Apr 9, 2012

Faith 1 ;**

Remember we said she was single, well more or less.

Then again, arent we all?

Mhra woke up bright and early, she fell asleep without telling him and she knew he
wouldnt go looking for her she was use to his ways, it was fine it didnt bother

She got dressed in a mauve pencil skirt with a light grey crisp shirt, put her hair
up in a bun applied her eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick.

Slipped into her heals and off she was to work.

She stopped at the nearest caribou got her caramel high rise before work.

Sheparked in her designated parking as branch manager, took a quick look in the
mirror and headed towards the bank entrance.

"good morning" to the security guard
"good morning madam"

The branch smelled clean, the way she liked it. She asked the tea boy to light a
piece of charcoal for the incense she recently bought. The employees story
starting piling into the meeting room.

"I am not happy about this early morning meeting, its the only
time I could sit and talk to everyone" she
hated small talk, which is why non of her staff liked

"we have a problem" she continued.

"we have not been reaching the minimal target as a branch, for the past two quarters we have been cutting short and management is not pleased. We need some changes because we are the smallest branch and it will be easy for one of the bigger branches to adapt us and let me assure you we dont want that to happen. We are a small branch, we all know each other"

She took a long pause and looked around.

"I know I am strict and tough but I have to be, we are the smallest and youngest in terms of age not just me but all of you as well, and I did that on purpose I thought our ages would bring us closer as a team I am guessing I am wrong. I have been given this quarter to test you all in terms of reaching your target and if you dont some will be relocated will I recruite new
staff which I really dont want to do"

They all looked at her coldly, "do we have an agreement?"

They just nodded.

As they were about to leave the meeting room.

"please help me help you, I promise I will be less uptight okay?"

They laughed and headed out to start preparing for the opening of the branch.

She headed into her office, turned her computer on coming back from the weekend was
the worst and busiest time.

Just on queue, her phone rang

Incoming Call Him

"9ba7 il khair"
"hala oboy 9ba7 il nour shlonich baby"
"il7imdilah inta shlonik"
"zaain, ha at work?"
"how was the meeting" she always thought he didnt care but he remembered
everything she told him “were you strict?”
“ee I was, I think they hate me”
“bl3na let them hate you walla ma ra7 ylqoun mudera mthlich, a5 bs lw t9eren modesty”
"mesfer khalaa9"
“heheh okay baby I am sorry, ana a5leech you get back to work wna bgoum asb7 wrou7 il dawam okay?”
“okay 7u6 balik”

She was reading through her emails, answering the ones she needed to. Every now and then she looked up at her branch and her employees they were a nice group always smiling and welcoming of our customers.

Every now and then the usual customers would pop in great her, and say a quick hello.

She loved it here.

Her secretary walked in.

“Mhra, il istath sultan mwjoud”
“mno il istath sultan?”
“ma 3ndy fikra, ygoul you should be expecting him”

Her phone rang and it was Bassam head of the VIP customers.

“rand I will get back to you dgeega bs”

“hala bassam”
“ahlaain mhra shlonich?”
“im good, tell me about this sultan I just got richard’s email and I assuming you are calling about him”
“he specifically asked for you, he didn’t want any other branch he wants to transfer to your branch even though he lives far”
“okay what I am looking into, 36ny his account number”
“brace yourself”

To say the man had money, was an understatement.

“he is here let me sit with him”
“don’t turn him down do you know what this will do to your branch”
“ya I know, thanks bassam ill update you later”

Mhra took her mirror out took a quick look at herself, reapplied her lipstick sprayed some perfume and got up to great il istath sultan.

“7yaak allah istath sultan”
He was much younger than she had in mind, strikingly handsome she saw how the women looked at him.
“allah y7eech istatha mhra”
“tfa’9el nd5al mktiby”

He gestured for her to walk in front of him, she waited until he was seated beforeshe sat behind her desk.

“sht7ib tshrab?”
“qahwa turkya medium”

She called the kitchen asked for 2 coffees, they exchanged small talk before
getting into the matter.

“il 9ra7a istatha Mhra I am a big fan, I have followed your career and I am intrigued and impressed which is why I want to transfer into your branch”
“ykoun il shrf lina istath sultan, bs mumkin as2al laish tby t6l3 mn fr3na ily bl 3dailya, its just protocol”
“yes akeed, il 9ra7a Iwanted a small branch where everyone knows me, and I know the staff and the branch manager hnak wayed kanat rude o nafsya wna rayal ma at7ml o ma wdy arf3 9oty 3la mra”

The meeting with istath sultan lasted an hour and half, with a few minor interruptions from the supervisor and customers.

They reached an agreement, she would do the paper work for the transfer.

This was going to be something none of the bigger branches have accomplished, to get a client with multiple six figure accounts was something rare, especially since the bank was smaller in consideration to the other banks in the country.

She wanted to show off, but had to act professionally

“I need to show off”
“I got a customer, y7limoun il afr3 il thanya y79lona”
“alah ybarik feek, sorry I am super exited I had to tell someone”
“o fakrtay feeny”
“mm ee laish ;s?”
“la that’s something nice”
“hehe okay, um shloonik ;p?”
“ana zain”
“feek shay?”
“no baby im fine”
“ee shino my9er?”
“ugh ma adree”
“shfeech M, its just a word”
“aha y3ne tgolha 7g everyone?”
“no bs its just a word”
“okay anyways I have to go”
“ya I know you have work you are busy 9a7”

She was irritated, she didn’t understand why.

She just was.

“shfeeha kathy” He thought to himself.

The thing is he never said that word to anyone, then again he was never serious about anyone.

Do you want to know how they met?

I mean how he got her number?


  1. me love..

    me intrigued..

    me enjoying this weird relationship !


    a7is sul6an wara inah..inah kabeera!!

    waiting for more


  2. Loove it!!
    Keep it up;)

  3. 3jbtni ilbidaya ;D
    I think its gana be a gr8 story ;D
    Cant wait for the next post ;*

  4. Got me hooked, love! Can't wait for the next post! You're doing great ;**


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    -chocolate from cows :*

  6. i just found out about ur blog a couple of days ago and i love it<3 i've read all the novels and i LOVE them:D:D:D:D:D and in the "jawl" novel, '9a7y is soooo cute i soooo hate ma2ab for cheating on him. I HATE HER!! I so envy her for getting a husband like him laaa2 w ba3dain she goes cheating on him!! 5ALA9! FROM TODAY ONWARDS, '9A7Y IS MY HUSBAND:D:D:D I LOVEEEE HIM. and i kind of love R3D (BO SUL6ANNN) HE IS JUST SO CUUUTE ABIIIH<3