Apr 8, 2012

Jawl part 4 ;**

"jourety" jana called out as she popped her head from behind the door
"mm" her heart was racing, it was time. Today was her engagement
party. The shai5 has arrived and they have signed and now she was legally his.
She was his wife.
Joury stood in front
of the mirror eying her dark mauve, Greek inspired dress. It hugged her waist
and then draped on her body. She curled her wavy hair and put it up in a lose
way enhancing the Greek look.
"you ready?" it was time.
Joury looked over at
Jana, who couldnt hold her tears back "you
look exquisite mashalah 3laich"
walking over to hug her cousin.
"joury I love you, and I will always be
here for you I promise you will love him"
"dont make me cry, I finally
stopped" checking her self one
more time
She followed Jana down
the stairs and stood in front of the door taking long breaths. Her mother
showed up with a mub5ar, reciting prayers on her daughter. She avoided her
daughters eye contact because she wanted to cry.
Joury simply looked beautiful.
It clearly showed tonight was her night.
She had a unique look
to her. Honey colored eyes, naturally honey kissed hair that was both wavy and
straight depending on the hair product she used. Her cheek bones were clearly
defined, and were naturally rosy. She had full set of lips, a sharp nose, and
big eyes that truly were the window to her soul.

The second she walked
into the room, she grabbed everyone's attention. Including her aunts and
cousins who were suppose to help her. They stood there praying for a happy life
for her and 3bdul3ziz.

She slowly walked down
the outlined path, stopping every few minutes to welcome her guests with a
smile, and posed for pictures. She finally made it to her seat.
Faris and Rsal were
finally home. She sat with her parents and headed up to her room for a long
bubble bath.
She was not going to cry anymore.
She was going to live.
After her shower, she
got into her PJ and headed down to the kitchen to grab something to eat. She
saw her nanny wo looked thrilled "why are you
smiling Rosey?" as she sat down on
the bar stool
"ay I smile because a husband wants
you" hugging Rsal who she
saw as her daughter
"husband?" Rsal was lost
"yes, you go talk to mama I will make you
a chicken sandwich"
Rsal walked out of the
kitchen, and into the everyday living room and snuggled next to her mother who
quickly wrapped her arms around her daughter lightly kissing the crown of her
head and smiling to her.
"rosey told me fee a man mino?" Rsal was use to this
"haha tomorrow we will find out the
father talked to baba"
"mm anyways ana
im gonna watch a movie in bed and sleep goodnight" kissing her mother and walking up to her room
"Joury 7uby 3ziz
is coming in now" her heart was racing
so quickly it seemed like it had escaped her rib cage.
Jana reapplied her lipstick, sprayed some perfume and helped her stand up.
3ziz walked in in his spotless white dishdasha and '3utra. He had a clean
shaved goatie.
1 word.
He walked like he
owned the place. All girls were envious of her, because of him. Her father, his
father, him, her uncles walked in with him.

He kissed the crown of
her head and stood next to her as they were congratulated. Once again, Joury
kept her eyes glued to the floor except when asked to look up for pictures.

They sat down after
what seemed like hours of posing smiling and thanking everyone. He sat a
considerable distant away from her, and she didnt mind. They remained quiet, if
it wasnt for Jana things would have been extremely awkward. She was trying to
break the ice.

"shdarany 3n bnt
3mitich lail7en ma sm3t 9out-ha"
Joury looked up, for the first time their eyes met. She didnt move, she couldnt
move. His eyes were mesmerizing, they smiled.
"I still cant hear you" Joury quickly looked away from him.
Her mother came
holding the box with their engagement rings, their watches and her bracelet the
rest of the set was sent to her earlier.

"yala 3ziz yuma labis joury il dibla" he took the ring from her mother's hand and placed it on her
right hand. She did the same with trembling hands "I wont bite" he
inaudibly whispered, she opted to look up at him worried about meeting his eyes
"babe" Juwan has been trying
to build the courage to tell Rsal about her and Faris.
"ya juuj" as she zipped up her dress, she was getting ready for the
"potential" husband coming in an hour.
"um, aby agolich shay o I hope you dont
get mad" sitting down next to
"shfeech juwana?" putting her hand on top of hers
"mm I think I like your brother" covering her face with her hands
Rsal peeled off her friends hand "and he likes
you too"
"really?" her face lighting up
"ee walla" hugging her friend "inzain yala I
need to get ready." For some reason she
was looking forward to meeting this man.
She was done living in the past, she wanted to start new and start it on the
right foot.
Rsal" rosey sang to her,
her smiling shinning brighter the sun "he is ready for you, ay Rsal he is good looking not like ma2ab
husband" giving Rsal a warm
Juwan smiled at Rsal and they walked down the guest room.
"il salam
3laikum" the girls said. Rsal
had her head down but when she heard his voice her heart literally ripped out
of her ribcage and was on the floor in front of her.

With trembling hands,
and a shaky voice "l .. l ...
lyth?" she completely
disregarded his mother and hers and ran over to him flinging her arms around
his neck and crying.
"Rsal dont cry"
"I thought ... I thought ... you .... I
.... how ?" she couldnt think
ithinkum" Juwan said as she
pulled them into the other room. Lyth limping, walked her over to the other
room and sat down next to her as she cried.
"are you done?" he looked at her
She looked up at him
with her teary eyes, her blurred vision and smiled. She then threw herself into
his lap "I thought
something happened, I thought you didnt want to talk to me, I was so misreable
I thought I lost you"

He was stroking her
back in an attempt to calm her down "5ala9
Rsal, al7en shfukna mn kalam our mothers"
"sorry" she sat up wiping her tears
"well you know what this means
right?" admiring her
"shino?" her heart racing
"you have to say
yes to me" brushing his thumb
against her cheek. She just looked down with her glowing pink cheeks "ma sm3tich?"
"lets go back inside" she stood up avoiding the question
She noticed he was limping "shfeek?" she asked concerned
"long story agolich later"
"ya galby ya
3umry laish kil hal jna6? tara fe shops ehnak anything you need you buy" '9a7y and Ma2ab started packing their things and they were
shipping most of the things.

"I know but my
shoes" hugging a pair of her
heels "and my
bags" sitting next to the
pile of her bags "I cant live
without them" giving him the puppy

"shasawi ya nas
SHASAWI agadar agolich laa? agu9 il sany before agolich laa" sitting down next to her
"i5thay ily tabena, o lmn no9al abech tshteren ily tabena ana bs abeech
She sat up on her knees and looked down at her lap "a7ibik"
"emshay emshay
b3dain we will pack" she looked at him
shyly and followed his lead into the bedroom
"7beeby dont
worry about it inshalah 5air o b3dain if it comes down to us selling the house
or my car I dont mind " sitting on his lap

"7beebty ana I
said I lost my job I didnt say im bankrupt, il 7imdilah I have money in a
savings account o I have stocks I can sell and if it gets real bad which I
doubt il wald ma ra7 eqa9er ma3ana"
placing his hand on her tummy "intay lat7aten
abech itakren ib our baby okay and I will deal with everything"

Falak looked down at
her, leaned in and placed a loving kiss on his lips "how about we go to the bedroom?" taking his hand as she stood up
"haha yal shai6ana" following her lead
"I learn from the best" as she took her dress off
compose message
7amany 5ala9 stop messaging and calling me ana
bs intay ly ana muruj
compose message
please 7amany just forget about me !
are you happy with him?
compose message
I am !
allah ehanech o ewafgich ya muruj
"ha dictor
6amny?" turki was nervously
shaking his leg in the doctors office afraid of the worse

"il 9ara7a ya a5
turki i7na ma ligaina shay, galbick il 7imdilah saleem o mafy o and your blood
rests are all health I dont understand the pain you are getting, yimken its a
psychological thing"
"ana mo mynoon" standing up in anger
"Turki, ana ma
glt inik mynoon ana glt yimken its a psychological problem it can be
Turki grabbed his results and stormed out of the doctor's office.
Dialing 7arith
1 missed call
Dialing 7arith
2 missed calls
compose message
tarkan gltlik ma aby akalmik
compose message
ana mi7tajlik ya wld 3my
yayik il shiqa
Dinner was going to be
mixed and it was set out in the garden. 3ziz and Joury waited for their guests
to step out of the ballroom before they headed out into the garden. They walked
next to each other in silence.

Once again Jana
stepped in to fill the awkward air "you will cut the
cake first b3dain you will have dinner" Both 3ziz and Joury did not answer.
"shfeekm sakten?" leading them to where the cake was
"jano siktay shway lajaiteny" 3ziz snapped at her
3ziz and Joury did as
they were asked, they didnt exchange words nor words. They posed for the camera
and smiled when necessary. Everyone was seated and were talking amongst

3ziz looked over Joury
who was looking down at her wedding band and smiling "ma taben taklen?" she looked up at him and just nodded.
He followed her to the buffet "shino a7u6lich?"
"um la 3dee 3z.. 3bdul3ziz ana
a7u6ly" she couldnt stop
"laish il
formalities 3ziz yuba" smiling as he scooped
some salad onto his plate "5thaity 7abitich
ilyoum?" Joury froze in place
looking at him with quizzical eyes

"Jana told me you
have blood pressure" joury was able to
breathe again "ee I did" smiling
"I also heard you were anemic, ma
7a6aitay shay" looking down at her
"um byebly a 9aj sandwich" her voice was so delicate he just wanted her to continue
"shino taben
feeha?" she didnt know if this
was part of his personality or was he just acting with her
"cheese please"
"haa bs cheese?" as they walked over to their table
"ee ma a7ib shay thany" she was feeling exposed, revealing herself to him
"laa yuba at
least tomatoes" she furrowed her eye
brows and before she said anything "3shany?" she just nodded.
No one could resist him.
3ziz walked back to
the table that was filled with his cousin, and her cousins. He glanced around
at everyone's happy faces. But the one face that brought tears to his eyes, was
his father sitting next to Joury and talking to her. He saw Joury laughing, not

At 12 the majority of
the guests had left, close family remained and they all sat around the table
eating cake and having coffee.
"shaklich ta3bana"
She nodded "dy5a"
"jourety 7uby you
tired" Joury loved Jana, she
couldnt picture her life without Jana "ee janoon dy5a I was just telling 3bdul3ziz" he was putting the effort, so why shouldnt she

Jana was thrilled "laa ? mn awalha tidl3ain 3la raylich haa?" Jana didnt think her words would light her cousin up.

"inzain can you
undo my hair I have a headache"
trying to change the topic "emshay

Jana and joury walked
inside, Joury sat down on the couch while Jana slowly undid her hair within
seconds her hair fell to her shoulders in big curls that enhanced her features.

She stepped outside
after she checked her make up, they were playing one of her favorite slow songs
the one from my best friends wedding.
The moment I wake up,
before I put on my make up
I say a little prayer for you
before she could enjoy
the song "can I have this
dance" his masculine voice
interrupted her thoughts.

She nervously tucked her hair behind her ear and placed her
hands into his extended one as he took her onto the dance floor. This brought
tears to Jana.
Everyone stood in silence watching them.
They looked like they belonged together.
They looked perfect.
Lyth explained to
their mothers that he met Rsal at a party, and they have been friends since and
that was why he was interested. Her mother didnt believe it but chose to accept
what she heard especially since the man was proposing.

Lyth and his mother
left and now they would wait for the phone call for everything to be official.
Lyth: dont make me wait long ;p
Rsal: mo ib kaify its up to baba o faroos now
Lyth: allah yaster, shakly bro7luhum il
sharika shrayich?
Rsal: LAAA
Lyth: 9adagntey ;p
Rsal was itching to ask him why he proposed.
Did he love her?
"int mn 9ijick ra7 ta5th-ha?" Lyth's sister stormed into his room
"ee shfeech?" setting his phone aside
"bs ehya mo bnt shtabe feha?" infuriated with her brother
"ana ma abeha,
ana btzawjha 3shan astir 3laiah o b3d cham shahar a6algha o ehya itshouf

"bs, akeed int
mat7ibha?" Lyth was not ready to
answer this question, mostly because he didnt want to admit it.
"lyth?" she could tell her brother loved Rsal, and it worried her.
"5ala9 6il3y I made my mind up aby
anam" getting into bed
Rsal: lyth
Lyth: hala?
Rsal: ana banam ok?
Lyth: noum il 3wafi, sweet dreams ;*
Rsal: you too :$
"baby?" squinting his eyes looking for Falak. She walked out of the
bathroom looking sick
7beebty?" quickly sitting up in
their bed. She sat down and placed her head into his lap, she was burning up.
"gomay inrou7 il mustashfa" stroking her hair
"la maby a5af" placing her hand on her stomach "mn shino 7yatie"
"a5af e9er shay bl baby" hear eyes tearing up
"laa 7beebty
latgolen chithi, mako ila il 3fia inshalah bs you are burning up mo zain" wiping her tears

"okay yala" She sat up on the bed and he brought over her track pants and a
tshirt. She leaned on him as he took her to the hospital.

She saw the doctor and
it turned out she had an infection, which was causing the infection so they put
her on a mild antibiotic and gave her a shot for her fever.
"ma2ab" '9a7y was online looking at the courses he wanted to take
"hala 7yatie" sitting down next to him with a plate full of watermelons and 2
"a5ith morning classes aw evening
classes?" biting in a piece of
"morning a7san"
"bs a5af ma agoum" looking at her
"la ill wake you
up b3dain 7tan ana b5ith early classes so yamdena nadris o ni6la3" enjoying her juicy sweet watermelon
"5ala9 okay, intay mita btsajlen?"
"lazem I attend
the orientation b3dain they will let me register for classes I have to talk to
my adviser"

"okay, i7na we
are going early 3shan we furnish the apartment and we buy the cars so
At 2:30 the house was empty
and Joury headed up to her room. She took a long warm shower to ease up her
tense muscles. Then snuggled into bed, for an hour she kept looking at her
wedding band twirling it round her finger.

She realized that once
again she didnt have his number, nor did he have hers. She went to bed with the
pleasant thoughts of their engagement party.

3bdulaziz headed into
bed with a heavy heart. She was a great girl, anyone could see but he still
didnt know her. He was literally married to a stranger. He also scolded himself
for being nice to her, he didnt want to lead her on.

The wedding was going
to be in 2 months. Joury and her parents were heading back to France in 3 weeks
for the final fitting of her wedding gown and to buy a few things she was
Jana threw a girls only engagement party for her cousin and their friends.
Then Joury was busy
with her 3rd art exhibition, she postponed her trip to France to attend the
exhibition opening.
"3ziz beyey?" Jana asked
"mm ma adree" she didnt know what to say
"haa, did you ask him?" Jana walked over to Joury who busy eying one of her paintings
"shloun I ask
him, last time I talked to him bl engagement party" she was upset

"babe, that was
almost a month ago, how come I didnt know?" Jana wanted to kill 3ziz

"I didnt want to
tell you because I knew you were going to yell at him, b3dain I dont want to
force him to talk to me he should want to"
"7uby dont worry, shofay ana brou7 il
9alon I have to dye my hair before il opening il laila ill see you then
okay?" walking out in a hurry
"tarkan shfeek?" 7arith ran over to Turki who looked pale
"aaah ya 7arith ana shakly bmout" taking a sip of the bottle in his hand
"tarkan hd hal
zft" throwing the bottle
on the floor "o ta3al
ma3ay" 7arith carried Turki
into the bedroom and laied him in bed and turned the lights off
Calling Judey
njude: 7arith 7yatie wainik
7arith: 3nd tarkan, ana shakly banam ehny
njude: laa please 7arooth ma agdar anam mn
'3airik please I need you yamy
7arith: ya galby walla ma agdar ahda wayed
njude: okay
7arith: judey
njude: 3youn judey
7arith: ya b3d ahaly intay 5ala9 7yatie
a5alech al7en
njude: okay tb9a7 3la 5air
7arith: wintay mn ahla
Their grandfather has
moved in with Saja and was finding himself attached to her. Saja on the other
hand was on cloud 9, her plan was going according to plan and everything she
asked for she got. He had the house put in her name, as well as the cars.

He bought her parents
a new house next to hers, and bought her brothers new cars and a hefty amount
in their bank accounts.

He was taking her and
her family on a 2 week trip around Europe since she wanted to do some shopping
and she needed a change of scenery.
Incomin Call Jana
3ziz: hala janoon
jana: o lik wayh b3d
3ziz: ha shfeech?
jana: when was the last time you talked to
your wife
3ziz: ay wife
jana: 3ZOOOZ
3ziz: haha shfeech bl engagement party laish
jana: shino laish? 3ziz what are you made off?
mat7is bl bnt
3ziz: 3dee we are getting married in a month b3dain
ashb3 minha
jana: aya shagool
walla maskeena jourety ehya il ma'9louma allah e9abrha 3laik
3ziz: tara ana wld 5alich
jana: o ehya bnt 3mity
3ziz: inzaain ilyoum her art thing 9a7?
jana: ee
3ziz: I was planning on coming and surprising
her bs intay ma adre shfeech
jana: mafeny shay
3zizan ehya she is now your wife, int mas2oul 3nha imagine how she feels shahar
kamel int ma ts2al 3nha wla tadre 3nha tara mithel ma you were forced to this
she was as well
3ziz: jana adree tukfain siktay
jana: bye 3ziz
Jana felt like the responsible mother. She could tell just how
misreable Joury was, and she saw how lost and confused 3ziz was and there was
nothing she could do about it.
"yuba ta3aly
salmay 3la 3mich khalid" Joury's exhibition
was well on its way, everyone was there. Friends, family, acquaintances,
similar artists like her and just curious on lookers.

She looked dazzling in
her tangerine dress. Eyes were on her, she looked like a girl who owned

However, her eyes were
glued to the entrance, every man that walked in she hoped it was 3bdul3ziz she
didnt know why she wanted him to come.

She posed with family.
She posed for magazines. She posed with Jana. With every click they asked her
about her husbands whereabouts and she didnt know what to say.
"wala mash'3oul ma3a dawama" smiling to them
After being on her
feet for hours, she sat down to enjoy a cup of rich roasted coffee. She closed
her eyes inhaling in the aroma which reminded her of her art studio at home.
Her safe haven.
She always had coffee roasting.
"missed me" his deep raspy voice woke her from her day dream. She turned to
look at him, her eyes almost bulging out "3ziz?" the two times she had seen him he was always in his dishdasha.
Now he was wearing dark fitted jeans, and a black tshirt that extenuated his
built body and broad shoulders. She looked at his face admiring his features.
He had a scar across his lips, one on his nose and one across his eyebrows.
The scars boosted both his hotness and sexiness factor.
She couldnt peel her
eyes off him, his eyes were light hazel with a black outline. She danced as
they looked at her.

"shlonich?" when he talked, you could sense a naughty, sarcastic, sexy tone
making any girl weak in the knees.
"z..z..z..zaaina" looking down
"m3nch ma s2alty
bs hm ana zain" moving closer to her
as he took a sip of her coffee. She looked at him, she couldnt believe the
audacity he had to drink from her cup of coffee.
"when you are done staring do you wanna
show me your art work?" looking around at the
3bdul3ziz" her mothers sweet
voice, he sprang up to his feet to welcome his mother in law. He liked having a
mother feeling in his life "yah yah yah
ish-hal zain ish-hal 7alat kil hatha 7g 3my" twirling her around to admire her

"alah e5is iblesik
3zizan mo chithi itfashlny, shouf jourety sh7alt-ha" wanting to diverse the attention from her

"laa 3mty al7en
9arat jourety" winking at Joury who
instantly turned a deeper shade than her dress

ithinkum" Joury stood up not
knowing what to do. She quickly hurried over to one of her friends.
"wain in7ishtay?" wrapping his arms around her waist, which instantly gave her
"um bs knt aby ashouf one of my
friends" thinking of an excuse
"aha, ta3aly show me" pulling her with him
Lyth: 9ba7 il 5air :D
Rsal: ahah its 3 pm wain 9ba7
Lyth: hatha 9ba7y ana 3d t3wday ana anam
Rsal: ana anam shway :(
Lyth: la in'3yrich lat5afen ;p intaw bs golaw
ee !
Rsal: haha mm, you should be expecting a phone
call soon
Lyth: 9IJ? :D
Rsal: ee :$
Rsal: alah ebarik feek !
Lyth: no mabrook for me :'(
Rsal: hahah akeeed fee ... MABROK
Lyth: ebarik feech yala a5alech ana brou7
Rsal: bl 3fia ;)
Lyth: e3afech :*
"hala ma2aby mita yetaw?" moving to the couch next to her sister
"tawna wa9len
shfech 7yatie?" Rsal was happy but
she didnt want her sister to leave, things were just working out between them
and now she was leaving to finish her education with her husband.
"rsool" ma2ab moved closer to her
Rsal placed her head on Ma2ab's shoulder "dont
Ma2ab wrapped her arms
around her sisters, as tears strolled down her cheeks "5ala9 ill stay"
"9ij??" Sitting up and looking at her
"haha tabeny a5aly '9a7y?" her eyes sparkling as she said her name
"laa laa dont leave your hubby" nibbling on a piece of cookie
"o al7en 3ndich lyth" raising an eye brow. Rsal turned red the second she heard his
"oh oh what is this" wanting to further embarrass her
"bs yal 5ysa imshay nanzil ng3d ma3a il
kil" they walked down to
their family.
"yuma" lyth shouted out from the living room
"na3am ya walad fe shay isma intercom
laish il 9ra5?" sitting down next to
"yuma ma dagaw 3laich ahal Rsal?" his sister shot him a look he chose to ignore
"shfeek mist3yal
al7en shgoloun 3na waladna mo shayef 5air" thrilled with her sons decision to get married

"ee mo shayef
5air yuma shfteha?" he needed everyone to
believe he was in love with her, maybe because he was.
"ee mashalah 3laiha gumar kamla wl kamel
"bs ana a7la?" kissing his mothers hand
"akeed yuma int il '3aly wld il
"lazem lazem
ityben 6ary oboy?" his parents marriage
was an arranged marriage but she fell in love with her husband
"akeed lyouth hatha obok hatha bu
lyth" smiling at the
thought of her husband
"alah e5alekum 7g ba3a'9"
"w5alekum lina yuma" kissing her son
"inzain ana yo3an ya 7beebty" giving her one of his killer looks
"inshalah al7en a5lehum yanchibonlik
il'3da bl 9ala"
"7beebty Falak
lazem taklen" her mother in law
stroking her hair. Falak has been in bed for 3 days, feeling sick to her
stomach and weak. '3aith didnt know what to do so he called his mother since
Falak's family were traveling.
"5alty walla mo mishtahya" she couldnt even open her eyes
"falookty 7beebty
3shany I made you soup" She heard the pain in
his voice so she sat up leaning herself on him as he fed her. She managed to
eat the whole bowl cause he made it for her.

His mother smiled,
seeing them together warmed her heart. Falak was the daughter she never had.

"yuma '3aith ana
brou7 il pharmacey ayeblha vitamin supplements" leaving the room to give them their privacy.
"falakty" kissing her cheek
"mm" hugging him
inhaling in his scent
"mm" looking up at him with a cheeky look
"intay mo 3ajbtny
hal ayam ma taklen o dymen in bed our baby needs your strength" her eyes teared up as she heard him say "our baby"

He planted a kiss on
her belly and wiped her tears "laish laish il
tears 7beebty tawna ib awal il mushwar"
"ana wayed 5yfa" her voice shaky
"mn shino?"
"ma adree 5yfa I
am going to lose our baby, ma aby I lose our baby '3aith its part of you o ana
wayed a7ibik and I dont want to lose you o a5af yadik eswelna salfa ma3a saja o
you leave me b3dain I have no one" she was fully
blown crying now and buried her face in his chest as he hugged her tightly.

He moved her away from
him and looked into her teary eyes "falak ana amout
gabl la ahidich sam3tny"
"b3eed il shar '3aith latgoul chithi 3sa
youmy gabel youmik" kissing his hand
"it5afen 3ly"
She just nodded as she
buried herself once again into his chest, the only place she felt secured, safe
and loved.
"7arooth" Turki called out for 7arith from the kitchen. 7arith stepped
out of the bedroom rubbing his eyes "haa"

"ta3al ig3ad
swaitlna '3da" turki was looking
better then he did yesterday and it reassured 7arith.
"la la shswait?" sitting on the bar stool sipping on some orange juice
"machous" flashing him a smile and placing a plate full of rice and meet
in front of 7arith.
"7aroth please I dont wanna talk about
"ishrayik tyey bait yady 5ala9 il bait
"wain yady??" turki was surprised at this news
"bgolick shay bs ma7ad yadry" he put his spoon down and turned around to face Turki "yady mitzawaj o ehya 7amel"
"NA3AM??" Turki was infuriated "minoo
ehya??" his mind was racing
"wa7da ismha saja il-"
Turki stormed into his bedroom changed and headed to his grandfathers company.
"so?" jana asked anxiously
"so shino?" completely ignoring her cousin and focusing on the road.
"yal kalba you know what I mean" she knew her cousin was doing this on purpose
"nothing, 3dee he
came we talked he left as usual no byes, no number exchange o no nothing o
b3dain im leaving in a few days ma3a baba o mama to France then we come back o
2 weeks till the wedding and you know its going to be crazy busy o b3dain b3d
il 3rs baba gal bnrou7 Miami because he needs to be there for the hotel" Joury usually blabbed on when she was scared or nervous.

"7yatie, take a
deep breath everything is going to be okay" Joury parked on the side highway, covered her face with her
hand and cried.
and cried.
Jana knew she needed to get this out of her system, so she just watched her "swap with me"
Jana drove the car
around until Joury calmed down. They headed to Baskin Robbins for ice cream
then went back home.

Jana dropped Joury
home and headed to her house. She was fed up with 3bdul3ziz and his attitude
and no matter how many times she talked to him he didnt get it.
"il salam 3laikum" 3ziz walked in and kissed his fathers head
"3laikum il salam, shlonik yuba o shloun
jourytna?" he loved his daughter
in law
"haha zaina, chinik nisaitny?" pouring himself a cup of tea
"la walla yal
'3aly int 3youny ya 3ziz" His father loved his
son, and wanted him to be all he can be and he couldnt be any more proud of him
and his accomplishments.

"alah e5alek ly
yuba" the relationship
between 3ziz and his father was bigger and stronger than any normal
relationship between a father and son, it exceeded that.

"3ziz, yuba ana
adre inik ma tabey joury bs wala ya wldy ma ra7 tilga a7san minha ahala wilni3m
feehum wl bnt darsa o fahma o mashalah 3laiha wa9la o she is independent and
can rely on herself and you need to strong woman to take care over and help you
out you dont want a clingy woman who needs to be told what to do" 3ziz knew his father made sense, and he felt comfortable around
her but he hasnt really seen her. She is quiet when he is around, and never
tried to open up.
"adree yal '3aly wna b7u6ha b3youny yuba
"laa abek it7u6ha b3younik 3shanik int
3zizan ehya btkon om 3yalik"
"yuba 5ala9 int
lat7aty shay, 3n ithnik yuba ana banam it2merny ib shay?" standing up
"la yuba aby salamtik o ti9ba7 3la
3ziz went to bed with
his father's words ringing in his head. What he said was correct, but 3ziz
didnt want to hear it. there was less than a month left until the wedding.
"mabrook 3rosatna" Faris hugging his sister
"alah ebarik ib 7yatik il fal lik
faroos" looking over at Juwan
who instantly burned up
"i7m inshalah la7genich" wiggling his eye brow, Juwan ran out of the room
"faroos laish chithi itfashlha" smacking his shoulder
"mutry kaifi" sitting down with a wide smile
"b3dha ma 9arat
murtik ya 7beeby" she sat down next to
him "faroos" he knew she wanted something
"na3am ya shaikha aish tb'3ain?"
"aimta il milka?" looking down
"hahah b3d shahar mama galat 3shan
yamdekum itjahzoun"
Rsal stood up "aish shahar?" she stormed out
of the room and into the living room "mama
aish shar ma yamdena" her eyes tearing up
"hahah ila mama yamdy" pulling her daughter into a hug
"bs ana knt aby af9il my dress ma aby
ashtery jahiz" looking up at her
"6yb, lat5afy kil shay ra7 yjhaz"
Rsal, Ma2ab, Juwan and
their mother went shopping the next morning. They went every morning for 3
weeks until everything was ready. Rsal ordered a few things online for after
the wedding. But for their engagement everything was ready and the party was to
be held in their house since the basement was big enough.
"i7tirm nafsik Tarkan la tinsa iny
"yady mitzawaj
9a7bt 7fetha? la o mn '3air mat7alel itha il ib b6enha wldana wla laa" Turki was yelling at his grandfather, the one thing he didnt
expect was a slap on his face from the one man he admired.
The one man he loved.
"togaf ma3a hal
ga7ba? TOGAF MA3AHA WT-HDNA?" he stormed out of the
house and into his car and drove away to his apartment.

"7moody 7beebty
malik shu'3ul fee, ta3al shouf il baby is kicking" He sat down next to his wife and placed his hand on her growing
"judey" 7arith called out for njude as he stepped into her room. She
has been staying at her grandfather's house since her father banned her from
his house. Of course he sided with his nephew.
"hala 7yatie" she stepped out of the bathroom in her robe with her wet hair
"a555 intay gd hal 7araka" he closed the gap between them with a naughty look
"7arooth my9er
ana bl 3ida" He completely ignored
him kissing her neck "bs inty
7alaly" untying her robe

"ee adree bs
still baby" she couldnt help but
surrender to his touch, she has been longing for him for so long.

He took his shirt off,
exposing his ripped body. She was standing completely naked in front of him he
stood there admiring her curvy body while she glowed with embarrassment.
She walked over to him unbuttoning his jeans while she looked into his lazy
sexy eyes.
He placed both hands
on her ass carrying her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He started
sucking on her neck while she ran her hands through his hair inhaling in his
The scent she loved.
The scent that drove her insane.
His scent.
"wala 7qeer, i3tida 3laiha o 6alagha?" as she chewed on her oatmeal cookie
"shftay shloun walla mo rayal hatha whwa
wld 3mha" eating his chocolate
chip cookie
"a9lan mn il awal
mafrou'6 7arith ya5th-ha bs yadik allah ehady" she forgot that no one knew
"7arooth shako?" '3aith asked with quizzical eyes
"awal ma tizawjna
njude told me inha it7ib 7arith o hm uhwa kan e7ibha o lmn kalam yadik gal la
because of her father o the whole money situation" taking a big gulp of her milk

"la walla? ma knt adree! 7arooth laish ma galy?" '3aith has been distant from his cousins since he found out
that Falak was pregnant he has been by her side especially since the doctor
ordered her on bed rest because her body was so petite.
"ma aby
anzil" Rsal was pacing
across her room, she was nervous. It was her engagement party and even though
she already saw Lyth when the shai5 came now he was going to see her all
glammed up.
"laish bala" ma2ab sat her down trying to knock some sense in to her
"5yfa" tears filling her eyes
"rsool if you cry
I will smack you" thinking about the
hours it took to make her look gorgeous
"I wont cry bs 5yfa werent you
scared?" looking at herself in
the mirror
"babe, it7been Lyth?" Rsal just smiled
"then everything
will be okay I promise" hugging Rsal "bs enough before I start crying yala 7uby ana banzil and
ill come up when its time for you to come down okay?"
"okay mm Lyth bdish first 9a7?" her nerves were out of control
"yes 7yatie, calm down please"
Lyth: PING !!!
Rsal: hahah why do you have your phone?
Lyth: 5yfa?
Rsal: EE :$ you?
Lyth: UFFF inzain ill see you soon my dad is
giving me a look ;p
An hour later Juwan
came up to fetch Rsal. She was wearing a red strapless dress, that ruffled
around her waist hugging her curves. Her black hair was put up in a messy bun
with her bangs pulled back. Her gray eyes popped with her smokey make up.

She walked in keeping
her eyes on Lyth, he was her target. She completely ignored the guests and she
looked at him.
"mabrook rsool" kissing the crown of her head
"allah ebarik
feek" As much as he fought
it, he couldnt peel his eyes off her. He loved her, every stream in his body
called out for her, every heart beat was for her. He didnt see any girl, for
today he would forget everything that happened and think of Rsal as his wife.
"lyth?" he was openly staring at her
"hala?" thrilled that she is talking to him. He was glued to her "lyth la7ig 3la murtik" ma2ab told him as she sat down next to Rsal for a picture.
"yala yala" carrying her into the bathroom
"maby wala ta3bana" whining
"falook lazem ya 7beebty emshay" turning the shower on and taking her clothes off
"inzain ib shar6" untying her hair
She moved close to him "you shower with
"afa 3laich" quickly taking his shirt off. Falak had a doctor's appointment
and was being difficult but '3aith was worried she was not eating right, and
just sleeping her day away and he wanted the doctor to tell her how bad that is
for her health.
Njude woke up with a
heavy heart, she didnt want to sleep with 7arit but he was so persistent. She
turned to her side and saw him sleeping next to her and she couldnt help but
smile. this was the man she loved, even if he doesnt end up marrying her she
got what she always longed for from him.

She ran her fingers
across his lips, and he slowly planted a loving kiss on her fingers then pulled
her closer to him.
"9ba7 il 5air" kissing her neck
"9ba7 il nour" closing her eyes to enjoy his warmth
"im hungry"
"haha me too,
yala goumay lets shower o ni6la3"
forgetting she shouldnt be leaving the house. She turned around to face him
with her sad eyes "sorry 7yatie
nisait 5ala9 ana arou7 ayeblna ily tabena o aridlich okay?" placing his lips on hers
"juwanty" Faris called out for her from the upstairs living room. She ran
over to him excited to see him forgetting she was not covered up. He couldnt
take his eyes off her.

"Faris, dont look
at me like that" trying to head into
Rsal's room, but his hands were faster he pulled her into his arms and hugged
her "shfeech mist7ya
intay murty" kissing her right
"farosy lail7en nothing is official" taking in his scent
"ya 7yat faroos
intay" They stood in each
others arms for what seemed like hours, before they were interrupted by Ma2ab.

"faroos youz 3n
juwana tw il nas 3laikum" pulling Juwan away
from him to say bye to Rsal since she was going out with Lyth.
Dialing Janoon
jana: make it short im busy
3ziz: busy for me now
jana: ee haha laa I joke ha wainik?
3ziz: mako im hungry wainich come with me
b6la3 ma3a 7mood
jana: 7MODY
3ziz: rayal, 6oul ib 3r'9 itgol 7mody
jana: kaifi, um well I
am picking up your wife and we are heading out to lunch wanna join?
3ziz: ee sure, wain ?
jana: Taal
3ziz: yala okay we will meet you there
janoon: babe
jourety: hala
janoon: your hubby is joining us
jourety: ok :D
Jana picked Joury up
and they headed to Taal for lunch. They always spent their bonding time over

The girls parked and
saw the men heading into the restaurant "ya
7ilo my cousins" Jana flirting with
her cousins. 3ziz completely ignored her and walked over to Joury "guwa" walking close to her.

"il 7imdillah
zaina inta shlonik? how is work?"
she was finally speaking which made him happy

"work is work,
7imdilah 3al salama inshalah 5al9tay kill shay?" opening the door for her
"ee I did" smiling to him
"bul shabab" 7mood called out "hey inta i7na
"7mood shtabe ana o murty ga3den insolif,
ila ta3al you remember joury 9a7?"
"ee intay kintay the chubby kid who always ate the cookies
9a7?" Joury couldnt believe
he would share something like that with 3ziz.
"7mood" jana smacked his shoulders
"ay its the truth, anyways mabrook!"
"alah ebarik feek, il fal lik
inshalah" sitting down next to
"so I guess ill
see you in 2 weeks?" 3ziz walked the girls
to their car. He saw a completely different side to her.
She joked.
She laughed.
She even teased.
"inshalah" looking up at him and smiling
"janoon drive
carefully a3rfich ma6foqa" lighting a cigarette
and walking away.

"yl3n omik
7ilwa" 7mood gave him a
naughty smile. 3ziz turned around to look at Joury who was looking at him at
the time "kl 5arak hathe
Lyth: wifey
Rsal: yes? ;p
Lyth: agolich shay
Rsal: goul
Lyth: I cant believe im married
Rsal: lool I know!
Lyth: inzain listen the mother is going home
furnishing shopping with you right?
Rsal: ee, arent you coming?
Lyth: laa intay chose 3la ra7tich
Rsal: mm, okay ....
Lyth: ok :D
5 months passed on our characters.
'9a7y and Ma2ab
settled in Rhode Island and were loving life together away from home and were
heading back home for Christmas since Rsal was having her weading.

Njude and 7arith had
their engagement party and opted a wedding. Their grandfather let them live in
his house since he was staying at Saja's.

The family found out
about his marriage and his sons and daughters havent talked to their father

Falak was well on her
way she just completed her 7th month and was loving her pregnant life. She
personally painted and decorated their sons room.

Turki has been laying
low. Keeping to himself. He still thinks he is going to die, but hasnt given up
on his life.
"turki" 7arith heard about Lyth and Rsal and has been pacing back and
forth with a million ideas.
"hala 7arooth"
"tadry ana knt
shak ib lyouth o rsal o shky kan ib mukana 3rs-hum next week" grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge
"ila 7arooth int laish hadait-ha?" turki causally asked
"na3am?" 7arith turned to him with fiery eyes
"shfeek a9m5? agolik laish hadait-ha?"
"shbe feha wnt jys-ha" clenching his fists
"haha o int
3balik iny jist-ha? laa ana knt abeeha bs ehya ma kant it7bny" inhaling in the nicotine

"tarkan int
shga3id itgoul" 7arith sat down in
front of Turki he couldnt believe the words he was hearing

"ya5ee I didnt
touch the girl, I brought her to the apartment because I thought I loved her
but she hated me so I just let her here for a day and thats when you walked
"int 3ndik galb? it7is?" standing up
"hahah wala ma atwq3" changing the change
"walla inik mo
rayal, wna il 7mar ily yetlik walla ink mo kafo" 7arith stormed out of the apartment, he knew this was the last
time he was going to see his cousin.
Incoming Call 7arith
rsal: na3am?
7arith: I need to talk to you
rsal: 7arith 5ala9 ma
baina shay ana im a married woman now and I dont think this is appropriate
7arith: rsool ana asif
rsal: okay 7arith all is forgiven 5ala9 please
just dont call anymore
7arith: inshalah allah ewfgich ma3a Lyth walla
ina ryal o he will make you happy
Rsal: juwany :s
Juwana: hala 7yatie?
Rsal: he just called me
Juwana: shyabe?
Rsal: he apologized
Juwana: 5al ya7lif bs yaylich almost 7 months
later apologizing!
Rsal: mo hamny anyways he married his cousin
Juwan: kafwa maskeena walla they are fucked up
family all psychos!
"7moody, 7moody il7ag 3ly bmout" Saja was woke up screaming
7bebty?" he was worried, her
screams were not normal. He quickly got up and wore his dishdasha and with the
help of her brothers, whom were their neighbors, they carried her to the
2 hours later the doctor came out
"5air dictor? 6amny" He asked, something told him all was not well.
"ma adre shagolik"
"DICTOR" her brother yelled out
"il buga ib raskum, we couldnt save the
mother there was too much bleeding"
"BNTY" her mother shrieked as she fell to the floor crying.
"o il yahel?" they didnt know the sex of the child
"il 7imdilah il bnt mafeha shay"
He did lose his wife,
she was the only person who was by his side for the past 6 months. He abandoned
his family for her and now she was gone and he was left with a baby girl to
take care off.
For the first time in his life he didnt know what to do.
For the first time in his life he needed someone.
A few days later he
took his daughter back to his house, and by then everyone has heard about Saja.
"aby agolik shay
o ma abek it39eb okay" Falak and her big
belly were sitting on the couch next to '3aith. She has been thinking about
this the day she heard about Saja's death.

"okay 7beebty
golay" '3aith started
working with his brothers, they were opening a coffee shop based purely on
their designs. He was busy looking over possible menus.
"ana aby araby bnt il mar7ouma" she was scared of what she just said
"na3am?" '3aith looked up at her with cold eyes
"there is a chance she is your
"o there is a
huge change she isnt, falook ana ma ardlich 6lb bs what you are asking is too
much o please 9ikay il mw'9ou3"
he left the room, he was annoyed with his wife.
"my stomach is in knots" joury looked over at jana who was admiring her nails
"haa?" taking a sip of her lemonade
"agolich my stomach is in knots"
"why?" turning to face her cousin
"because I am
getting married tomorrow jana could you please keep up with me" Everything was set. Today she was getting pampered. She spent 2
hours in the salon getting poked, waked, cleaned and polished. Now she was
getting her nails done. Next was her hair therapy and trim, and lastly her
bridal massage a gift from her mother.

"okay bs you
should have gotten use to it by now, you have known him for what 4 months
now?" Joury looked down
with an ache in her heart. True he has been in her life for 4 months but she
has seen him 3 times.
Their engagement party.
Her art gallery opening.
The day they had their lunch.
That was it.
"i5lu9 shaklich
9ij mi3rs" 3ziz looked at his
newly shaved face. His perfectly trimmed goatie. His clean shaved beard, and
his neatly cut hair. He always had his hair short.
"il fal lik" grinning at him
"fal allah wla
falik" 7mood was your
typical selfish rich boy. All he cared about was cars and his friends.

"in ma 5lait 3my
yglub 3laik ma a6l3 wld oboy" they paid the barber
and hoped into 3ziz's car and drove off to their grandfather's duwanya for
their daily lunch.
"yuba 3zooz 5al9t shu'3luk?" his grandfather asked him
"ee yuba kil shay
jahiz inshalah bacher il fayer 6yartna" for a second, he wondered how joury was feeling. For a second
he wanted to hear her voice.

"laish 5alkum
cham youm b3dain ro7aw!" his father was
surprised with their flight arrangements

"la yuba ana
a9lan wayed mit25er o George ily wagef 3la ras-hum lazem arou7" pulling his phone he was waiting for an important email.
"MA2AB" Rsal literally ran to her sister the second she walked out into
the arrivals terminal "I missed
you" both ma2ab and rsal
were in tears
"I missed you too 7beebty shlonich?" ma2ab was wiping her tears
"zaina il7imdilah 3l salama" she said to both '9a7y and ma2ab
Rsal's wedding was in
a few days and Lyth was in Dubai with his father for work. She hasnt heard his
voice in a week but they bbmed constantly.
Ma2ab was spending the night at her house with her sister "bgolich shay"
Rsal was nibbling on an orange scone
"whats up" taking a gulp of her milk
"mm, ive known
Lyth for a long time now, and we have been officially married for 6 months now
o never has he said 7beebty, or baby aw I love you he hasnt even touched
me" rsal teared up
"ya 7yatie have you said those words to
him?" moving closer to her
"la" looking up to meet ma2ab's eyes
"but you love him right?" Rsal nodded "okay so did you
ever think ina he feels the same way about you bs since you havent said
anything, he hasnt?" she had a good point
"ee bs ..." rsal didnt know what to say
"mn '3air bs ma bugalkum shay o inshalah
he will shower you with attention"
"what if he isnt attracted to me?" snuggling under her blanket
"yi6l3 7mar" they both burst into laughter
"bs 5ala9 ma aby anzil" Rsal was in her wedding suite freaking out.
"haha shagoul 7g lyth?" ma2ab trying to calm her down
"tell him rsal
ran away, or just tell him to meet me here and 5ala9" she quickly realized the words she uttered and instantly turned
"oh, so you wanna skip all of this and
just take him to bed haa?"
"ya 7mara iff
5ala9 yala lets go down" Rsal stood up and
looked at herself one more time. She looked illuminating in her crisp white
lace dress. It was a simple dress that perfectly fit her body she didnt want
the big poofy dress.

Her mother and her
aunts met her at the entrance and they each recited prayers for her to succeed
in her life and in her marriage. Pictures were quickly taken until she heard
her cue. Other than her dress, it was a very traditional wedding.
The way she always wanted.
The way she always imagined.
The wedding was well
on its way and the moment everyone has been awaiting. Lyth was coming in. Rsal
covered her shoulders since all his family were coming in with him.

The big doors opened,
at first he was looking down nervously but something deep inside made him look
up and when he did, he saw an angel awaiting him at the end of the ballroom.
She was glowing in her white dress, and simple hairdo.
She was glowing like any girl in love.
"mabrook" he whispered to her as he lovingly kissed the crown of her head
"allah ebarik feek" she said with her shining eyes.
"il salam 3laikum
yuba" Falak managed to get
out of the house and headed to his grandfather's house.

"3laikum il salam
hala yuba hala falak twa ma nawr il bait" Falak kissed the crown of his head and sat down next to him.

"imnwr ib wjodik
yady, wainhy sadoma ma shfnaha?"
He picked up the phone and asked for the baby sister to bring in baby Sadeem.

"mashalah tbarak
il ra7man ityanin smilah 3laiah"
falak spooned her into her arms as she admired her tiny delicate features. She
knew she wanted this, she looked up at him he looked miserable. Lost. Out of
his element.

"yuba aby a6lb
minik 6alb aby a5ith sadoma 3ndina, aby arabeha ana ma buga shay 3la wiladty o
a5alha tshrab mn my milk 3shan itkoun bnty bl re'9a3a" Falak was in tears by now.
"falak bs hathy yimken mo bnt
"adree yuba, o hm
aby rabeha o itha 3la '3aith ana kalamta" she had to lie. He stood up and headed over to her and hugged
her with tears in her eyes "falak intay
nawarty 7yatna"
It was settled, baby sadeem was heading to Falak and '3aiths house where they
would raise her.
Rsal and Lyth headed up to their suite after they had dinner. Their flight was
in 2 days.
"Lyth can you
unzip my dress for me please" This was her way to
lure men in he thought to himself, she pulls the whole innocent act but she
wont fool me. He walked over to her slowly unzipping her gown, as much as he
fought it he loved her. Everything about her lured her in, but he kept
reminding himself what she did and quickly regains himself.

She headed into the
restroom to take a quick shower and change while he sat on the couch flipping
through the channels. As soon as she was done, he took a shower himself got
into his boxers and got into bed completely ignoring her "good night"
was all he said as he switched the bedside lamp off and went to sleep.
Rsal was shocked.
She couldnt move, as
much as she wanted to her brain completely froze. She didnt understand hi, he
has been cold but then again he was never flirty.
Is this how he was?
was this her husband?
She finally managed to
get into bed, and as much as she wanted to hold them back her tears betrayed
her and cried herself to sleep.
"yuma aby akalmich"
Tomorrow was her
wedding, Joury decided she was not going to fight it anymore. 3bdul3ziz was not
putting in the effort, so why should she spend hours thinking about him when it
was clear he didnt "sure mama"

her mother sat down
beside her on the couch as she poured herself a cup of lemon mint tea her
daughter always drank when she was nervous.

"mama adre intay
ma taben 3ziz bs wala ina he will make you happy mashalah 3laiha he is already
on his own feet and is responsible for his father's business"

"mama its okay
ana I am okay with the marriage, il 7imdilah mithel ma giltay uhwa rayal and we
know his family and I will be living in the same standard baba offered me if
not better"

"9a7 kalamich,
ana adre ina bnty 3agla 7beebty allah ewafgkum" hugging her daughter before she headed out.
"hello hello" jana joyfully welcomed her
"whats all of this?" looking at the bags Jana was carrying
"well, this darling is junk and ice
cream" grinning at her
"well bring on the ice cream, taben milk
or coffee?"
"milk of
course" Joury headed to the
kitchen to pour 2 cups of milk and she grabbed the chocolate chip cookies and
the oreos with her.
"bgolich shay" Jana had a guilty look on
"mm golay" crossing her legs
"7mood laish my7ibny?" pouting
Coughing "na3am??? 7MOOD
"ee fdaita uhwa o
karshita ily it shakes when he laughs" drifting off into her own fantasy
"wy3a since when?"
"um, well I think its just a crush" turning red
"since when?"
"4 years" hiding behind a pillow
"4 years o crush??" throwing a pillow at her
"anyways enough about me and more about you so you ready
for sex?" taking a long gulp of
her milk
aaah rsolty lo tadren bs how much I want to be
with you .... how much I love you .... bs shasawi .... I cant kl ma aby ajesich
I remember him .... I cant .... I just cant ......
Lyth finally was able
to call it a night, just as the sun began to rise. Rsal stayed completely still
on her side of the bed. Crying to herself.
"9ba7 il 5air" she whispered to him as he walked into the living room
"9ba7 il nour, shfeech?" as if he didnt know
"la salamik, do
you want to order breakfast aw bnrou7 3nd ahalik?" trying to keep her voice steady

"la inrou7 bait
ahaly 3shan itshoufen shuqatna"
They were going to be staying at his parents house since he had an apartment
built for them.

"okay ill get
ready now" she quietly stood up,
took a long shower to relax her nerves then got ready. Despite how her insides
were feeling she dressed up immaculately and faked a smile to show everyone she
was happy.
juwan: 7uby 9ba7ya imbarka ;p I think they say
that SOOO tell me :$
Rsal: loool I think
they do ma adree anyways ill fill you in tonight inshalah at my parents house
juwan: okay babe ;*
"ha jahza?" zipping his bag
"ee" Their over night bags were taken to the car, they checked out
and headed to his parents his house.

They drove over in
complete silence. Rsal was reading over her past conversations with Lyth, she
saved them all.
She missed her friend Lyth.
Joury woke up with an
upset stomach, she was not sick it just nerves. It was her wedding day, tonight
she was traveling with a complete stranger who is now in charge of her life. A
man she had to trust, respect and honor since she will be carrying his name.

morning" Jana's soft voice
traveled across the dark cold room. Jana headed over to the windows to open the
shutters "so as you know
we are on a schedule, and according to our planner the girls should be here any
second now for breakfast"
Just on cue, the door bell rang.
"how about you
brush your teeth and meet us downstairs okay" Jana left the room to welcome their cousins and friends for

Joury walked down the
stairs into the sun room to find her closest friends and cousins happy, as if
it were their wedding day. She welcomed them with a warm smile, as each one of
them stood up to hug her.
Their were tears, laughs, stories shared and of course a fabulous breakfast.
The girls each headed home leaving the bride to continue with her preparations.
First was the in home
steam bath and scrub. Then there was the hour bubble bath soak with mineral
salts and lemons. Then there was an hour relaxing in the massage chair. Then
the hour "nap." Then the fun started, they would head over to the hotel
for the hair stylist followed by the make up artist.

Joury's close cousins
and Jana of course were with her, and they turned the wedding preparations into
a mini party. Music blasting to calm Joury's nerves as they enjoyed their time
together before she had to head to the hotel to get ready.
Art and music were her life!
"9ba7 il
5air" '9a7y kissed Ma2ab's
neck. He spent the night with her at her parents house "a7is im the boyfriend that snuck into your parents
house" they both burst into
He hugged her close to him as he counted his blessings.
"yala goum lets
have breakfast ma3a my parents"
she was excited to be back home, she missed her room, her house. She loved her
in laws but there was nothing then being back in the house you were brought up
in, especially when they were heading back in 2 weeks.

"yala okay" they both headed into the bathroom for a quick shower, they got
dressed and walked down to the dining room where her parents were sitting.
"9ba7 il 5air" they greeted them
"9ba7 il nour"
"mama kalamtay
rsal?" ma2ab asked as she
poured a cup of warm cinnamon milk for both her and her husband
"la mama ma 7akait-ha 5fit itkon lisa
nyma" taking a bite of the
home made cheese pie
"after breakfast call them" their father said as he read the newspaper.
"7aroth 7beeby
yala goum ya galby warak dawam my9er tit25er ib awal youm" Njude knew 7arith was a heavy sleeper but he was given a new
responsibility and she didnt want him to be late
"bs shway judey" turning around and placing himself on top of her, which led her
into giggles
"yala 7arothy ma 9adgna 3la allah yady
re'6a 3na my9er you be late"
"ya mara lat7ineen il sharika ib ismna,
uhma yan6irona" kissing her neck
"adre bs ma aby
turki yo9al gablik" it was like an alarm
that went on, the second he heard Turki's name he stood up to get ready for his
first day of work with his grandfather.
"falak gomay
shofay ily ga3da tabche" '3aith was irritated
with Falak's choice of bringing baby sadeem into the house. He avoided her, he
told Falak to set up her things in the second bedroom because he didnt want to
see her and he hated the bond Falak formed with this baby.

"7beeby yebha ly
walla '9ahry ga3id e3werny ma feny 7ail" she was exhausted taking care of the baby and being 7 months
pregnant but what killed her the most was the lack of support from her husband.

'3aith knew how truly
tired she was, so he gritted his teeth and got up to attend to the crying baby.
He has never carried her until now, and the instant he did he felt a
connection. To carry such a tiny human who needs love, attention, and care.
Someone who is so reliant on others just gave him the shivers. He brought her
into the bedroom with her baby bottle and sat down on the bed next to Falak as
he fed her, he placed his thumb in her tiny hands and just watched her as she
slowly dozed off into her care free slumber.
"smilah 3laiha ityanin 9a7?" Falak had tears in her eyes
"ee I cant wait" looking up at her belly
"7beeby '3aith
adre its not easy bs abek you think of sadoma as our baby ma abek itfarig
bainha o bain our baby 3shany"

"inshalah" he kissed baby sadeems tiny pink cheek and watched her sleep in
his arms. He didnt go into work that day, he spent the day with his wife and new
daughter in bed.
"il salam 3laikum" Lyth and Rsal greeted his parents
"w 3laikum il
salam, tawa ma nwr il bait 7beebty rsal shlonich yuma?" hugging Rsal

"mnwr ib ahala
5alty ana ib 5air intay shlonich?"
kissing the crown of her head as she sat down in between her and her father in
law. She could tell they liked her.
"ha yuba shlonkum?" his father placing his arms around her shoulders
"nsaitw wldkum?" Lyth teased them
"la yuba bs rsal '3air" winking at her
Lyth watched his
parents shower Rsal with attention and it made him happy, but the second his
sister walked in he frowned. He was worried of what might happen.
"il salam" she coldly said
Rsal welcomed her with
a smile, but his sister completely ignored her and headed to her brother "mukanik imbayn lyth laish tizawajt" looking at Rsal

"yala imshaw we
have breakfast" his mother sat down
next to Rsal filling her plate up "intay wayed
'63efa" she complained
Rsal just ate quitely trying to ignore his sister's hateful stares.
"joury" her mother walked into the living room
"hala mama" joury was looking at her wedding gown. She was ready, all that
was left was for her to head to the hotel to wear her gown.

"yala mama
ri7na?" it was still early
but her mother had last minute things to check on, and Joury wanted to see the
ball room before the ceremony started.

Everything was
perfect. She wanted a traditional yet simple wedding, but it was clear just how
lavish the ceremony was going to be.
Dialing 3zizan
3ziz: janoooon
jana: rayi2 il mi3rs
3ziz: akeed ya3nee ilyoum 3rsy, ha wainich?
jana: ana bl bait brou7 il hotel b3d shway to check on
everything o hang out with jourety
3ziz: inseha 9arat jourety ana, inzain agdar
ayey aw its bad luck to see the bride
jana: haha um, laish shtabe feha?
3ziz: intay shako murty o kaifi
jana: laa 7beeby la7ig 3laiha let me spend
time with her alone min '3airik
3ziz: okay 3yal ana 6al3 at'3ada ma3a 7mood
jana: salem 3laih
3ziz: e9er 5air
Incoming Call Ma2aby
Rsal: ma2ab
ma2ab: mabrok ya 3rousa
Rsal: alah ebarik ib 7yatich I miss you
ma2ab: bl bait mita btyoun?
Rsal: dinner, we had breakfast here o al7en
brou7 ashouf shuqatna
ma2ab: mita btsafroun
Rsal: tomorrow inshalah
ma2ab: o wain ry7en?
Rsal: Cyprus
ma2ab: ooh nice inzain listen ana bamurich at
4 inrou7 il salon ok?
Rsal: ee 7yach
ma2ab: salmay 3ly 5altich I love her
rsal: yo9al, bye 7yatie
"5alty ma2ab itsalem 3laich" Rsal felt better after hearing her sister's voice.
"allah esalmha
mashalah 3laiha tid5al il 5a6ar allah ehaneha ma3a raylha" to hear someone, not anyone but your mother in law to praise
your sister is something that you will take with you.
"7beebty Rsal ta3aly ill show you our
apartment" Rsal couldnt believe
her ears
"3n ithnich 5alty" Rsal quietly followed Lyth down the hallway and up the stairs,
however she was surprised to see his sister leaning against their apartment
door. She eyed her then opened the door and pranced in like she owned the

Rsal did buy most of
the furniture but she was not the one to set it up since they had an interior
designer in charge of that. She loved her apartment, pictures and paintings
were hung, mirrors were placed to give the illusion of a bigger space, the
colorful subtle shades of paint everything just tied in perfectly.

"hey intay sm3eny
hathy your bedroom, il athath ily shariaty 76aina ehny o hathech '3urfat

"na3am?" Rsal was on a smooth ride enjoying her new apartment until she
was faced with a brick wall.
"aryam 5ala9 5alena" His sister stormed out of their apartment angry with her
"lyth?" Rsal was confused, they were sleeping in separate bedrooms? why?
"mithel ma sm3tay
Rsal ana bdish anamly shway o intay kaifich taben ti6l3n aw tg3den 3la ra7tich
o il bait baitich" he turned around and
headed into his room.

Rsal walked into her
bedroom and found the room she chose, the room she was thrilled to spend with
her husband and now, it just seemed dull regardless of the vibrant colors that
filled the room.

She walked into her
closet and found everything hung she had to pack tonight for their trip.
Everything looked perfect except for the way she was feeling.
She broke down in her closet crying quietly to herself.
"ana shsawait ... I dont deserve
this" she kept asking
"il salam
3laikum" Turki walked into his
grandfather's office to find 7arith having tea, he missed his cousin but he
knew he messed up.
"w 3laikum il salam" they both answered
"5ala9 yuba ana ast2thin" 7arith stood up and headed to his office
Dialing '3aith
'3aith: ha 7arooth
7arith: ya5e wainik 3na wala ma gmt a7is iny
3ndy 3yal 3m
'3aith: laa int mn tizawajt wint lahy ma3a
7arith: shnsawi b3d int shlonik o shloun
sadoma walla wlhana 3laiha
'3aith: 7yakum 3ndina il 3sha il laila
7arith: 5ala9 okay
Compose message
judey tonight 3sha 3nd '3aith
okay 7beeby il make chocolate fudge cake adre
Falak loves it ;p
baby" '3aith was in his
office looking over the final menu. She waddled into his office, even though
she was exhausted she was glowing. He stood up admiring her and pulled her into
his arms hugging her tightly
"tadren a7ibich"
"mo ib kaifik a9lan" she teased him
"7yatie 7aroth o
njude byoun 3ndna for dinner what should we bring?" sitting her down on his lap
"laish 7beeby a5aly baitna eswoun
3sha" running her fingers
through his growing hair
"la laish we will just place an order
arya7, wain dalo3ty?"
"nyma dalo3tik" hugging him
"mm shrayich we take a nap of our
own" giving her his cheeky
"baby ma feny
7ail shouf ba6ny" before she even
finished her sentence he carried up into their bedroom.
"ma2aby" '9a7y called out for her from the changing room
"hala 7yatie" she walked into the room holding a mug of hot chocolate
"ana brou7 il duwanya shway mita btro7en
il 9alon?"
"mm 3l arb3 im picking up rsol o
bnrou7" taking a sip of the
rich hot chocolate
"5ala9 tabeny awadekum?" wearing his hoodi
"la 7beeby a5af nit25ar 3laik"
"okay ana ray7
itha teben shay call me" she walked down with
him to the back door that led to the garage. Her mother was in the garden
setting up the tables with the caterers "yuma
'9a7y" she called out to him
"hala 3mity"
"Faris 7ka m3k 3n il 3sha?"
"ee 3mity ana gltla nan6er lain il kil
yo9al a7san"
"6yb a7san ktha" she headed back to work
"yuma" Faris called out
"hala mama" sitting down
"yuma Juwana o ahalha beyoun il
laila?" like he didnt know
"ee akeed mama
laih?" he sat down next to
her "abech ta56ubenha
ly" smiling to his
mother. His mother knew there was something going on between them but she didnt
realize he was serious
"inshalah a7aky obok"
Lyth tossed and turned
in bed thinking about Rsal, he wanted to go to her, he wanted to sleep next to
her, he wanted to hug her. After two hours he walked out into the living room
to find Rsal sitting on the counter sipping on her green tea, she looked so
"ma 6il3tay?" he asked waking her up from her daydream
"um, la nizalt
3nd 5alty bs ra7at il salon ma3a 3mitik" she paused "taby chai? aw
something to eat?"

"ee walla aby
chai" he sat down on the
bar stool as she stood up to boil the water " I made scones I dont know if you like them" she placed the plate in front of him
"you can cook?" taking a bite
"haha not cook but I love baking" pouring the boiling water into his mug
"mashkoura" accidentally touching her hand "sorry" he quickly said
She could feel her
tears forming, so she quickly headed into her bedroom locking the door behind
her as she threw herself into bed.
Lyth cursed himself. He got dressed and headed out.
Everything was set.
Joury's hair and make up was done. She was in her gown and all that was left
was for her to to wait until she would make her way downstairs.

An hour later Jana
showed up to help her down. Once again she found herself behind the wooden
door, this time she was alone. She wanted to walk in and surprise everyone her
mother didnt even see her.

She could feel her
heart bursting in her rib cage, her palms were sweaty, she wanted to run up and
into her PJ and just curl under her blanket with a warm cup of milk.
The doors opened before she managed to escape.
Her mother approached
her to help her but Joury couldnt help it she hugged her mother tightly "mama ma aby arou7 ma aby ahidich walla a7ibich"
"mama I love you too but 3ziz is your
husband ya mama" wiping her tears
Joury just sat down with no words.
3bdul3ziz walked in
looking handsome as ever. As much as she fought it she couldnt take her eyes
off him "ya bnt 5ifay
3laih" jama whispered making
joury looking down.

3ziz kissed the crown
of her head, and stood close to her as they were congratulated and after the
endless picture taking they were left alone. He moved closer to her slipping
his hands into hers, he leaned over and whispered "dance for me"

She looked up into his
eyes, she couldnt look away and she was slowly leaning towards him and if
werent for Jana's words stopping them, who knows what would have happened "bul shabab wain ga3id la tinsa nafsik"
Joury looked away quickly, she couldnt believe what she was about to do.
They cut the cake, had dinner then headed up to their room. She
was nervous and scared but mostly she was worried that she wouldnt be able to
restrain herself because being around him, he just numbed her
Incoming Call Ma2aby
rsal: hala 7uby
ma2ab: ana bara
rsal: yala coming
Rsal gathering her belongings and headed downstairs "5alty ana 6al3a it2merny 3la shay"
"intay wain 6al3a? o Lyth yadry?" his stuck up sister bombarded her
"malich shu'3ul,
alah ma3ach rsal" Rsal fought back the
urge to cry and headed out to her sister.
"shfeech 7uby?" ma2ab picked up on her sisters uneasiness
"i5ta itgith!" was all she said
Rsal: ana ry7a il salon ma3a ma2ab are we
going together tonight?
Lyth: okay and yeah akeed
Rsal: ill see you at home
Incoming Call Takran
7arith: na3am
turki: aby a3rf lay mita 7alna chithi?
7arith: is2al nafsik
turki: 5ala9 insa ily fat int al7en mitzawaj
njude shako ga3d itfaker ib rsal
7arith: mino galik
ga3id afaker feha? this is not about her Turki int mnt 7as bly sawaita int
3ndik kil ily 9ar 3dee
turki: ma 9ar shay 7arooth min mita in5aly
banat efargoun baina
7arith: turki int wld 3my o 3la 3ainy o rasy
bs i7na ma ngdar nrja3 mithel ma kina
turki: sam7eny ya wld 3my, ana msafer maly
ga3da ehny
With that Turki left
his family and settled in Lebnan where he had a little coffee shop open for his
income and ended up marrying a Lebanese woman.
7arith and Njude headed
over to '3aith's house for dinner. Njude always liked Falak and was at ease
around her. 7arith and '3aith have always had a different relationship outside
of their cousins.

7arith was holding
baby Sadeem in his arms as she slept "she
is adorable 9a7?" smiling down at
Sadeem. 7arith looked up at Njude and said
"I want one"
"9ij?" Njude wanted a baby from the love of her life, her husband, her
"ee judey" kissing the crown of her head.
7arith told '3aith
about Turki and the choice he had made, and as much as '3aith didnt want his
cousin to leave and as much as he loved his cousin Turki always put himself
first, ever since they were young he was always selfish.
"juuuuj" Rsal ran over to Juwana as soon as they parked in front of the
salon. They were both in tears.
"laish il tears?" ma2ab asked
"I missed her" juwan wiping her tears
"ya mama tawha mitzawja midach?" shoving them up the stairs
"ee shtaben"
The girls had their
hair done and headed home, while Juwan headed to her house to get ready for
tonight's dinner for the newly weds.

Rsal sat down with her
father in law and had a cup of tea with him as Rayam, lyth's sister, watched
her like a hawk "3n ithnik

She excused herself to
her apartment and was surprised to find Lyth standing in the kitchen in nothing
but his boxers "il salam
3laikum" looking away from

"w 3laikum il
salam" pouring himself some
more milk "ta3ly yebt
kunafa" sitting down on the
couch. Even though Rsal did not want to eat, she sat down next to him "it7ib il kunafa?" she was learning new things about him

"ooh agdar a3esh
3l kunafa" she watched him as he
enjoyed a bite of the sweet cheesy kunafa "mita
tabena inrou7 bait 3my?" he asked her
"mm 3l 7?" getting comfortable since it still was early
"okay" he sat back on the couch saying nothing as they watched tv. Her
mind was elsewhere, she was trying to keep her eyes away from his perfectly
built body.
"taby sandwich?" she needed to leave his side to think straight
Their apartment phone rang and before he could answer her he picked up the
Lyth: aloo
rayam: ma taboun tit'3doun?
Lyth: ugh shino '3adakum?
rayam: im6abag
Lyth: ee yala nazleen
rayam: ta3al mn '3air il 7mara
Lyth: rayam
rayam: amout w3rif laish it7ibha
Lyth: kana nazlen
"nanzil nit'3da?" he asked her as he headed into his room to change
"ee walla
yo3ana" They walked into the
dining room, Rsal sat down next to her mother in law as she piled on the rice
into her plate. Lyth noticed she wasnt eating any fish, he took a piece of fish
removing all the bones and placed it on her plate. She just smiled to him.
"3ishtaw il madam mat3rif it7u6laha
"ya bnt" her father yield
Rsal didnt understand why she hated her, what did she do to her.
Joury took off her big
wedding gown and wore a simpler white dress, then both her and 3ziz walked back
down to the ballroom to join the rest of their family. She danced with her
cousins, as he admired her.
He goofed around with his cousins as she watched him.
"3ziz yuma mita
6yartkum?" her mother asked
hugging her daughter who was sitting on her lap, Joury felt like a 4 year old
but she loved it.

3ziz on the other hand
couldnt take his eyes off his innocent looking wife "6 lazem inkoun bl ma6ar"
"ma awa9ek 3la bnty" looking up at her daughter whose eyes were teary
"joury b3youny
3mity" Joury looked up at
him, and once again they had a moment. With his head he ushered her to come sit
next to him, and like a well trained dog she left her mother's loving lap and
sat down next to him, closer than she wanted but the chair was made for one.

"tadren inich
7ilwa?" he asked as he played
with a lose strand of hair, her cheeks instantly turned a deep shade of red "o ily e7alech akther the way you light up lmn
tist7en" he whispered into her
ears instantly giving her a shiver.

He slipped his hand
into hers and continued enjoying his time with their family. He didnt let her
leave his side, even when the girls begged him all he would say was "murty o kaifi"

At 3 they said their
goodbyes and headed up to change and gather their things before heading to the
Lyth acted like the
perfect husband in front of their families, and to be honest he wasnt acting he
let go of everything and acted the way he wanted. He loved her, so it was not

Rsal on the other hand was on cloud 9, she didnt leave his side.
She plated his food, she filled his drink, she laughed at his joke. She wanted
his warmth. She wanted his love.
She wanted him, her husband.
Lyth and Rsal drove home in silence.
"lyth 3de we postpone safratna until
ma2ab leaves I want to spend time with her" she was looking out her window.

"ee akeed, ana
a9lan 2jalt il safra o knt baglich"
He wanted her to spend time with her sister, especially since he knew how
things were between them before.

"thank you" she turned to look at him, she admired his features she wanted
to reach over and just touch him, hold him. She knew her tears would give her
away so she quickly looked away.

Lyth wanted to talk to
her the way they did before. He wanted to tell her he loved her, he missed her.
He wanted her to know just how beautiful he thought she was.
How he loved her respect to his family, even his rude sister.
They arrived 10
minutes later and headed to their apartment "taby asawelik chai?" she enjoyed some herbal tea before bed.
"ee please" he mentioned to her once he was a big tea drinker and she never
forgot that.
He headed into his
room wore his PJ pants and a t-shirt, grabbed his laptop and headed out into
the living room.

Rsal had the tray set
on the coffee table, she told him the brown thermos was his tea, while the
white one was hers. She headed into her bedroom took a quick shower to calm her
nerves, wore her PJ and sat down on the couch next to him.

Her heart ached her to
be close to him, but so distant. What was she suppose to say? What was she
suppose to do.
Ma2aby: rsoolty shgal lyth?
Rsal: he already postponed it :D
Ma2aby: YAAAY :$
10 minutes later
Ma2aby: intay mo 3jbatny :(
Rsal: shagolich ma2ab ana ta3bana
Ma2aby: mn shino 7yatie?
Rsal: mn Lyth ma adre
shfee, he wont talk to me, he wont look at me we dont even sleep in the same
bedroom :s
Ma2aby: did you talk to him?
"mino ga3da itkalmen?" his voice intercepted her thoughts
"ma2ab" she managed to say with a smile
"aha" was all he said, he then stood up "t9b7en 3la 5air"
headed to his room closing the door after him.

Rsal: I will inshalah,
anyways 7uby ana banam im exhausted, are we still doing breakfast with Faris o
juj tomorrow?
Ma2aby: yup inshalah, call me as soon as you wake up! I love you
Rsal: I love you too :*
Rsal stood in front of
his door, with one hand on the handle. She wanted to open the door and lay down
next to him. She wanted to hear his voice before she slept, to wake up and see his
She wanted her husband.
"ha do you have
everything?" 3ziz asked as he
looked around the room making sure they havent forgotten anything.

"ee I checked o
double checked" even though she was
in her track suite she looked breath taking, 3ziz found it hard to concentrate
but he didnt want to do something that might affect their relationship.

mishaina?" they checked out of
the hotel and headed to the airport with his driver. They already said their
goodbyes to their family.

They checked in and
headed to the lounge after grabbing some coffee. She was busy reading her book
while he was working on something.

"jourey shofay
shrayich with this design or this design for the hotel cafeteria?" she leaned closer to him to look at the 2 photos that were in
his hand.

"shouf if the
cafertia is getting a lot of the sun light in the morning I would go for the
the first one, but if its located inside then definitely the second one" she looked up at him and gave him a smile, she was thrilled he
wanted her opinion in his hotel.

She could tell he was
hesitant "3ziz, laish
mist3yel lmn no9al inshalah you can look at it o decide" this was a major project for him, and his competitors wanted
him to fail and she didnt want that.
"okay, 3shan you help me" he put everything in a file and into his
laptop bag, then excused himself to smoke.
She curled up on the
couch and looked around at the people. A few minutes later 3ziz sat down next
to her, resting his head on the couch
"ta3ban?" she asked him
"ee walla" he turned to look at her with his head still resting on the
backside of the couch
"nam bl 6yara" she was exhausted
"yeah ma taben taklen aw tshrben
"bgoum ashtery
chocolates ill get something shino taby?" pulling her wallet out of her bag

"rday bokich hach
karty o aby snack o twix o cold water" he closed his eyes as she left. She walked around picking out
the chocolates she wanted, and the ones he asked for she thank bought 2 bottles
of water and a fruit punch Snapple for her then headed back to him to find him
'9a7y and Ma2ab were
sitting with Faris in the garden enjoying a cup of tea, ma2ab was tired but she
wanted to spend time with her brother. She placed her head on '9a7y's chest as
they talked and before she knew it she fell asleep.
"tara namat" Faris told '9a7y
ashelha" '9a7y wrapped his
arms around her carrying her up into her bedroom, just as he was about to place
her under the covers she pulled him down to her kissing his neck.
"3baly nimtay" looking into her eyes
"knt nyma but I couldnt resist you" she gave him a naughty smile
"laa, you have to
seduce me yalla" he got up from her
and layed down on his back, she quickly sat down on top of him and lifted his
shirt to plant kissed on his abs.
2 months passed by
'9a7y and Rsal started their second semester.
Faris's parents talked
to Juwan's parents and she has been reserved for him, she had a semester left
before she graduated, and by then Ma2ab would be back for the summer and that
was when they would have both their engagement and wedding party.
Turki would call every once in a while to check on his grandfather and family.
7arith was slowly taking over his grandfathers company.
Falak gave birth to a
healthy baby boy, Bader. Falak was exhausted she was taking care of both a 3
month old baby girl and her new born baby. She was staying at her parents house
where her mothers and sisters were helping her. '3aith did not leave her side,
even when guests came to see her he would be in the other room waiting for her
or cradling Sadeem.

'9a7y and Ma2ab were
enjoying their time together away from their families. They got to know each
other in a different way and that only brought them closer.
Njude was finally able to get pregnant, and 7arith was just elated.
Lyth and Rsal's
relationship remained the same, even on their honeymoon he slept in the same
bed but never touched her. They went out, they had fun but when it came down to
their alone moments it was just awkward.
She knew something was wrong but she just couldnt ask him, what would he think?
Nothing was different
between 3ziz and Joury. He slept in one bedroom and she slept in another. He
would wake up at 8 to find breakfast ready for him. He would arrive back home
at 4 to find lunch ready for him. She would wake him up at 7 after his nap
where they went out for dinner or shopping or to watch a movie.

It felt like she was
on a trip with a friend and not her husband yet she loved being around him and
cooking for her. She enjoyed cooking in general, and cooking for him was not a
chore despite what 3ziz kept asking her.

3ziz on the other hand
was warming up to Joury, he was slowly finding out more about her and her
kindness just blew him away. Joury was slowly falling for this man. They were
spending time talking and getting to know each other, nothing physical was
happening between them, strange as it might seem, it actually was working well
for them.
Lyth and Rsal have
been married for almost 5 months now. She started working recently, which she
enjoyed because she met new people, it also meant more time spent away from
home, from Lyth and his sister.
Rsal: im working late tongiht, dont wait for
me for lunch
Lyth: ayeblich lunch?
Rsal: um, la its okay ill just order something
Lyth: okay
"wain murtik?" Rayam asked Lyth as he made his way into the living room.
"work" was all he said
"akeed?" all it took was one word from her to light the fire within him.
He got up grabbed his keys, phone and wallet and headed to her work place but
he first picked up food for them. He made his way up to her floor and into her
work area, he found her sitting, legs up on the desk, heels off reading an
article she had to proof read. She had her hair down which has grown, and was
biting on her pen.

He stood there
watching her. He loved her, he adored her she was his life and more than
anything he wanted to be with her.

She felt a set of eyes
watching her, and when she turned around she saw him standing there smiling
down to her. She automatically got up from her chair and hugged him. She didnt
know why she did, but she just needed him.
He put down the bag of food and hugged her tightly.
"yebtlich food" playing with her hair
"im starving, did
you eat?" looking up at him. He
just shook his head. He felt stupid for doubting her, she wouldnt cheat on him
and what happened with Turki was a long time ago. He needed to get over it.

"yala ta3al" she sat him down on her chair and brought another chair and
they ate their lunch together. She loved spending time alone with him away from
their home.

"emshay inrou7
nitmasha and we will get you ice cream you can finish your work bl bait
right?" standing up to throw
away their garbage

"yup" with a huge smile on her face. She slipped her heels on gathered
her belongings and headed out with him.

At 8 they arrived home
"il salam 3laikum" they both said welcoming his parents and his sisters.
"w 3laikum il salam" they answered
Lyth and Rsal joined
them for some tea and cake and at 9:30 headed up to their apartment. Rayam
noticed something different on her brother and wanted to talk to him. She
headed up to their apartment and knocked on their door and was welcomed by
"hala rayoom 7yach"
"wain murtik?" looking around the living room
"rsal is taking a shower shfeech?" closing the door after her
"int ily shfeek?
sh9ayar? nisait ily 9ar o sama7t-ha?"
she was trying to maintain her tone of voice she didnt want Rsal to hear her.
But she was wrong, Rsal was listening to their conversation. She didnt mean to,
but she couldnt help it.
"la ma nisait, bs aby ansa 5ala9 ehya
murty" looking down
"bs 6algha, its
been 5 months now mala da3y im5aleha 3la thimitik winta you wont touch her, o
b3dain il 9ara7a ana abek 7g bnt 3my"
sitting back comfortably
"e9er 5air rayam" he didnt know what to say
"shino e9er 5air,
Lyth ehya mo bnt ya3ne rayal jas-ha gablik shloun it7ibha?" she stood up annoyed with her brother. She left the apartment
before without listening to him.

Rsal couldnt take it,
her husband thought she was not a virgin? how? why? and before she could call
out for him, to confront him she was out cold on the floor.
3ziz woke up, it was
Saturday which meant he didnt have to go to work. He was exhausted, he just
wanted to spend some quality time with his wife. He stepped out of his room
expecting to find her in the kitchen, or in the dining room.
"joury" he called out from the bottom of the stairs that led to the
No answer.
He knocked on her door
and heard nothing. He walked into her room to find her under her covers, she
didnt look well.

"joury?" he whispered not wanting to scare her. She opened her eyes
slowly to find 3ziz in front of her, and the second she saw him she started

He pulled her into his
chest as she poured her heart out, she was very warm he knew she was sick it
showed. He helped her get up, wash up and get dressed then took her to the

She caught a mild
virus, so they hooked her up to the IV before they discharged her. He took her
home into her bedroom, which was the main bedroom, he bought her some soup so
she could take her medicine.

He fed her, gave her
medicine, turned the tv on and snuggled down next to her. She moved closer to
him, rested her head on his chest and before she knew it she drifted off to

3ziz placed her
comfortably on the pillow as he watched her he couldnt help himself, he leaned
in and placed his lips onto hers. He moved away fearing his action had woken
her up, but she was still asleep.

He leaned in once again, this time keep his lips longer. He
layed down next to her just watching her. He didnt sleep, he just watched her.
Joury woke up a few
hours later to find a set of eyes watching her. He smiled to her and leaned in
to place yet another kiss on her dry lips. Joury couldnt believe it, she did
nothing she was just enjoying his warm lips on hers.
He moved away pulling her onto his chest as he stroked her hair.
She fell asleep in his
arms, with her heart pounding with ecstasy. She hugged him tightly as if
worried he might leave her.
Rsal woke up with the
worst headache she looked around and found her mother and father in the room "mama"
"7beebty 7imdilah 3la salamtik" her mother covered her with kisses.
"babe, aby arid
il bait" everything came back
to her, Lyth's conversation with his sister kept ringing in her head
"inshalah baba lyth bara al7en
"LAA baba please
aby arid baitna please baba" just like that she
fell into a frenzy of nonstop tears

"bismilah 3laiki
mama" her mother quickly
moved to her side hugging her, Lyth came in the room worried about his wife.
"rsoolty 7beebty shfeech?"
"mama please aby
arid baitna mama please" she kept pleading
them, and her parents thought there might have been a misunderstanding between

"5ala9 3my 5aloha itrid ma3akum tirta7 cham youm" Lyth was looking down, he knew that Rsal would break down one
day because of his dry treatment.
Little did he know what she heard.
Rsal was discharged
and headed to her parents house. She was back in her room, somewhere she didnt
want to leave.
Not anytime soon.
"rsool" Faris walked into her room, the second she saw him she threw
herself in his lap and cried. He stroked her hair in an attempt to comfort her.
She fell asleep in his lap, he laid her into bed, switched the lights out and
headed to his room where he called Juwan.
Dialing Juwan
Juwan: faroosy
Faris: hala 7yatie
Juwan: shloun rsoolty?
Faris: ma adree, juwana ana 7as fee shay do
you know anything?
Juwan: honestly things
are not great bainha o bain Lyth he is very dry ma3aha o you know how sensitive
Rsal is fa maybe she couldnt take it
Faris: but I thought he loved her
Juwan: he does but I
guess he has trouble showing his love ma adre Faris 7beeby dont get in the
middle of it let them sole their issues
Faris: bs ehya i5ty
Juwan: o uhwa raylha
7beeby would you like it lo a7ad yida5al ib our matters in the future
Faris: mita hal future eyey o itkonen yamy my
room is lonely
Juwan: bdaina bl
3yara, ma buga shay 7yatie less than 2 months o ma2an will be here inshalah

Faris: inshalah ,
5ala9 7beebty ana banam I have work in the morning can you wake me up please
Juwan: akeed 7beeby, t9ba7 3la 5air
Faris: wintay mn ahla 7yatie
Lyth: Rsal
10 minutes later
Lyth: I miss you
10 minutes later
Lyth: Rsal walla iny a7ibich im so sorry
Dialing Lyth
Lyth: rsoolty
Lyth: baby dont cry please
Rsal: lyth
Lyth: 3youny, galby, 7yatie
Rsal: I want a divorce
Lyth: ...........
Rsal: please 5ala9 i7na we dont work together
Lyth: you are giving up so quickly
Rsal: Lyth we have
been married for almost 5 months now, we dont even sleep in the same room trust
me we have issues o its clear you dont want me, your not attracted to me so
5ala9 laish the heart ache ana I cant take it anymore .
Lyth: you dont love me?
*crying* I do love you but you
Lyth: I do Rsal, but ...
Rsal: listen lyth 5ala9 ana ma feny please
6algny 3shan you marry your .....
Lyth: marry mino?
Rsal: bnt 3mik
Rsal shut the phone in
his face buried her face in her pillow as she cried once again. She ignored
each and every phone call and message from Lyth.
Incoming Call Rsoolty
ma2ab: 7yatie
ma2ab: rsal shfeech??
rsal: you know why he hasnt touched me ma2ab
ma2ab: laish?
rsal: he thinks im not a virgin, NOT A VIRGIN
ma2ab: what the fuck, o mn wain inshalah he
came up with that conclusion
rsal: ma adree walla ma adree yimken mn ...
ma2ab: mn mino rsal?
rsal: mn 7arith
ma2ab: mino 7arith
Rsal told Ma2ab
everything, and they both came to the conclusion that 7arith was the one who
lied and told Lyth she was not a virgin, and that was why Lyth and 7arith are
no longer friend.

ma2ab: the second I
land to il kuwait I am marching over to his house and SERIOUSLY injuring him so
he will never ever bring kids again
rsal: hahaha laaa 7beeby
ma2ab: o hm idaf3en 3na
rsal: shasawi ma2aby amout feeh
ma2ab: ya 7yatie intay
walla I dont know what to tell you I wish I was there for you

rsal: dont think of me,
intaw shlonkum? shloun your classes? ma buga shay 3la finals right
ma2ab: ee im so worried o '9a7y is so stressed
rsal: good luck
7beebty dont worry give him a night he wont forget to de-stress him hahaha
ma2ab: you really need to get laid
rsal: rub it why dont you
ma2ab: sorry
rsal: ligaitay dress 7g il milcha wl3rs?
ma2ab: ee ligait a
dress 7g il milcha o fee dress myta abeh bs '9a7y needs some more um persuading
rsal: hey if anyone can do it its you
ma2ab: I know, you?
rsal: yeah bs its getting altered
ma2ab: zain, 7yatie I have class I need to get
ready ill call you awal ma a5al9 ok
rsal: okay 7uby, salmay 3la '9a7y
ma2ab: yo9al inshalah keep your head up he
isnt worth it
rsal: alah kareem inshalah, bye
ma2ab: I love you, bye
Joury woke up with the
biggest smile, 3ziz was next to her but she could smell the french toast. she
got up and took a quick shower, got dressed and headed up to the kitchen to
find 3ziz in nothing but his boxers struggling with the juicer.
She hugged him from behind as she planted kisses on his bare back "good morning"
He turned her around hugging her tightly "good
morning, how are you feeling?"
"much better il 7imdilah but im
starving" looking at the food
"yala gi3day ill
fix you a plate" she sat down on the
bar and watched him, there was nothing sexier than a man cooking.
"its finally quiet" '3aith was laying down next to Falak who looked exhausted
"shh dont curse it" smiling
"a7ibik" just as she was about to plant a kiss on his lips, bader cried
out for his mother. '3aith stood up and brought him over to Falak to breast
feed him. A few moments later Sadeem started crying.

'3aith carried her
gently as he gave her her baby bottle "this
is our life now" he said as he looked
up at his wife.
"I wouldnt change it for the world" kissing badori
A week passed by and
Rsal just stayed in bed. Lyth would come over every day and he would hear the
same thing "she doesnt want
to see anyone"

On the 8th day Lyth
was told no one was home, so he made his way up to her bedroom and without
knocking he walked into her bedroom to find her crying in bed "7beebty" he ran over to her,
sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her.

She couldnt help
herself, she hugged him tightly how can you be mad at the person you love. How
can you not forgive him "lyth walla ana
t3bt t3bt" she moved away from
him and looked dead into his eyes "I want us to
live together as a normal husband and wife, I want us to sleep in the same bed,
I want to hug you, hold you, love you, you are my husband how can you question
my honor you know me you have known me why do I have to pay for someone else's
Lyth was confused, he didnt know what to do.
"lyth sleep with
me, you will see ina ma7ad jasny, no one even kissed me Lyth I did nothing with
7arith o itha uhwa 7mar he lied to you about sleeping with me take me to the
hospital ikshf 3ly aw sleep with me ... lyth" she couldnt hold it any longer and broke down for the millionth

Lyth didnt understand why she was bringing 7arith into the
picture. He stood up and left her without saying a word.
Dialing 7arith
7arith: hala rsal
Rsal: I have to see you NOW
7arith: okay meet me ib starbucks
Rsal: bye
Rsal took a quick
shower, wore a pair of jeans and a tshirt and headed out to meet 7arith. She
walked in to find him sitting down waiting for her.

"rsal shofay ana
rayal mitzawaj ma3ndy wagt kil shway ayey o ashofich" he coldly said before even welcoming her

"ikil tibin
7arith, you think I want to see you you repulse me I hate the day I met you
9adgeny you were the biggest mistake of my life, shloun you stoop so low to lie
to my husband 7arith ana shsawaitlik?" she was fighting her tears back
"what are you talking about?" he was confused
"I think its all
clear now" a third voice joined
them "rsal I thought
things baina were finally getting somewhere but I was right all long, I leave
you for an hour and you come meet him?" Lyth stormed out of starbucks leaving both 7arith and Rsal

"shofay rsal ana
ma glt 7ag Lyth shay a9lan ma 9ar shay baina so why would I lie, ana lazem
amshy" 7arith left her with
her tears and her shocked expression.

Rsal managed to get up
and head over to Lyth's parents house. She knew he would be there. She headed
up to their apartment and found him sitting on her bed. She sat down in front
of him.
"we need to talk"
"ma baina kalam
rsal if you really want a divorce.."
she quickly placed her fingers on his lips, she didnt want a divorce she wanted
her husband.

"Lyth, I love you
I have been in love with you mn your party in the shalaih remember when you
looked at me I couldnt peel my eyes off you" smiling
"you mesmerized me" he quickly added before she continued
"and I tried to
fight it, I kept telling myself you were just my friend and then you had your
accident and my heart literally stopped. I stopped eating, sleeping, all I did
was cry and pray for you I couldnt live without you" she looked down "and then
Turki..." her voice croaked "turki took me to his apartment and I thought 5ala9 im gone
and all I could think about was you all I wanted was you and il 7imdilah Turki
didnt do anything to me and as terrified as I was I knew there was 1 place I
wanted to be and that was when I came to you in the hospital and I cried
because of Turki" She looked up at him

"Lyth nothing
happened with anyone, ma7ad jasny ma aby a7ad ejisny '3airik please 7beeby ana
a7ibik o abeek inta please dont give up on us" she placed her head on his lap and cried.
"Rsal" he sounded weak, tired, upset
"7beeby" looking up at him
"no more tears please" she flashed him a smile "inshalah"
He inched closer to
her face as he cupped it with both his hands, her heart was pacing she knew
this was it. He leaned in and kissed her. He stood her up and stood in front of
her and hugged her tightly "a7ibich Rsal,
amout feech intay 7yatie"

"can we start
over please" looking up into his
beautiful eyes. He flashed her a smile and hugged her.
"3ziz" Joury was about to do laundry and headed into 3ziz's room to
pick up his but she stopped short when she saw him in nothing but a towel
wrapped around his waist with water droplets trickling down his tight abs. She
stood there jaw dropped, eyes bulging.

He moved close to her
running his fingers along her lips, he then took her hand and placed on his abs
and whispered in the sexiest tone "its all
yours" she looked up at him
and nervously bit her lips, she didnt know what this would do to him. He
grabbed her from her ass crashing her against him as he devoured her full juicy

She wanted more, she
was ready for more. But at the same time he numbed her. His presence itself
paralyzed her and now he was kissing her.

He moved away from
him, taking a deep breath "jourey" he looked at her with his sultry eyes, he was sexy, he was hot
he was simply irresistible.
She looked up at him with her honey colored eyes and innocently said "mm" she couldnt speak.
"abeech" he said with his raspy voice, it was clear just how turned on
he was. She unwrapped his towel, he took off her shirt. He grabbed her ass
carrying her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist "you are so sexy you know" he was sucking on her neck, she wanted to answer him she wanted
to scream out but she was simply numbed by him.
"jourey" he needed to hear her voice
"3zizan" that was the last trigger, he carefully placed her onto their
bed he took her pants off then slipped her panties off as he left a trail of
wet kisses down her neck, her breasts then her tummy.

He moved back to her
lips, he couldnt get enough of them "you
ready?" she was terrified,
but she wanted him. She just nodded, even though her insides were shaking.
"bs 5ala9 come
back home 7beebty" '3aith was hovering
his body above Falak, he was dying its been over a month since he touched his
wife and he missed her.

"7yatie I cant I
need all the help with our babies"
'3aith was sucking on her neck "o what about
"mm inta 7yatie" running her fingers a long his back, something she knew drove
him insane
"bs?" unbuttoning her night gown
"o 3umry" looking at him as she took his shirt off
"bs?" kissing her o breathing heavily
"o 3umry kila" she was now sucking on his lips, she wanted him. She was hungry
for him.
"I want you" she moaned out "aah mo kithry I cant wait"
"mm we can fix that" as she slipped her hands into his boxers
Juwana: haha me too :p
Farosi: la I wanna get married for naughty
reasons ;$
Juwana: me too :$
Farosi: walla jd?? :O
Juwana: EEE you think its easy to see you and
restrain myself ;p?
Farosi: juwano yozay 3ny walla ayech al7en o
itshofen shay ma shfte :p
Juwana: I DARE YOU :p
20 minutes later
Farosi: ana bara
Farosi: look out your window
Juwan headed to her window to see Faris's car parked
Dialing Farosi
Faris: never dare me
Juwan: yal mynoon la7ad eshofik
Faris: mm come down to me
Juwan: baby a5af
Faris: 7yatie bs shway 3shan farosich
Juwan: mm okay 5 minutes only
Faris: aa5 I fucking love you yala ta3aly
That night Lyth and
Rsal slept in the same bedroom, but they still hadnt taken their relationship
to the next level. Rsal was happy her husband was next to her she held on
tightly to him "shfeech
7yatie" playing with her hair
"a5af itrou7 wt5aleny" looking up at him with her grey eyes
"I fell in love
with those eyes you think I am going to leave you now?" kissing the crown of her head

She snuggled even closer "a5af
.... a5af rayam" she couldnt help but
cry once again. Lyth pulled her on top of him and hugged her tightly she felt
her bones were going to crack any second now but she didnt mind.
"no one 9adgeny ma7ad will you take you
away from me sam3a?" she just nodded
Joury woke up to an
empty bed, and her heart skipped a beat. She got out of bed and into her shorts
and tank top and headed into the living room to find 3ziz sitting on the couch
talking to on the phone.
She cuddled up in his lap hugging him, looking up at him as he talked to her
3ziz: joury *looked down at her with her a loving smile* joury zaina
father: inshalah mirta7 ma3aha yuba, wala mny
gader anam ga3id a7atekum
3ziz: la yuba lat7aty yal'3aly joury a7la shay
9ar ib 7yatie
Joury buried her face in his chest, she felt the same way too.
father: il 7imdilah, 3sa allah etamim 3laikum
wainhe aby akalmha
joury: hala 3my
father: hala feech shlonich yuba?
joury: b5air inta shlonik 3my 6amny 3laik
father: and b5air damich b5air shloun 3ziz
joury: lat7aty 3ziz 7a6ny b3youna
father: il 7imdilah, il bait fa'6y mn '3aira
joury: laish matzourna 3my?
father: la ma aby a'6ygikum
joury: afa 3my il bait baitik o i7na 9ij
walhanen 3laik ta3al '3ayer jaw
father: ana ashouf il shu'3ul o e9er 5air
inshalah, t2mreny 3la shay yuba?
joury: la salamtik 3my
father: alah esalmich yuba ana akalmkum b3dain
inshalah ma3a il salama
joury: alah e7af'6uk
Joury was resting her
head on 3ziz's right shoulder, and was hugging his right arm and his head on
hers "laish
g3dtay?" hugging her tighter
"I didnt find you next to me" she couldnt stop smiling
He pushed her back so
that now they were facing each other. He just looked at her "why are you looking at me like that"
"mm" he leaned in and planted a single kiss on her neck sending and
electrifying shock down her body "im hungry"
"I made
strawberry cheesecake janoon told me its your favorite" She was not aware of what she did to him, her innocent words,
her delicate voice, her big honey eyes, her soft hair, just her.

They walked up the
stairs heading into the kitchen where she cut a piece of cake for him and
poured a glass of water for him "mintay
makla?" pulling her chair
closer to his
"well I was hoping you would share" resting her chin on his forearm
He cut a piece of the cake and carefully fed it to her, leaned in and kissed
"baby" Lyth called out from the shower
"ya baby" answering him from behind the door
"can you bring my
shower gel mn the other bathroom please" Rsal freaked out, was he expecting her to hand it to him
She walked into the bathroom grabbed the shower gel "7beeby"
"hala wain il shower gel baby"
"its here 3ndy,
ill leave it 3nd il bab okay?" she didnt even want
to hear what he had to say

"rsool shfeech im
in the shower dishay" She was terrified,
she tried to keep a straight face. She got to the shower door giving it her
back and called out for Lyth.

He grabbed her into the shower with him, she
was fully clothed "LYTH" he completely ignored her, he pushed her against the wall
kissing her neck as he placed his hands under her shirt "dont you think we waited long enough" she was hyperventilating but she had to admit just how much she
wanted him.
He peeled off her wet shirt dropping it to the floor as he starting to suck on
her neck "not in the
shower baby"
He was breathing heavily kissing her neck "in
the shower"
Moved down to kiss her collar bone "in the bed"
then her right breast "in the car"
her stomach "in your room,
the pool, the roof kl mukan baby"
He slid her shorts and
panties off revealing her curvy soft body, it drove him up the wall. This
delicate sexy girl was his wife. He could do anything to her and that idea
excited him.

He boosted her up,
tightening her grip around his waist as he slowly and carefully allowed himself
into her, their bloods were boiling, their hearts were racing.

She was shaking with
exciting, tightly wrapping her grip around his neck, digging her nails into his
"7yatie yala goum warak imti7an" '9a7y was right about being a heavy sleeper
"ya raby '9a7y
goum" everything she tried
was hopeless. He was laying on his stomach in nothing but his boxers, so she
took off her clothes she was completely naked, placed her body on top of his
and seductively said "7yatie
"mm inzain bs you do everything ana
" '9A7Y" she smacked his shoulders. He hugged her tightly "im just kidding baby, you need to stop doing this its not
"mama badori mo
ra'9y yaskit" Bader has been crying
all day and Falak was beginning to worry

"3dee yuma, intay you are not eating
healthy 3balich ma adre 3n your late night take outs ma3a raylich o mo zain
leana you are breast feeding"
"shasawi mama I
miss my husband o eyely bilail yo3an wna ma feny 7ail asawela shay so the
easiest thing is take out" cradling her baby
hoping he would sleep.
"wain sadoma?" her mother asked
"3nd '3aith bl nursery"
It took Falak 2 hours
to get bader to finally sleep. '3aith walked in carrying Sadeem, the image of
her husband carrying on of their babies turned her on. It was the sexiest
thing, and he knew it.
"I know what you are doing"
"shino?" he innocently answered as he placed Sadeem down. He layed down
next to her "walla iny
ta3ban" playing with her hair
"its open" Lyth and Rsal were watching a movie in their living room, she
was snuggled next to him.

"lyth aby
akalmik" his sister with her
attitude, Lyth kissed Rsal's cheek and said "tikalmy jdam rsool 3dee"
"la abek bro7ik" walking out of their apartment.
Rsal clung on to his shirt "latrou7" as her eyes teared up
"shfeech 7yatie, she just wants to talk
to me"
"bs a5af" hugging him tightly
"3umry lat5afen i7na shgnla?" hugging her back
His attempt to
reassure her that everything will be okay did not sit right with her. Lyth walked
out of the apartment and down the stairs where his sister was waiting "int mynoon? what are you doing? shouf ana kalamt omy and I
told her ina Rsal doesnt want kids o I told her itkalm murt 3my 3shan ta56ublik

Lyth had it with his sister, he knew she was evil but to stoup
low enough to go to his mother and make up such a lie. He just gave gave her a
look and walked away.
Rsal knew something was going to happen, she felt it in her gut.
Lyth smiled to her, sitting next to her and pretending like nothing happened.
What was his sister planning on doing?
Will this marriage happen?
3ziz and Joury headed
to bed after their midnight cheesecake snack. She snuggled close to him, its
strange the feeling you get after sharing an intimate moment with the one you
love you want them close by next to you, as if worried they might just leave.
"shfeech baby" playing with her fingers
"nothing laish?" looking up at him
"sakta" sliding down so that they were face to face
"ma adree" not meeting his gaze
"mistansa?" brushing her lips with his ever so gently.
She nodded.
"mm taben b3d?" this time he let his lips linger on hers.
She looked up at him
with her piercing eyes that began to tear up. He placed his body on top of
hers, and with a worried tone asked "shfeech
"um" she didnt know what to tell him, she didnt know what to say
"joury shfeech
baby?" he was worried he
thought he might have done something. He wiped her tear with her, planting
another kiss on her lip, this time it was a loving gentle one.
"7yatie itha ma tabeny we dont have
She looked up at him
with her innocent eyes, and look and said "its
not that I dont want to, it just ......... hurts" You would think he would be worried, scared to say the least
but no, not 3ziz he just smiled with accomplishment.

Her cheeks quickly
turned red as she pulled him down to her to hug him, she just wanted him close
to her, and even his body was crushing hers she wanted his warmth his love.
Lyth went to bed
without looking at or touching Rsal, she was worried that things might have
fallen back to routine or that his sister mentioned something that upset him.

She took a shower
since she needed time away to cry peacefully, but she was surprised when he
joined her "shfeech 7yatie
laish il tears?"

Seeing him standing
naked in front of her with water trickling down his glistening chiseled body,
with his broad shoulders slumped forward, his eyes shining she couldnt believe
he was hers, her husband.

She moved closer to
him as she wrapped her arms around his rock hard torso. She placed her head on
his chest and listened to his speeding heart beats. She just hugged him,
something deep inside told her this might be the last time she hugs him, holds
Love him.
She looked up at him,
with eager hungry eyes, stood on her tip tip and placed her lips on his she
just let them there, taking in the shape, taste and feel of his lips on hers
she then slightly parted his lips engulfing his upper lip.

He let her take
control, it excited him seeing his wife want him, need him. He went with the
flow like a slave following orders.

She turned the shower
off dried him with a towel then led him into their bed, she placed him on the
bed and straddled him with her on top, gently rubbing her body against his as
she kissed his lips, she coudlnt get enough.

She moved down to his
neck, his chest, abs and she saw just how much he wanted her, he couldnt wait
on longer but she was not ready just yet.

He placed her onto her
back positioning himself on top of her, he knew she wanted to tease him and
decided to be a tease himself. He was rubbing himself against her, he wanted
her to scream out for him, he didnt want to give in just yet.'
After 45 minutes of foreplay Rsal was literally melting she wanted him now and
she told him.
Faris and Juwan were
growing restless of just waiting, they had a strong physical attraction and
couldnt hold back. They decided to spend the day his uncles shalaih were he
knew they wouldnt be disturb.

He planned a meal for
them. She didnt know he could cook. He was in the kitchen chopping up the salad
in his swimming trunk, she hugged him from behind inhaling his scent "im hungry"

"ma buga shay
7yatie" continuing with the
chopping, he didnt pick up on her words. She forcefully turned him around
leaving a trail of kisses on his bare back and then she looked up at him and
said "no baby im hungry for you"

He dropped the knife,
and carried her onto the couch placing himself on top of her "yeah?" she could feel his
breath increasing and his heart rate accelerating, she didnt think this through
she just wanted to tease him, she didnt think she would have this affect on

Faris on the other
hand just wanted her, he was busy kissing her neck and the top of her breast to
pay attention to the surrounding. His uncle walked in and slammed the door
cause he knew Faris was in the shalaih but little did he know what they were up

Juwan quickly hid her
face embarrassed with herself, Faris on the other hand just collapsed on her.

His uncle walked up
the stairs pretending like he hasnt seen anything "fashlaaa" juwan almost cried
"3dee its 7amany" he was frustrated with his uncles timing
"bs still al7en
what will he think of me" Faris hovered his
body to look at her "let him think
whatever he wants to baby intay 7alely o 3umry o galby o 7yatie o kily"

She completely forgot
about 7amany being in the shalaih, hearing his voice looking into his eyes
being close to him just made her forget everything, she pulled him down
devouring his lips.
Incoming call 7mood
jana: na3am
7mood: laish il nafsya
jana: sorry taby agolik hala 7beeby hala
7mood: la mo layeg 3laich idal3eny
jana: laish balah
7mood: ma adree ma at5ylich it7iben o I cant
see you married
Jana shut the phone in
his face. The love of her life said that about her, her life needs to end now.
jana: jourety :s
jourety: 3uumry
jana: come back 5ala9 enough with the marriage
thing I need you :(
jourety: shfeech 7yatie?
jana: I NEED YOU
jourety: come visit :D
jana: 9ij?
jourety: ee babe ta3aly 3my might come tell
him you wanna come with him
jana: OKAY akalma o agolich ;p
The sun is shining,
its a new day and with it comes new issues. Lyth headed downstairs to have
breakfast with his parents before heading to work and was met with the shocking

"lyth yuba int
tadre 3mik rayal kber o tadry ina we9eyat yadik alah yur7uma inik ta5ith bnt
3mik" Lyth dropped his fork
"yuba laish ma gltly hal kalam gabl la
a5th rsal?"
"3de yuba il shr3 7alal arb3 b3dain ana kalamt 3mik o 56ibt
bnta lik o inshalah bacher il milcha"
"Falaak, falook ta3aly shofay bador ma
adre shfee" Falak moved back to
her house, and things were horrible to say the least. She didnt sleep. Didnt
eat. Didnt rest. One baby slept, the other woke up and vice versa.

Ghaith tried to be there as much as he could
and when he wasnt at work he would be at home helping her but they were
drifting apart, they both knew it but could do nothing about it until one day.
"baby I hate how we are" he blurted out as he took off his watch
"adree" not meeting his gaze
He sat down next to her, taking her hands into
his "shino il
7l?" She looked up at her
husband, her soul mate, the father of her children, her better half, her
everything "ma adree" she said.

He moved closer to her hugging her, he hasnt
touched her in ages and having him close to her consoling her, loving her was
all she needed.
All she wanted.
3ziz stormed into the apartment scaring Joury.
She left the kitchen and walked down to greet him with a hug but was shocked
when he just headed into their bedroom not even looking at her.

She was worried, she knew something was wrong
but was afraid to ask. It took her half an hour to grow the courage to knock
the door. She walked in and found him in bed "3zizan shfeek?"
sitting down next to him.
"wla shay" giving her his back
"shino wla shay, baby tell me"
"intay laish it7neen?" he got out of bed into the bathroom slamming the door behind
"sh...sh...shino ya3ne?" Rsal could not believe the words coming out of Lyth's mouth. He
was getting married.

He was no longer hers, she would have to share
him. Someone else was going to touch him, love him, kiss him, hold him, smell
him, breathe him.
"rsal 7yatie mo ib 2edy walla" he collapsed onto his knees, he felt weak something he hated
but what was he to do.
"6aligny" giving him her back
"na3am?" he yelled out "ana a7ibich rsal
ma agdar a3esh mn '3airich shloun tabeny a6algich"
"njude" 7arith called out for her. She walked down the stairs to her
husband, her heart was pounding she was finally going to see her parents after
the whole divorce incident. She didnt want to go.
"ma aby arou7" hugging him
"7beebty lazem itro7en hathoul
"adree bs a5af" her voice shaky
"mn shino wna
ma3ach?" she looked up at him
and placed a light kiss on his lips as they headed to her parents house
Rsal: yala juwana wainich?
Juwan: yala yala 2 minutes o akoun bara
Rsal: back door please okay ma aby a7ad
Juwan: are you sure about this?
Rsal: no, but I cant share him juwana I cant
Rsal made sure she collected all her
belongings and she waited for Lyth to leave the house. She made her mind up,
she was to leave she could not stay and face him.
She loved him too much to share him.
Juwan gave her a missed call which was her cue
to leave, she glanced one last time at her apartment and before leaving she
took Lyth's shirt, the one he was wearing before he left and walked out quietly
to Juwan.

They loaded her luggage into the trunk of the
car, and drove off to her parents house. Faris was waiting for them and the
second he saw his sister, he saw the hurt in her eyes, the pain in her voice
all he could do was hug her.
They took her up to her room where she got under the covers to cry her pain
Dialing Ma2aby
ma2ab: 7yatie
Rsal: I left
ma2ab: are you sure?
Rsal: ma2ab I cant walla ma agdar ag3ad ma3ah
wna adre ina fee wa7da '3airy ra7 itjesa call me selfish call me childish bs he
is my husband, my soul my heart o I just cant

ma2ab: I understand rsolty allah e9aber
galbich I wish I could be there tabeny ashouf if I can take a week off
Rsal: no no intay bs rakzay 3la derastich o
3la '9a7y
ma2ab: inshalah intay 6amneny 3laich okay
Rsal: okay babe, ana banamly shway akalmich
b3dain yeah
ma2ab: okay rsool I love you
Rsal: I love you to ma2aby
"come in" quickly wiping her tears away
"7beebat omik" her mother's loving voice shattered her, she couldnt hold it in
"mama ana mi7tajlich, ma 3ndy a7ad
'3airich 7tan lyth ma yabny mama ma yabny" falling into her mothers lap as she cried her heart out, she
kept crying as her mother hugged her.
She cried herself to sleep
"shlonha?" her father asked lovingly planting a kiss on her forehead
"a5 ya faisal bntna shafat il wail b3dha
9'3era 3la kl tha" getting up to hug her
husband. Her parents left her to sleep soundly.
My Everything Calling
1 missed call
My Everything Calling
19 missed calls
my baby: PING !!!
my baby: RSAL I need you baby please come back
to me
my baby: ana ta7at I am not leaving 7tan lo
anam bl syara rsolty intay 3umry o galby o kily shbaswi mn '3airich
my baby: please baby
28 missed calls
Lyth did end up staying in her house, but he
slept in the guest room. He convinced his father to postpone the milcha to his
cousin until Rsal came back home and after hours of constant arguing and
fighting his parents finally agreed.
Falak woke up to an empty bed, she quickly
jumped out of bed with a heavy heart the babies didnt wake her up which was
unusual and of course any new mother would always think the worst.

She ran over to their bedroom to find Ghaith
asleep on the couch with bader in his hands, and Sadeem laying down next to
her. She carefully carried Sadeem and placed her into her crib then took Bader
out of Ghaith's hand "ha 7beebty"
"good morning 7yatie,
rou7 kaml noumtik in bed ana ag3ad ma3a our babies"

"la baby 7u6ay bador
in his crib o ta3aly insad7ay yamy walhan 3laich"

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