Apr 8, 2012

Faith Intro ;**

Here it goes, my new story.
I hope you like it, remember it has been a WHILE since I have written anything.
Enjoy ;**
"iff malait"
"shfeech b3d"
"I dont know, malait mn hal routine"
"3baly 3ndich salfa"
"na3m mahoor"
"dal3ny I am your older sister"
"thats why intay mfrou'9 edal3eny"

Lets talk about our characters a little bit shall we?

Mhra, or mahoor as everyone calls her, is the main character more or less. She graduated with a degree in Economics at the age of 21 from Kuwait University and went into the banking world. She is the youngest, in the history of Kuwait, branch manager. She was a hard worker, first one in last one out.

Plus, she worked for a small relatively new bank which is why she was able to climb the ladder in such a short amount of time.

She is currently 28.


Well, more or less single.


Her younger sister. Didnt attend university, does not work, has no goals in life all she wants is to get married.

She is single.

Completely the opposite of her sister who was ambitious and driven.

He was a quiet boy, work, nap, gym, duwanya. On weekends he would go out with friends or family and sometimes went to the shalaih.

He wasnt very different then the rest the men in the country.
He worked in the oil sector.

He dreamed big, but never did anything to really accomplish any of his goals.
He was tall, dark and yes handsome.

Nothing special about his looks, he looked like your average Kuwaiti man.
And boy do we love the average Kuwaiti man, right ladies?

He never had a serious girlfriend, but he did talk to girls he had them on his bbm but never asked to see them (physically or a picture) he wasnt looking for anything he just enjoyed chatting to several girls.

Except one girl, she was the only girl with his number. Even though she had a blackberry, they whats apped all day and she was the only girl he took interest in.

He never went looking for her, but on the rare occasion that they did talk they would spend hours talking.

She always claimed "she was busy at work"

Shino hal wa'9eefa he would think to himself.

All he knew about her was her name "M"

"shino M"
"7lfay bs, adree bs shino ismich?"
"its a secret ;p"
"laish yuba tara bs ism"
"adree bs mo a7la chithi? mystery"
"la mo a7la intay it3rfen kl shay 3ny"
"ma7d galik tgoly, I never asked you chose to share with me"
"ee 3dy, yala golely"
"nope, ismy M"
"3la ra7tich"

Who is M?

Will she be a new character, or have we already met her?


"laish btnameen now" 3thoob whined
"leana I have an early meeting with my staff"
"iff fine"

Mahra went up to her room, got ready for bed and crawled undr her sheets.

Incoming Call Him
"hala 7uby, shlonich"
"zaina you?"
"il7imdilah, twny ga3id ma adre shloun ra7at 3lay nouma"
"noum il 3wafy dgait 3laik cham mra bs shftik ma rdait glt akeed t3ban"
"ee walla shagony shag il dawam"
"how come?"
"ma adree shly 6ary 3laihum imswenla field training"
"ee walla, intay wainich shswaity ilyoum"
"mako walla, ri7t il zwara then ri7t il salon ri7t shway shopping m3a 3thoob o rdait il bait"
"9otich n3san"
"ee walla 3ndy early meeting m3a my staff"
"shday 3laihum"
"ehehe inshalah"
"ana bgoum a5th shower akalmich bbm aw btnameen"
"la klmny wtha bnam agolik"
"tamam, yala bye"

Remember, we said she was single, more or less.


  1. still reading the post bas how did u do the font 3D?! wala is it my eyes? haha

  2. just read one of your old stories.
    I read it before but it doesn't hurt to read it again
    7ada i missed your writing
    mashallah ur so talented,
    so glad you're back

    love the first part
    can't wait to read the rest

    tc ;*

  3. Welcome backe!! ;* just re-read ur older posts, mashalla!! *_* looking forward, super like the intro ;*'


    hoooked?! mesmerized?! transported?! yes! yes! and yes! aaaaaaaa5 ya luvluv how i missed your stories!! your not rusty at all bil3aks youve matured writing wise (madri if it makes sense :P)

    more more more more!!

  5. monwa: lool I dont think it was 3D but blogger was acting weird hopefully it is better to read now ;**

    Darliam: thank you 7beebty, its great to hear that ;**

    suziQ_: Thank you ;**

    Zuzzy: ehehe 7yaatie intay I looove you, ee it does make sense :$

  6. You know its love when the characters have totally uncommon names :p hahaha
    Great post as always.

  7. Btw I can barely stand reading stories anymore bas entay '3air! Mn awal '3air a9lan ;)