Apr 8, 2012

Jawl part 1 ;**

"akrihuch laish matmoten o niftak minich" she spat the hateful words at her sister ma'ab
"leana abech
itmoten gably intay ishtaben a9lan ya mama il kil emout 3lay ana o il 3ain 3ly
ana wla nasya ina baba imsamen DAL3 ilfaisal" coldly answering her older sister.

"intay wa7da '3bya
kil hamich il 6al3a wl shabab" walking
away from her sister and heading into her room. It was her haven, her shelter
her home away from home.

"laish il 9ra5 ya
banat, e'6aher ana rabait banat shuwari3, ma'ab mama laish lail7en ga3da o wain
risal, Shadia ra7 teyey itswy sha3rna al7en" their mother calmly called out at ma'ab as she pranced in her
elegant dara3a into the living room summoning her daughters to get ready for
the hair stylist since they had a wedding to attend to.
"malait aby atzawaj" 7arith blurted out randomly to his friends
"ya5e fal allah
wla falik, shlik bl zawaj o 3war il galb 5alek imrafih 3la nafsik tawna
9'3air" Turki answered him as
he eyed the attractive girl in the adjacent car

"la adree bs
zahgan malal mako shay insawe o a7is il zawaj wanasa, haha na6er inshouf '3aith
shgoul" 7arith chuckled as he
took a long drag on his cigarette

"hahhaha, 7ilwa
hathy, tarkan aby zigara wgef 3nd ay baqala" announced Lyth from the backseat
7arith and Turki were
cousins, neighbors, best friends. Simply put they were inseparable. Lyth was
tagged along on the way since in high school you were either part of the
"group" or you werent and Lyth needed to fit in since he lived in the
states until he was about 12 because of his mother's education and father's

Lyth was your typical
Americanized Kuwaiti, but when it came down to the nitty gritty yaglub the
typical kuwaiti with his smooth talk, flirty eyes, attractive smile, dark
complexion, dark hair and even darker hair and always up for a fight.

7arith had fair hair,
scruffy "dirty look", always had his hair longer than usual, he had a
crooked nose that only enhanced his sizzling factor. He had a lazy eyes, that
only attracted more girls to him, and lastly to boost up his bad boy image was
a scar under his lazy eye which he got from Turki when they were younger,
fighting over a girl.

Turki, what can I say
about Turki, heart throb? lady killer? ULTIMATE bad boy? sexy? cocky? yes, he
was all and many more things. Killer looks, looks that made any women of any
and every age stop and look at him. He also sprung the dirty look but always
had his hair short, he hit the gym on a daily basis and ran every morning to
keep his sculpted body to perfection.
Ladies, you can tell these men are not the men you want to cross paths with.
Risal was older than
Ma'ab, but Ma'ab demanded everyone's attention. Risal had pitch black straight
hair, fair white flawless skin, big light grey eyes, a petite nose, and full
red lips. Ma'ab had long wavey light brown hair, flawless white skin, big hazel
eyes, small pointy nose and big red luscious lips. The girls were gorgeous, and
everyone was envious of their looks and their lifestyles.
"mama ana mo mabsou6a
mn libse, laish 5alaity il zifta talbis il Chanel dress ana knt ba'3ya albsa
mama laish itgoly la 7g dala3?"
Ma'ab complained on the way to the hotel for the wedding
"i7tarmy nafsich ana il kber ya
ma'abo" her sister couldnt
stand her
"ismy dal3 mo ma'ab yal zifta intay zy mtgoul
hiyam grwya hahah" Trying to copy their
cousins s3oudy accent.
"iff intay o wyha 5wat? isti7aw 3la
7alkum ana msh mwjoda?" their mother's sharp
tone muted the girls for the time being, their mother fell back on her S3oudy
roots only when she was mad.
"laish '3aith tizawaj?" turki's loud voice filled the Hummer
"wna shako ya5ee,
3mity 5a6batla o uhwa ma shaf il bnt a9lan ila bl milcha" 7arith answered his cousin in the same tone of voice
"sh3ndkum it9ar5oun?" Rakan's voice followed theirs
"la salmtuk"
The cousins, Rakan, Turki and 7arith headed to their other cousin, '3aith's
"ana 5yfa ma aby atzawaj mama
please" falak's soft femine
voice shook as she pleaded with her mother
"ya yuma ahla nas
shyfen 5air, o b76ounich ib 3ainhum b3dain ma3nda 5awat e2thounich bs shabab o
5altich 5oush wa7da wayed 6yba mama ma ra7 tilgain a7san mna 9adgeny" her mother tried to calm her daughter down

Falak was not against '3aith at all, but the idea of getting
married at such a young age to a man she hasnt truly seen. A stranger.
'3aith was stunned by
Falak's beauty. She was tiny, petite, such a girl and '3aith felt like a giant
next to her and was afraid to hold her fearing he would break her under his
masculine arms.

Turki, lyth and 7arith
amongst many men walked into the ballroom to congratulate the newlyweds, and of
course sneak a few glances at the beautifully made up girls in their finest and

"7arooth t5ayl
egi6ouna ib hal ga3a o kila single girls o e5alouna ni5tar ily nabeha" one can always dream thought Turki to himself as his gaze met a
pair of grey eyes. She was looking at him, but her mind was elsewhere.

"lyouth yala ya5e
tilathem 3shan nargu9, rakano yala .... tarkan shfeek im9a6el" 7arith took his 3qal off and wrapped his shma'3 around his
face, attempting to hide his identity. This was every girls highlight of
weddings watching the handsome, neatly dressed men dancing and enjoying
themselves as their mothers stood proudly cheering their boys.
"mama mino ily
kalamtik ily kanat labsa fustan il Lanvin?" Ma2ab anxiously asked her mother, hoping they were asking about
"kanat wa7da tis3al 3n Rsal laish?" her mother answered as she got into the car
"mino yabe hal zifta,
hal 5ysa ana a7la minha akeed ma kanaw ys2loun 3ny? mama a5af they were
mistaken with us both" Ma2ab was on fire,
how can they ask about her sister.
"iff ma2ab intay 9ij bizer wtha s2law 3ny
shb9er ya3ne?" Rsal had it with her
sister's attitude
"hahaha intay ZIFTA
shyaboun feech jaikara wayed im9adga 7alik 7tan baba mydal3ik mithel ma
edal3ny" ma2ab needed constant
reassurance from her surroundings to boost her ego up

"BANAT ... ana
zhgana mnkum wsh hal kalam isti7w iff" their mother hollered annoyed at their constant bickering.
"ya raby .... ya
raby ... galby ibyi6la3 mn mukana" Falak
nervously thought to herself as her cousin led her, and '3aith up to their
room. She was about to excuse herself when she saw Falak's griping hand "shfeech?" her cousin was
concerned. "5yfa, lat5alny
bro7y please" Falak whispered
hoping '3aith wouldnt hear her.
"Falak" '3aith called out for his newly bride
"faloka 7beebty
lat5afen mashalah raylich mazyoun ro7ela" Before falak could answer her, the door closed leaving her, her
nerves and her newly husband alone in the suite.
"na3am '3aith" her voice shaky
"taben taklen?
ana yo3an" '3aith portrayed a
relaxed, calm exterior but truth be told he was shaking from the inside, her
beauty was luring him in, her innocence was welcoming him in, her presence put
him on edge

"um .... *clearing her voice* ...
bl 3fia '3aith ana mo yo3ana" a7ib agoul isma,
mashalah 3laih rayal wjouda ewaterny awal mara ib 7yatie a7is ina '3reeb ygdar
"alah e3afech falak" ya 7ilo ismich
"um, ana da5la
a'3ayr" She unzipped her bag
pulled out her make up bag, and her black night gown, it was the only decent
thing she had. She cursed her mother and sisters for taking her to La Pearla to
do all her "shopping". "3n ithnik" She walked into the restroom, locked the door behind her and
was ready to get out of her wedding gown but was faced with a minor problem "why ya raby FASHLA"

She unlocked the door
and found '3aith sitting on the bed just staring into space. The instant their
eyes met, they both blushed looking away.
"um ... '3aith tgdar itsa3dny
please" she asked him shyly
"ee akeed" he stood up at once
"tgdar bs you
unzip my dress, mny gadra a6oul il sa7ab" She gave him her back waiting for him to unzip her gown. The
second his fingers touched her bare back, her body flushed she felt the heat
radiating off her skin. He was beyond nervous it took him 10 minutes to unzip
her dress.

"mashkour" she skipped to the bathroom, she desperately needed to breathe
her insides were vibrating, unfortunately he dont pull the zipper far enough
for her to reach and now she had to go out to him once again, she unlocked the
bathroom door once again and shook him out of his fantasy and asked him to
unzip it further.

Falak undressed
herself, wiped the make up off, washed her face, undid her hair, brushed her
teeth, splashed herself with some perfume and walked out of the bathroom
looking simple, yet beautiful. '3aith stood there staring at her, he couldnt
believe his eyes she was prettier without make up, and the black night gown did
wonders against her crystal glowing white skin, her hair hung loosely and
vibrantly just below her shoulders. She shuffled her weight, she was nervous,
scared but mostly she was awe struck with her husband never in her life did she
imagine her prince charming would truly look like a prince out of a fairy tale.
She smiled and placed her make up bag on the table and hung her wedding gown in
the cupboard.
"ma 6ilabt akel?" she needed to break the silence
"embala, laish taben shay a6liblich
shay?" his sounded worried
"la I was just
wondering, since um the food isnt here and you said you were hungry" OH MY GOD aby amout al7een
"haha ee wala myet mn il you3 ma mdany
akel" ya b3d galby intay
They sat outside as
'3aith ate his dinner and she stared aimlessly at the television. She was
worried about "sleeping time" she was going to lay down next to a stranger
and it scared her. Little did she know how nervous '3aith was, he was
considering sleeping out on the couch but did not want to offend her.
"taben in6al3 film?" he needed to break the ice
"ana 3yzana" she has been up since 8
"uh, nigdar inshouf il filim da5el itha
"ee okay" her heart was literally slipping down into her stomach, she
could feel it beating.
They headed into the
bedroom, he took his PJ and headed into the bathroom where he took a quick
shower, washed up and walked out to find her laying in bed. He turned off the
bedroom's lights and they settled on watching "I now pronounce you Chuck
and Larry." They were both laying down facing each other as they watched
the TV. She didnt peel her eye off the TV and he didnt peel his eye off her. An
hour later, he noticed her eyes stopped fluttering and that she was fast
asleep. He turned the TV off and got up to get him some water from the outside
mini bar.

Falak woke up
terrified, she looked around to an empty bed and a cold room. Her eyes teared
up, and just as she was about to scream out she saw '3aith walking in holding a
bottle of water. The second he saw her teary eyes, he threw the bottle of water
and ran over to her side of the bed. She sat herself up and just flung her arms
around his neck.
"shfeech falak?" he was confused, scared what happened
lat5aleny, latrou7" she didnt understand
her actions but she felt a connection with her husband and the thought of him
not being next to her terrified her. He tucked her into bed, and got into bed
next to her. She hated the distance between them, she wanted him closer to her
but couldnt bring herself to shuffle down next to him. '3aith noticed she was
shivering, he moved closer to her

"bardana?" he lovingly asked. She just nodded and moved closer to him.
'3aith couldnt restrain himself he pulled her into his arms. She rested her
head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her. She felt the warmth,
the comfort, the love.

adafech" he whispered into her
ears sending goosebumps down her body. She smiled, placed her hand on top of
his and went to sleep soundly. Falak was the girl who needed complete silence
to fall asleep, Falak was the girl who would never share beds when they
traveled or went to the farm or the beach house and now she was in a strangers
arm, her husband of one day and already he soothed her.
"hala ib banaty, hala
ib dala3 ilfaisal, hala bl mizayen" the
girls fathered welcomed his daughters and their mother.

"BABATY" ma2ab ran into her fathers girl "bs ana dal3 ilfaisal mo il zifta hathy"
"mino hal zifta, hathy rsal il'3alya" opening his arm for Rsal to hug him
"o ana?" asked their mother
"intay, intay il5air
kila ya b3d 6wayfe" Their parents acted
like teenagers in love, constantly flirting with each other

"iff ana 6al3a
anam t9b7oun 3la 5air" Rsal excused herself,
she needed her peace and quiet

"ana b3d banam, ila
wain faroos?" ma2ab playing the
"caring" sister act asking about their older brother
"firas ib lebnan" her fathered answered as he was hugging their mother
"na3am? o laih ma7ad 5abarny?"
"ana ga3d agolich al7en, tawa mashy raye7
ma3a o5och o o5oy" pulling his wife to
his lap
"alah yaster 3laihum" as she gazed into her husbands eyes
"ya3, ana 6al3a anam" ma2ab headed to her room, just as she was about to head into
her room her phone rang she ran over to it knowing who it would be "hala 7yatie" she
dal3ly answered as she slowly sat on her orange one seater
"baba" ma2ab's dal3 voice
filled the upstairs dining room
"na3am ya dal3" her father knew that tone of voice, he knew she wanted something
"baba, aby syara" pouring herself a cup of cinnamon tea
"tawna fat7enlich il ML ya baba laish b3d
syara?" taking a bite of his
"adree, bs il ML
is a jeep o ana aby syara na3ouma 7g 6al3t il lail 7ba sports car" She knew he wouldnt turn her down, no one ever does

"dal3 baba fee akthar
mn syara bl bait ist3mlehum mita ma taben" it wasnt about the money, he just didnt think it was necessary

"baba, tabeny
agoul 7g il banat hathy syarat mama aw baba aw firas? my9er fashla" she was annoyed with his cold answers
"iff inzain 5ala9 awal ma arid mn il dawam
inrou7 inshoflich syara okay?"
"7beeby babty a7ibik" getting up to hug her father
"9ba7 il 5air baba" Rsal's femine voice fluttered as she smiled to her father
"9ba7 il nour ib 7beebty risal, baba tben
syara?" he tried to be as
fair as possible among his daugters
"laish syara baba I have a car?" she was confused
"bnrou7 nishtery 7g ma2ab o knt bshouf
itha taben"
"iff baba laish il
zifta lazem tshtery itha ana aby ashtery, ehya shako" whining like a baby

"gu'6bay lsanich
ma2ab ana rabait banat o il bnt ma titkalm chithi o b3dain hathy i5tich mo
wa7da '3reba" He didnt understand the
hatred ma2ab had for Rsal
"iff ma a7bha mako shay '39eb, ana 6al3a ma3a
muruj a7sanly mn hathy il zifta"
"ya bnt wsh hal
kalam 3n i5tik wala ink ma tist7y, 9ba7 il 5air 7yatie 9ba7 il 5air rsola
7beebty fustanik a5eran lebsty, shaklik jinan" their mother was a bubbly person, a smile never fading her face

"9ba7 il nour mama,
ee a5eran lbsta leana b6l3 ma3a il banat 9ij 7ilo shakly mama" Rsal hung on her mother's word and knew she would always tell
her what she wanted to hear
"akeed mama intay 7bebat galby" kissing her cheek
"7beebty mama, ana 6al3a itha b'3aitaw shay
"5aly jawalik 3ndik mo fl shan6a mithel
kl mara" her mother called out
after her
"a5eran we are alone ya um faris" kissing his wife's hand
Falak woke up to find
herself still in '3aith's warm arms she smiled. She tried to loosen his grip
worried that she was preventing him from a good nights sleep
"b3d shway" '3aith's sleepy voice roared in her ear
"ga3id?" she was worried
"laa bs itha wa5arty 3ny ray agoum" he wanted to see her reaction
"la 5ala9 yala nam"
'3aith pulled her even
closer to him, inhaling in her scent and whispered "mirta7a?" he cared about her,
it shocked him since he hardly knew her but she managed to find a way into his
heart with her innocence, her kind heart and her pure soul. She just nodded her
head, worried that her voice would give away just how ecstatic she was at the
moment, to wake up in his arms to have him as her husband. She wanted to show
him off to the world.

"inshalah doum
itkoneen mirta7a ma3ay" as he set his head on
her shoulder making himself comfortable once again.
"7arooooouth" Turki's annonying voice called out for his cousin who was
sleeping on the couch
"7aroothy" Turki was starting his morning session of annoying anyone
"ya5ee tarkan aby anam" 7arith loved sleeping in, unlike his cousin
"wy3a mat3rf
itdal3 il sha59, shtaby ya5ee" rubbing his eyes as
he pulled his phone from under the pillow

"emsh nrou7 bait
yady nitrayeg 3mamy kilhim hnak"
Walking into the bathroom
"yala okay"
The men glammed up,
Turki in his brown shorts and navy blue t-shirt which extenuated his broad
shoulders and built body and 7arith in his dark jeans and white t-shirt which
worked wonders with his complexion and looks. The men knew the attention they
brought to themselves, they saw how girls looked at them. They walked
confidently into their grandfather's house.
message received
mashalah nawart il mukan 7arothy :$
ya b3d 3umry, wainich aby ashofich?
message received
da5el ma3a il 7reem ma agdar a6l3 faj2ah ;s
ta3lay ashofich ... 3shany ... 3shan 7arothich
message received
wyy amout ana 3la
7arouthy ... dgayg w a6la3 bs 5alik wagef bara 3shan tshofny okay?
okay :*
message receieved
bdaina bl shi6ana :O
haha 5ala9 sorry sorry
Incoming Call x5
ma2ab: hallaa 7yatie
x5: hala 3umry, wainich
ma2ab: ry7a il avenues inta wainik
x5: tawny ga3id laish ma gltely btro7en
ma2ab: iff ya kirhik 3la hal 6ab3 ma gltlik
x5: la mo 3dee lazem itgolelny cham mara
agolich ya bnt
ma2ab: isma3ny, lmn itba6el hal 7arakat il by5a ta3al kalmny
fahem, la tinsa ana mo ... bye
message received
shaklik 3thab ... mita itkoun ly :( wala
7beebty wain ly wayh atqadamlich wna lail7en
mo mit5araj wla '6amin il wa'6efa :s
message received
bs obok 3nda il
sharika o inta o il shabab 3ndikum il ma7al laish b3d nan6er o b3dain yady ma
ra7 ega9er ma3ana ;s
ya galby ya njude inshalah kl shay ib wagta
"7arith" their grandfather's boisterous voice filled the duwanya
"hala yuba" 7arith slipped his phone into his back pocket as he headed
towards his grandfather. Their grandfather had his presence, he was well known
in Kuwait and feared by many. He loved his children and grandchildren and
worked for them. He looked around at his son's and his grandchildren proud of
each and everyone of them.

"7arooth yuba aby
ashterly syara sport ashabib 3mry teyey ma3ay?" his grandfather nudged 7arith, of all his children and
grandchildren 7arith was the one similar to him, and he saw himself in his
grandson and wanted to help mold 7arith into the man he has become.

"akeed yuba inta
t2mer 2mer mita tabeny amurik?"
7arith looked up at his grandfather, and would put him before his own father

"b3d 9alat il
ma'3arb 3shan yamdeny ag3ad ma3a il 7reem" The guys came from a fundamental family. The men did their thing
in the duwanya and the women did theirs in the living room, the only time both
sexes socialized was over the meals, and sometimes if no one is visiting the
men they would join the women of the family.

"yuba, ilyoum
3sha il ma3ares" Turki was envious of
his grandfather's relationship with 7arith but he knew the love his grandfather
had for him.
"9a7 nisait, 5ala9 in5aleha mara
"inshalah yuba,
tarkan emsh nitmasha, 3n ithnik yuba"
Turki, Rakan and 7arith said their goodbye's and headed to the Avenues to meet
some friends.
"ma2ab shofay ily labis
navy blue t-shirt" muruj's delicate voice
whispered into ma2ab's ear as she was trying on a pair of heels she eyed. She
slowly lifted her eyes up and glanced at Turki in his navy blue t-shirt, his
broad shoulders, ma2ab was always attracted to scruffy looking men and Turki,
oh turki was the scruffiest of them all.

"mm, 3dee" ma2ab didnt want to show interest in Turki because she knew her
friend Muruj would never drop it

"mynoona intay mo
3dee, eyanin o hm ily ma3a mashalah ibayn inhum ahal" Muruj was the type of girl who got what she wanted and now, she
wanted Turki.
"mshay inrou7 Chocolate bar" she saw the men heading there.
"okay bs let me pay for the shoes" ma2ab was oblivious to Muruj's deviant plans
"juju 7uby yala
namshy" Rsal hated being the
third wheel on dates, but understood her friend's need to see her boyfriend and
she would rather tag along then leave her alone.

"okay roro dgeega bs,
7yatie lazem amshy maskena Rsal"
Juwan hugged her boyfriend, she didnt know when she will see him again. The
girls hopped into Rsal's car and headed to Avenues where they were meeting
their friends at Chocolate bar.

The guys were at
chocolate bar, Ma2ab and Muruj were heading there and lastly Rsal, Juwan and
the rest of their friends were also meeting there. This cannot be good.
"'3aith, telfonik erin" Falak's groggy voice shook '3aith out of his dream.
"b3dain aby anam" gripping her tighter causing her to laugh
"many ry7a mukan shfeek maskny" she loved it but had to play the act
"kaify, 7alaly
wla mo 3jbich" slowly planting
loving kisses along her bare arm, it sent shivers down her spine she just
couldnt stop laughing
"la akeed 3jbny" as he planted a single kids on the back of his hand
"yal b5ela ana
cham mara bstich o ana bs bosa wa7da"
its strange just how comfortable they were with each other. He was still
spooning her, his head resting on her shoulder inhaling in her sent. He loved
the way her frail body fit in his muscular upper body. She loved how safe she
felt in his arm she knew nothing and no one will ever harm her.

'3aith's phone rang
again shaking them from the intimate quiet moment they shared. He rolled over
to grab his phone from the bed side table "ana
insan mitzawaj laish il iz3aj" teasing his cousin,
7arith as he heard his loud laughter

"ys3dly, 9ba7 il
5air mi3rsna wainik yuba ga6a3t il ma5da ir7am bnt il nas" 7arith and '3aith shared a different bond, they had fun
together and in the end of the day when one of them was upset the other would
be there for him.

"ay bnt il
nas" as he moved back to
hugging Falak "hathy 9art
7alaly, bs ibtalshat feny" Falak's hurt
fluttered, hearing him say those words she just moved closer to him and closed
her eyes to take in his deep manly voice.

"ya5e lik wa7sha,
il 6al3a malha 6a3m mn '3airik ya o5oy" True, '3aith has only been married for a day but 7arith missed
him, he knew things will no longer be the same.

"3n il kalak ams
mitzawj, o ya 7ilo il zawaj it9ab7 ib wayh hal jamal" Falak nudged him as he left a sloppy kiss on her cheek, her
phone rang saving her from the embarrassment she was feeling. '3aith talked to
the guys for a few minutes.

"ha mno dag
3laich" his question took
Falak off guard, she wasnt use to being asked but she then remembered that she
was now married and things were different.

"omy, itsalem
3laik is2ltny itha bnrou7 3ndhum ntrayag aw ra7 ni6la3?" Falak rummaged through her bag trying to find a perfect outfit
for this perfect morning. She felt his warm arms around her waist "ily tabena ana arou7 wain mtro7en" they both couldnt believe the eruption of feelings they were
both experiencing but they didnt question it, it felt right, it felt good and
most importantly they were both at ease.

"mm 3dee inrou7
bait oboy 3shan tit3rf 3la ahaly"
she missed being home, and her mother's cooking.

"akeed" walking over to the cupboard where he had another dshdasha
hanging. Falak walked into the restroom and took a quick shower, washed up
applied her moisturizer, concealer and her powder foundation and slipped on her
white ruffled dress with a rich olive green waist belt and walked out to apply
the rest of her make up and for him to get ready. He was taken back by her
simplicity, it only added to her beauty, he smiled to her and headed in for his
shower. She placed her belongings in her night bag, applied the rest of her
make up and splashed on some perfume.

'3aith stepped out of
the bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist, as water trickled down
his bare abs. Falak stood there staring at him, she knew she should look away
but she just couldnt. He loved the way she was looking at him, he wanted to be
the only man she looked at, the only man who had that affect on her. he moved
closer to her and took her hand up and kissed the top of each finger.

"uhh ... um ...
tabeny ada5el your PJ?" she was flushed, she
couldnt even gather her thoughts
"ee please"
"Rsal" Juwan knew Rsal was her best friend, and she would never hide
anything from her but she couldnt believe Rsal was never in a relationship or
that she never fell in love

"mm juju" Rsal was fidgeting with her shirt, the button came undone and
was trying to make it work
"intay 3umrich 7baitay?"
"nope babe, you know
everything about me so laish hal so2al" Rsal was annoyed by this question

Rsal stopped suddenly, she saw someone she knew, she saw the
eyes that followed her yesterday at the wedding.
She saw
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kahy ... om 3youn il
rumadya ... mashalah she is gorgeous .... I have to talk to her .... I have to
get her name .... those eyes are driving me insane ....
"bl shabab shfeek wain sira7t?" 7arith poked his cousin's shoulder
"shofha ily labsa
purple" whispered Turki to
7arith, 7arith slowly turned around to look at the girl in purple, and boy did
he wish he didnt. He was PARALYZED by the beauty in the purple shirt, with her
black hair, flawless glowing complexion and those big beautiful grey eyes. He was
late however, his cousin saw her first.
"shrayik?" Turki trusted 7arith's taste in woman.
mazyouna, bs shaklha theqela I doubt you will get her number" He hoped, prayed and wished she wouldnt because Turki used

"7arouth ana
Tarkan ma7ad egouly la, e9bur 3ly bs I will get the girl and she will fall
madly in love with me" Typical cocky Turki
"zahgana malait mn il Kuwait, ab'3a
asafer" Ma2ab demanded the
girls attention
"dal3 shofay mino
e6ali3 Rsal" Unfortunately Muruj's
eyes was glued to Turki and she noticed his sudden attention towards Rsal "i5tich il ma95a w9alt ma3a her friends iff now everyone is
going to look at her"

"na3am? haha no one
looks at il zifta when I am around emshay insalem 3laihum" Ma2ab saw Turki ogling her sister, and she saw this as a
challenge she was going to get him no matter what it took.

"iff juju shofay
mno ehny, ma2ab o her friends wala maly 5ulgha I get enough of her at
home" Rsal sat down giving
her sister her back as she said hi to her friends
"malich shu'3ul feeha her and her silly
friends are staring at every ...."
before Juwan manged to complete her sentence her eyes met Rakan's eyes. HE was
staring at her openly, as if no one was around them.
"juwan shfeech
sikatay?" following Juwan's
gaze only to find a pair of dark sulttery eyes staring at her. She turned
bright red.

For two hours Turki
didnt take his eye off Rsal, and Ma2ab didnt take her eye off Turki, she was
furiously mad with jealousy how could he not be looking at her. She clearly was
the prettier one, or so she thought. Rakan was mesmerized by Juwan's fair hair
and brown eyes.
Love was in the air at Chocolate Bar, or was it lust?
Jealousy was clearly detected in the air as well!
Could there be a good outcome out of this?
"il salam
3laikum" the newly married
couple said in unison as they entered Falak's parents house.

"3laikum il salam
hala bl m3arees" Falak's mother
welcomed them with a warm embrace, her mother was thrilled about her daughter's
wedding. Falak was the youngest of her children and she needed a man like
'3aith to take care of her.

"3mty shlonich,
3sach b5air?" '3aith felt at ease
at his in laws house, it was mainly because Falak was still in his arms.

"il 7imdilah,
inta shlonik yuma inshalah mirta7 ma3a bnaitna?" her eyes started tearing up, '3aith just turned around and
looked at Falak with a loving smile.

7imdilah" Falak looked down
with embarrassment

"7y allah mn
yana, tf'9al '3aith" Falak's father walked
towards them to welcome them. The newly weds followed their parents into the
guest living room, she felt '3aith's grip tighten she knew he was nervous, all
her family were there. She just looked at him with a comforting smile. She
introduced him proudly to each member of her family, and he tried his best to
remember most of their names. They were loving and welcoming, engaging him in
small talk trying to find common things with him and asking him about his

"7beebty tara
ilyoum il3sha ib bait yady, o 3my inta wl ahal kilhum ma3zomen" '3aith comfortably told his wife.

"ee il walid
kalamny ilyoum" Falak's father was
worried at first about '3aith, especially since the couple did not get to know
each other but he clearly saw just how caring he was towards his daughter and
that was all he could ask for.
Rsal and Juwan said
bye to their friends and headed towards Rsal's car. Juwan noticed the 3
handsome men following them, and automatically thought it was because Rakan
asked them to since they exchanged looks throughout their meal.

"mm, laish
hathoul la7gena?" Rsal was scared, she
hated it when men followed her and especially since she was attracted to one of

"emshay shofee he
followed your sister" Muruj nudged Ma2ab
who quickly followed the men that were following her sister. She wanted to
scream out.

Rsal was about to open
her car door when she saw a muscular hand closing the door, she looked up and
saw Turki's eyes looking at her.

"5air?" Rsal had to be stern with him, she didnt want to give in to his
mesmerizing eyes, that rugged face his dazzling smile.

"mumkin ta36eny
raqmich?" he was blunt, right
to the point. 7arith on the other hand was DYING he wanted to punch his cousin
and let the girl go.
"akeed la" she was slowly losing her focus, his presence shook her
"o laish la? mo
3jbich shakly" he leaned in closer
to her, closer than any man should be to a girl he didnt know "I saw you looking at me, so I know you are interested" he was arrogant, he knew the effect he had on all girls, and
not once was he rejected.

"you must be
mistaken" eying him from head to
toe "people like YOU
dont attract me" she tried pulling on
her door once again, but it was a failed attempt.

"haha wdy a9adgich,
okay mo ila raqmich bs shino ismich?"
he wanted any information from her, he was intrigued by this beautiful girl and
her eyes.

She was hesitant, but
could see a few people were eying them and was worried someone she knew might
see her, little did she know her sister was watching them "Rsal." Turki opened the door
for her and waited for her to get in, he stood there watching her reverse then
drive off.
"rsal" 7arith said to himself
Ma2ab was literally
dying in her spot. She pulled out her phone and called her X5 guy, he wouldnt
turn her down. All she needed was a man's attention. They decided to meet up at
Second Cup.

Rsal spent the day at
Muruj's house and at 8 headed back home. She wasn't like Ma2ab who would spend
the whole day out of the house. She headed up to her parent's floor to find her
mother curled up on the couch crying.
"mama wsh feek t9e7y?" Rsal was worried, and scared
"hahah salamtik
mama bs knt atfaraj 3la the Notebook"
Hugging her daughter. Rsal curled up next to her mother the way she use to when
she was a kid.
"mama wain baba?"
"safar o 5alny hahaha" playing with her daughter's hair
"mm 6yb lets cuddle
in bed and watch a movie together"
Jumping up excited to spend some quality time with her mother alone.
"mm 6yb, yala '3aire malbsik o ta3aly
Rsal ran up the flight
of stairs that led to her floor and got into her PJ and ran over to her
parent's room making herself comfortable underneath the crisp white blanket.
She felt like she was 2, not 20. Her mother snuggled into bed with her, and
just watched her daughter.

"t3rfy tshbhy
jadatik" Rsal was named after
her grandmother Rsal, her mother's mother.

"laa mama Rsal
wayed a7la mny" She remembers her
grandmother, even before she passed away she was breath taking.

"mashalah 3laich
wntay kaman te6ayery il 3gel" playing with her
daughter's silky black hair.
"mama, laih jadaty 5that Baba
s3oud?" Rsal loved hearing
her grandparents story.
"il kil kan ena'6er
jadatik, bs he makant tna'6er 7d kanat tfaker ib kalam oboho ina hw raba banat
nas o msh banat shwar3 ily tna'6er ay rjal, o kan jadik s3oud 5wy 5aly o kan
daym yanzil il s3odya, o kan 7a'6er zawaj 5aly o shaf jadatik o inhabal hahaha
kalam his father and they flew in 3shan ya56bouha o he rafa'9t they proposed 10
times, and she was stubborn she didnt want to marry a Kuwaity man and live away
from her family and friends" her eyes teared up "then she asked 5aly ina tajlis ma3a o t7aky and the instant
she saw him she knew he was the man for her. They fell in love after they got
married and they had all of us"
"6yb, and was she okay with living in
Kuwait away from her mother?"
"aywa at first she
cried and cried o your grandfather would take her home every weekend, then he
got fed up but after she had your aunt she moved to il s3odya for 3 months,
then your grandfather moved with her and they had 5alik a7mad, o 7assan, o 3li
and me then they moved back to il kuwait and 18 years later had Layal" That was when her mother passed away, she was too old to have a
kid, she passed away right after giving birth.

Layal, Rsal and
Ma2ab's aunt, was 28 and was close to Rsal, ma2ab of course was envious of her
beautiful aunt whom also had grey eyes.
"7ytie intay"
"laish ma2ab
mat7ibny? intay and Layaly and 5alty Ruba are close and I want to be close with
my sister and I try bs ma adre shfeeha" A tear streaked down her cheek

"mama, ma2ab is 18
she is a child o intay mashalah 3laich you are mature bs ehya ma5that-ha il
6ala3t and her friends 5aleha mama"
She hated her daughter's relationship but they were still young the both of
them and she was hoping that one day they will grow closer to each other.
"I hope so"
Rsal fell asleep in her parent's bed that night and woke up a
few hours later to her vibrating phone.
1 message received
Rsal was surprised by
the message she got, it was from an unsaved number. She left the warm bed and
walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water when she felt someone pushing
her against the fridge.

"yal zifta 3amla
7alik sharefat roma shftik ilyoum ma3a 7beeb galbik bl parking lot" ma2ab reached her limit with her sister, and had to let her
"na3am?" rsal was taking off guard
"Rsal yal zifta
shftich o rasy haa mara7 a5alech ta5thena ana shfta o ana abeh o ra7
a7a9la" Pushing her sister
once again before walking out of the kitchen.

Rsal wanted to cry,
not because of what her sister's intention but for how her sister treated her,
how could she be her sister? She ran up to her bed and silently cried.
message received
ياللي هوى الغربى يلاعب جدايك واله مادري وش سويت
message received
wa7id myet ib hawach
message received
وما كنت ممن يدخل العشق قلبه ولكن من يبصر جفونك
iff mn '3air sh3r kalmny
message received
inshalah ... laish ga3da?
knt nyma bs 97ait
Rsal couldnt believe
she was answering this stranger, but she was taken by the thrill of an unknown
message received
laish ga3dtay? fe a7ad im2thech?
How did he know?
laa, bs nmt kfaya ... inta laish ga3id?
message received
fee a7ad ygdar anam b3d mashaf il gumar !
hm, so inta it3rfny?
message received
3ashagich mn awal na'9ra
sub7an allah
message received
mo im9adgatny?
akeed laa
message received
mm okay shloun athbitlich?
time will tell
Who was messaging her?
"shfeek mistanis?" Lyth being nosey, and bored in the duwanya
"wnt shako?" 7arith threw a pillow at him
"7arooth shaklik it7ib" Turki wanted to further annoy his cousin
"hahah laa laa ana wain o il 7ub
compose message
7arith ;p
compose message
aby agolich shay bs mo tiz3len
compose message
walhan 3laich :$
ya 7MAR 5ara3tny wala 3baly fek shay ;s
walla ana akthar ...
malait mn hal 7ala 7tan ma agdar a6l3 ashofik o ib bait yady ma agdar asolif
ma3ak o hm ilyoum bl 3sha ma midany ashb3 minik :(
compose message
ana aham shay 3ndy
ashoufich o a6aman 3laich njody o alah kareem inshalah, ana bakalm yady o
inshalah everything works out, bs adree bgoul iny 9'3eer o 9ij tawny 22 .....
7beebty ana ma3a il shabab, agdar asma3 9outich il laila?
akeeeeeeeeeed :D
"7arouth yala nl3ab balot"
"yala" 7arith placed his phone in his pocket, he didnt trust his
cousin he knew their curiosity might take the best of them, and they would go
as far as taking his phone and meddling through it.
"buglaib laish telefonik dymen
ma3ak" Turki indirectly
talking to 7arith.
"leana a3arfik
inta o lyouth 3de you take my phone you act like kids not like 22 year old
men" mo wagta ninfi'9i7
"um '3aith?" Falak called out to her husband
"hala, shfeech?" '3aith was taking off his dshdasha in front of her in the room
"ugh" she was embarrassed
"shfeech falak??" He stood there watching her
"7sa ib dou5a
tgdar ta5thny il mustashfa please" Falak
was nauseous the whole day, and felt light headed and her heart was beating
fast but managed to make it through the dinner party with a smile but now, she
just couldnt she was feeling horrible.

"b3d 3umry ee
akeed yala yala" he quickly wore his
dshdasha again, and pulled her to the car rushing to the hospital "tabeny akalm ahalich?"
"la 7yatie aham shay inik mat-hdny" she held his hand needing his comfort
"wain brou7 7beebty" he was worried, thinking of the worst
The reached the ER and
saw the doctor instantly. The doctor informed her that her blood pressure was
high, and prescribed a pill for her to take. '3aith was worried, they just got
married but he already was attached to her.

ayeblich shay? taben taklen ma kalaity shay" '3aith bombarded her with a million question as he comfortably
set her into their bed, fluffing the pillows around her and massaging her feet
for her.

"hahah im fine,
'3aith please dont worry its only my blood pressure" She loved the attention he gave her

"shino bs blood
pressure, Falak intay 9irty dalo3ty o ma aby ayshay e9erlich not even a
cold" He placed his head on
her lap, hugging her feet as she played with his hair.
Incoming Call X5
ma2ab: 7yatiee
x5: hala hala ib dalo3ty
ma2ab: shlonik?
x5: mm zain bs za3lan
ma2ab: ma 3ash mn za3alik 7beeby
x5: wa7da im3thbtny ib jamalha imza3ltny
ma2ab: laish?
x5: ilyoum shft-ha bs ma malait mnha o ana ma
asoufha ila mn wain ly wain
ma2ab: bs at least you saw her, so stop being
x5: 6il3ay minha selfish mita a5er mara shyfich? o b3dain I only
see YOU want to see me hathy mo 7ala
ma2ab: iff ana maly 5ulgik zain, bye
She had a simple moto she followed. NO
"mm '3aith" shaking him lightly "
'3aith 7yatie goum insid7 3del I dont think you are comfortable this way" '3aith fell asleep on Falak's lap, and she could tell he was
not comfortable, but he was holding her so tight and she needed to change.

"mm b3d shway
dalo3ty please ta3ban" '3aith pulled the
covers up to his shoulders, and tightened his grip around her leg.

"haha okay 7beeby
bs goum nam 3del I dont think sleeping on my leg is comfortable" Trying to gently push him onto the bed, '3aith rolled onto his
back pulling Falak onto his chest. She burst into giggles sending a waking
electric shock down his spine.

"6al3eny" he truly was mesmerized by her beauty and wanted to take her
in. He couldnt believe this unique, fragile human being was his, for him to
wake up to and sleep next to each night. She was his to take care of her, make
her smile, wipe away her tears. He wanted her to have his children, and wanted
his daughters to look exactly like her.

sira7t?" She was looking into
his big dark eyes, and she pictured their lives together, their happy moments,
sad moments, their joy and tears and most importantly their children, she
wanted her sons to look exactly like him.

"i was thinking
about our life together" playing with her hair
as shay lay on top of him "raby ya7fi'6ich
ly" he recited to himself
several times wishing no harm will ever come her way.
"are you happy?" she saw it in his eyes, but wanted to ask him.
"shrayich ya3ne, I have you in my arms
what more can I ask for?" kissing her palm
They were physically
close to each other, and both were thinking about the next step and as much as
they wanted it they were both scared, worried what it might do their
relationship. They got married 2 days ago, and still dont know much about each
other. She slid off him and headed to the bathroom to change, while he got up
to answer his phone.
7arith called Turki, who informed him he was at Coffee Bean with the guys.
"ma2ab ta3aly bsr3a il mazyoun ib coffee
bean" Muruj ran into Turki
in Coffee Bean and wanted Ma2ab to come work her magic on him and steal him
away from her sister.
Ma2ab literally ran
out of the house, this was her chance to get Turki. She thought of a way to get
his attention, and as she parked she found the perfect opportunity. She saw
them sitting on the table next to the few steps that led down to Coffee Bean,
she walked down purposely twisting her leg and falling.

She screamed out in
pain, hoping Turki would come to the rescue. It worked like a charm, Turki ran
over to her carrying her into his arm, who was who to not help a damsel in
"salamat salamat, shfeech sh3wrich?" in his sexy tone
"my ankle" in her dal3 voice
"emshay awadech
il mustashfa" Turki carried her
into his car, and ordered 7arith and Lyth to drive her car to the hospital. She
sprained her ankle, and he was there next to her the whole time wiping away her
tears and holding her hand. She was pushing the helpless role to get his
attention, she had to get him one way or another and what was a little pain?

"5a6ach il su
ma2ab" Looking dead into her
eyes, he knew the effect he had on girls and he always chose his words
carefully knowing what girls want to hear.

"5a6ak il lash
Turki" She looked up into
his sexy eyes, gave him a smile "mashkour
wala ta3abtik ma3ay" She didnt want to let
go of his hand, she wanted to be in his arms. She was drawn to him, the way a
kid was drawn to vibrant colored cartoons.

"walw ma sawait
shay" She helped her down
and asked her to lean against him. They decided Turki was going to drive her
home, and Lyth and 7arith were following them, 7arith driving her car and Lyth
driving 7arith's.

They parked in front
of her house, 7arith handed Turki his key and just as he was about to get into
his own car, he saw her. He saw Rsal walking out of the house wearing jean
shorts and an over sized white shirt, her hair was swishing around her. He
quickly got into the car and asked Lyth to follow her.

"intay mash'3oula
al7en?" Turki boldly asked
Ma2ab, he could tell she didnt want to leave yet.
"mm laa" She loved the fact that he wanted to spend more time with her
"3yal shrayich
inkamel 6al3tna" before she even
answered he held her hands and drove off.

Rsal picked up Juwan,
and the girls headed to the jam3ya, Lyth and 7arith were behind them. The girls
filled their cart up with junk food.
message received
mashalah 3laich, raby e7af'6ich
message received
ma a9adig iny ga3d ashoufich
you are here?
message received
did I ever leave?
5alny ashoufik
message received
mm, look for me :p
Rsal looked up at the
people in the jam3ya, she looked at every man holding a phone; old, young,
tall, short, fat, thing, bold, hairy, every man but nothing she couldnt find
wainik ;s?
message received
for now I want to see you mo lazem intay
He watched the girls
argue over who was going to pay for the food they bought. He saw her
simplicity, he saw how every man was fascinated by her beauty and how every
girl was envious of her style and the Ora she had. He saw how she constantly
ran her hands through her hair, how her short bangs bothered her and the way
her eyes smiled with her. She didnt walk, she floated around. She was simply breath
taking. The men followed the girls back home, and 7arith made sure she was safe
inside then he messaged her again.
message received
al7en agdar arta7, have fun o mo taklen all
the food you got ;p
hahah now you are scaring me
message received
laish :s?
cause a7isik my stalker
message received
I just wanna make sure you are okay, a5af
mm, mn wain kil hal 7ub o il 7nana 3la wa7da
message received
as2al nafsy hal so2al kil dgeega o lail7en mny
3rf il rd
"ma2ab ism
'3reeb" Turki loved the
confidence radiating off of Ma2ab, she reminded him of himself when he was
"unique mthly" typical ma2ab
response "laish tena'6erny
"intay Kuwaitya?" he noticed how she would say a few S3ody words
"mm, bs jdaty alah yur7umha s3odya"
"ana dymen agoul a7la il banat banat il
s3odya" He wanted to see her
"o banat il kuwait?" he knew what he did to girls.
Turki turned around,
moved close to hear inhaling in her scent His gaze shifted from her lips to her
eyes. He thin whispered into her ears "banat
il Kuwait bl galab" those words melted
her, she needed fresh air, she felt the air around her get warmer. Her body
temperature raised, what was he doing to her.

Turki dropped her
home, of course taking her number first. Even though Ma2ab got what she wanted,
she wasnt satisfied, she needed to make sure her sister was completely out of
the picture. She ran up to her mother's floor, knowing exactly what she was
going to say.
"hi mama" settling next to her mother
"hala 7beebty
kaif 7alik?" Her mother was
fascinated with her daughter's beauty and would always recite lines from the
qura'an when they were around.

"kwysa, mama ab'3a
a7akeek ib mw'9ou3 7asas" Ma2ab faced her
mother, and didnt wait for her response she just blurted out "mama, ana shft Rsal ma3a rjal '3reb fl avenues o kanaw e7ako
b3'6 o kanaw bl parking mama t5ayaly wala 3aib 3laiha" Looking so innocently at her mother, as she smiled to herself

"mama, wsh hal
kalam Rsal ma 3ndaha hal suwalif" Her
mother was FURIOUS she knew her daughters, and was sure of Rsal's behavior.

"kaifik lat9adgeny
ana swait ily 3ly o alah yaster 3la bintich" Rsal was always their mothers favorite, well that was what
Ma2ab thought and she hated her mother's reaction she was hoping she would get
a different one. But she was satisfied with what she did and knew her mother
was going to talk to her, she was desperately hoping she would tell their
father so that Rsal would not see daylight.
message received
I will meet you bl garden okay?
yala im waiting
Njude excused herself
from her family, and snuck out to the garden to meet 7arith. She has loved her
cousin for years, and regardless of all the rumors of how he was a player she
loved him, no scratch that she worshiped him and the second he told her he
wanted to marry her she couldnt believe it. Life was perfect for her and now
she was just anxiously waiting for him to propose so she could show him off to
"shfeech sar7ana, itfakren feny?" 7arith slipped his hand into her soft warm hands.
"akeed 7beeby,
shlonik?" She looked up at him,
she loved every thing about him, his long hair, dark eyes, scruffy look, broken
nose, lazy eyes, the scar under his eye. Everything.

"il 7imdilah,
intay shlonich?" Njude was not the
prettiest girl, but she was attractive and her innocence enhanced her
attractiveness and the thing he loved the most was how she had eyes for him,
and only him.
7arith and Njude sat down on the bench and continued their conversation.
"7aroooth" they heard their grandfather's angry tone calling out.
"bsr3a dshay
da5el" 7arith hoped and
prayed his grandfather didnt see them together.
"int knt ma3a mino??" He saw the anger in his grandfather's eyes and it terrified him
"haa, ma7ad yuba shfeek?" Acting dumb sometimes worked.
"shayfny 7mar
jdamik? shako ga3id ma3a njude bnt 3mitik? shly bainkum?" His breathing got louder, and 7arith truly thought his grandfather
was going to bury him alive.

"haa, yuba il
9ara7a ana shareha o aby atzawajha"
The instant he finished his sentence, his grandfather slapped him. 7arith was
shocked, hurt and mostly terrified.

"isma3ny 3del
7aroth, int mnt ma5ith Njude sam3ny? Int lazem ta5ith wa7da bnt nas o laha
makant-ha mo bnt hatha il 5ara ily 3mitik shada il '6ahar fee!" Njude's mother was not welcomed into the family house when she
first got married because of the man she "loved" who ended up loving
her money. His grandfather had high hopes for 7arith.

7arith just looked at
his grandfather hurt, he couldnt believe this. He loved his grandfather and he
knew he wanted the best for him but this was Njude. He knew if he stood against
his grandfather he would risk losing everything, but it was Njude!

"3n ithnik ya Bu Rayan ana ray7 3nd il shabab" hearing his favorite grandson calling him Bu Rayan, and not
yuba shattered him. 7arith just left he couldnt stay there
7arith was lost, he
needed to talk to someone not Turki or Lyth. He pulled out his phone calling
Incoming Call 7arith
'3aith: hala 7arouth
7arith: hala feek, inshalah mo nayem?
'3aith: la 7beeby shfeek 9outik mo 3jebny
7arith: agdar ashoufik ya o5oy mi7taj akalmik
7as ib '9ega ib 9adry
'3aith: ee yala murny
'3aith heard the
sadness in 7arith's tone and was worried about his cousin, at the same time he
didnt want to leave his wife behind. He looked up at her and just as he was
about to ask her if she was going to be okay alone in the room, she walked over
to him kissed his cheek lovingly and said "rou7
shouf your cousin o ti6aman 3laih ana I will be waiting for you" Right there he fell madly in love with her, she was loving and
caring not only towards her family and friends but to the stranger who was now
her husband and his family.

'3aith hugged her
tightly and stepped out of the hotel room. Falak knew she was ready to take
their relationship to the next level, now was the perfect time. She took a long
warm shower lathering her body up. She then slipped into her navy blue lingerie
set with its matching silk robe, dimmed the lights and lit some candles. She
sprayed the room with some perfume and waited for him. A few minutes later
'3aith walked into their suite and into their room to find her sitting on the
bed. She walked over o him and untied her robe, revealing what layed beneath,
'3aith coulnt peel his eyes off her toned sexy body. She slipped her hand under
his shirt, hoping he would understand.

'3aith pulled away
from her, and eyed her "shga3id
itsawen?" I think it was pretty
clear what she had in mind, but I guess he needed a little more direction.
Falak stood there looking at him confused "mn
wain lich il jur2ah 3la hal shay, mafrou'6 ana ily ayey o a5tha minich" he slammed the door of the suite and headed downstairs to smoke
a cigarette. He pulled his phone off called 7arith. He told him about what

7arith: int 7mar?
'3by? athwal? hathy murtik ya '3ayooth o 3dee itha taby hal shay wala inik
ahbal yala rdlaha masken tilgaha mi5tar3a al7en

'3aith knew he over
reacted, and he 7arith was right she was his wife and it was her right to want
this from her husband what was the big deal? He went up to the room to find her
laying on the bed tears in her eyes. It broke his heart. He pulled her up and
looked into her eyes "ana asif"

He was slowly finding
his way into her heart, and she couldnt be mad at him. She didnt say anything
she just looked down, with tears in her eyes. He wiped away her tears and
kissed each cheek. She looked up at his loving eyes, and smiled to him. He
raised his arm up giving her a naughty look. She moved closer to him and took
his shirt off. He laid her gently on the bed, eying her body.
That night he explored her body in a way no man ever will, well other than him
that his.
'3aith and Falak fell
asleep in each other's arms. They planned on staying in the following day to
get to know each other, but to their dismay they were woken up by '3aith's
annoying phone. '3aith rolled over, grabbing his phone from the bedside table
squinting his eyes trying to figure out who the called was.
"hala yuma" finally figuring out it was his mother on the other line
"ee walla nymen, laish 5air yuma?" he just wanted to go back to sleep
"ilyoum il '3da
3ndna mintaw yayen?" Even though his mother
was asking, she was actually telling them.

"la inshalah
yayen, al7en ingoum" '3aith hugged Falak
and kissed her forehead gently as he remember the night they spent together. He
smiled, hugging her tighter.
"aby anam b3d, ta3bana" Falak's gently voice woke him up from his day dream.
"la7gen 3la noum
yala emshay we take a shower" She heard the magic
words, her eyes sprung open and she jumped out of bed forgetting she was
completely naked. '3aith admired her body, she quickly ran into the bathroom
grabbing her tooth brush as she turned the water on for their shower. He hugged
her from behind as they brushed their teeth, then cared her into the steamy,
hot shower where he once again had his wife. They scrubbed their bodies, and
she lathered her hair with her favorite honey shampoo.
"you dont have any hair laish you use my
shampo" teasing his short
hair cut
"7aram 3laich, kil hatha o I dont have
hair?" running his fingers
over his hair
They stepped out of
the shower, changed and headed to his parents house. They were welcomed by his
mother who pulled Falak into a warm and loving hug as tears filled her eyes.
"shfeech tabchen?" '3aith teasing his mother
"5alny mistansa" kissing her son
"7y allah mn yana" his father ignoring his son, and kissing Falak
"heey tara
a'3ar" pulling Falak into
his arms. His brothers walked down and welcomed the newly weds, they then all
headed into the living room to have some tea before lunch. The family talked
getting to know their daughter in law.
"yuma dg 3la 3yal 3mik shouf wainhum
i6la3 ma3ahum"
"laish yuma taben il faka mny?"
"haha laa yuma bs
ana bg3ad ma3a bnty shway" '3aith didnt have
sisters, and he knew how happy his mother was she was finally getting her

"mm inzain,
7beebty ta3aly aby akalmich shway"
'3aith led Falak into the family room "3dee arou7 wla taben ag3ad

"la inta rou7
shouf 3yal 3mik, o ana ag3ad ma3a 5alty o mita ma 5al9t mnhum murny" pulling on his shirt

"mm inzain" He gave her a quick hug as she walked him to the door, she
looked like she was about to cry he didnt want to leave her
"7u6 balik 3la nafsik please '3aith"
she was already attached to him and it scared
"inshalah 7beebty"
She walked back into the living room where her mother in law was.
"Falak yuma shftay baitkum?" His parents bought them a house as a wedding gift
"la lail7en
5alty, bs laish kalaftaw 3la rou7kum ana ma kan 3ndy man3 askin ma3akum" she wanted to get to know her in laws better

"la yuma, a5af
b3dain ma ta5then ra7tich bl bait m3a il shabab o arya7lkum taskinoun brou7kum
bs lazem tafrishoun il bait" pouring herself a cup
of tea "intay mateben
"ana qadamt bs I still didnt talk to
'3aith about it" sipping on her warm
cardamon tea
"yuma sm3eny
3del, il rayal ma yaby il mara il dymen mwjouda, intay lazem itkoun lich
7yatich o haibtich sam3tny? 9adgeny lazem e7is inich mo dymen fa'9yatla o ina
lich 7yatich o ana 3rfa '3aith he wont say no to you working trust me" she had to pass this advice to her daughter in law, and Falak
heard this from her mother and aunts.

"ee inshalah ana
aklama ashouf bs lail7en ma sm3t mn a7ad fa na6ra" she was interpreted by her phone ringing it was her mother
asking if they could join them since the family was gathering for dinner "5alty, tyen ma3ay bait oboy? ilyoum il 3sha ehnal o abech
"ee akeed 5alny bs a'3ayer o anzilich,
dgeega yuma"
Falak called '3aith to inform him she was going to his parents house.
'3aith: hala bl 7ub 7yatie
falak: haha hala feek
7beeby, um '3aith ana o 5alty bnrou7 bait oboy 5alaty mwjoden o il bajy byoun
3l 3sha
'3aith: okay ya 3umry, ana ayekum ehnak
inshalah 7g il 3sha ok?
falak: okay, 7u6 balik 3la nafsik
'3aith: inshalah inzain ma taben it3rfen ana
falak: akeed I do, wainik?
'3aith: ma3a 7arouth
bnwady syarta 7g service o b3dain bnrou7 il duwanya 3nd il shabab ag3d ma3ahum
sa3a o ayey bait 3my inshalah
falak: okay 7beeby ashofik b3dain inshalah
'3aith: falaak
falak: halaa
falak: hhaha 7arith yamik shloun it9ar5 chithi
'3aith: kaifee inzain intay mat7ebeny?
*whispering* amout feek
Falak quickly closed
the phone cause she heard her aunt's footsteps against the marble. She grabbed
her belongings and they headed to her parents house.
"RSAL" her mothers loud voice woke her up
"na3am mama" she was welcomed with a slap on her face
"mama!" she was surprised
"aish mama, mno il rijal ily knt t7akena
fl avenues?" she was mad and
needed answers
"mama ay rayal?" Rsal was confused she didnt know what was going on
Ma2ab heard her
mother's screams and was thrilled. She closed her bedroom door pulled out her
phone and called Turki.

"shofay ya Rsal,
7u6y fe balik hal kalam o gafily 3ly sm3tny mnty 6al3a mn il bait lain itgolely
hal rijal mn" Slamming the door
behind her.
Rsal cried, she was lost and confused and she knew only one person could make
her feel better.
Dialing faroos
Firas: hala bl '3alya
*crying* Faris
Firas: shfeech rsal laish tabchen?
Rsal: mama
Firas: shfeha mama, rsal kalmy 5ara3tny
Rsal's uncle grabbed the phone from his nephew
3li: rasal 5alo wsh feek?
Rsal: 3lawi, mama
'6arabtny itgoul ana knt akalm rijal fl avenues wala ya 5aly ma 7kait ma3a 7d
kan fe wa7d la7gna ana o Juwan o kan masik il bab o ana bs gltla ewa5er
3li: 6yb o laih t9e7y? ana a7akeha
Rsal: laa a5af it39eb
3li: inty malik da5al ana a7akeha
Rsal: okay mashkour 5alo
3li: aish 5alo ana 3lawi, inti kaif 7alik o
kaif il thanya
Rsal: haha zainen, yala rdaw walhat 3laikum
3li: la ya shai5a fe 7ad yatrik Lebnan o il
Rsal: 3LI ... 36ny 3my waina?
7amany: hala ib bnt o5oy il '3alya, hala ib
Rsal: hala feek 7amany, tadry mama '6arabtny
7amany: laish?
Rsal: akeed ma2abo il
kalba shaftny fl avenues o kan fe wa7d la7gna o kan wagif 3nd syarty fa ana bs
giltla ina ewa5er

7amany: hal bnt mita
btkaber 3gelha, 5al9 al7en 3li ekalm omich o latsheln ham, taben teyena Lebnan?
Rsal: haha laa ma aby a5arb 3laikum bs 7amany
lat6wloun please
7amany: inshalah, yala intay 7u6ay balich 3la
nafsich o latsheln ham
Rsal: inshalah, bye
message received
9ba7 il 5air
9ba7 il nour ;s
message received
shfeech 3sa ma shar?
mama '6arabtny ;(
message received
salfa 6wela agolik b3dain 6yb?
message received
hahah 6yb ;p
"ha yuma wain
raylich?" Falak's mother called
out for her daughter as she was settling into her seat.

"ma3a 3yal 3ma,
byena 3l 3sha" She couldnt believe
she was married, and to '3aith. She smiled to herself as she remembered his

'3aith's mother
quickly found herself socializing with Falak's family, an onlooker would think
she has known them all her life, her family was loving and welcoming to both
her and her son. She felt at ease, and she was internally relaxed that she
chose the right girl for her son.
Incoming Call '3aith
Falak: aloo
'3aith: hala 7beebty, ha wainkum
Falak: ib bait oboy, int wainik?
'3aith: tawny 6al3 mn
il shabab, 7beebty yady dag 3ly yaby eshoufich fa bamurich al7en o inrou7
inshoufa for an hour and we will head back to your parent's house for dinner ok
Falak: okay, yala 7yak
'3aith: alah e7yich
"tara '3aith yay
bl6reej" Telling her aunts so
they would cover up before his arrival. 10 minutes later the doorbell rang and
in came '3aith looking handsome in his grey long sleeve formal shirt, his dark jeans
and his loafers. Falak welcomed him at the door giving him a hug as he quickly
pecked her cheek. They walked into the living room, greeting her aunts he then
sat next to his mother in law as she poured him a cup of saffron and cardamon

He was comfortable
around her family, socializing with everyone, sharing some jokes just being
himself and that warmed her heart. They excused themselves to head over to his
grandfather's house.

"yala tell me
about yourself" and she did, Falak
told him about her childhood, her friends, her cousins, where she traveled,
what she did, then she told him about her university years. He watched her as
she talked, her eyes lighting up each time she remembered something funny. He
loved hearing her voice, never in his life was he drawn to a person. She loved
the way he looked at her and how he was hanging on to her every word. They
parked in his grandfather's house and headed in to the main living room where
he knew his aunts and grandfather would be.

They were greeted at the
door by his eldest aunt, who called out for the ladies in case some needed to
cover up. They walked in and headed to his grandfather he kissed Falak on each
cheek then kissed her forehead. They then greeted his aunts and cousins and she
sat down next to Njude.
"shlonik Falak" Njude's bubbly voice called out for Falak
"il 7imdilah, intay Njude 9a7?" she only knew a few of his family members
"ee, ta3aly
agoulich who is who" Njude started
pointing out her aunts and who her their children were, Falak felt overwhelmed,
but she knew with time she would learn their names.

"Falak yuba
ta3aly yamy" '3aith's grandfather
called out for her. Falak excused herself from the women and sat in between
'3aith and his grandfather.

"shlonich yuba
inshalah mirta7a? nagu9kum shay, taboun shay?" he always cared about his family

"la yuba tslam
walla" her delicate voice
answering his question as '3aith wrapped his arm around her

"il 7imdilah,
'3aith yuba athath baitkum 3ly ayshay tabouna ana 7a'6er o lat7u6oun shay ib
5a6urkum sam3, ayshay Falak taby it7u6a laha sam3ny?" pulling out a box and an envelope from his pocket.
"laish itkalf 3la 7alik yuba" '3aith didnt know what to say to his grandfather's genirosity
" '3aith kil ily
3ndy likum 5alny afra7 fekum, Falak yuba hathy 7gich" He handed the envelope filled with money to '3aith and handed
the box to Falak, it was his late wife's diamond earings. Falak eyes sparkled
like the diamond, and she leaned over and kissed his cheek. This was the life
for him, seeing his family happy.
"inzain yuba ma taben tshta'3lain?" reading a message he got
"um, ana imqadma
bs lail7en ma sm3t mnhum, o b3dain ma kalamt '3aith" looking up at her husband lovingly.
"shino hal kalam, int ma tabeha
"la akeed I do,
ana bshouf wain she applied o inshalah e9er 5air" He did want her to work, but not just yet.

"5ala9 int shouf
wain she applied and let me know 3shan akalmhum, ma abeha tsht'3l ib ay mukan
hathy il'3alya" glancing at Njude as
she socialized with her cousins.

"i7na nist2then
yuba, il3sha ib bait 3my ilyoum o na6rena it2merny 3la shay?" '3aith was embarresed with his grandfather's genirosity but at
the same time he was annoyed he didnt want his wife thinking he couldnt take
care of her.

They stood up to say
their goodbye's and before they left Falak hugged his grandfather. She felt the
love and she was thrilled to be coming into the family.
Incoming Call Faris
mother: na3am ya Faris
Faris: hala ya um Faris, shlonich yal '3alya
mother: kwysa int kaifik?
Faris: il 7imdilah, yuma shino hal kalam 9ij
6agaity Rsal?
mother: aywa '6arb6t-ha
Faris: ya omy ya
7beebty what is this, you know your daughter and you know shbab il deera shloun
aked he followed her and was bothering her
mother: bs Ma2ab saw them
Faris: did she hear
them? b3dain we went to mixed schools it might have been someone from school or
someone who is with her bl jam3a did you ever think of that?
mother: no
Faris: 5ala9 3yal, i7na we never got hit when
we were young you wanna hit us now
mother: 6yb 5ala9 I will talk to her
Faris: mashkoura ya um Faris, yala t2mrny 3la
mother: la salamtik
She rushed over to
Rsal's room, she was still upset that her daughter went complaining to her

"Rsal irti7tay?
you went complaing to your brother if you have a problem with me you come to me
not your brother" she was furious with
her daughter

"laish akalmich,
you hit me before you even listening to me so why bother" Rsal was fed up with Ma2ab's behaviour and that she was getting
away with it
"wala iny ma 3raft arabek" about to walk out
"MAMA listen, you
know me you know exactly how I am. I come home before 9 every day, I hardly go
out at night I always stay home, you never see me clinging to my phone like you
know who, my phone is always thrown around the house and when it rings I always
ask whoever is close to it to answer never did I run up to my room to answer a
phone call, I ALWAYS watch tv in the living room mo mithel il zifta fa if you
wanna come in here and smack someone you should think twice because I assure
you you are in the wrong daughters room" Rsal fell into her bed and cried her heart out. Her mother just
walked out leaving her
"aby ashoufich" Turki's deep sexy voice roared from the phone
"mm okay ilyoum
brou7 party my cousin ta3al 3shan ashoufik" this was perfect, he would see her in her skimpy dress

"okay a5alech al7en bs 6arshly message b3dain" he was physically attracted to Ma2ab but there was no
connection between them
Compose message
please aby ashoufik :'(
okay wain?
"7beebty aby
awadech mukan" '3aith opened the door for Falak.
"okaay" she loved the way
they were, she was never in a relationship and even though she always wanted a
man to love her when she was in University, she was thrilled she waited because
she was given the best gift ever for her patience.
'3aith drove her to their house in South Surra, the one his parents bought them
before they got married. It was a cute house, 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, a guest
room downstairs, a small garden and a two car garage. Perfect house for a newly
married couple. He walked her in and showed her around, it was empty and you
can smell the paint. She fell in love with the house, and started picturing the
furniture she wanted, and how she was going to design it. He saw the sparkle in
her eye and he wanted to take a picture of her. She was tiny compared to him,
he was tall and built and she was the epitome of a female with her delicate
features, her dal3 voice just everything about her.
"7beeby" she wanted to
shout out to the world
"3umry" he loved her, he
was already in love with her.
"I am falling madly and
deeply in love with you, and I think I am the luckiest girl to have such a hot
husband" walking over to him with a naughty look in her eyes.
"ana shagoul? lo alif il
3alam kila wala ma alga wa7da itsawy '6ufrich I love you dalo3ty and I cant
wait until we move in to our house and we fill it up with children" flashing her a
loving smile.
"hahah calm down tiger, tw
il nas 3la babies" she wanted to live her life with her husband first
"adree, aby ashba3 minich
b3dain we have kids" planting a sensual kiss on her neck sending shivers down her
"shrayik we go back to the
hotel?" whispering into his ears
"mm yala" pulling her out of
their house and into his car
"7beeby, laish fee syara
9af6a bl garage?" There was a white CL parked, with a red bow and a bouquet of
flowers. '3aith looked at her, pulled out a set of keys and handed it to her.
"mabrook 7beebty itshofen
5airha o ekafech sharha inshalah" it took Falak a
while to realize the car was hers, that he bought her the car. She jumped out
of the car and hugged him, she couldnt believe it, how perfect can this man be.
"7yatie I love it, thank
you bs laish kalaft 3la nafsik ana I have a car" her father bought
her a car when she went to University, yes its 4 years old but she took good
care of her car.
"ana mn ly '3airich itha ma
dala3tich adal3 mino 7beebty, do you like it? if not I can change it aw change
the color aw" before he was able to finish, her lips met his.
"I love it, but I love you
more" They headed back to the hotel.
"Rsal, yala come downstairs
Shadia is doing your sister's hair" her mother wanted
to hug her daughter, but she just didnt know how to apologize.
"laish?" Rsal wanted to be
"7aflat bnt 3amatik wla
nisety?" moving closer to her daughter
"mm, ma aby arou7" covering herself
with her blanket and flipping through the channels aimlessly
"la btro7y, 3aib
3laiki" walking out of her smal living room and heading downstairs.
compose message
I know where you can meet me, I
have to go to a party meet me at the hotel I just want to see you please
okay :D
"wain bntik?" ma2ab coldly asker
her mother
"i5tik nazla, b3dain ma
ab'3a mashakil sam3tny?" she was worried about her daughters attending the party
"mm mashy" Ma2ab had her
wavey hair straightened, and applied natural make up since she was naturally
beautiful and didnt need much make up to enhance her beauty.
Rsal walked down to get her hair done, she just wanted to put it up in a simple
pony tail. She rocked the whole smoky eye make up, blush, and matte red
lipstick. She was planning on wearing a short dark grey cocktail dress that
hugged her in ALL the right places. She slipped on her extra high red heels,
clutch and she was done. To simply put it she looked sexy, the way she wanted
her stranger to see her.
Rsal picked up Juwan and headed to the hotel. She walked into the lobby to find
4 of Kuwait's finest and hottest men; Turki, 7arith, Lyth and Rakan. Rakan was
thrilled to see Juwan once again, but that is not the important part. Rsal
looked up and saw Turki. Everything fell into place, he was the guy from
avenues, the guy she told him her name. She automatically concluded that he was
her stranger.
7arith couldnt believe the beauty that was standing infront of him, it was her.
Rsal. His Rsal. He believed she was looking at him since he was standing behind
Turki, but truth be told her eyes were plastered on Turki. Turki on the other
hand was thrilled to see her again, the girl with the grey eyes, she was in front
of him looking OH so fine, AND she was looking at him. He flashed her a million
dollar smile as she headed to the elevator pulling out her phone to text him.
message received
its you
ee woow you want me to die?
message received
lol, laish? ;p
you look gorgeous mashalah
message received
thank you :$
Rsal thought it was Turki, she thought he was the one messaging her, the one
who "loved" her and she smiled at the thought of her mysterious
stranger being Turki.
message recived
meet me at 12 ok? in the lobby
okay, have fun ;)
message received
thank you
Turki was there to see ma2ab, who was on her way. The second he saw Rsal his
world stopped, he thought it was fate that he saw her 3 times. She wasnt the
girl you dated, she was the girl you married. He wanted her, and was not going
to stop until he got her.
"ma2ab shofay Rsal looks
pretty" Muruj admiring Rsal, who not only looked pretty she looked
"iff ana shakly a7la, 5alha
im9adga 7alha" irritated by the attention her sister was receiving as she
greeted her cousins and friends.
Rsal was goin to enjoy herself, she didnt let her sister's presence annoy her
because in a few hours she was going to meet her stranger.
"ly mita ib ng3ad ehny?" Lyth was irritated
by Turki's new "love" interested, why did he have to be dragged.
"yala imshaw" Turki didnt tell
his friends he was coming back to see her, ma2ab that is. 7arith also didnt
mention he was coming back.
"agoul g6ouny il bait" 7arith trying to
stay calm so they wouldnt pick up his anxiouty
"laish sh3ndik?" Lyth being the
nosey friend
"int shako 3ndy
shu'3l" Turki knew his cousin and respected his privacey
"lyouth 5ala int
shako" as he turned the volume up
7arith was lost in his world, he was going to meet her, finally talk to her
face to face then it hit him she didnt even know his name. He wanted to shower
and dress up for him, he kept looking at his watch, he had 4 hours to go and
was on FIRE.
"juju 7uby ana mashya, you
want me to drop you?" Rsal was hoping Juwan wouldnt ask her to drop her home because
it would mess up her plan.
message received
ana ta7at :D
yala I am leaving now
"laa roro, mama 3ndaha 3rs
and she is picking me up b3d shway thanks babe and call me when you get home
please" Juwan always worried about Rsal, she knew how Ma2ab was and
felt sorry for her best friend.
"inshalah, call me tomorrow
beautiful" Rsal's heart was beating she couldnt believe what she was about
to do. She headed downstairs looking around for him, and her eyes met his she
flashed him a smile as she handed the valet her ticket. He approached her
smiling, he couldnt believe he was going to talk to her.
"remember me?" he asked her coyly
"akeed, shlonik?" she was looking
down, she couldnt even look into his eyes.
"tamam, I get to see you
again its a dream come true" Turki was on edge who couldnt believe
she was talking to him, he was also worried that ma2ab migh walk out any second
now and he didnt want to explain anything to her.
"so I finally meet
you" she was confident that this was the stranger that was messaging
her, but was taken back by his shocked expression to her last words.
"haha ee, yala intay rkbay
syartich mo 7ilwa a7ad eshoufna wagfen this late talking" he was worried
because he was about to meet ma2ab.
7arith, who was sitting on the couches in the lobby saw everything and felt his
heart slowly breaking. His cousin got to her once again, he wanted to scream,
he wanted to walk over to him and punch him but he knew better in the end he
was his cousin and would never let a girl get in between their relationship. He
was hurt, but he had to get over it if Rsal wanted Turki he wouldnt stand in
her way. He quickly walked out of the lobby before his cousin saw him and
headed to his car, he still wanted to follow her home.
He followed her home and noticed she was heading into a gas station.
"mynoona dasha ma7a6t
banzen hal 7aza" he said to himself. He pulled out his phone and sent her a
message sent
banzeen hl wagt? mala da3y!
m3ndy banzeen
message sent
mo wagta al7en you will get home
what if my car stops?
message sent
ana warach dont worry
She headed out of the gas station and headed home, looking in her rear view
mirror hoping to see him but his head lights prevented her from looking at his
face. She parked in her spot in their garage and pulled her phone off.
compose message
wait for me
compose message
aby agolik shay
mo wagta its late
7arith wanted to scream out. He drove away in anger heading home. He didnt want
to see anyone, he didnt want to talk to anyone not even '3aith.
Rsal went to bed with a smile, she saw her prince charming. She was interupted
by a message.
message received
7arith ... ismy 7arith
3ashat il asamy ;D
message received
3shat ayamich
He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he couldnt stop himself. The way she
made him smile with just a message he didnt even feel this way with Njude.
7arith fell asleep
with a heavy heart, Njude was on his mind but not in the usual way. Rsal is
taking over his mind, his body, his thinking, his every step. He woke up to the
loud ringing of his phone, and answered it in an angry tone.
7arith: haa
njude: 7arith *crying*
7arith: judey shfeech
njude: latsameny judey, bs 7arith ra7at 3laik
ana btzawaj wld 3my
7arith: SHINO
njude: ee 7aram 3laik b3tny ya 7arith, laish
ma tabny wala iny a7ibik o sharetik bs int ma tabeny 5ala9 ana r7t wld 3my ya
5i6abny o oboy gala ee mn '3air my kalmny
7arith: judey
njude: 5ala9 7arith no
more judey, ana 9irt 7g wa7id thany wala ya 7arith no one will love you the way
I do, and I will never love him, bye 7arith

Just like that, he
lost her. He lost his wife, the woman he always thought he would marry
regardless of the other girls he talked to, she was the one. She was the mother
of his children, that was how he always saw it but now, now she is gone. She
was going to marry her cousin, and he had no one. Turki wanted Rsal, and now
Njude was gone. He felt his heart tighten, he couldnt breath, like there
something pressing down on his chest.
Dialling Grey eyes
rsal: aloo
7arith: guwa
rsal: ahlain, shfeek 7arith? 3sa ma shar
7arith: .......
rsal: 7arith
7arith: .........
rsal: 7arith please rd 3ly
7arith: gouly ismy b3d mara please
*smiling* 7arith
7arith: agdar ashofich?
rsal: sure, tomorrow works for me
7arith: okay t9b7en 3la 5air
rsal: winta mn ahla ... 7arith
7arith: hala rsal
rsal: if you need anything, im just a call
*smiling* thank you
rsal: good night
7arith managed to fall
asleep once again, thinking of tomorrow he was going to see her and she was
going to see him.
She will see 7arith.
"mimi 7beebty"
tarkan" ma2ab answered in her
dal3 voice as she twirled her hair around her fingers.

"goulay ismy b3d
mara" he loved the way she
showered him with attention, but he knew he wouldnt get anything physical from
her, not even a kiss.
"turki" she knew what her dal3 did to men, and how it drove them insane
"wyyy amout 3l dal3 ana" he did, well most men did
"mm tarkan,
shrayik n6la3 bacher?" she wanted to see him,
who wouldnt want to be seen with a hottie like Turki, it will make girls more
envious of her and men drool over her and ultimately that is what she wanted
from her "relationship" with Turki.

"okay ma 3ndy man3,
awal ma agoum adig 3laich o n6la3 nt'3da shrayich?" he had nothing to lose.
"6yb, ana a5lik aby anam t9ba7 3la 5air
tarkan" bored with him
"wintay mn
ahla" They truly had
nothing in common, however, he was bored and her hottness factor intrigued him.
"7beebty" '3aith called out for Falak, she walked out of the bathroom
wearing nothing but a robe.
"yes 7beeby" towel drying her hair as she sat next to him on the bed
"wain tabena inrou7 for our
honeymoon?" playing with her wet
"mm I dont know
inta wain 7ab?" she didnt care where
she went as long as she was with him

"anywhere with a
beach so I see that tight body in a bikini" giving her the naughtiest sexiest look. She pushed him back and
hovered her body on top of his kissing his neck till she got to his lips. Not
taking her eyes off his lips, she smiled and said "mino gal aby albis bikini?" she then looked up at his hungry eyes and before she could even
say anything else she was already naked on her back.
She loved him.
Rsal woke up with a
smile on her face, which was quickly replaced with a frown. She didnt know if
her mother would let her leave the house. She took a quick shower, got into a
pair of shorts and a tshirt and headed to the dinning room for some breakfast,
she was surprised to see her father back. She ran to him and sat on his lap.
"9ba7 il 5air babaty wilaht 3laik" kissing his cheek
"ana akthar 7beebty, shlonich yuba?"
as he placed a box into her hands
"babaty what is
this?" looking confused. She
opened the box up and it was a set of black pearl earrings. She flashed him a
smile, hugged him then sat down in her seat and poured herself saffron milk.
"o ana I dont get a morning kiss?" her mother looked upset
"kiss o bs?"
Rsal ran over to her mother sat on her lap and
hugged her tightly as a tear fell down her eyes. Her mother cupped her face and
wiped her tear "im sorry ya galb
mama inti bt3rfy ini a7ibik o a5af 3laiki mn kalam il nas" Rsal just nodded, kissed her mother and settled back in her
until ma2ab come
fluttering down the stairs "9ba7 il 5air ...
baba you are here 7imdilah 3l salama" kissing her father, then her mother and giving Rsal a dirty look
before sitting down.

"o laish ma
salamty 3la i5tich?" their father was
annoyed by the way the sisters treated each other
"9ba7 il 5air ya zif ah I mean ya rsal
sorry" smirking to herself
"9ba7 il nour ma2aby" purposely annoying her sister.
Breakfast was the like
every other morning, Ma2ab giving Rsal dirty looks. Rsal didnt care, all she
cared about was meeting 7arith, her hunk. She dreamt about him last night, his
short hair, fit body, his sexy smile it drove her crazy.

"mynoona you
smile to yourself?" ma2ab was dying to
know the reason behind her sister's happiness
"inti wsh da5ilik?" Rsal yelled out at her
"banat" their mother trying to maintain the pleasant atmosphere

"3n ithnkum ana
ry7a Nbar ma3a muruj" leaving the table
before her parents answered her, that was how ma2ab was never taking
permission, she was simply telling them.

Rsal stayed with her
parents for a few hours, then headed to Nail Polish alone, she wanted some time
compose message
random question
9ba67 il 5air :D
go ahead
compose message
ay color nail polish it7ib ;p?
a7ib dark colors especially leanich bai'6a ;$
compose message
hahah okaay dark red aw dark purple?
red akeeeed ;)
compose message
yala think of a place to meet .... please :$
already 3ndy mukan ;)
compose message
I am nervous :s
laish?? 5yfa?
compose message
laa mo 5yfa, bs happy nervous you know :p
la walla awal mara asma3 ib happy nervous
compose message
WELL, you shall see today
compose message
inshalah :D
Rsal wanted everything
to be perfect for her meeting with 7arith. After getting her nails done, she
went to the salon to get a trim, and a deep conditioning hair mask. She headed
home and took a warm bubble bath adding salts and flowers to soften her skin,
she scrubbed herself down then hopped into the shower booth to lather her hair
up. She wore her dark skinny jeans, a ruffled white shirt, her black pearl
earrings. Simple make up, two coatings of mascara to help pop her eyes, blush,

They were meeting at
the scientific center. She got behind the wheel with a heart beating so loudly
you would say she was giving a speech. She headed over to the scientific center
and sat on one of the benches waiting for him. The sun was setting, she couldnt
peel her eyes off the view.

"guwa" came his masculine voice causing her to smile to herself, she
didnt look up at him she couldnt peel her eyes off the floor. He sat down next
to her nervous, not knowing what to say. She smelt his perfume and was
instantly dizzy. She looked up at him, and stood up scared.
"shfeech Rsal?" he was worried, he knew she didnt want him but he had to take
this step.
"um inta 7arith?" confused, then who was the man she talked to last night at the
"ee, were you expecting someone
else?" He asked fearing her
"um, I have to go" she didnt understand what was going on, she ran to her car
confused. Who was this man? who was the man she talked to last night? what was
going on? Before starting her engine she heard him knocking on her window. She
opened the door and he squatted to look into her eyes.
"adree you thought I was someone else, my cousin Turki uhwa
ily kalmich bl avenues o ams wintay na6ra your car bs ana 7a9lt raqmich o ana
ily I have been messaging you" he took her hand into
his "I like you Rsal,
o kl shay I said in my messages were true it wasnt because I wanted to see you
or play you I just was drawn to you and when I saw you yesterday talking to my
cousin I thought I lost all my chances but I had to do this, now you can chose
if you want me or him and whatever you chose I will always be here for
you" he left her with
those words and headed to his car hoping for the best.
"oh my god" Rsal cried to herself.

Rsal drove around
aimlessly for hours, she didnt know what to do she didnt know Turki, wouldnt it
be fair for her to give him a shot? In the end she was attracted to him, he was
the one eying her, he was the one she kept seeing not 7arith, even though
7arith was hot in his own way he didnt get her attention.

She found herself at
Coffee Bean kaifan, she parked and headed in she needed a cold refreshment, and
a caffeine kick to take her mind off things.

"hii" came his hot masculine sexy voice, it made her weak in her
knees. She just smiled to herself, he had that affect on her.
"hala" was she was able to say, she couldnt function.
"do you have time
to sit and talk or are you in a hurry?" he decided to shed his bad boy attitude and go for the perfect
gentleman approach, girls like that as well right? Also, he knew Rsal was
different and that his usual ways would not work on her.
"sure" again she was at a loss for words.
So she sat with him,
and they talked. At first she saw his bad boy exterior. He was arrogant, a
snob, oozing confidence and as much as he reminded her of her sister's attitude
which was something she hated it attracted her to him. She saw how at first he
had his guard up, but with each minute that passed he slowly peeled off the
tough bad boy exterior and she saw someone different, a man she could have a
conversation with.
Question is, does she trust him?
Her vibrating phone shook her thinking, she excused herself to answer her
rsal: hala mama
mother: hala 7beebty,
mama please go over to your grandfather's house and pick up some food
rsal: inshalah mama
mother: inti lisa za3lana 3ly ya mama?
rsal: laa mama 7beebty
inti mn jd itfakeri kitha? ana a7akik awal ma a5al9 mn hna okay?

Hearing Rsal speaking
S3ody with her mother shattered Turki. He quickly linked that Ma2ab and Rsal
are sisters, he felt his body temperature rising, but before he began to
internally panic he sat back comfortably glancing at her, he came up with a
plan. He would get to Rsal through Ma2ab.

He smiled devilishly to himself, Turki wanted Rsal and was going to get her no
matter what it took, even if he had to step on Ma2ab for that.
"wain sr7t? sorry it was my mother" typical polite Rsal
"laa i5thay
ra7tich ha mishaina?" He had to talk to
ma2ab, she has been calling him for 10 minutes now.

Rsal and turki stepped
out of Coffee Bean, he opened her car door for her she turned her engine on and
rolled her window down "thank you

"it was my
pleasure Rsal, you drive safely"
The perfect gentleman act meant him not taking nor asking for her number, he
could easily get her number if he wanted to, but it was not the right time now.

Seeing Turki walking
away made her think of 7arith and a smile slowly curled up her lips. She hated
to admit it, she missed him, but she was confused and didnt know what to do.
"7beeby yalla
bsik kasal lets get up" Falak wanted to move
in to her house, they had to do some major furniture shopping but she was
looking forward to it.
"ta3aly namy" '3aith was a morning guy, but he wanted to stay in bed with
"laa yala goum
lets go out for breakfast b3dain inshouf furniture" '3aith gave her a bone crushing look she quickly snuggled next
to him "sorry"
"hahah 5ftay?" inhaling in her scent
"eee" a single tear found its way down her cheek, she quickly wiped
it away before he could see it, but she still was too late. He turned her
around and hugged her tightly to his bare chest "shfeech?? I am sorry 7uby I didnt mean it bs chithi" and just like an erupting volcano, she burst into tears she
didnt know why she was crying, he was great to her always loving and tentative
so why these tears?

'3aith just hugged her
tighter to his chest as she cried, he slowly rubbed her back to console her,
honestly he was lost he didnt know what he did it couldnt be from the look he
gave her, and he has been controlling his temper with her.

"7beebty, 3umry
shfeech ana shsawait laish tabchen?" slowly
pecking the side of her face. She looked up at him, face covered in tears and
just leaned in to kiss him.
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hi ....
hala wala rsal shlonich?
compose message
doum inshalah
compose message
hala :D
compose message
how about we go out for coffee tomorrow, we
sit down and we talk?
okay I would love that
"tarkan" Ma2ab was getting frustrated with him, she needed a man to
shower her with attention not a snob like her

"hala mimi" all he could think about was Rsal and her grey eyes, she was
the complete opposite of Ma2ab.

"shfeek 3ly?
laish ma ts2al 3ny?" she was use to men
pampering her and he was the complete opposite, he even canceled their date
"la wala ya 3umry bs hal yomain mash'3oul
ma3a il ahal" that excuse always
Ma2ab got another call
from her x5 guy, she quickly shut the phone from Turki and answered him.
x5: laish mat7ebeny?
ma2ab: 7aram 3laik inta ma ts2al 3ny
x5: ana kl ma dagait 3laich it39ben o you shut
the phone
ma2ab: 6yb ana asfa, shrayik n6la3 ilyoum and
I make it up for you?
x5: you think bgoul la? yala mita amurich
ma2ab: hahaha laa 7yatie aby atrawash o a'3ayr
b3dain akalmik 6yb
x5: yala okay
Ma2ab took a shower,
dressed up and went to meet her x5 guy. They had lunch together then drove around
for a while. He was holding her hand, sneaking in kisses when no one was
around, but little did they know someone was keeping a look out.
He was furious with
what he saw, he was not the one to be played he was the one who played girls
and seeing ma2ab being touched by another men drove him up the wall. His sick
mind went to work, he knew exactly what he was going to do, there only was one
thing to do. He called his father informing him of his plan.
The next morning
compose message
juwaaaan come swim 3ndina :D
yala im coming now
Rsal walked down to
the kitchen and asked the nannies to take the cooler outside and fill it with
drinks, chocolates, and ice cream. She slipped into her navy blue bikini, took
her ipod and stepped out into the garden that led to the swimming pool. She
hooked her ipod to the outside sound system and dove into the pool, she swam a
few laps and sat up on the ledge thinking about both Turki and 7arith.

"il 7ilwa itfaker
ib shino?" she knew that voice,
she just heard that voice. She turned around and was greeted by her brother.
She ran upto him.

"FARIS I didnt
think you would come back so soon"
she missed him, the bond between her and her brother was unexplainable
"well, 3ndy lich 5abar ib malyoun" flashing her a loving smile
"tell me" thinking it was something he bought her, never expecting the
bomb he was about to drop on her
"yayenlich 5u6ab" grabbing a chocolate bar from the cooler
"aish??" stunned at the news
"aywa 5u6ab" saying it as is he was informing her that he drank water today
"um, baba shino
gal?" she didnt know how to
react this was too much, she thought she had problems choosing between Turki
and 7arith and now a possible husband is stepping in the picture.

"mabsou6 bs yabe
ekalmich" Ma2ab came prancing
out of the house with a smile on her face

"farooos 7imdilah
3l salama, I missed you" hugging her brother "ngoul mabrook? sm3t ina fe a7ad 5a6bich"

Before Rsal was able
to say anything, Juwan was by her side. The girls went back to swimming while
Ma2ab and Faris walked into the house.
"shfeek rsal?" Juwan didnt hear what happened
"mm, fee wa7id yay 5a6ubny and I dont
know what to do"
"7beebty give him
a shot, intay you dont have anyone in your life so you have nothing to
lose" trying to be
"aywa bs ana lail7en I have a year left before
I graduate and I am just too young"
"I know bs mo
shar6 you get married now b3dain keep in mind you are just getting to know him,
ya3ne nothing final"

"I know, anyways lets just swim I dont want to think about
it" All she could think
about was him.
compose message
can I see you now?
akeed, wain taben?
compose message
mm, it3rf Second Cup ily bl deera?
ee I think so, 5ala9 ill see you there in an
compose message
Rsal walked into her
parents living room with a million questions in mind, but she just couldnt
bring herself to asking them "baba, mama agdar
akalmkum please" sitting in between
"ha baba, shfeech 7beebty?" Hugging his daughter
"mm, wain shafny hatha ily 5a6ubny?" was it alright to ask?
"Remember the
lady who talked to me at the wedding? this is her son" She was thrilled, she heard great things about the family.
"shino isma? cham 3umra?" everyone was taking the matter lightly except for her
"haha ya mama
inta'6ry b3d kam youm o inshalah itshofna o t7ky ma3a o is2ly" Her eyes sparkling thinking her daughter was interested.
"haha sorry I am just overwhelmed dont
you think I am young?"
"yuba lo ashouf
3yalich you still will be young ib 3ainy, intay bnty la intay il'3lya
Rsal" Kissing the crown of
her head. Rsal teared up at her father's words, she couldnt have asked for
better parents.

"bs 5ala9 or ra7
abky ana 6al3a it2mrouny 3la shay"
smiling at the thought of seeing 7arith

"la salamtich
yuba, 7u6ay balich" their parents never
really asked where their children were going, or with whom since the girls
usually told them, and with Rsal she was always honest, except this time of
course, but Ma2ab abused this trust by meeting her guy "friends".
message received
ana tawny 6al3
I am leaving now
Her heart was beating
once again, she knew what she was going to tell him. She was going to be
'3aith and Falak were lazing around in their room.
"why did you want
to get married?" Falak asked innocently
thinking he did want to get married.

"I didnt want to,
oboy dg 3ly o galy you are getting married o omik ligat il bnt that is why
everything happened quickly, I didnt get to spend time with you before il
milcha, o we had the wedding the day after the milcha fa ma midany ni6l3" '3aith was just being honest, he didnt think of the words coming
out of his mouth, and how they might affect Falak.

Falak quickly headed
into the bathroom afraid to hear the rest, okay when her mother informed her
someone was interested she was taken back because she was not thinking about
marriage, but unlike him she did want to get married. '3aith quickly realized
what he said, okay it was the truth BUT no bride wanted to hear that especially
since they were happy together, and newly weds.

He stood up and gently
knocked on the door "7uby" flirting was not going to get him out of this "Falak 3n il dal3 its the truth ana ma knt 7a6 ib baly
zawaj bs mn 5thaitich wana a7mid raby" Falak smiled to herself she loved him she couldnt be mad at him
but still his words cut her deep. She unlocked the door looked him dead in the
eye "akeed you are
happy '3aith? aw you still wish you werent married?"

'3aith approached her
cupped her face wiping away her tears "Falak
wala iny mistanis a9lan mo im9adg ina you are mine" smiling to her "shino mine I am
not a toy mn the shelf" teasing him "dafi3 feech mahar akeed you are mine" We need to take a step back, men joke around about this topic,
and they dont mean what they say they are just saying it however, girls take it
in a different way

ya3ne??" even when she was mad
she looked adorable, she was just to petite and girly to pull off the mad look,
this sent '3aith into a loud chuckle totally dismissing her "anger"
and carrying her into bed.
"laa maby ana za3lana you wont get some
tonight" trying to keep a
straight face
"afaa, you say no
to this" taking his shirt off
and pointing at his perfectly sculpted abs, she quickly looked away and nodded.
He took his pants off, he was now in nothing but his Calvin Klein low riser
boxer briefs.

To see the man you are
falling in love with half naked in front of you, flaunting his sexy body,
oozing confidence looking at you like you tare the only person he cares about
in the world is a look I hope every woman gets to experience. That alone is
something worth dying for.

'3aith crawled onto
bed, until he was inches away from her. He took her shirt off, then slipped her
hot shorts off and flipped her onto her tummy. He reached over for her body
lotion, placed some on his hand, unhooked her bra strap and gave her a massage
she will never forget.

za3lana?" whispering into her
ears. She turned around, pulled him down to her, bit his ear lobe and whispered
"I want you now" 4 simple words that will drive any man insane.
"Turki int
maynoon? shino taby titzawaj int lail7en ma t5arajt" of all his children, Turki's father never thought his youngest
son would want to get married.

"yuba il bait o
mwjoud, o il flous o il 7imdilah mwjouda o bzyada shl mushkila? ma tabny I
settle down o aba6el suwalif il shabab?" Everyone knew about Turki's love for woman's attention, which is
why his father was shocked.
"int mn 9ijick?"
"mm ee .....
atwa83" Turki thought he was
doing the right thing, but if he did this he would lose Rsal, but doing this
might be the only way to get close to her without it being suspicious. Well to
a certain extent.

"yuba il zawaj mo
li3ba, my9er ta5ith banat il nas o it'6y3ha ma3ak ya Tarkan faker bl mw'9ou3
itha taby na56ubha al7en 3la ma tit3rfoun 3la b3'6 o b3d sina aw sina o nu9
e9er 5air shrayik?" Turki informed his
father he was going to think about it carefully and will let him know.
"shlonik?" Rsal was always the quiet one, and was hoping 7arith would do
the talking. Also, she was beyond nervous which did not help at all.

"tamam, intay
shlonich" 7arith never felt
this way, he was use to girls throwing themselves at him all he had to do was
sit back and enjoy the scenery and the girls would do all the talking, but with
Rsal it was different he was nervous.

"shfeek sakit
7arith you are scaring me" If she ended up with
him, is this how it was going to be?

"haha ma adree
shfeny wayed mitwatr" He didnt even know
what he was saying
"just calm down, its me the girl you
message the girl you are stalking"
"you are not
making it easier, shofay Rsal il 9ara7a ana mitwatr leany aby a3arf do you want
me aw Turki its that simple"

"its not 7arith, fee
wa7id 5a6ubny and to be honest I want to give him a chance" Rsal's heart was racing she was scared of his reaction.

"ya3nee intay
sawaity hatha kila 3shan taby a5a6bich? Rsal okay intay dasha 5a6ry o 3ajbtny
bs shino zawaj" jumping to

"7arith ana ma
glt abek ta56ubny ana ga3da golik ily 9ayer why are you jumping to
conclusions" Rsal gathered her
things and stood up "ana mashya" she quickly walked out of Second Cup and headed to her car.

"bil6agag" 7arith mumbled to himself. He pulled out his phone and called a
number he hasnt needed in a few years.
7arith: bu 3ziz shlonik
man: b5air, int shlonik?
7arith: wala abad, lan6wlha whya q9era ana aby
man: any specific details?
7arith: ee ma abeha filipinia staqfar allah
b3dain aby wa7da ni'6efa
man: ee ily taby mwjoud int ta3al o naglik


  1. i'm reading this again <3 , just asking is it the same exact version or you deleted some of it??