
7yatie" Falak welcoming
'3aith. The instant he saw her he was disgusted with himself, he smiled to her
and headed into the shower immediately. He locked the door after him in case
she was thinking about joining him.

Falak knew something
was wrong, he was not acting normal. She quickly regretted the idea of pushing
him to go out with his cousins, she saw them at the wedding and at the
grandparent's house they were attractive and was positive that girls were drawn
to them. She quickly shook those thoughts out and slipped into a black lacy
night gown hoping to arouse something in him.

He stepped out of the
shower with his towel around his waist. He saw her sitting on the bed wearing
barely anything, he was a man in the end, he dropped his towel sat on the sofa
and called for her to come to him. She slipped out of her night gown and stood
naked in front of him. She climbed onto his lap, and looked at him.

7yatie" running her fingers
across his lips. He bit down on her finger, and when she cringed he kissed it
and smiled at her. What was he thinking, he couldnt go back to Saja, he couldnt
hurt Falak she was his angel, she loved him, scratch that she adored him. How
could he even think about cheating on her.
"wilaht 3laich" running his fingers down her bare back
"ana akthar" kissing his neck. He tilted his head back, closed his eyes and
enjoyed her soft, sensual, mind blowing kisses. She left a trail of kisses,
starting from his neck and working down until she got to his belly button. She
looked up at him with the sexiest smile ever, sat on his lap one more time
straddling him and ordered him to take her.

That night, she felt
something else. Something she hadnt experienced with '3aith. It was rougher,
more raw not as gentle.
She enjoyed every second of it.
She fell asleep in his
arms, unlike him. He stayed up all night watching her sleep innocently, he
noticed that when her eye brows furrowed she clinched harder to him, when she
smiled her cheeks turned red. He loved everything about her from her tiny
straight nose, to her big warm loving heart.
He held her tighter to him and fell asleep, just as he was about to doze off he
got a message.
message received
'3aith I want you now !
please dont message me saja I cant
message received
please 7yatie, I cant stop thinking about you!
abeek, I can have you now !!
la you cant, im happily married
message received
she wont know, I wont
tell anyone walla bs 1 night let me experience what she gets every night!
I just want you for a night I promise I will make it worth it ;)
"baby shfeek mo nayem" squinting her eyes
"7arouth dag
3ly" was the only thing he
could think of, he quickly switched his phone off and kissed her.
"baby im sleepy" hugging him as he laid on top of her
"3dee I will do everything" whispering into her ears as he took his wife once again.
Was he aroused by his wife, or by the message he received from Saja.
compose message
7yatie wainha?
mm, mino 7yatik?
compose message
ma2ab ;)
compose message
wain yal shai6ana?
in the garden, can you pick me up?
compose message
10 minutes akoun 3ndich ;)
Rsal kept checking her
phone, waiting for a call or a message from 7arith but nothing. Then she
remember she didnt message him when she arrived home, but that could not be the
reason why he hasnt messaged.
compose message
compose message
tis2lny shfeny?
compose message
um ee
fakray feeha 3del o ta3al tis2lny! ana banam!
compose message
what the hell!!
"Tarkan mita il shiqa it5al9?" '9a7y was beginning to get cold feet about their plan.
"laish mist3yl?
intaw lail7en ma sawaitay shay?"
annoyed with '9a7y's constant nagging.
"il ahal kalimaw ahalha o ana dazaitlaha
"NA3AM?? shakoo??
i7na ma itfaqna 3la chithi, '9a7y isma3ny 3del int ra7 ta5ith il bnt o mint
jays-ha FAHEMNY?? ehya ly ana ma7ad ejesha wla a7ad ekalmha" screaming
"3yal laish ma titzawjha" '9a7y was welcomed with a punch the second he said that
"kil 5arak, ma
aby asm3 mnik kilma inta itnafith ily agoula mithel il chalb fahem?" spitting on him and walking away into his car
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"yuma alah
e5alech ma aby wld 3my mama shloun baskin ib bait-hum mama please" Njude was shaking, pleading her mother hoping her motherly
instincts would kick in.

"njude, 7arith ma
yabeech ya omy laish tark'6en wara?"
making sure all her clothes were packed

"Don't I even
deserve a wedding mama? May9eer b3d il milcha seeda btwadouny bait 3my" every girl deserves her wedding day

"o tben 3rs b3d,
7imday rabich re'6a fech wld 3mich"
said her dad, trying to maintain his temper

"ana ma swait
shay yuba laish it3amlny chithi?"
Njude lost everything, what more could she lose right now

"ya bnt il kalb
b3d zawajich malich da5la ib hal bait tisme3eny?" slamming the door behind him
"Falook" '3aith called out for her from the walk in closet
"hala 7yatie" placed his t-shirts in the drawer
"wain my black shorts?"
"mm, is it not in the cupboard?" going back to what she was doing
"Falak akeed its not or why would have I
asked you" irritated by her cold
"okay laish im39ib al7en anzil il laundry
room o ashouf if its there" walking away
"shino laundry room ya mama, lazem you
dry clean it" clenching his fist
"oh, um akeed the nannies yadroun int
shfeek im39eb?"
"3la birodich, iff ana brou7 3nd il
shabab" pulling the first
short he saw
"okay allah ma3ak" locking herself in the bathroom
message received
ma2aby 7uby mita namlich ma aby an6ur
um, lazem your mother talks to mama b3dain
in7adid mw3id il milcha
message received
ya3ne tabeny? :$
akeeeed inta '9a7y il '3aly ;*
Dialling Tarkan
turki: hala bl zain
ma2ab: hala feek
turki: shloun il 7ub
ma2ab: mm zaina, aby ashofik lazem akalmik ib
turki: 5air
ma2ab: ashofik o agolik
7amany headed out to
Pizza Express to meet Muruj, that was the plan. Or so he thought. He stepped
in, looked around and there she was sitting looking radiantly happy.
But she was not alone.
7amany, raging with
anger, walked over to her and pushed her boyfriend yelling out "hatha mino anisa muruj?"

Muruj was confused,
why would Ma2ab's uncle care who she was with and why was he furious with her
sitting with her boyfriend "7amany?" was all she could say
"ee 7amany, mino hatha?" grabbing her arm and shoving her into the car
"shfeek 7amany?" she was terrified and didnt know what to do
"siktay wla kilma" racing her back home
"Juwany" Rsal was running out of resources, she had to confide into her
"hala 7uby" turning on to her stomach and lifting her glasses up to look at
her friend
"mm, 7arith hasnt
messaged me since we saw each other"
trying desperately to avoid her glare
"say what?" sitting up
"mm 7arith is my boyfriend" sitting up and crossing her leg on the tanning bed
"um well 2 days
ago kinda, but here is the thing lail7en he didnt message me, is this a normal
thing to happen?" tears filling her eyes

"no, you guys
just started dating o already he isnt messaging you?" dazzled by the news her friend just told her

"ma adree juju he
is your typical bad boy and I dont think he really dates he just plays around
and now I am worried, I mean does he think I am just another girl?" she couldnt hold her tears back
"babe, you need to talk to him" moving next to her to hug him
" '9a7oy mita il milcha ya5e?" Turki whispering into his ear
"ma adree il
walda im3nda" annoyed with this
matter. Over the past few weeks he has gotten closer to ma2ab and has become
attached to her, and he doesnt feel comfortable with what the plan set out
"il walda aw int im'3ayr rayik?" Turki was getting impatient, he wanted her
"la ya5ee shako, int jahazt il
shuqa?" trying to diverse his
"kilshay jahiz, '9a7oy 5ali9 il mw'9ou3 hal youm mafeny
an6ur ana mishtehy il bnt" '9a7y just stood up
annoyed, he walked out of the duwanya without saying a word.
compose message
compose message
agdar ashofik ilyoum?
sure mita?
compose message
after lunch 3al 5?
ee okay
"mino kan ily m3ach" 7amany gritting his teeth
"awaln int malik shu'3ul!" yelling at him
"shino maly
shu'3ul ana il 7mar ily knt imfaker feech" stepping down on the accelerator
"na3am?" taken back by his words
"shino na3am itswen rou7ich ma
tadren?" lighting a cigarette
"7amany what are you talking about b3dain
please slow down"
7amany was furious,
his niece told him Muruj would be waiting for him in Pizza Express and when he
saw her sitting, laughing, shining with another man it made him mad.
He has been thinking about Muruj for a while, and he knew she was still young
but he was hoping he would get to know her for a year and then have a formal
engagement then get married once she graduated.
"hala bl 7ub"
"hala feek" thrilled to hear his voice. She knew he would call. She knew he
couldnt resist her.
"shlonich?" ignoring the guilt feeling that was slowly crawling up his
"walhana 3laik
7yatie laish 6walt?" heading to her closet
to look for something sexy to wear, she knew '3aith more than she knew herself
and him calling her only meant one thing.

"leany 7maar
wainich?" already driving to
her apartment he knew she would be waiting for him in something sexy.

Saja had this power
over '3aith, ever since he met her 8 years ago. They dated for 2 years and
fought everyday but the second he saw her he forgot everything and they would
start over.
'3aith loved Falak, but having Saja reappear into his life again made him
question his marriage.
He parked his car and headed up to her apartment, and just like he guessed
there she was waiting for him in her black lace bustier and matching undies,
her hair worn down no make up but a red lipstick. It drove him insane, without
even saying a worried he carried her into the bedroom.
"dance for me"
Saja headed to her
ipod, scrolled down to find the perfect song that suited the situation they
were in. 112's Sweet Love.
She headed to him straddling him as he sat on the bed admiring her curvy toned
body, she slowly took his shirt off revealing his chiseled body. She bit her
lips as she ran her finger down his abs, then looked up at him with hungry
eyes. '3aith sat back, letting her take control. She pushed him down, kissing
his neck and making her way down his body, she unbuttoned his shorts and slid
them off. He pushed her onto the bed "I
cant wait" he whispered into her
7arith scared Rsal.
She was physically attracted to him, which is normal in every relationship
especially one that has just started. His attitude however, worried her.
She walked into Starbucks and found him sitting there, looking handsome in his
black shorts and white t-shirt, she noticed he never wore colors. He was absent
minded, didnt even notice her walking in. The rest of the men in Starbucks
couldnt take their eyes off her, the only thing she thought of was him, his
eyes, his scar, his lips she wanted him but wouldnt give in no matter how much
he pushed, no matter how tempted she was.
"hii" she shyly greeted him
"ahlain" smiling back at her. The men were disappointed she was meeting
a man
"shlonik?" he was distant, not the 7arith who pursed her
b5air" he was annoyed with
the men eying his woman "gomay
ni6l3" pulling her out with
"um, wain bnrou7?" scared
"shfeech 5yfa mny 3a'6ich rikbay" getting into his car
Rsal didnt know what
to do, she has never been in this position before. Should she get into the car
with him? why did they even leave starbucks. Despite her better judgment she
got into car, terrified of all the things he would be able to do.
"7arith" she couraged up
7beebty" lighting a cigarette
as he drove out of the parking lot heading the Gulf Road
"ma aby nitmasha 3l 5aleej please" wearing her over sized sunglasses.
"3balch 7mar jdamich?" annoyed with her remark
"what the hell is
wrong with you? shfeek 3ly 7arith ma 9arlna sbou3 dating o mn al7en il nafsya
ana shsawait?" trying to hold her
tears back

shfeech?" he coldly answered,
he was doing this on purpose, he knew Rsal was not the girl to be played and he
was worried about falling in love with her, he was already attached to her and
the more he thought about it the more he believed that if he acted cold with
her she would be more attached than she was.

"shino shfeny
7arith why am I with you? ma a7is 3ndy boyfriend you dont ask about me you dont
care about me, itha ma tabeny gouly bs lat3lgny chithi please" looking down, she was confused and lost. 7arith came into her
life and managed to shatter her into pieces, she no longer was confident about
anything all she knew was that she was slowly falling for him, and for now it
was mostly an attraction but something about him called out for her she knew
that under the bad boy exterior was a lost boy who needed someone to love him,
and the motherly instinct in her was kicking in. She wanted to take care of

7arith saw the pain in
her eyes, he even heard it in her voice and it broke his heart. He didnt want
her to be miserable already, they were at the beginning of the road and only
god knew where this road was going.
He parked in an isolated place, took her hand and gently kissed it "ana asif" kissing
every finger. With each kiss, Rsal felt the fireworks in her stomach "shloun you think I dont want you Rsolty ana ma 9adagt 3la
alah ter'6ain feny, bs ana ...."
before he continued she placed her index finger on his lips "shhh 7arith we will take it one day at a time ok"

"3n il shi6ana if
you wanna kiss me you can just tell me laish hal 7arakt" biting down on her finger

"7arith" pulling her finger away, but before she could he pulled back to
his lips and kissed it. That kiss sent shivers down her body, she knew if she
didnt say something she was going to do something she might regret. She looked
away from him "wain

"rsal" she turned to look at him, she saw his sexy lazy eyes looking
at her with passion, love, lust and hunger. She saw his lips slowly curling up
into a naughty smile it made her heart beat faster "mm" was all she managed
to say

5yfa" leaning closer to her
as he stroked her cheek which instantly turned red "mo 5yfa" looking into his eyes

"mistansa?" he asked her looking at her lips, he noticed how red and juicy
they looked all he wanted to do was bite them. She was overtaken by his close
presence to her, the mixture of his perfume and cigarettes sent her into a
whirlwind of feelings she wanted to reach over and bite his lips

"tabenhum?" he knew she wanted him well his lips at least, he knew she was
fighting back her hormones but he wanted to taste her lips so badly.
"laa" she answered loudly hoping to assure her feelings
"wdy a9adgich" whispering into her ear as he inhaled in her scent
"7arith" she needed fresh air
"golay ismy b3d mara" hearing her say his name turned him on
"7aroothy" she knew what she was doing to him, she felt the same way when
he said her name
"3youny" looking dead into her eyes
3 days passed, and for
3 days '3aith stayed with Saja he forgot he had a wife called Falak. She had
sex appeal, she worshiped the floor he walked on and anything he asked of her
she would do.
On the third morning he woke up smiling, pulling her into her arms but the
second she was in his arms she felt different, she smelt different. This was
not his wife.
He quickly opened his eyes and saw Saja sound asleep in his arms, he shook his
head hoping this was a dream and he would soon wake up. The events of the past
3 days came rushing back to him, he ran to the bathroom he felt sick with
himself. He took a shower scrubbing his body over and over again but with every
scrub he remember what he did with Saja. He got dressed and left the apartment
heading to 7arith for help.
"lyouth yuma ta3al abeek" lyth's mother called out for him from the living room
"hala bl '3alya, hala ib um lyth" kissing her hand "2mreny yal
"yuma aby afra7 feek mita ra7 titzawaj?
ana mo '6amna 3umry"
"b3d 3umry yal
'3alya, latgoleen chithi b3d 3umrn 6weel inshalah, intay dwrely o my9er 5a6rich
ila il 6yb" he was the eldest of
his siblings and he knew this was bound to happen especially since he was
graduating soon.
"ana legait bnt il 7alal" smiling to him
"hahah bsmillah
wain shyfat-ha? latgolen mn il ahal ana mny ma5ith a7ad mn il ahal yuma" that was his only rule

"laa laa mo mn il
ahaln, a9lan banat il 3yla ma yistahlonik" she was proud of her son, if she only knew what he was up to.
"3ayl mino?"
"tarkan ana btzawaj
fa ma agdar akalmik" ma2ab confidently
told Turki who was looking sizzling in a black tshirt and his dark jeans.
"laa ma2aby ana abeech" playing the game
"sorry 7yatie, bs
already 5a6beny, you snooze you loose 3n ithnik" getting up and walking towards her car.

Turki laughed at her, she believed that '9a7y loved her and
wanted her, little did she know what the men were planning to do to her.
Turki wanted her to regret the day she thought about playing him
"yuma wain
rylich?" Falak was busy
thinking about her newly husband, who decided to go MIA for 3 days without a
warning or a phone call. She didnt want to call his cousins or his grandfather
fearing it would cause more trouble. She believed that no news is good news.

"um raye7 il
shalaih ma3a 3yal 3ma" what else could she
say, my husband disappeared on me and I havent heard from him

"mn awalha ray7
il shalaih o im5alech?" how strange of him
her mother thought

"ee mama shl
mushkila, i7na 9'3ar o aby he has fun ma3a his cousins o ana ma3akum mo ga3da
bro7y aw ib bait 3my ily ma3ndy a7ad"
fighting her tears, she heard her phone excused herself into the living room.
Incoming Call '3aith
falak: ...... (she decided to stay quiet)
'3aith: 7beebty
falak: ....... (her heart ached her to hear those words from him, she loved
him but he left her for 3 days with nothing)
'3aith: ana yay il bait
falak: ana glt 7g ahaly inik knt bl shalaih fa
itha sm7t lat fashleny
Falak hung up before
he answered. She told the nannies to prepare a fresh pot of tea, after all she
was a new bride and had to act proper in front of her family. '3aith showed up,
guilt filling him from head to toe, who couldnt even look at Falak in the eye.
They had a cup of tea with her parents then excused themselves up to their
She didnt scream.
She didnt cry.
She sat down crossing her arms and just eyed him, she was hurt, she felt
ana..." he didnt know what to
say, nothing will justify what he did and lying was out of the question.

"how was
she?" she asked, every
woman knows when her husband is cheating you can see it in their eyes.
"Falak" taken back by her question
"HOW WAS SHE?" she stood up not able to control her temper
"what do you want me to say?" sitting down on the couch
"s2altik so2al, o jawbny" looking away
"falak im sorry" defeated
"shouf '3aith,
ana bg3ad ma3ak mo leany abek aw a7ibik, laa ana akrihuk bs 3shan ahaly o
ahalik o far7at-hum sam3ny, hal yomain nafrish il bait o inta in a room o ana
in a room o kil wa7id lah 7yatie, if you want to screw whoever it is kaifik I
honestly dont care, you find me a job 3shan ma ajabil wayhik 6oul il youm. This
is what I have, if you dont like it 6algny" she managed to blurt all of that out without a single tear, and
that was what scared him he saw the seriousness in her eyes.

"hathy mo
3esha" how could he live
with her and not be with her, he cheated but he loved her, he worshiped her but
"take it or leave it" running into the bathroom and slamming the door behind her
She left him
speechless. He felt his heart tighten, his breath was short and before he could
even call out for her he fell cold on the floor.
Incoming Call '9a7y
ma2ab: hello
'9a7y: hala ib hal 9out
ma2ab: hala feek 7yatie, wainik mn ziman ma
'9a7y: sam7eny yal '3alya bs knt lahy ma3a il
ma2ab: bs firashnaha o 5al9na 7yatie, we9al
'9a7y: yup, ilyoum il
athath we9al o everything is cleaned bs omy galat she will stock it before you
m2ab: and when is that
'9a7y: mita ma taben ya galby, il bait baitich
ma2ab: il bait baitna 7yatie
'9a7y: ya b3d 3umry 7beebty shway o akalmich
bdish il duwanya al7en
'9a7y's feeling grew
with every conversation, and so did ma2ab's. She stopped calling Turki and her
X5 guy, she even changed her number. She wanted to start off with a clean slate
with her husband. At first '9a7y was just a goal she wanted to achieve, but she
is slowly falling for him.
Muruj has not seen
daylight since 7amany dropped her home. Her parents locked her up in the house.
She was to talk to no one, see no one and do nothing. She was lost and confused
and needed her best friend Ma2ab to cheer her up.
Little did she knew, the source of all her misery was her best friend ma2ab.
7amany kept going back
and forth with the decision he took. Was it right, was it his place to ruin her
life. He just couldnt get her out of his mind.
Incoming Call BMW
turki: hala bl zain
girl: hala feek
turki: shlonich?
girl: zaina
turki: shfeech mista7ya
girl: la 3dee
turki: wainich?
girl: 6al3a atmasha
turki: laish ma giltay?
girl: ga3da agolik al7en
turki: inzain wainich 3shan ayelich
girl: ta3ly Starbucks ily ym laila gallery ok
turki: yala dgayg wkoun 3ndich
Dialling '9a7y
'9a7y: haa turki
turki: hala '9a7oy, ha sh9ar ma3ak
'9a7y: mako walla kil
shay jahiz, b3d isbo3ain il milcha b3dain il 3rs b3d cham shahar
turki: 5oush ma awa9ek mo tinsa ily itfiqna
'9a7y: inshalah
turki: yala bye
Turki headed over to
Starbucks to meet the newest girl he encountered, she was pretty but not smart
and not much of a talker.
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bl pool you?
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7uby, bdish il duwanya al7en akalmich awal ma
a5al9 ok?
mm 7arothy?
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can I see you?
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AKEED, awal mat5al9en mn il pool give me a
"yal 5arouf sa3a
ga3id bl syara yala inzil" lyth screaming out to
7arith as he threw a water balloon at his car
"yal tibin tawny im6al3 il syara"
okay ;*
"sh3ndaha il madam" teasing 7arith
"ya5ee shtaby?" getting out of the car
"7arooth ya5ee il7ag 3ly" Lyth quickly got down to the matter at hand
"shfeek?" 7arith worried about his friend
"il walda legatly wa7da" running his hand through his growing beard
"hahah tabek titzawaj? 3dy ya5e meet her
she might be hot" teasing him
"akeed btkoun hot bs shino zawaj" walking into the duwanya
"shouf '3youth mistanis ma tadre yimken hathy itry7ik" he pulled him aside before they entered the main door "meet her, talk to her and shouf o b3dain latgoul 7g a7ad
lain e9er shay" he specifically meant
Turki, he knew the affect he had on Lyth and 7arith didnt want Lyth to miss out
on an opportunity of a good girl, as 7arith thought of it no harm in marrying
the good girl and screwing around with the bad ones.
Falak walked out of
the bathroom after spending 15 minutes there to calm her nerves down. She found
'3aith out cold on the bedroom floor with his hand placed on his heart. She
screamed out for her family, who instantly called the ambulance.

He was taken to the
hospital, and into the operating room. Falak was not told anything, she didnt
shed a single tear she was too paralyzed she just stood there waiting for the
doctor to come out. She was quietly preparing herself for the worst possible

The doctor came out
and informed them he had a nervous breakdown due to a stress overload. Falak
cringed at the news, she knew the only stress he put himself under was his mere
pleasure. She followed his family into the room he was in, he was still under
the drugs and was not aware of his surrounds, all he would say every few
minutes was "Falak .....

Falak decided to spend
the night with him, not because she wanted to but she didnt want to explain
anything to their family. She switched the lights off and sat by his bed
admiring him, he was handsome anyone could see that but she saw something in
his features, loss, confusion, hurt he kept calling out her name.

She laid down next to
him placing her head on his chest, watching it rise with each inhale and before
she knew it tears made their way down her face. She cried for him, for her, for
their love and their lost trust.

A few hours later
Falak woke up, and moved to the couch she didnt want him to see her on his
chest, she hasnt forgiven him yet, and she wont.
Not anytime soon.
Ma2ab's wedding was
finally here. She looked stunning her gown, she looked like a queen. The ball
room was done to perfection, from the lighting to the music, the decorations to
the caterers.
Everything was done according to Ma2ab's desire.
"mama rsal ro7ay
shofe i5tik lazem tid5al" Ma2ab's mother
looking glamorous, all the mother's were envious of her beauty and her luck.

Rsal made her way up
to Ma2ab's room. For once she hoped her and her sister could have a sisterly
relationship especially on her wedding day.
"ma2aby, 7uby jahza?" being as sisterly as she could
"mm aywa" not even looking at her
"mashalah 3laich '9a7y ra7 emout" smiling to her sister
"adree, inzain mumkin it5alena
l7alna?" getting up and giving
her sister her back
"ma2ab, can we
leave our differences aside just for tonight its your wedding and your my
sister and aby afra7 feech 7beebty"
moving closer to her sister ans adjusting her veil.

Ma2ab wanted to ignore
her sister, but something deep down inside stopped her, she needed her sister,
just for tonight. Rsal hugged her sister, and the girls made their way down to
the ball room. Ma2ab's heart was racing, she couldnt believe she fell for the
man who was suppose to be a goal for her, and tonight he will be hers.

She walked into the
ballroom, eyes on her she loved it. She made her way to her finely decorated
kousha. Rsal was quickly by her side adjusting her dress and the cushions
behind her as Ma2ab sat down comfortably.

"ya bnty" an elderly woman called out for Rsal, Rsal knew she was one of
their S3ody relatives

5alty?" kneeling down besides
her. The elderly woman cupped her face and looked into her eyes
"bsmilah 3laik mashalah gamar inti bnt
shmou'3 w faisal?" not letting go of her
"aywa 5alty tabeny anadelik mama?"
"laa 7beebty
mashalah 3laiki raby e7af'6ik mn il 3ain golay ameen" lovingly kissing her cheek. Rsal was taken back by her move,
she felt so much love from this woman, even though she didnt know who she was.
"ameen" placing her hand on top of the woman's hand
"il fal lik" finally letting go of her face and just smiling to her
"tslmen, 3n
ithnik" Rsal slowly walked
away but noticed something, all eyes were on her. She looked around thinking it
was a coincidence, but no everyone was looking at her.
"rsaly" Juwan called out for her friend "intay la7a'6tay ina il kil ga3id e6al3ich?"
"ee my god how embarrassing" sitting behind her friend in an attempt to hide herself
7arith looked handsome
in his navy blue dishdasha with grey undershirt and his shma'3. He walked into
the hotel, and instantly every female looked at him. Girls that were covered
up, accidentally dropped their shawls or 3bayas in an attempt to get his
attention, but 7arith was after one girl and one girl only.
Rsal walked out of the
ballroom heading towards the rest room to check her make up before the men
walked in, she turned her head slightly to the left and saw him standing there
looking handsome as ever.

He smiled to her, a
smile that shook her insides, a smile that made her heart flutter, a smile that
made her want to run up to him and just look at him.

She smiled back shyly,
quickly rushing to the rest room. 7arith admired her body in the black dress
she was in, it was literally painted on to her body, he wanted to hold her, he
wanted everyone to know she was his.

The men walked in to
the ballroom following the groom, of course the men of our story took the
opportunity to walk in and eye all the beautiful woman. 7arith wanted to walk
just to see Rsal, he still didnt enough of her.

"a5eeran ya ma2ab
bt9ereen ly ... ma7ad '3airy ra7 ejesich .... walla la a5alech tabcheen dm ...
abech itbosen rely 3shan ar7umich mn hal '9a7y" Turki admired Ma2ab from a far, she noticed him but could care
less all she wanted to do was be next to '9a7y.

'9a7y was on cloud 9
he couldnt believe this beautiful woman was his, for him to take care of, love,
spoil and pamper but before he could even enjoy his wedding day he looked over
and met Turki's gaze and remember the deal they had.
Falak and '3aith
settled into their house. She started working in the marketing department of a
small private company and was getting along famously with her new co-workers.
She would come home for lunch not because she wanted to but because she still
was considered as a new bride. She canceled their honeymoon claiming that they
would be taking it later. '
3aith went back to work feeling lifeless, Falak wouldnt talk to him, she
wouldnt even look at him. Their form of communication was through post its
around the house or through messaging she wouldnt even answer his phone calls.
Every night she would cry herself to sleep.
Every night he would sit outside her bedroom door waiting for her, but nothing.
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lol ya3nee bdal3ny?
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haa ma7ad i56ibich?
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3laina, il kil ma shal 3aina 3nich
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ahaa, okay alah ehaneek ma3ahum
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7beebty :(
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ya3ne za3lana?
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bsmilah 3laih
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mino gal?
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ana agoul oo ana il rijal fa kalamy yamshy
rjaal haa??
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ajal rjal wla mo 3jbik?
la 3jbny
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mm 3baly b3d ;p
inzaaain tara edy 6a7at wana I message aby
asm3 9outich
okay let me get into bed o ill call you
"yuma .... YUMA" Yasser called out for his mother
"5air ya yuma" answered his mother
"5air ib wajhik,
kaif il 3rs?" taking his shma'3 off
as he sat comfortably down on the couch next to his mother, after he kissed her

"mara jinan
mashalah 3laiha il 3rous 6al3a gamar"
remembering Rsal "yasser, yuma wsh
rayik itha 56btlik w7da mb s3odya?"
testing the water

"wsh jalsa t7ken
ya yuma, aish mo s3odya mn hal bnt?"
trying to understand what his mother's intentions were.

"i5t il 3rous, t9er omha bnt i5t jadatik allah yur7umha il
bnt mara jinan ya yuma wla ti6waf" hoping
her son would finally consider getting married.
"RSAAAAL" Juwan hollered
"haaa" welcoming her from the indoor balcony
"shino haa? would
you at least come downstairs to welcome me?" walking up the stairs to lead to the balcony

"I knew you were
coming so laish I come down" welcoming her best
friend with a warm hug, one would say they havent seen each other in days.

"sim3y I am
having a gathering at home our high school friends the whole gang and my
brother is going to be there with his grade as well shrayich?" popping a grape into her mouth
"im in, I miss them im going to make
CUPCAKES" Rsal's eyes lit up
like a 3 year old kid
"okay ana ry7a
ashtery endless amouts of junk while you bake like a good housewife" Juwan quickly bit her tongue as soon she said those words, its
true Rsal felt nothing for '9a7y but the fact that her younger sister
"stole" her potential husband was another thing.
al7een?" Falak coldly asked
'3aith as he sat in front of the television staring aimlessly at nothing in
specific, he was so out of it he didnt even realize she was speaking to him. It
broke her heart seeing her husband this way.

"um '3aith" speaking in a louder tone of voice. He quickly turned to her
smiling, but she didnt smile back she didnt even meet his gaze.

7beebty" he uncontrollably said
then apologized. Falak couldnt hold her tears back, she looked down at her
hands and cried. '3aith jumped up and sat down by her feet, resting his head in
her lap she could tell he was in pain, she slowly placed her hand on his head
and whispered "I think you
should get some sleep you look tired"

She stood up, took his
arm and led him to his bedroom, the guest bedroom, she removed the covers and
waited for him to get in, she gave him is medicine he just looked at her
lovingly. She placed the glass of water on the bed side table, but before she
managed to leave the room he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his lap and
just hugged her.
She cried, and cried. and cried.
He just held her tightly
wiping away his tear, he didnt want to cry in front of her. Ever since he was 6
his father told him only woman cried, men never cried. Behind her broken tears
she mumbled "laish '3aith
walla a7ibik" and cried some more.

She cried herself to
sleep, and for the first night since the incident happened '3aith slept soundly
because Falak was in his arms.

For the first time
since the incident, Falak dreamt about '3aith and their life together the way
she use to when they first got married.

Things were not
cleared up, and she still hadnt forgiven him but for tonight they needed to be
with each other, they were both suffering emotionally and just for one night
they could take a break from their internal struggle and just slept.
'9a7y took Ma2ab to
their apartment. She was nervous, happy, scared, excited, it was just a mixture
of emotions but mostly she was thrilled that she chose '9a7y and that she left
all her old stories.

Then '9a7y said
something that shook her speechless, he looked coldly at her and told her "sm3y intay bl main bedroom o ana bl guest room" he just said it and walked into the guest bedroom completely
ignoring her.

Ma2ab looked around
their furnished apartment, the one they recently furnished together, she
recalled their late night calls planning their future and how many children
they wanted, their million messages about how their day was going.He kept
telling her I cant wait to have you in my arms, and now this. She walked into
her bedroom and threw herself into her king sized bed and just cried herself to
Incoming Call Turki
Turki: haa yal mi3rs
'9a7y: turki wli e3afek ily feny imkafeny 5air
Turki: hahaha kil hatha, il muhum wain
'9a7y: shdarany ana 6il3t min il shiqa brou7
il shalaih a'3ayer jw
Turki: 5oush bye
Turki shut the phone
before '9a7y could even answer him. '9a7y wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt
and headed to the shalaih where he knew his cousin would have a party his
weekly parties and their will be enough drinks and girls to make him forget.
"rsal mama" her mother called out for Rsal
"na3am mama" kissing her cheek
"your father is
having a dinner for the whole family in 3 days for i5tik o '9a7y 5abry Juwan o
ana a7aky ahalha" sipping on her
cinnamon tea

"mama kan fee
mara who freaked me out maskeena kanat loving bs in a scary way" twisting her hair around her finger
"mm mn thee?"
"I dont know, bs mn ahalich shaklha
s3odya" grinning
"ahaly mb hum ahalik?" pretending to be upset
"laa ana ahaly kuwaityeen" teasing her mother
"ya bnt i7tarmay
nafsich hathy il '3alya" her father loving
looking at his wife whom instantly turned red
"amout 3ly tist7y" kissing her cheek
"get a room" Rsal ran out of the living room before her father yelled at
"ta3aly aby I
show you something" He took her out back
and stood there eying what looking like a bicycle, but had a motor like a
motorbike. She looked at him with a confused expression.
"umm" expecting him to explain what they were standing in front of
"you dont know what it is?" shocked
"umm laa is it a bicycle?" trying not to sound like an idiot
"well shofay, say
you were driving on your handy motorcycle okay and faj2ag il bike stopped 5ara
9a7? laaa because this thing right here turns into a handy dandy bicycle all
you do is peddle away" giving her his
biggest smile
"hahahaha mo mn 9ijik?" Rsal laughed back
"shfeech, inzain dgeega" He ran over to his car and pulled out his shma'3 from the
backseat, ran back to her "tilathmay" he ordered
"ma a3rif" he helped her cover up with the shma'3 and off they went for a
ride around the block.

Since Rsal arrived to
the gathering, she hit it off with him and not in "I am attracted to
him," his sense of humor, he carefree nature and his presence comforted
her, she was herself around him even though she had just met him.

"ya wail 7aly
walla lo o5oy dara chan thiba7ny"
she casually said laughing at herself. He stopped short, which frightened her
and in a shaky face "3ndich
"ee shfeek" she was confused
"akbr minich?"
"hahah ee shfeek?" she was now scared
"ya wail 7aly
ana, ly 7oushik bs 3ndich o5o o ana imrakbich 3l bike" he turned the bike around and headed back to Juwan's house to
join the gang.
Ma2ab woke up after a
restless night, and headed out to the living room where she found '9a7y passed
out on the floor in front of his bedroom. She ran over to him frightened " '9a7y .... '9a7y feek shay?" she was scared and was shaking him vigorously.
"haaa" he yelled out rattling her
"7yatiee wsh feek" lovingly stroking his hair
"wa5ray 3ny walla
maly 5ulgich" He got up and headed
into his bedroom, slamming the door after him.
Ma2ab cried once again, who could she tell?
Who would comfort her?
who would make her feel better?
Dialling +96599123456
Turki looked down at his ringing phone, smiled pleased with the caller.
"ma 3ndich a7ad '3airy ana ya ma2ab, walla ra7 a6yn
3shtich" he smiled
victoriously to himself before heading out of the duwanya to answer her.
"wain kintay"
Juwan asked Rsal as she walked into the living room with him
"shfeech?" Rsal was irritated with Juwan's question
"nothing babe bs
6waltay and I was worried sorry"
Juwan stood up and headed out to the garden to make sure dinner was set.

The group headed to
the garden to enjoy their dinner, even though it was summer there was a light
breeze in the garden. Rsal sat down, and he joined her "so tell me about yourself" she asked

"well, I was
brought up in the states cause my dad was working in the embassy then moved to
il kuwait when I was 15 and my parents decided to enroll me in a public not
private school, haha awal youm dshait mit9arwi3 leana ya an6ag aw a6ig fa mn
bara ily eshoufny egoul im cool bs min da5el galby e6ig i6bool" he stopped for a few minutes remembering his first day, she
respected his silence and just looked at him.

"lain I met
Turki, kint in my math class o il mudaris m36ena a test o ana yebt 100 leana im
a math freak, fa Turki s2alny itha agdar as3da o gltla okay abeeha mn allah
a7ad ekalmny haha o bs 3rfny 3la his cousins leanhum ma3ana bl thanwya o bs
6againha 9u7ba o al7en they are like my friends" taking a drag from his cigarette

"o al7een?" she asked? It was strange to her just how comfortable she was
with him, she was not attracted to him even though he was a hunk, he reminded
her of her brother.

"al7een ana bl
jam3a, majoring in architectural engineering o bagely 2 years inshalah" smiling at that thought
"cham 3umrik" she was interested in her new friend
"la ti'97keen bs im 23"
"laish a'97ak?" she didnt understand his remark
"leany mo
mit5araj, bs ti25art bl thanwya o b3dha safarna for a year then fit7ana ma7al
ba7ar related min fishing rods to boats and jet skis ma3a the guys" what days they were "and you little
missy tell me about yourself"

"mm nothing
special im a middle child older brother younger sister, went to private school,
typical good girl straight A's 5wafa haha and I always put others before
myself" it hurt admitting
that, but it was a fact.
"and how is your relationship with your
brother?" he asked
"amazing, we are
super close unlike my sister and I"
she missed ma2ab as harsh as she was "all
she cares about are her looks, her clothes, her friends and she will step on
anyone to get what she wants"

"3dee twkum 9'3ar
you have time to improve your relationship" trying to be optimistic
"I doubt it, she got married a few days
ago" still shocked at that
"no way?" he was surprised
"haha why do you sound shocked?"
"I dont know,
cause she is younger I guess were they dating?" he didnt mean to overstep his boundaries, but he was curious

"no, its funny
actually he came to see me and liked her hahah" laughing
"ayshay? il 7beeb dash soug yi5tar?"
"3dee honestly I
want to marry out of love" she remembered
7arith, who hasnt messaged her all day

"is there a
special someone?" he wasnt being
intrusive, he saw her as a friend

"there is, bs ma
adree ma a7is he is my boyfriend, we just started dating and I see my friend's
boyfriends who constantly call and message and ask about their where abouts, I
told him I was coming to the gathering today and I mean I didnt want him to get
jealous but I was hoping he would ask me more questions and he didnt" she looked down, she was upset with her relationship with 7arith
its not what she wanted
"mm, yimken he isnt used to dating?" not knowing what to say
"I guess, I mean
he is your ultimate bad boy and I worry that he sees me as just another girl
fahem 3ly?" she was enjoying
talking freely about 7arith

"okay agolich shay,
how about you make him feel like you are not like the other girls, give him
what is missing in his life like stability"

"I guess so, ma
adree I mean the first few days he was amazing b3dain once he got me he stopped
putting the effort" hearing herself say
those words ached her heart

"shofay rsal bl
awal we all act like the perfect man to get the girl we like and awal ma we get
her we fall back on who we really are but not because we arent interested but
because the hardest part was over, hooking her in" he burst into a boisterous laugh
"wayed 3laikum" hitting his shoulder lightly
"keep in mind,
i7na il reyayel mithel il yahal naby attention o love o care we are suckers for
it 9adgeny" smiling at that
"ma3ndik someone special?" she truly was a lucky girl who would end up with him
"naah, tw il nas ym3wda banat il deera
are gorgeous let me have fun"
"aham shay,
listen its getting late I need to head back home honestly I truly enjoyed
myself with you and sorry if I rambled on" her face turning a light shade of red

"bl3ks walla I
just gained a friend, ma aby ama95ha bs can I get your pin? email? number?

She added him to her
blackberry messenger contacts list, and took his number. She wasnt much of a
msn person so she didnt take his email. She left the gather content with her
behaviors she did gain a friend
Just as she was about to drive away her phone vibrated, a message from 7arith.
message received
il 7ub wainha
heading home :D
message received
sam3ena 9outich
It gave her chills
whenever he said those words. She called him immediately with a smile on her
face, as cold and distant as he was she genuinely liked him.
Falak woke up to find
herself in '3aith's arms. She hugged him tightly and smiled she loved the way
he smelt, the way she perfectly fit in his muscular arms, hearing his heart
beats, the heat radiating from his body.
She just loved him.
Before she could enjoy
the moment, she remembered everything that had happened and quickly jumped out
of the bed, causing '3aith to wake up alarmed "shfeech 7beebty?"

"haa nothing, I
guess I fell asleep in your arms sorry" she ran out of his room and into her room locking the door
twice, then headed into the bathroom for a warm shower where she cried quietly
to herself, like she did every time she was in the shower.

She calmed herself
down, changed into a white cotton dress, applied very little make up and headed
out. She was heading to her parents to spend the day with her sisters, they
were the only ones who knew everything.

"ana ry7a bait
oboy" she told him as she
grabbed her keys. '3aith thought the worse, he thought she was leaving him. He
ran over to her, got down on his knees hugging her waist, begging her not to
leave "Falak please we
will work it out bs lat-hdny 7beebty ana maly '3airich ib hal dnya walla mist3d
asawi ily it2mreny 3laih bs dont leave me"
Her hurt literally broke into a million
pieces, she got down next to him and looked into his teary red eyes "im not leaving you '3aith ana brou7 bait oboy for lunch
with my sisters" and for the first
time since the incident she lovingly smiled to him

He hugged her before
she got up, planting a warm kiss on her forhead "allah e7af'6ich"
she just smiled and headed into her car, where again she broke down in tears.

She just couldnt
forgive him, every time he was around her it sent chills down her spine she
just couldnt be with him without thinking of her.
Turki decided to
ignore Ma2ab's call, he wanted her to reach her absolute lowest so that his
plan will play out.
'9a7y walked into the
apartment smiling lovingly at his sad wife, he then remembered Turki and there
and quickly turned his smile into a frown
"gomay bdly" he grunted
"laish 7beeby
wain ry7en?" she was happy he was
talking to her, never in her life did she ever feel so alone and there was no
one she could go to, well there was but he wasnt answering her phone calls.

"ya sheen hal
kilma minich, bnrou7 bait ahaly aby asalm 3la il walda" Ma2ab was shocked at his behavior, she nodded in compliance and
headed into her bedroom to change.

A few minutes later
she walked out look breath taking, '9a7y had to avoid looking at her just to
control himself. Being in an enclosed space like the car didnt help matters, he
was slowly losing himself as he inhaled in her scent.

once they got to his
parents house, he turned into the '9a7y she knew and loved. Holding her hands,
keeping her close to him, feeding her. She was on cloud 9 and was thrilled with
this change, but deep down inside she knew it wouldnt last "7beebty mishaina 3shan inshouf ahalich b3d" Ma2ab missed her room, her house, her parents.

"okay 7yatie"
she smiled back at him, sending '9a7y's heart into jitters. He loved her, but
he had a deal with Turki
Dialing 7arith
7arith: hala bl zain kila
Hearing his deep
masculine voice drugged her, a smile automatically appeared and she instantly
went into the ultimate girly trance.
Rsal: hala feek
7arith: shlonich
Rsal: zaina, inta shlonick
7arith: aaah shloun ma akoun zain wna akalm il
7ub golely bs
7arith felt her smiling
7arith: ista7aity
Rsal: 7arith
7arith: 3youn 7arith, galb 7arith, wainich
Rsal: rada il bait tawny 6al3a mn bait juwana
7arith: 5alny ashofich
Rsal: tomorrow
7arith: laa al7een shino tomorrow
Rsal: its almost 11 shino itshofny al7een
7arith: 3dee, bs shway
Rsal: la sorry 7arith ma agdar
7arith: shda3wa ana mo 6alb minich shay bs aby
Rsal: ana ma glt laa bs mo hal 7za
7arith: shino mo hal
7za itha intay shyfa ina il wagt mit25er mfrou'6 itkoneen bl bait min ziman ya
i5t Rsal

Rsal: what the hell is
wrong with you, hathy 7altna as soon things settle down baina nirja3 ly wara
7arith: ma adre 3nich laish it9a3ben il 2mour
Rsal: ana? 7aram 3laik ya 7arith
7arith: ee intay ya mama, ana il'9aher ma36ech
wayed waih tara fee '3airich
Rsal: ahaa, okay rou7 lhum
7arith: arou7 ma 3ndy
mani3 bs itha 9ar shay mo tyen wtgolen f3litik o tarkitik kaa intay ily gltay
Rsal: inta laish ma tebny
7arith: mino gal ma abeech
Rsal: inta
7arith: laa ana ma glt
Rsal: inta taby '3airy
7arith: ma aby '3airich bs intay lat9eren 3sra
Rsal: al7en ana 9rt 3sra
7arith: o a7la 3sra 3younich im3thbtny
Rsal: na3am
7arith: 3younich rsoolty 3yoounich im3thbeny
Rsal started to look around at the cars next to her
7arith: ana mo yamich
Rsal: 3yal waray?
7arith: nope bs close by smile for me
Rsal's face lit up like a Christmas tree
7arith: amoout 3ly tisti7y
Rsal: 7aroothy
7arith: galby intay
Rsal: wainik my9er you see me and I dont
7arith: ee e9er aham shay 3ndy ashoufich
Rsal: inzain bs bsr3a na'6ra wa7da
7arith: mm afaker
Rsal: yala 3ad im almost home
7arith: give me a kiss bl awal
Rsal: mwaaaaah
7arith: bs ri7t feeha
Rsal: haha 7aroooth please
7arith: mmm golay ismy
Rsal: 7arith
7arith: la yuba shino 7arith 7asiseny iny
9a7bich wt5afen 3laiy dal3eny
Rsal: mm 7aroothy
7arith: mm
Rsal: 7arthy
7arith: na3am
*whispering* 7beeby
7arith: lat5aleny at-hawar
Rsal: hahaha inzain baby ana wi9alt ill get
into bed and call you
7arith: okay na6rich
'9a7y and Ma2ab headed
back to their apartment, they informed their parents they wont be heading on
their honeymoon anytime soon due to his work. Ma2ab was worried about going
back home, she already saw him changing back into his cold nature.
"um '9a7y is everything okay" she reluctantly asked
"ee laish" he hated treating her like this, he just wanted to reach over
and hold her hands, stroke her face. He wanted to be the reason for her smile,
but he couldnt not now not before he secured his new position, and yes Turki is
helping him with that.

"a7isik mit'9yig
aw feek shay a5af ana im2thetik ib shay" fighting her tears back, since when did she care about others

"la mafeny shay,
yala wi9alna" He headed to the
elevators, not bothering to wait for her. As soon as they were in the
apartment, he grabbed a bottle of water, changed and headed out "ana 6al3" he said before
slamming the door after him.
The only thing he could do was drink, it was the only think that made him
He needed to forget.
lyth: yoo
rsal: well hello there
lyth: we9alty?
rsal: ee I did, banam so BYE ;p
lyth: haha gnite
Dialing 7arith
Falak walked into the
house feeling better, she enjoyed her day with her sisters. They headed to Spa
Time for a few hours, then got their nails done and went out for dinner. She
was thrilled for the new pair of heels she bought, she also bought '3aith 2
"hii" she said as she walked into the upstairs living room
"hala" he said so lifelessly
"ma 6al3t?" she didnt want to show him she cared, but she did.
It was that simple.
"laa inshalah istanasty?" he could tell she did, he saw it in her eyes
"ee il
7imdilah" she turned around "I bought you something, its nothing big but um, I hope you
like it" she gave him the bag
and headed into her room, she didnt lock the door after her because she was
going to make herself a cup of green mint tea.
"falak?" he called out her name as he knocked on her door
"tfa'6al" falak was wearing a blank strapless tank top and red hot
shorts, her body was tight and fit.
Simply, she looked irresistible.
"uggh, knt
bwarech il shirt" he walked in wearing
one of the tshirts, he was sexy no matter what he wore "does it look good?" he asked her

"ee wayed" she smiled back to him "show
me the other one" before she could even
finish her sentence he took his shirt off revealing his ripped abs, you could
clearly trace each pack on his stomach, the way his muscles showed as he took
his shirt off she couldnt help but stare at him.

Before wearing the
other shirt, he looked up at her and saw the look he saw the first night they
were together.

She sat down on the
bed and cried, she was sick with crying, everything ached her, she missed her
husband she did nothing to deserve this at all "walla ta3abt '3aith ana ta3bana kil shay e3werny malait
wna abchy, malait wna I miss you, malait wna afaker .... bs ana malait"

She laid her head down
on the pillow, her head felt heavy, '3aith came running to her "7beebty falaky are you okay? feech shay? 7beebty .. baby
... please look at me" Falak slowly opened
her eyes to see him next to her, she reached out for him and traced his jawline
and his lips, feeling her warmth on his face awoke '3aith up.
He wanted to be the best husband he could for her.
He wanted to start fresh.
He needed her.
"you look
tired" she weakly said to
him with her hands still on his lips as he planted kisses on her finger tips

"dont worry about
me, aham shay 3ndy 9i7itich, tabeny asawelich green mint tea I know you need it
to fall asleep" more tears formed in
her eyes, for him to have noticed something so small meant the world to her.

She smiled and nodded
to him. He quickly ran down the flight of stairs heading to the kitchen to fix her
a cup of her favorite tea.

Falak stood up, washed
her face and comfortably got under the covers and before she knew it she was
fast asleep smiling because she could still smell him.

"7uby ma legait
your mug sorry" he looked at his wife
sleeping peacefully, he kissed the crown of her head switched the lights off
and snuggled into bed with her, holding her tightly to his body.

Her eyes fluttered
open as she looked up at him, he leaned down to kiss her nose "your nose is tiny tadreen" she smiled to him and nodded "adree"

She moved even closer
to him, lifting her head up as she gently placed her lips on to his. She just
wanted to taste him. He did nothing, he missed her the way her small yet full
lips fit in between his, the way she scrunched her nose right before she kissed
him, the way she always kept her eyes closed even after they were done kissing.

He moved his lips away
as he inhaled in her scent, and as always her eyes were still closed "falak" he couldnt help but
smile. She finally opened her eyes and quickly buried her face in his chest.

"ne'6ar 3ainy" he whispered, she looked up at him with her big innocent
eyes and once again placed her lips onto his.

"hold me" she asked him as she
rested her back against his chest, he scooped her close to him not wanting to
ever let her go.
Compose message
si2lay nafsich, intay ily b3tena 3shan shino?
Compose message
im sorry ;s
its too late
Compose message
please tarkan, I need you !
Falak woke up to the
gentle, loving kisses of her husband. She smiled and turned around to face him "9ba7 il 5air"

"9ba7 il
nour" he looked at her
lovingly, he looking at her hungrily.

They communicated with
their eyes, just looking at each other. As if asking for permission, she understood
what he wanted and just nodded.

He hovered his body on
top of hers, as she slipped his boxers off, she looked at her husbands body,
his ripped muscles, his dark flawless skin, his full lips, his glowing eyes.
She smiled, he started with a single kiss on her neck, all it took was a single
kiss from him for her body to explode.

He slipped his hand
under her tank top, gently cupping her breast. He took her tank top off and
starting nibbling on her breasts, alternating between lightly grazing to fully
blown sucking on them. She moaned with desire. He then left a trail of wet
kisses down her belly until he reached the rim of her hot shirts, with his
teeth he peeled them off giving her the sexiest look ever.

She pulled him up to
her once again biting down on his lips, hearing him moan with ecstasy she
slipped her tongue into his mouth exploring his tongues with hers. She wanted
to take control, she was hungry for him.

"I cant wait
anymore" she whispered into
his ears, sending him into a frenzy he quickly ripped her panties off, wrapped
her legs around his waist pushing himself deep into her.
Lyth: dude
Rsal: dude
Lyth: or dudette?
Rsal: hmm
Lyth: my thought exactly what you doing
Rsal: pool :D
Lyth: lat9ereen souda b3dain ma7ad ya5thich :p
Rsal: already hooked the dude :$
Lyth: ya intaay ma chinich ams complaining
3laina ya rsal?
Rsal: today is a new day mr
Lyth: truue
Rsal: what you doing
Lyth: on my way to il shalaih to get my tan on
Rsal: lat9er aswad b3dain ma7ad yabeek ;p
Rsal: glad to make you laugh
Lyth: hala wala
Rsal: haa
Lyth: salamtich
Rsal: dude
Lyth: haa dude
Rsal: taby ice cream?
Lyth: ay flavor?
Rsal: mm fee strawberry, chocolate, vanilla,
coffee and bs
Lyth: laa ma aby not an ice cream dude
Rsal: MORE for me :D mwahahah
Lyth: ya3ne evil laugh?
Rsal: ee :$ you like?
Lyth: no not really ;p
inzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain ana brou7 at'3da brb
Rsal: tyt o bl 3fia ;)
"mama" Rsal walked into the house to grab an ice cream bar
"na3am ya rou7 mama" pouring herself a cup of camomile's tea
"mita il guests byoun tonight?" sitting down in front of her
"aish hal so2al?
mn jdik 7na 3mlen 3sha aimta wagt il 3sha?" talking to Rsal like an 8 year old

"mm ma adree,
shofay shamou5 bs ana bl bait fa lazem you be nice" hugging her mother

"shamou5 mara
wa7da ya bnt, e'6aher ma rabainach"
her fathers loud voice filled the kitchen
"m3laish fa9oly kilha km sina wnkoun
la7alna" giving him a look
"o ana wld il 5idama?" Faris kissed his father's head, then hugged his mother
"la int waldy ana" his mother proudly said "tb'3a
"laa yuma, kalait
ma3a 7amny o 3lawi o b3dain warana 3sha il laila" grabbing an ice cream bar
"ila wain 5alak o 3amak?"
"bl duwanya" Faris casually said
"aaish?? da5alhum ya rijal" screaming at her son
Faris headed out to
call his uncles, as the parents headed out the patio to have their tea as Rsal
swam around the pool.

The house and the
garden were getting set up for the dinner tonight, everything was in check. The
DJ, the caterers, flowers, and seats. Rsal made sure everything was set then
headed up to take a shower while waiting for the make up and hair stylist to

Ma2ab and '9a7y showed
up before the dinner since Ma2ab was getting her hair and make up done after
her sister.
"shlonich ma2aby" Rsal asked bubbly
"wsh rayik? akeed
kwaisa ana mitzawja msh zyik 3anis fe bait aboha" giving Rsal her back as she got ready
She was use to this, was she expecting her sister to act differently because
she got married.
Rsal: evil kanevil is back
Lyth: did she say anything?
Rsal: samatny 3anis :p
Lyth: LOOOOOOOL 3anis 3d mara wa7da
Rsal: shft ishloun
Lyth: agolich shay, honestly a7is-ha yahel o I
feel sorry for her
Rsal: I just dont understand laish itkaber and
she acts the way she does, mala da3y ya3nee
Lyth: alah ehadeha for herself and her husband
Rsal: ameen inshalah ... okay I gotta go look
pretty choud alga wa7id e5a6bny ;p
Lyth: LAA wain your dude?
Rsal: dont know, he usually messages me when
he misses me ;p
message received
Rsal: speaking of the devil ;p
Lyth: he msged you?
Rsal: ee lool
message received
home, room, changing ;)
message received
mm, shino labsa?
message received
tara al7en ayeech
7YAAAAAAAK bs there
might be a small issue of the brother, the uncles and the father
message received
ly7oushik ;p
ha jahzen 7g il 3sha
everything is set, I just need to change and
head down
message received
inzain, mo tg3den o you smile to everyone o
tis7renhum ib 3ainich ana a'3aar ;s
I only have eyes for you ;*
message received
walla me too baby ;*
His last message made
Rsal's heart beat faster. She slipped into her strapless mauve dress that
hugged her body, wore her heels and walked downstairs.

Their families started
to arrive one after the other, and Rsal was socializing, taking pictures and
making sure everyone had everything.
"kaif 7alik ya bnty?" the older woman from the wedding asked her
"kwasia ya 5alaty inti kaif 7alik ?"
" il 7imdilah,
mashalah 3laiki 6al3a a7la min il 3rous" Rsal blushed "yasser yuma
ta3al salim 3la rsal he i5it il 3rous bnt shmou5" Yasser had his eyes fixed on Rsal which made her uncomfortable.
"hala yasser, shlonik" she decided to break the awkward silence
"il 7imdilah,
kaif 7alik?" he couldnt look away,
he was mesmerized by her beauty. His mother picked up on their sparks and was
thrilled, this is what she wanted.
"yuma wain rjlik?"
"um ma3a
baba" Ma2ab was loving the
attention, this dinner was going to be talked about for months, and for the few
hours she was spending here she forgot about the bruise on her thigh, the one
she got when '9a7y pushed her away from him.
Once again, '9a7y was the perfect husband, and he was enjoying it.
7amany has been
preoccupied with Muruj since he saw her in Pizza Express, but couldnt do
anything. He couldnt take the idea of her being with another man, they were
holding hands, she was happy he just couldnt stop thinking about that.
'3aith stepped out of the shower with a smile on his face, he
walked over to Falak and hugged her from behind "baby ana yo3an"
planting a kiss on her cheek
"me too, tabena ni6la3 aw we order
"laa lets go out in'3ayer jw
shrayich?" heading over to the
Lyth: PING!!!
Lyth: PING!!!
Lyth: PING!!!
Rsal: shtaabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Rsal: Lyth aby anam
Lyth: im bored
Rsal: mako '3airy?
Lyth: I pinged il kil ib my bbm list bs you
are the only one who answered
Lyth: eooow NO aby I play around, bs 9a7
kalamich mn ziman mo im'6ab6ly wa7da ;)
Rsal: 3fia 3laik go get a girl and let me
Lyth: okay
Incoming Call 7arith
Rsal: walla feny il noum
7arith: aa5 9outich
Rsal: heheh good morning sleepy head
7arith: intay sleepy head, shofay il sa3a cham
mita ni6la3
*yawning* 7arooth its 12 its
early b3dain where are we going
7arith: mukan
Rsal: walla jd
7arith: ee walla, bs its a secret fa itha
3lamty a7ad I will have to mmm
Rsal: shino
7arith: kiss you
Rsal: laa no kissing
7arith: mo ib kaifich
Rsal: 3yal ma a6l3 ma3ak
7arith: hm mo ib kaifich
Rsal: shouf
7arith: ya3ne im39ba
Rsal: ee myloug 9a7
7arith: laa, inzain yala gomay o get ready
Rsal: shino albis
7arith: baby I dont know your closet
Rsal: haha 7arith I mean shorts, jeans, dress
7arith: oo aaah ayshay
yinfa3 bs itha short aw dress ana agoul the shorter the better, o itha jeans
the tighter the better
Rsal: BYE
"9ba7 il
5air" he smiled to her as
he left his bedroom. She was paralyzed, he was actually talking to her.
"9ba7 il nour" she hesitantly answered, even though her insides were in a
"shfeech 5yfa
7uby" he hugged her from
behind and planted a kiss on her cheek. She turned around and they were now face
to face. She didnt know what to say so she just smiled.

Just as he was about
to lean in to give her her very first kiss, he remembered Turki and their deal
and his job, and just like that his features instantly changed. He backed away
from her, as if repelled, he quickly grabbed his car keys and wallet and headed
compose message
compose message
ana mi7tajtlik please aby ashofik
wly 3ndich?
compose message
malik shu'3ul fee can I see you today?
akeed, meet me ib my apartment ill send you
the address
compose message
Incoming Call Tarkan
'9a7y: halaa
Turki: amout 3l nafsya, isma3ny ilyoum ana
bshoufha o ba5al9 il mw'9ou3 okay
'9a7y: ........
Turki: okaay 3yal
'9a7y didnt want to be anywhere near her, he called his cousin
then they both headed out to the airport, and booked the first flight to il
He needed to be far away.
He needed to forget.
message received
'3aith, im pregnant!
Compose message
hahah inzaain hold your horses al7een im
parking iff what car you in?
Compose message
il wanait il aswad, ya mama mako syara '3air
syarty bl parking lot
Rsal took a last
breath and headed out of her car, and into his. The second she saw him, her
heart pounded faster, and her cheeks turned to a crimson red color. 7arith
loved to see her blushing.

"hala bl zain
kila" taking her sunglasses
off to look into her sparkling grey eyes, he couldnt get enough of them.
"hala feek 7arothy" sitting back and wearing her seat belt
"shlonich?" reversing out of the parking lot
"zaina, wain
bnrou7?" playing with the
bracelet he gave her, as soon as he saw it he placed his hands into hers which
sent an electrifying jolt all over her body.
"mo gltlich surprise?" running his fingers along her bare arms
They drove in silence for a few minutes, but it was comfortable. It felt right.
"ma3ndik english songs?" taking his ipod
"hahah no3ich english songs?"
"ee laish?" 7arith quickly parked the car on the side and looked at her
with an angry stare

Rsal was terrified and
thought he was serious, and being the sweet and naive girl that she was she got
out of the car.
"yal mynooon rikbay, intay shino you do
everything people ask you to" yelling at her
"ee" Rsal managed to say with tears striking down her face. 7arith's
heart ached, he was just joking around with her and never thought she would
take the situation seriously.
He quickly hugged her, crushing her against his toned upper body.
"you are hurting me" she barely mumbled
"kaify" kissed the top of her head "im sorry walla I didnt mean to scream at you a9lan ana bs
knt atqashmr ma3ach I didnt think you would get out of the car baby" wiping her tears away
"bs ana I trust you and I will do what
you tell me to" sounding like a young
He just smiled, kissed her wrists and drove away.
"it3rfeen 3bdul3ziz il'9wai7y?" he randomly asked
"um I dont think
so, laish uhwa e3rfeny?" she seriously asked
thinking it was someone with her in university.

min 9ijich?" his loud laugh was
contagious, she couldnt help but giggle herself
"ee, wait" and she sat there trying to think if the name sounds familar
"rsal oboy he is
a singer so akeed he doesnt know you, and if he does then b39ib" flashing her his heart throbbing smile.

"7ariiith walla
3baly its someone I know o g3dt afaker" crossing her arms across her chest as if he was mad

"laish bala intay
how many guys do you know ily you have to think about names?" his tone was angrier now
"mm, too many to count baby" wiggling her eyebrows to him
"you are crazy" loving everything about her
"and you are beautiful" holding his hand
Dialing Tarkan
turki: ma2aby
ma2ab: hala, um ana ta7at
turki: okay I told
them you are coming so just park bl underground parking 36A o ana ill be there
ma2ab: okay
Ma2ab parked her car
nervously, she didnt know what she was doing but she needed to feel loved,