Apr 8, 2012

Jawl part 5 ;**

"shfeech ma2aby" '9a7y pulled ma2ab into his lap as he playd with her hair
"im worried about Rsal" looking up at him
"alah e3enha"
Ma2ab sat up facing '9a7y "you wouldnt do that right?" a single tear escaping her eyes. '9a7y smiled at her "im serious"
gently smacking him
He took her hand and placed it on his heart "hatha mukanich"
janoon: you are such a drama queen yimken he
had a bad day at the office
joury: o ana shako he takes it out on me :s
janoon: yala 3ad babe its okay men are like
that, o especially 3ziz uhwa wayd 39aby
"mino ga3da itkalmen?" he startled her
"ha, ma7ad" locking her phone but he was faster he grabbed her phone and
read through her conversation with Jana. His eyes were burning red, his
breathing was increasing and he looked like he was about to kill someone.
"aby as2ilich so2al wa7id o jawbeny" he was hovering over her, she could feel his anger.
She nodded
"intay yahel?"
She just looked up at him dumb founded "jwbeny" he yelled out
"akeed la" she didnt know what to say
"3yal shako itgolen 7g jano il yahal 3n
mashklina, intay ly hal darja imdal3nich ily ma tsta7mlain kilma wa7da mny? ana
shakly wayed ma36ech waih yabelich a7ad erabech mara thanya" He grabbed her from her hands and pulled her into their
Aryam Calling
lyth: shtbeen
aryam: wainik
7aram 3laik lyth shloun itswe chithi ib bnt
3my wala fashla wain awady waihy
lyth: iklay 5arach intay sas il balah kilah la
intay i5ty wala a3rfich SAM3A zawaj ana mny mitzawaj gouly 7g ahalich
aryam: mynoon walla in dara oboy my5alek idish
il bait
lyth: abrakha mn sa3a, il bait ily mafe rsal
ma yswa shay
"7aram 3laik
3ziz" Joury couldnt believe
what has just happened. 3ziz was shocked with his actions he couldnt even look
at her. He got up and left the bedroom, leaving her with her tears and no one
to console her.
A dark month passed, and nothing progressed
with our characters.
‘9a7y and Ma2ab were working hard with their classes and being away from home.
They took trips when they had days off, went out to eat when they were too
tired to cook, and cuddled in bed next to each other each night thankful they
had each other.
Ma2ab was worried about Rsal, she talked to Lyth and he informed her hour
everyday he would wait outside Rsal’s bedroom door for hours hoping she would
let him in, but nothing. He was staying at his uncle’s house since his father
kicked him out, and his sister only made things worse.
“mama Aryam tistanaki ta7t”
“shtabe hathy b3d” Rsal was outraged that her mother even let Aryam into their
“mama bdha it7akeki”
“fine let her come into the upstairs living
room” Rsal got out of bed
and headed to the bathroom to wash up and change. She walked into the living
room without even saying hi, she just sat down facing Aryam.
“shofay ya murt o5oy aby agolik sha’3la wa7da
intay lazem it5alen Lyth e6algich fahma”
Thinking Rsal was the one who wanted him.
“witha ma abee”
“shofay Rsal” she stood up grabbing her bag “you don’t want to mess with me, 9adgeny I will make you regret
the day you married my brother, a5er 3umrna inasib trash, shloun 5thach when
you weren’t even a girl”
Aryam was welcomed with a slap on her face from Rsal’s mother “mb intay ily t7ken 3n sharaf bnti, BARA”
Rsal ran into her room locking the door after
her, she didn’t want to see or speak to anyone she just wanted Lyth out of her
life once and for all.
Things were not any better across the world. 3ziz and Joury barely talked, she
went back to sleeping in the other bedroom. She cooked for him and kept his
food in the oven before he arrived, she then locked herself in his bedroom.
his deep voice shook her “joury 6l3y bara aby
aklmich shway”
Every fiber in her body was on edge, she was terrified to go out and see him
but she knew if he wanted to he could break the door down. She unlocked the
door and stepped out to see him “na3am?”
“we need to talk” he took her hand and sat her down on the couch, he kneeled down
in front of her “joury 7beebty im
sorry baby I don’t know what took over me ana yay min il office furious leana
everything with the hotel is falling behind and we are going over budget o
7sait iny banfijir o 6l3t 7arity feech when I know I shouldn’t im so use to
living alone, and having to adjust to our new life has been hard on me and im
not saying im not happy with you because I am I just …” before he could finish his sentence she placed her lips onto
“shh 3ziz, 5ala9 please” she was now in tears “this
is not how I want our life to be can we just start over please 3zizan”
“are we really doing this?” Falak took one last glance at the room making sure she has
everything with her
“ee baby we need this, we need a break to be
alone” Ghaith carried his
bag and headed downstairs, he knew if she saw their kids she would change her
mind and that was why he took them to his parents house from the morning.
“uggh okay okay yalla lets go to the airport
5ala9” They finally did,
after a month of talk they finally planned their trip they were going to
Morocco for 5 days just the two of them. She was worried about leaving her
kids, just as any mother would but she knew this was for the better of her
relationship with her husband, it was something they needed in order for them
to move forward.
“Faris I am so worried about her” Juwan was curled up in Faris’s lap, since Rsal has been home
she has been using her as an excuse to why she was spending all day in their
house, and she truly was concerned about her friend but couldn’t help but be
thrilled to the idea of spending time with Faris.
“its okay baby they will work things out” playing with her hair
“how do you know?” looking up at him, hoping something had progressed
“Lyth left his parents house, he wont marry
his cousin” Juwan jumped up with
joy “9ij 7beeby?”
“ee baby 5ala9 he left his parents house, o
oboy wa’9ifa 3nda bl sharika he even moved his things in the guest house 3shan
ekoun close to Rsal even if she doesn’t want to see him”
“ya 7yatie faros far7atny” hugging him tightly
My baby: Rsal till when? I need you please
My baby: please
rsoolty I need to see you I need to talk to you
"I swear to god itha a7ad shafny you will
never hear the end of this" Juwan was whispering into
her phone as she spoke to Rsal who had asked her to head to the pharmacy for a
home pregnancy test.
Yes, Rsal was almost 3 weeks late now and she knew something was not right.
"Juju please just grab ay wa7id o ta3aly
bro7y nervous" Rsal was pacing across
her bedroom, her mind racing this was a new wall she has hit, it was one thing
being away from Lyth and slowly dying each second but to have a baby, his baby
that was a whole different thing.

"9aber shino bs ayeb anyone arent they
different" Juwan was looking at
the choices in front of her.

"shdarany juwana was I ever pregnant
before, just grab a few o ta3aly ana g3da 3la nar"

"6yb 6yb kany yaya al7en" Juwan finally settled for 3 tests, paid for them and headed
home to Rsal.

"ha 7beebty 3ndina, ana agoul laish il
bait imnwr" Juwan thanked god
that she placed the pharmacey bag in her hand bag.

"imnwer ib ahala 7yatie bsalem 3la Rsool
shway o ayelik okay?" She managed to escape
Faris and ran up to Rsal who looked like she was about to pluck out her own
hair "finally" she screamed out as she grabbed the bag and headed into the
rest room.
All that was left was to wait.
mama: yuma joury intaw shloun tr'6ain 3na
joury: ma adree mama uhwa ryle b3d what did
you want me to do, b3dain he came and apologized he was stressed
mama: aha o kl ma ekoun stressed he is going
to force himself on you?
joury didnt know what to say, she knew what her
mother was saying was true but at the same time didnt they force her on him?

mama: rday, laish sakta sm3eny joury itha
intay ma daf3tay 3n nafsich no one will o if you let him walk over you now what
will happen later
joury: yuma la tinsain a9lan ana ma knt abeh
3ziz walked in just as she said the last
sentence, he looked at her with hurt in his eyes. She looked up at him
speechless, and quickly excused herself and shut the phone from her mother.

3ziz walked into his bedroom, and literally
just threw himself on his bed. Joury walked in after him and laid down next to
him "3zizan"
He turned to face her, he had sorrow written all over his face "hala" not looking into her
"im sorry" a single tear escaping her tear duct.
"3la?" looking up to meet her gaze
"What you heard" playing with his fore arm
"3dee" was it really?
"la it isnt, listen I didnt know you and
I wasnt thinking about marriage and you came out of nowhere and everyone around
me was praising you o 7sait ina yimken ana '3l6ana o I should give you a
"aby as2ilich so2al o answer me
honestly" he said with a
serious tone that worried her "do you regret
marrying me?" he asked and quickly
looked away.

Joury cupped his face with her hands, lovingly
kissing his cheek "not at all" He looked up at her giving her a smile "aby anam 3la 9adrich ana ta3ban joury walla t3ban"

3ziz fell asleep in Joury's arms, as Joury
thought of her life with 3ziz, they had a few good days and the rest were
Was that how their life was going to be?
7arith was rubbing Njude's swollen feet "o bs hathy il salfa, maskeen yayny o yitrajany leana yaby
y6l3 mn il dawam imbacher maskeen" He
loved sharing his day at work with his wife.

"haha akeed sam3 inik strict 3la your
employees" Njude wa clearly

"ee yady kl shway kan egolhum hatha Bu
mbarak il kl lazem e3amla i7sab"
he placed his head onto her lap "kalamta

Njude was playing with his hair "la, shlona? o shloun Tarkan? ma adre laish 7asa in 5thala
wa7da lebnaya hahah"
"walla esaweha Turki" Njude knew 7arith missed his cousin, his brother Turki but she
hardly brought it up with him because she respected his privacy and she knew if
he wanted to talk he would come to her

"judey shrayich insawe 3sha 7g il 3yla
kilha, mn ziman mo mityam3en" pulling out his phone
to read the email he had just received

"we should, bs nan6er lain ghaith o falak
eridoun" placed her hand on
her belly "7yatie aby ansd7
"ya waily shofee shofee" Jana looked over at the man her friends were shrieking over,
and she wished she didnt their eyes locked and for a second she felt the floor
shake from beneath her.
"janoo" her friend 3wash nudged her
"haa" finally peeling her eyes off the stranger. Throughout their
outing, he didnt take his eyes off her and she couldnt help but steal looks,
something about him was luring, welcoming.
"excuse me, nature calls" Jana was always the care free soul of the group and thats why
her friends could never get enough of her.

She didnt notice that the stranger stood up
after her, before she walked into the restroom she felt a strong grip pull her and
push her against the wall "guwa"

He was close to her, she could taste the
cigarette on his breath, she could feel the sparkle in his eyes "mumkin itwa5er 3ny" she tried moving away from him but he was gripping her.

"mm mumkin bs 36eny raqmich bl awal
b3dain ra7 awa5er" he was inhaling in
her scent, taking in her features, feeling presence.

"please wa5er 3ny" her voice shook a bit, and when he sensed her discomfort and
her fear he instantly backed away from her

"im sorry lat5afen I wasnt going to do anything" he walked away from her leaving in on a high she couldnt
understand, he scared her but he lured her in.
She headed back to her table looking flushed "shfeech?" 3awash asked her
"mafeny shway laish?" adjusting herself trying to get comfortable, but how could she
when she could feel his eyes undressing her.
"mabrook?" Juwan didnt know what to say, or how to ask
"laa laaa juwana my9er akoun 7amel, ana
abeh e6algny now he wont" she fell into her
friends lap too shocked to even cry
My Everything Calling
"you need to answer him" Juwana finally broke the silence
Rsal picked up her phone and dialed a number she never thought she would need.
Calling Aryam
aryam: na3am
rsal: I need to see you, its important
aryam: asfa karamty ma tsma7ly ayey baitkum
rsal: we can meet mukan thany bs la7d e3rf
especially Lyth
aryam: when and where
Rsal decided to meet Aryam the following day,
she was determined to go through with her plan knowing it will only hurt her.
And her baby.
janoon: ya waaaily
joury: lool shino?
janoon: laaaa jd ya waaaily :p
joury: janoon tell me
janoon: mm okay bs dont get mad ok?
joury: golay
janoon: okay knt 6al3a m3a il banat o I see a
hottie, no big deal right? right .... NOOOOOO my god he was fucking hot jd
ya3nee 3dee 3dee lo ana ma asti7y 3la waihe chan I stripped him naked o grind
up on him :D
arent you proud of me :D?
no? :p
joury: kamlay
janoon: so him and I have a tiny moment no big
deal bs he let me go when he saw I was afraid THEN ya 7ilwa bs, he follows me
home bs not in a "ana abech yala 9f6ay way" but in a "I want to
make sure you are okay way" ya 7yatie rayaaaaaal!!! :$
joury: please tell me that was the end of it?
janoon: NOOO! so I go home I shower and I take
a nap cause you know your cousin, princess lazem I take my beauty nap o at 7
6l3t amur s3ood o5oy mn bait yady cause can nayem ehnak, o GUESS WHAT
joury: I am assuming you are going to tell me
janoon: ee, he was there adree shway freak o
stalkery bs so romantic, il muhim ib bait yady ana knt na6ra bl syara o 6l3ly
7beeb il 2loub 7amad, who lost weight, o g3dna insolif wla 7beeby e'3ar o he
drives off :(
joury: hahah inzain
janoon: me o s3od meet the parents for dinner
o I drove home alone o 3nd eshart baitna shfta o I smiled to him, bs uhwa 7grny
:( so tarktla o 9uf6 o I parked wara o awal ma shfta I cried, ma adre laish !
galy shfeech jana (yes adree scary) gltla 7amad my cousin galy akeed gltla ee
galy laish kntay tbeny a3rf o ana wayhe gulb alwan cause seriously fashla
joury: al7en fashla bs wagfa bl shar3
itkalmena 3dee, laaa o 9oub baitkum b3d
janoon: ANYWAYS gltla ma adre, galy okay
shrayich a36ech karty itha 7saity you need to talk you can email me or call me
ok .. o bs ra7 o now im staring at his card :D
"baby your phone is ringing" '9a7y and Ma2ab had an exhausting week at school and were
thankful it was the weekend, which meant they could sleep in.

Ma2ab grabbed her phone squinting to try and
read who was calling, she couldnt believe her eyes
ma2ab: muruuuuj
muruj: haha hala 7beebty, shlonich
ma2ab: zaina intay shlonich, sha5barich, 3ash
mn sm3 9outich
muruj: shway shway 3ly, awaln ana zaina intay
shlonich o 3ashat ayamich
ma2ab: ana tamam bs zhgt mn il jam3a haha
muruj: haha bsmilah mdach twich awal sina
ma2ab: ee adree bs its so stressful leana
a7aty '9a7y b3d ma3a il masters o being away from my family
muruj: alah e3enkum, ana daga 3ndy lich 5abar
ma2ab: tell me tell me
muruj: mm a5af tz3len
ma2ab: shd3wa, tell me 7beebty
muruj: remember 9ager?
ma2ab: um, ay 9ager?
muruj: ily kntay itkalmna the x5 guy
ma2ab: ee
muruj: well, uhwa 56abny o milchatna in a week
ma2ab: alf mabrook 7beebty
muruj: haha i7taraity 9a7?
ma2ab: shd3wa, ana 3ndy ryle o il 7imdilah
mirta7a ma3a
muruj: aha, okay 5ala9 3yal a5lech al7en
Ma2ab felt her chest
tighten, she was not bothered that her friend was getting married but to marry
her ex-boyfriend, was there something going on between them. She quickly rushed
the ideas away and cuddled next to her husband.
Joury woke up the disturbing alarm, it was
6:30 and 3ziz had work. Every morning she had to go through hell just to wake
him up, he was a heavy sleeper "3zizan" gently shaking him, "3ziz
yalla gom 7beeby" playing with his long
"mm shway bas" hugging her. She always set his alarm half an hour earlier then
he should be awake because she knew he loved to snooze.
"joury" she was deep in thought "hala"
"9ba7 il 5air" he flashed her a heart melting smile that made her insides

"9ba7 il nour, shino tby for
breakfast?" trying to get out of
bed and prepare his breakfast, but she was too slow for him he pulled her
underneath him once again and with a devilish smile said "you"
"falokty baba i7na yayen ejaza aw 3shan
itjablen il webcam itshofen 3yalich?"
Since they have been in Morocco they have not left their hotel, its true it was
a resort and they were just lazing around the sun, getting massages, walks,
eating out and just enjoying their time together Falak would call and ask about
the children almost every hour.
"ma agdar 7beeby walla I feel guilty
leaving my babies o coming here to have fun"

"baby 5ala9 tabena inrid?" he didnt know what else to do
"9ij?" she jumped with enthusiam
"ee walla ana ahm shay 3ndy ra7tich o if
you feel like you want to go back, then we will go back"

"7beeby thank you" she hugged him tightly "inzain
shrayick na7jiz for tomorrow, and tonight we have an unforgetful night"
"Ma2ab 7beebty ana brou7 il library al7en
I have to fix my paper, o badris m3a 7g imti7any so I might be late, tabeen
shay?" A new week started,
and with it came more work.
"la 7beeby aby salamtik idris 3del, ana
brou7 Whole Foods ashterely something to eat maly 5ulg I cook something" she gave him a kiss goodbye and they both headed to their cars,
him to university and her to their local whole foods.
Ma2ab has been staring at his number all day,
dying to message him or even to call him but she kept on thinking about '9a7y
this was not fair to him. She bought 2 pieces of grilled chicken, salad,
dessert something to drink and headed home.
She placed her food on the coffee table, and curled up on the couch watching a
Friends marathon. An hour later, she was writing him a message, she had to
Compose SMS
9ager, ily sm3ta 9ij?
Was all she said, and the second she sent it she quickly regretted it.
7beeby Calling
ma2ab: hala 7beeby
'9a7y: haa baby shtswen?
ma2ab: mako im watching friends, shloun il
'9a7y: 5ala9t my paper o I submitted it, o
allah yaster o im having a smoke break o dash adris

ma2ab: i5thlik study room mo tg3ad ma3a il shabab leana ma ra7
'9a7y: heheh laa adree adree 7jaztly room m3a
7ason leana uhwa ma3ay bl class, bs ma2aby ana shakly ba6wil fa dont wait up
ma2ab: okay 7beeby, 7u6 balik please
'9a7y: inshalah 7yatie, bye
ma2ab: bye
Ma2ab looked at her phone flashing indicating
she received a message. She shoved her phone under the pillow terrified of the
messages content. Half an hour later, she opened his text and her heart skipped
a beat.
can I call aw you are not alone?
She read over his message, should he call?
la ana bro7y
They decided to meet in Coffee Republic in Galleria 2000, Rsal didnt want to
bump into anyone she knew.
"5al9eny ana mo fa'9ytlich" Aryam welcomed Rsal
"sm3eny, I need your help" she inched closer to her "um,
ana I wasnt feeling well o ri7t il dictor o decided to get a full check up o
6l3 ina ..." Rsal was having
second thoughts, was she really ready to let go of Lyth?
"ina shino Rsal?"
Aryam was actually scared
Looking down "ina ana I cant have children" This was her decision, she thought about it all day and all
night, it was the only way Lyth would willingly leave her.

She knew how much he loved children, and if he knew she was pregnant he would
never leave her.
"shino??" Aryam was shocked
"sm3teny, so w9lay il kalam 7g o5och
please" getting up to leave
"Rsal, Lyth left the house the day you
did he is living in your guest house dont you know?" Rsal felt like she just stepped into a cold shower
"NA3AM?" were her last words before she felt dizzy and everything turned
"3zizan shft shloun you are going to be
"3dee ana 9a7ib il sharika" buttoning up his shirt
"bs mo 7ilwa inta the boss and you are
late" wrapping the sheets
around her and heading to the bathroom "are
you sure ma tabeny asawelik shay takla?" she didnt want him going to work on an empty stomach
"ee baby, im getting coffee so I will
just get something to eat" he gave her a quick
peck and headed out to work.

"Juwan lazem agoul 7g Lyth, my9er she is
pregnant o uhwa ma yadre its his baby as well" Faris was furious with his sister and her decision to just
completely ignore her husband
"baby please its none of our
"Juwan, he is her
husband" he couldnt believe
that his soon to be wife was taking the matter lightly.
"Faris its none of our business
5ala9" storming into Rsal's
"ana wain?"
Rsal finally woke up with a heavy head
"7uby intay bl mustashfa" Juwan stroked her hair
"aby arou7 il bait" wiping her tears, she then remembered everything Aryam told her
and looked up at Juwan "is it

Juwan just nodded "Does he know?"
she couldnt fight her tears back "laa I didnt tell
him and I asked Faris not to tell him" Rsal was releaved, but at the same time a part of her wanted
him to know.

Rsal was discharger, with a warning to take it
easy and not stress herself for the health of her baby.
Faris was going back and forth with the decision of telling Lyth about Rsal and
the baby.
"Juwana, if this was us you wouldnt tell
me about our baby?"
"la" she coldly said and looked away
"bs its my baby" he was shocked with her answer
"bs its my decision, I am the one
carrying the baby"
"Im glad we arent married yet, I am
seeing a totally new side to you"
"Faris, if this is your way of backing
out of this marriage tell me, I honestly think you dont want to get married you
still havent set a date for our engagement mo shar6 il 3rs bs il milcha, lain
mita tabeny an6ur Faris. Aby a6l3 m3ak with no lies, I dont want you as my
boyfriend I want you as my husband"
He looked at her, and just walked away heading to the guest room.
"faroos shfeek, Rsal feha shay?" Lyth asked
"laa" he looked up at him, he could see the pain in his eyes, the
worry in his voice "Lyth" he finally said
"shfeek faroos?" Lyth sat down next to him
"Rsal ... Rsal 7amel" Lyth stood up stunned with the news he just heard "SHINO?" he stormed out
of the house and headed to his car.
Never in his life has he felt so alone.
His family didnt want him.
Rsal didnt want him.
He pulled out his phone, and dialled a number he didnt think he would call.
Calling 7arooth
7arith: lyth?
Lyth: 7arooth ana mi7tajlik o m 3ndy a7ad
7arith: shfeek? sh9ayer
Lyth: agdar ashofik
7arith: akeed, 7yak il bait
janoon: can I call him?
joury: minoo?
janoon: the hottie freaky dude
joury: laa mama dont
janoon: but, but why :'(
joury: stop being a drama queen shino why
janoon: iff married people arent fun
"baby" 3ziz stepped out of the shower "hala 7yatie"
she still had to avoid staring at his body

"one of my friends is studying here with
his wife, I was thinking we can meet them for dinner, a7is ma ni6l3"

Joury placed her phone down, and moved closer
to him to play with his hair and just smiled to him.
janoon: laish b3d??
7amad: 5i6abt mysa bnt 3my waleed :$
janoon: shino?
7amad: shfeech?
janoon: la mafeny shay mabrook :D
Jana collapsed onto her bed, digging her face
into her pillow. In one way or another she always believed she would end up
with 7amad, the guy who made fun of her, the guy who always snuck extra ice
cream for her, the guy who would sit on her when she ate his chips.
And now, he was going to be that guy to someone else.
She pulled her phone out composing a message to the hottie.
She was stuck, what was she going to tell him? So she sent him a joke.
"7arooth Rsal 7amel" 7arith was worried about his friend, never in his life has he
seen him this way he looked broken beyond repair.
"mbrook lyouth, bs laish you are
Lyth looked up with his tear eyes "ma tabeny 7arooth she wants a divorce, she wont talk to me
she wont seen me its been over a month w7na 3la hl 7al"
"lyth sh9ayer mny fahem, Rsal
He sighed heavily, where was he to start. He
told him about his parents, his cousin, his sister everything and 7arith was

"ya5e il shrha 3laik, int mn il awal
mfrou'6 itgoul 7g obok la o bs inta you thought about it which is why she
doesnt want to see you, ma aloumha"

"ana ma knt aby ogaf ib wayh oboy int
3rif ina rayal kbeer, o hm 3my bs ana ma adree laish I even considered it" he ran his hand over his dirty beard "shasawi 7arith?"

"she is your wife, lyth ehya zojtik lazem
itro7la kalam ahlha lo idish 3laiha in her room you have to go see her"
hala :D?
walla wilht 3laich I didnt think you would
call me
I missed you too :$ I dont know why I called
bs lmn muruj galatly ina you were getting married ma adre sh9ar feny ;s
b3d 3umry, it'3aren?
ee :$ mm 9agoor ill talk to you later 3dee
leana '9a7y should be coming home anytime now
ee akeed 7beebty, mita ma f'9aity o you are
alone 6rshely msg :*
inshalah ;*
What was she doing?
"7beeby" Falak rolled over to face ghaith
"hala 7yatie" hugging her tightly
"how about we extend our stay" flashing him a smile
"9ij?" he couldnt believe his ears
"ee 7beeby, ive
been really selfish and I miss our time together we have our whole lives to
spend time with our children inshalah bs for now abena inkoun bro7na" giving him a naughty smile.
jana ;p
um mn mita 9irt yours?
mn shftich
3ndich mani3?
I guess not
im in bed you?
mako walla bl gahwa
oo what you smoking :p?
hahah laish?
my9er as2al?
laa e9er kl ily tbena e9er
everthying ;p?
everything ;)
Rsal stood by her window
looking out, she was watching Lyt as he smoked his cigarette by the pool. She
wanted to reach out and touch him, hug him and tell him everything is going to
be okay.
He looked up at her window before heading into the guest house, she waited
until he turned the lights off before she headed out to the guest house. She
just wanted to see him up close, touch his lips, inhale his scent, play with
his hair.
She carefully opened the door, tit toed into his bedroom and hovered over him.
She deliberated on what to do next. Should she leave, or lay down next to him.
She carefully lifted the comforter up and slid into bed next to him, she
instantly got a whiff of his smell and smiled. For the first time in a month
she smiled. She moved close to him, gently playing with his hair.
He turned around to face her, but she didnt meet his gaze. She was scared.
"6al3eny" he whispered
She looked up with her teary eyes. Using his index finger he outlined her
features, her jaw line, her nose, lips, eyebrows. He thought he was dreaming.
She placed her hand on his cheek, he closed his eyes taking in her warmth "I missed you" she inaudibly said.
He moved closer to her, crushing her against his bare chest "dont leave me" he held her like he never wanted to let
her go.
They stayed in each others arm for an hour "baby laish il tears?" moving away to look at her
"I dont know" she didnt want to peel her eyes off him
it6al3eny chithi" he was running his fingers across her soft pink lips
"I dont
want you to be a dream" her cheeks turning a deep shade of pink
"I still
make you blush" he proudly said inching even closer to her
"lyth" smacking his shoulders
"3youny" he whispered into her ear
She turned around giving her his back as he spooned her. He placed his hand on
her tummy, and whispered "mabrook 7beebty"
Joury was sistting on the couch staring into space. She was thinking of 3ziz
and how far along their relationship has progressed, but she hit a brick wall.
He has only touched her twice and they have been married.
joury: janoon?
janoon: shtbeen
joury: mm, bgolich
shay bs dont freak out okay?
janoon: 5al9eny
joury: 3ndich raqam
Janoon Calling
joury: did you
have to call you, bro7y miftashla im asking for her number
jana: joury no
one talks to Rimas, the last time we talked to her was before the divorce
joury: I
remember, but she was murt 5aly
jana: and she
cheated on him
joury: shofay I
need her number
jana: why
joury: malich shu'3ul 3ndich raqamha aw la?
jana: I think I
do ill send it to you ok
joury: thanks
7uby, oh ugh could you not tell anyone I asked for her number
jana: ahaa
joury: I love you
Joury waited for Jana to send her Rimas's number. She stepped into her closet
and dialed her number.
Rimas: aloo?
Joury: Rimas?
Rimas: yes, who is this
Joury: its me
Rimas: joutry
7yatie shlonich sha5barich
Joury: il7imdilah
ana zaina, intay shlonich?
Rimas: I am
doing great, surprised to hear from you though
Joury: I know, I feel guilty calling you because I need a favor
Rimas: tell me
Joury: are you
still working in Orlando?
Rimas: no I
moved to Miami why honey
Joury: perfect,
um im in Miami do you think I could see you?
Rimas: akeed
7uby I get off work in half an hour intay wain sakna I can pick you up aw we
can meet somewhere close by to you
Joury: ee perfect.
Let me tell you a little but about Rimas. Joury's uncle married her right after
high school, it was clear that what they had was a pure physical attraction.
They fought ten times a day but at the end of the night they made up.
They were married for 5 years before their uncle found out she was having multiple
affairs with men of all ages. Rimas made her way into everyones heart and that
was why everyone was upset at what she did.
After the divorce she got a job offer in the States to work as an interior
design for hotels and special events.
But why would Joury need her help?
aby akalmich
im not alone ;s
baby :(
wala ma agdar
fine ro7ela
its not like
that you know it isnt
ok ma2ab
wala ma ystahal" Njude was already feeling heavy even though she was in her
early months, and the doctor has asked her to take it easy.
"ee walla,
bs agolich shay ma tadren shkther stanast ina dg 3ly o kan mi7tajly" he was applying cream to her belly.
"7aroothi im ticklish" trying to remove his hand but he didnt
let her
"judey ma
aby e9er lich stretch marks abeech perfect" giving her one of his killer smiles.
She ran her fingers along his scar, he knew she loved his scars.
"show me
your other scars"
y3nee skinny dipping" Falak's eyes were about to pop out of their socket
you dont trust me" he was pulling her towards him, but she was fighting back
"la la
LAAA ghaith witha a7ad mr o shafna" covering her face with her hands
bshouf shofay its pitch black o ilba7ar empty b3dain ill cover you" moving closer to her, the look in his
eyes scared her. She tried to run away from him but he was too quick he pulled
causing her to fall onto the sand.
"okay mo
shar6 skinny dipping bs this is better right?"
mita bshofich
mm, laish tby
haa, shino
laish intay mo 9a7bty?
shfeek ;s
intay ily
shfeech, sn3y islobich bl kalam b3dain kalmny
janoon: I HATE MEN
7amad: haa?
janoon: sorry that
wasnt for you
7amad: why do you
hate men
janoon: iff maly
5ulgik 7mood kilish mo wagtik
7amad: haa,
janoon: YOU ARE
7amad read her message but didnt reply. Jana switched her phone off and cried
herself to sleep
"so to what do I owe this surprise?" Rimas and Joury decided to meet at a coffee shop around the
corner, since Joury didnt want to be close to home if 3ziz were to call.
"well, its about 3ziz ..... my
husband" she took a sip of her
coffee hoping it would calm her down "you
see, we have been married for a few months now and ...." what was she thinking, she couldnt talk about this.
"shfeech jwary tell me you know im here
for you" She placed her hand
on top of Joury's

"okay, well he has only touched me twice
since we got married and im worried it might be me, yimken he isnt attracted to

"if he isnt attracted y6l3 7mar sorry, bs
look at you" Joury blushed at her

"shofay, its easy to turn a man on but
you have to shed the whole innocent shy girl appearance, because in the end a
man yboun the san3a wife in public, and a sex freak behind closed doors" Joury burst out laughing
"im serious" Rimas said
"shofay, im going to book you an appointment
for your hair, we are changing your hair color b3dain we are going lingerie
shopping you need a whole new wardrobe, bs here is the thing are you up for
this change? do you really want it Joury"

Joury took a few moments to think about what
she was about to do, did she really have the guts to do it or should she just
wait until 3ziz initiated anything?
"im in, I want it"
7beebty :(
shfeek 9agoury
mny gader, sorry ma2ab bs mny gader ast7ml the
idea ina he touches you, holds you, makes love to you !

Ma2ab was having an internal war with herself,
its true she loved '9a7y, but she missed her life with 9ager, the attention he
gave her. Not every marriage works out right?
"7beebty" '9a7y called out for her
She shoved her phone into the drawer before
walking down to him "hala '9a7y" she couldnt say 7beeby.

"shfeech?" he sat her down on the couch, he knew something was wrong. He
was hoping it was just finals stress.

"um, '9a7y ana mny mirta7a ehny I feel so
home sick" she couldnt look him
in the eye, she just couldnt.

"7beebty 5ala9 mo shar6 a5ith summer
classes we can just stay in Kuwait"
hugging her
"I,um ... okay thanks 7beeby" she hugged him back
That was not what she wanted, she wanted a break from him, their life together.
"7ariiiith" Njude called out from her bedroom, something wasnt right.
"hala oboy" he stood there staring at her as she was hunched over on the
bed grimacing from the pain she was in "judey
shfeech 7beebty?"

She looked up at him with a tear. He scooped
her up in his arms rushing her to his car to head to the hospital. All he asked
for was for her to be okay, for his judey to be okay.
Dialing Lyth
Lyth: haa 7arooth
7arith: Lyth njude ma adre shfeha ana ry7 il
Lyth: ay mustashfa al7en ayeek
"shfee 7arith?" Rsal asked, she has been spending all her days in his arms
"Njude ma adre shfeha bwdeha il
mustashfa" Lyth hopped out of
bed grabbing the first tshirt he saw. Rsal stood up with him "ana brou7 m3ak"
She ran up to her room to change and met him in the car.
Ghaith stepped into the house after spending a
long day at work. He placed his keys on the table but was taken back by the
silence of the house. During this time the children would be crying, screaming
or Falak would be in tears because she didnt know what to do with the children.
"Falook .... 7uby Falak" He called out for her
Falak came flying down the stairs in her
shorts and tank top, her smile shining brighter than the neon lights from the
kitchen. He welcomed her with a smile.
"malik far7ana awii?" pulling her closer to him
"aaah ya 7beeb 2lby" giving him a flirtatious smile
"aaih ily emfar7k?" Keeping the Egyptian accent to tease her
"la bs mommy wa5da ilawlad" unbuttoning his shirt
"bnamoun 3ndaha?" not wanting to jinx their luck
"eee so what do you want to do" heading to the kitchen but he pulled her to him crashing her
into his chest "you know what I want to do" in the sexiest tone.
"baby, e9eer 5air" trying to move away from him
"mo ib kaifich ana raylich witha ma
r'6aity ill rape you" teasing her
She gasped "ill lock the
bedroom door"
"3dee akser il bab its not
impossible" twisting her hair
around his finger
"mashalah 3laik mitzwja rambo mo
"shfee '3aith?" pouting
"mafe shay" she stood on her toes and whispered into his ears "he is one hunk of a husband"
wlaht 3laich
7aram 3laich ha wainich
home, bed, bored you?
home, bed thinking about you
7amood: JANA
jana: haa
7amood: lazem ashofich we need to talk
jana: sorry im busy maybe later
you wanna go out?
"ha 7arith shlounha?" Rsal asked 7arith. He looked away, he couldnt bare to tell her
what had happened all he could hear was his wife's cries.
"il 7imdilah 3la kl 7al" he sat down on the first chair
"ma tadre il 5era wain ya o5oy" Rsal excused herself to go see Njude, she didnt know what she
was going through but being pregnant herself she can only imagine how it might
feel to lose a baby, she quickly shook the idea away as she placed her hand on
her stomach.
"yuba ly mita wnt 3la hal 7al lazem inrid
il kuwait"
"ily tshoufa
Turki i7jizlina 3la awal 6yra lazem ashouf il ahal gabl la ... " He couldnt complete his sentence
"rsool shfeech
7beebty mn 6al3na mn il mustashfa wntay mo 3la ba5'6ich" Lyth knew what she was thinking about, but he didnt want to
talk about it.

Rsal just looked at
him, then placed her hand on her stomach and smiled as she intertwined her
fingers with his. There was a lot to talk about but for now he just wanted to
be next to her.

"btnmen 3ndy il laila?" he asked as they walked into the house

"laish matnam 3ndy in my room arya7

"la 7beebty bil guest house inkoun
bro7na" giving her naughty

"wy Lyooth 3yzana" hugging him, he carried her and headed into the guest house.


"judey, baby
6al3eny" Njude didnt want to
see anyone nor did she want to talk to anyone, especially 7arith.

"7beebty mataben
inrid il bait" She cringed at the
idea of sleeping next to him once more, and the thing that just killed her is
that even though she was on talking terms with her parents, she couldnt call
her, she couldnt go be with her.

"5ala9 7beebty
a5alech ilyoum tirta7ain bl mustashfa wnshalah bacher trden il bait" He knew she wouldnt answer him, he knew it was a lot
for her to take in but he had to be there for her, he had to be the strong one
for the both of them.

He kissed her before he headed out of the
hospital to their house.


Ghaith woke up to an
empty bed, he laid on his back smiling. He adored his children, more than life
itself but he loved spending time with his wife alone.

"9a7 il noum" interrupting his daydream

"9a7 bdanich 7beebty, n3eman"

"I made breakfast" flashing him a smile

"mm, I want you for breakfast" he said with a devilish smile

"b3dain, now we need to food" running away from him


janoon: so what did you buy
joury: janoon 7dy mist7ya I dont think I can
go through with it
janoon: he is your husband, shloun tist7en
joury: when you get married you will know
janoon: no no honey, ana kl youm bkoun in bed
waiting for him to come and enjoy :D
joury: wy3a inzain 5ala9 wish me luck :p
janoon: GOOD LUCK :D

"joury ....
jwary" 3ziz called out for
her he made plans with his friend and wanted get ready "im in the bedroom" She was all dressed up, hair done, room ready waiting for him.

"7beebty we are
meeting ...... " he couldnt
even complete his sentence he was taken back at what he just saw "damn ..."

Joury knew she had to shed the shy girl front,
but she couldnt she blushed at his reaction.

He took his shirt off and walked over to her
dumb founded by the new Joury.


Dialing 9ager

9ager: hala bl 7ub, hala bl zain hala ib

muruj: hala feek 7beeby, walht 3laik

9ager: mo kithry ana, ha wainich

muruj: bl bait, laish ma tyena?

9ager: 3my bl bait

muruj: yup

9ager: yala shway o ayech

muruj: 7yak 7beeby

It was true. 9ager and Muruj were engaged to
be married.

What was 9ager planning?

What does he want from Ma2ab? and did muruj


Faroosy: juwana ly mita y3nee?
juwanty: until you decide on what you want to
Faroosy: baby you know I want to marry you
juwanty: do you really Faris, mako shay gha9ib
Faroosy: haa juwan shaklich intay ily you dont
want to go through with this
juwanty: I dont think I do, ma adre faris I
need time to think
Faroosy: you know where to find me

Faris was devastated,
heart broken, surprised, shocked and the list just goes on. Okay he was having
second doubts about marriage not about Juwan, but any man would its fairly
normal. But for her to question is intentions and for her to second guess their
life together worries him.

He wants her, and if he has to wait all his
life for her he will.


"zain shfnach" 7amad was waiting for Jana all day, he knew she had to leave
the house.

"7amad" she was all dolled up to meet her hottie and now 7amad was here "shly yaybik"
she wanted to run and throw herself in his arms and pour her heart out. She
wanted to tell him she loved him, always have, always will.

But she couldnt, she was not one to throw
herself at a man who clearly was not interested.

"we need to talk
jano, what did you mean we cant leave things as they are its us" he moved closer to her "talk to me" her heart was
beating faster with each step he took, moving closer to her.

"7amad rou7
please rou7 o 5alny walla ma agdar allah ewafgik" giving him her back

"hatha a5er
kalamich ya jana?" He loved her as a
sister, he couldnt bare having her mad at him.

"ee 7amad"

He left the house with
a heavy heart.
"shfeech janoonti?" Waleed, the hottie, asked concerned.

She just looked up at
him holding back her tears, but hearing him ask her, hearing his concerned tone
just broke her down.

"ana t3bana
waleed, a7is im so alone" placing her head on
his shoulder. Something about her interested him, he couldnt let her go he told
himself it was just a fun temporary thing but each minute he found himself more
attached to her.

"shh jana im
here" running his fingers
through her hair. She wiped her tears and looked up at him, his twinkling eyes,
his shabby hair, his sharp nose "9ij?" she asked so innocently.

"ee ill stay until itmlen mny"

"that might take
a while" teasing him. He moved
close to her face, she felt his cigarette breath on her face, she felt his
stares deep down in her stomach, for a split second she looked down at his full
juicy lips, then looked up at his eyes once again.

They stayed that way
for what seemed like hours, but in reality a few minutes passed by. He loved
the way she felt in his arms, how he could protect her by just being next to
her, how his words made her feel better, how her eyes calmed him down made him
forget his name.


rimas: haa jwary how did it go :p

Joury awoke to the
vibrations of her phone, but was locked in 3ziz's arm. She couldnt help but
smile. The next thing she felt were his kisses on her bare back "mm" he said.

She turned around to
face him "mm yourself mr" she ran her fingers along his features, for a second she
wanted to cry, you know how you sometimes get a bad feeling, she had a bad

A real bad one.

Like she was about to lose him.

"shfeech jwary" he was kissing each finger

"3ziz aby agoulik shay" he smiled

"a7ibik" she leaned closer to him placing her lips onto his.


Ma2aby Calling

Rsal: aloo

ma2ab: nyma

Rsal: la 3dee, shfeech 7uby

Rsal got out of bed, headed to the living room
so she wouldnt wake Lyth.

ma2ab: Rsal, did you ever feel like you needed
time away from Lyth?

Rsal: 7beebty you know
everything Lyth and I have been through a7is lail7en ma skana m3a b3'9 bs laish

ma2ab: 7asa iny ma5nouga m3a '9a7y, adre he is
a amazing bs ma adre

Rsal: did you guys fight?

ma2ab: la, he has been
beyond amazing o adre he is stressed m3a finals coming up bs he still finds
time for me o karha rou7y for feeling this way

Rsal: 7uby yimken its stress as well, for you
I mean

ma2ab: ma adree, we are coming back 7g il 9aif
'9a7y wont take summer

Rsal: 6yb thats good 9a7

ma2ab: Rsool aby break mina uhwa o I dont know
what to tell him

Rsal: ma2ab fkray bl
kalam ily g3da itgolena fkray ib its impact o what it might do to your

ma2ab: I know walla iny 3rfa, intay shlonich?

Rsal: ana il 7imdilah
tamam, bs dymen a7is iny t3bana o jsmy mitkaser wna twny bl thany haha

ma2ab: wy alah e3enich, o how is everything
with Lyth al7en?

Rsal: il 7imdila bs we have a lot to talk
about but now I just want to be with him

ma2ab: 7yatie intay alah kareem

"rsal" Lyth called out from
the bedroom

Rsal: ma2ab 7yatie Lyth is calling akalmich

ma2ab: okay rsoola salmay 3laih

7beeby" getting under the
covers, she moved closer to him as he wrapped his arms around her. He just
wanted to be next to her, holding her, loving her.

"ma2ab itsalm 3laik" placing a single kiss on his chest

"alah esalmha, shlounha?" inhaling in her scent

"zaina, they are coming in the
summer" looking up at him

"laa zain 3shan
itjahzoun 7g il baby together" The idea of him being
a father, having a baby with the love of his life made his heart smile.

"I know I cant
wait, Lyth aby agolik shay o ma abek tiz3al please" she didnt know if it was the right time but she had to talk to
him about it.

"I wont 7beebty, goleley" playing with her hair

"can we stay
here, I mean in my parents house adre ina 3ndna our apartment ib bait ahlik bs
... " what was she going to

"ma tben we live
alone, na5thlina shuqa?" he left his parents
house, and wasnt thinking of going back even when they patch things up

"after the baby
is born, ma aby a'6il brou7y bl bait while you are at work" she snuggled closer to him

"5ala9 ily tbena"


Njude left the
hospital, but she moved from one bed to another. She spent all day in bed, in
the guest room she didnt even want to sleep in her bedroom.

"njude 7yatie ly mita btnamen ehny?"
he was lost, he didnt know what to do.

"7arith please
5alny" she cried herself to
sleep each night, 7arith waited until she fell asleep before he got into bed
with her.

Everyone talked to her, but nothing worked.


"faris aish 9ar m3k o juwan?" his mother asked as they were eating lunch

"wla shay yuma laish?" he didnt want to talk about it, he didnt want anyone to know.

"mn ziman ma sm3tk t7akeha"

"la 3de yuma,
ehya lahya m3a Rsal wly 9ar bs mafena shay
"yuma intay
shg3da itgolen, sm3ay rou7ich hathy zojty" Lyth has been trying with his parents. Everyday for a month he
would visit them and everyday his mother would tell him the same false

"a5er 3umry b3d
ma rabait o t3bt it9adg hatheech, yuma Lyth ehya awal youm dashat fe il bait
galatly 5alty 36eny cham shahar o b5le Lyth yaskin ib bait ahaly, yuma fat7
3ainik shouf murtik o balweha alah yaster mn ily yay bs" His mother was one hell of an actor

"o b3dain ehya
shloun 7amel, she showed me the papers to prove ina matyeb 3yal, 9adgeny b3d
cham youm btgolik ina il baby 6a7"
Of course his sister had to back up her mother.

Lyth was confused, why
would his mother lie but at the same time he knew Rsal he knew his wife, the
love of his life wouldnt lie to him.

He stormed out of the
house heading to Rsal, a million thoughts swimming around his head. He parked
his car enjoyed a smoke and headed into the guest house, he noticed Rsal
talking to someone on the phone and something drove him to eavesdrop.

Rsal: adree, I was so
excited about it 7tan Lyth was looking forward to it bs il 7imdilah 3la kl 7al

Of course Lyth stormed
out after listening to that one sentence Rsal said, he already had his doubts
and that just pushed him over the cliff. He drove around for hours not knowing
how to confront Rsal.

Juwan: I know 7beebty,
hm ana I wanted things to work out between Faris and I bs mako n9eb.

Rsal: inshalah n9ebich
byech 7beebty, anyways 7ilwa I have to go bshouf wain Lyth t25ar

That was the continuation of the conversation.

Calling My Everything

Lyth: hala

rsal: hala 7beeby wainik?

Lyth: shway o byech

Rsal: t3shait aw an6urik?

Lyth: la maly nfs akel bl 3fia

Rsal: alah e3feek 7beeby drive safely please

How could she be
conniving, he thought to himself, she couldnt have been planning for all of
this. Why would she want me to move out of my parents house, but at the same
time would his mother really lie to him?


"what are you saying ma2ab mny fahm,
fahmeny shino ya3ne tben a divorce? after everything we have been through you
dont want me now?? FAHMENY" '9a7y was furious, he surprised her by flying
in for thanksgiving since he missed his wife, he wasnt expecting her to drop a
bomb on him.

'9a7y and Ma2ab
decided she would finish her education back in Kuwait while he finished his
last year, he spent the summer with her but mid august he had to go back to
school, he didnt think being so far away from her would weigh him down but it

" '9a7y mo kl
zawaj etim, o ours wasnt working" She
needed a valid reason, this wasnt going to work.

"I dont know what
marriage you were in but mine was working ma2ab tell me, talk to me ana mqa9er
m3ach? shftay 3ly shay? tell me 7beebty" he was down on his knees holding her hands

She was now crying "its not you '9a7y walla its not you its me, I dont know
what I want o it was selfish of me to marry you a9lan mn il bdyah zawajna kan
ghala6 ib ghala6"

"we can work it
out walla we can ma2ab ana a7ibich"
he was kissing her hands, hugging her, he didnt want to let her go.

She pushed him away,
looking dead into his eyes "but I dont love
you '9a7y, I dont think I ever did"
Just like that she walked out of '9a7y's life.

Ma2ab called 9ager
both to console her, and to tell him the great news. Now they can be together,
but little did she know his intentions and what he wanted from her.


"Judey, baby
wainich" Njude has spent 3
months in bed after she lost her baby, she didnt talk to anyone, she didnt see
anyone she just cried all night. She didnt even sleep next to 7arith.

7beeby" she was making
cheesecake in the kitchen. She turned around to flash him a smile but was
worried when she saw the expression on his face. She knew something was wrong.

"shfeek 7arith? sh9ayer?" walking over to him

"ma adre
shagolich 7beebty" It is never easy to be
the barrier of bad news "yady 36ach

Njude moved back placing
her hand on her mouth "shino?" she had to sit down, her knees were collapsing from under her.

7arith moved closer to her hugging her as she

The next few weeks
drew a black cloud on their family. Everyone was shocked at the sudden news of
their grandfathers death.

"staqfar allah ma
tym3na 3la fara7 tyam3na 3la 7izn"
'3aith was devastated, his grandfather always had great advice to share.
7arith, Turki and '3aith were practically raised in their grandfather's house.

"il 7imdilah 3la
kl 7al, youma" Turki said " '3youth 5ala9 rd il bait aked Falak it7atek"

Falak has been
understanding, she knew what his grandfather meant to him. She even took the
children to her mother's house so she could be there for her husband.

"5ala9 3yal ashofkum bacher

The cousins went back
to seeing each other on a daily basis, they were thrilled that Turki was back
and was a changed man.


"Rsal, ma 3ndich
mw3d m3a your doctor?" Lyth couldnt believe
he doubted his wife, after that day he dragged her to the hospital for an
ultrasound and hated himself for questioning her.

Rsal was ordered to
gain weight if she wanted her baby to be healthy, and since that day Lyth has
been feeding her nonstop.

He confronted his
parents, and told them he would be living in his in laws until Rsal gave birth,
they then would move into their own apartment. Monday's Rsal and him would come
for the weekly lunch were they would treat her like she deserved.

They agreed,
especially when his father knew that his wife and daughter were planning to
destroy his marriage.


"9ager .... 9ager
im late" Ma2ab would leave
University and head to 9ager's where she spent her day.

"shino ya3ne?" he knew what it meant but he just didnt care.

"ya3ne I might be pregnant, 9ager
shinsawi?" she was
freaking out

"hahah 7uby this
is your issue I have nothing to do with it" He jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

Ma2ab fell to the
floor pouring her heart out. 9ager walked out and said "oh 3la fikra ma2ab ana 5a6ib Muruj o next week milchatna
fa sorry you cant come her anymore"
he flashed her a smile and headed to his closet.

Ma2ab wore her clothes
and walked out of 9ager's apartment and out of his life. She drove around for
hours not knowing what to do, where to go, who to talk to. She found herself
parked in front of Turki's apartment.


She knew he wouldnt want to see her?


rimas: how is he today?
joury: same, he wont talk to me, he only
sleeps because he wants me to get pregnant
rimas: 7mar, you are
here alone you have no one, the least he can do is be nice to you about it, its
like he married you to have babies o bs !
joury: shasawi :(
anyways he should be coming now I have to make dinner
rimas: mynoona you cook him dinner as well? ma
joury: he is my husband
rimas: arid wgoul inich mynouna !

"Jwary" 3ziz called for her

"hala 3ziz ana foug bl ma6ba5" she prepared the dinning table

"ha bshray
7alalty? inshalah 7amel?" that was the only
conversation they were having for the past few months, they no longer sat and

She just looked away and said "t3al t3sha"
He knew she wasnt pregnant.

"bacher bnrou7 il
dictor nf7a9 aked fee shay ghala6"
he left her alone and left the apartment. It was as if two people lived
separate lives.

joury: I miss you
janoon: me too
joury: ha are you still on house arrest?
janoon: YUP :D but I
deserve it I guess ma7ad galy abe3ha w6l3 o arou7 m3a waleed ka2na he was my
husband, someone was bound to see us right, just hoped it would be anyone but
my father :p
joury: I love how you
are taking the matter lightly
janoon: b3d shasawi, crying isnt going to help
me right? so I joke about it
joury: true, 3ziz yabena inrou7 il doctor to
see if everything is okay I am really worried
janoon: inshalah mako ila il 3fia babe :D
joury: inshalah, I just want to be home I miss
janoon: its okay 7yatie intay :* im off to bed
now, gnite !
joury: gnite 7uby :*

They woke up bright
and early and headed to the doctor's office. She was terrified of the news she
might hear. After hours of running tests they were sent home and asked to come
back in a few days.

And they did "I am sorry mr. aziz but it seems like your wife wont be
able to get pregnant" 3ziz looked over at
Joury with a look she never wanted anyone to experience, not even her enemies.

"that cant be true" she said

"the tests dont
lie, im sorry we could try some alternatives if you would like"

"NO" 3ziz said "thank you
doctor, yala joury" The drive back home
was dead silent until she decided to break it "3ziz aby arid il kuwait"

"itha rdaity malich rda 3ndy" He was looking ahead at the road

"shino ya3nee" her voice croaked

"ya3ne ..." he turned to look at her "itha
rdaity il kuwait iwrgtich ra7 to9alich" She couldnt believe how callous he was about this matter, he
didnt even think of her, how she might be feeling, what she was going through.

She walked into their
apartment, and locked herself into her room and the first thing she did was
book her ticket back home. Her mind was set, she couldnt take it anymore.

Joury flew back home,
and like 3ziz said she did get her paper. She couldnt believe what has happened
to her, in less than a year she was forced to marry a man, she learned to live
with him, love him and now she has to learn how to live without him.

She was doing fine,
especially since she was away from him but the news that she got just shattered
her, she couldnt believe it.

"shino ya3ne you
are marrying 3ziz, jana, my 3ziz?"
Jana was crying hysterically "wala ana glt la
jwary ana ma abee 3ziz mithel my brother bs they are forcing me ma adre
shasawi" she moved close to
Joury wanting to hug her but Joury pushed her away.

"alah ehanekum ya jana, sm7ely bs I no
longer am your cousin"

Joury got married 2
years after that incident, to a man that adored her, he was much older but his
life revolved around her. She has 2 boys and a girl.


"mabrook madam
ma2ab intay 7amel" Ma2ab literally ran
out of hospital, she couldnt fight her tears back

"ma2ab?" she looked up and saw him, she never thought she would see him.
She ran over to him burring herself in his chest as she cried.

sh9ayer?" she looked up at him
and couldnt help but smile. They headed to a close by Coffee bean and she told
him everything. The divorce, 9ager, the pregnancy everything.

And out of nowhere she heard 2 words she never
thought Turki would say "marry me"

"shino?" wiping her tears

"marry me, im serious ma2ab marry

She flashed him a smile. That was it for ma2ab
and turki.


Lyth and Rsal had a healthy baby boy.

Faris decided to take a job in Ba7rain.

Turki and Ma2ab had a family wedding.

3ziz and Jana actually
fell in love and lived a wonderful life. They had 5 children, 3 girls and 2

'3aith and Falak were
living a great life. Their children were growing up, and they were enjoying
every minute with them and themselves. They didnt want to miss a single event.

Juwana ended up marrying a family friend a
year after her incident with Faris.

7arith and Njude are pregnant again and they
couldnt be happier.

'9a7y met a girl who
was doing her masters as well, they hit it off and once they both graduate he
was planning on proposing to her.

That ladies and
gentleman is an ending I am proud of, and if you still dont like then I have
nothing else to say.

I was planning on continuing 3ziz and Joury's story but this is
how their life ended, since it is based on real characters


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