Apr 16, 2012

Faith 5 ;**

1. To those who read part 4 before I reposted, I changed a few mistakes that were made.

2. a7is the blue font I am using y'9ayi9 9a7?

3. Do you really like the story aw g3den itjamlony? I know I have been gone for so long and I might be rusty but I feel like no one is enjoying it ;/


"y3ne im39ba"
"you care"
"ma adree"
"3youn osama intay"
"3n il 3yra"

Incoming Call Osama

"il nas tslm"
"laish already kalamtik and we were whats apping hm aslm now?"
"shino aha, ya kirhy hal klma"
"hehe shfeech 7beeby"
"what do you want from me"
"aby I date you"
"wtha ma aby"
"mo ib kaifich"
"ma a7ib hl esloub"
"you havent dated much have you"
"3de laish"
"shno ga3id tswy shl iz3aaj"
"ga3id atjahaz 7g frashy"
"its a ceremony"
"ee I brush my teeth wdahan wlbis bejamty w6ub frashy"
"mt7u6 face mask"
"ya salam al7en itha il rayal ehtam ib nfsa y3yboun"
"ma glt shay"
"kl hatha o ma gltay"
"you are a strange one"
"yala golely qi9a"

She did, oddly enough.

She never did it before, but she fell asleep on the line with Osama, he dozed off before her and a few minutes after hearing him breathing evenly she fell asleep.

She woke up bright and early, messaged Sultan asking for 1 more day before she made up her mind.

Incoming Call Sultan

"9baaa7 il khair, 9baa7 il wrd 9baa7y mhra"
"sultan did you get my message"
"laish baina messages, 5lena phone calls a7san"
"la I would prefer messages please"
"aha y9er khair inshalah, golely 7beeby trygtay?" Was he serious
"what are you doing"
"nothing laish"
"ee shino 3dey bndish business together"
"so that gives you the green light to flirt"
"dont flatter yourself, I am not flirting ana ib 6b3y atkalam chthi"
"latgolen aha m3ay"
"shino hal isloub"
"anyways, ana rayi7 abu dhabi so 3ndich all week to think then aby mnich khbr"

He wasnt really giving her much of an option, but now she gets to talk to the lawyer first.

She wore a stripped black and white dress, fell right at her knees, red blazer, black heels, pony tail her lipstick and a double coat of mascara.

Off to Caribou.

Then to the office.

The night before there was a crises with the system, which meant a load at the branch.

Today she decided to mingle with customers and her employees instead of hiding in her office.

She helped even with the simple tasks of depositing money into accounts, helping the elderly with their ATM cards and so on.

She was happy today.

Also, she kept checking her phone hoping Osama would message her.

He didnt

Incoming Call Him

1 missed Call Him

"baby im busy"
"9ba7 il khair galby ;* okay oboy ana rayi7 il dawam 3ndina assignment so lmn a5l9 akalmich"

He wouldnt, but it was what he always said.

She didnt care she was annoyed by Osama.

"can we please go out today" 3thoob sent
"of course, yes please listen I want to cut my hair and do my nails so I will go after work so bilail n6l3 ana bgoul 7g mizoun wntay golay 7g 3thari"

She called in for an appointment.

Then called the lawyer, 9bee7.

He was Mesfer's friend, she always had a crush on him but they were good friends and Mesfer got to her first.

Yes, I know ladies all of you are shaking your head in disagreement with Mhra and her "lifestyle"

She met with 9bee7, he was a flirt.

She loved it.

"Shofay n9e7ty, go along with the contract its straight forward 1 year you go there for weekends to the consults and you are back. After the year itha tbeen tgdren itkamleen m3aa"
"la ma aby"
"I wouldnt want to be on Sultan's bad side, tara y9er 7g nseeb Mesfer"

Her world stopped for a second

"bs lat5fen I am under obligation not to mention anything to him, I am assuming he doesnt know"
she just shook her head.
"hala oboy" he had his head down reading the contract
"mm, sh9er 7g nseeb Mesfer"
"Y9er khalaa"
"9aber, Sultan y9er khal Osama?"
"sh3rfich ib Osama"
"ams shfnah knt m3a Mesfer"
"aha, w5ray 3n il 3yla mhra krmal Mesfer 7tan lw mat7bna"
"Mno gaaliik..."
"mn '3air la7d ygoul I can read you, you like him and you are good to him but it doesnt mean you are perfect, tara ma yklm a7d '3airich"
"la ma tdren, Mesfer rayal Osama mo rayal"
"shako Osama bl mw'9o3"
"lw shyfa wyhich lmn gltay isma"
"Mhra ayshay y9er m3ach m3a Sultan awal ib awal tkalmny, ra7 a36ech raqmy il thany my private one"

Now Mhra was confused.

How was she to pull herself out of this.

Okay it seems easy, just ignore Osama right?


She head home, got dressed into skinny dark jeans, a ruffly black shirt with her hair down.

Simples. yes.

Hot? definitely.

They headed to Burger Hub.

The area was packed, hot young men,

"I like younger guys" she was eying a young sugar candy sitting in front of her
"how young" Mizoun was worried
"ma adre younger I guess, y3ne 3dy akalm wa7id 3mra 18"
"btrbena?" 3thari laughed
"maybe" She had a devious look in her eyes "abeeh"
The girls all turned and bluntly started at the eye candy. He loved the attention
"mn 9ijich?"

"Stop staring at the boy" She was distracted by the message she got
"why dont you look at me like that"
"you want me to?"
"I do, but I cant"

She put her phone down and slowly raised her eyes, searching for his gaze.

It didnt take her long before their eyes met, and boy were his eyes mesmerizing.


  1. i really love the story line
    kelish mu ga3da ajamel

    shway g3da atkharb6 mn el colors … maadry which one is which

    bs overall el 8e9a wayd 3ajbatny w looking forward to reading the rest


  2. Wain 7ubikum wana 7ubii bawsa6 ilblogat
    3ala love and life 7ub bdoon mujamalat
    Wailah ily i3ari6' wailaaaah mnee
    Ijarib inam asahraaah lyaleeeee
    Loviiiii latwagfeeen your stories make me happy walah when iread your post i feel cheeeeee cheerrful and like im eating chocalte
    I feel inloveeeeee :*********
    and the story is wayed 7ilwa and because we read your stories we know ina its getting jucier every post
    Your lovely love :****
    5aleenii a'3aneeelich ilyouuuuummmm
    Huuuuuummm dil deeee chukeeee sanaaaaaam
    Ye kiaa huaa he tuuum tuu meriiii sanam Its from my favorite hindi movie
    Ummm sho ba3ad ummm ba
    Haaaaaaaayyyy i was reading in computer class oo niga3t loling on the mask thingi and he kicked me out me and my freind?!?!?!
    Mm ba3ad a7ivuuukeeeewwwww muwaah

    wallah 7ail 3ajbtni keep it up ;**

  4. Dont ever stoppp writingggg !!!!!
    i love what you write <3
    btw what happened to the story with the girl ely 3ndha bakery
    i really used to love it ;p are you going to complete it or?

  5. Astanis lammaaa ashoof ina u posted :D loved it o it was short bas 7ilo na'3zaaa ya3nii nabee a6wal hehehehe :$ keep it up o don't ever stop writing walla its a reaaly good story

  6. I haven't read anything new yet I just wanted to tell you how happy I am you're back to writing I've always been a huge fan of your writings and I admire your style of writing more than anything!

    Please keep writing for you motivate us all <3

    you are an extraordinary talented lady


  7. Darliam: Thank you for your comment, it has to be a little tricky so I keep you coming back ;p

    anonymous: loooool, I dont want you getting kicked out of my class on my behalf ;p 7beebty intay thank you so much for your words walla ;**

    caramela: thaank you :$

    love drunk: 3ad I was reading that story ams and I cant remember where or what I was planning to do with that story il 9ra7a and I highly doubt I will finish it, but maybe on the side then just post it all at one time ;**

    Red: inshalah I will try for longer posts ;**

    Jay: thaank you so much for your words, wnshalah I will always be here ;**

  8. I'm loving the story so far, she's such a flirt herself haha and I really like the lawyer he seems intelligent and like able to interpret others and read them.

    Great job on writing the parts , we're excitingly waiting for part 6 <3


  9. I have a question, al7een sul6an is blackmailing her into doing something illegal in Abudhabi?
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