Apr 16, 2012

Faith 4 ;** (edited)

She woke up with a headache, today was going to be her last day at work.

She has decided to decline Sultan's offer and will suffer the consequences she knew her parents would be proud of her for doing the right thing and will support her.

Walking into the branch, her heart was heavy she loved it her. This was her baby, she helped make it into what it has become.

She was remembering her customers who sent her flowers and gifts when she was promoted to branch manager, each coming in personally to congratulate her.

She closed her office door and was looking down at her phone, a tear almost escaped her eyes when there was a knock at the door.

She looked up and it was him.

She pushed back her tear and smiled.

"9ba7 il khair"
"9ba7 il nour" He sat down in front of her with a wide smile plastered on his face
"so, what did you decide on" She paused, then looked up at him with a smile
"I decline your offer, and I will suffer the consequences"
He smiled, rested back in his chair and pulled out a paper from the file he had in hand "I am glad to hear you say that"
She was confused "what do you mean"
"you are a lady with morals, and that is what I need" He placed the paper in front of her "mhra I am a business man, not a fellon I love my job, my family and my country and would never do something against the law" He eyed her down "I was testing you"
"you thought what you did was amusing"
"no, but I needed to know that I could trust you"
"why is that?"
"shofay il contract jdamich"
She quietly read through it, and realized what he was asking her "you want me to over look a new bank you are opening up in Abu Dhabi?"
"hala yuba"
"mn 9ijik?"
"ee, shofay your contract is a year you will be anonymous to the actual employees you will sit down with the head of HR to decide on the hiring, the strategies and the training. No one will know what you are doing. All week you are here weekends you come to me and you will be done"
"I can't"
"you will"
"no I won't and I can't I will not risk my reputation"
He pulled out his phone and replayed the conversation the had the night before about the "illegal" transaction he wanted to do.
"shofay, don't push into doing this"
"you are blackmailing me"
"3rftay laish I want you, you are smart"
Her mind had stopped, she didn't understand what was going on let alone why this was happening to her.
"mhra, 7beebty hatha il 3qd its a year no one will know so please spare me your lectures read it over tomorrow morning ana 3ndich, you will sign or else you will lose the first time I was testing you now I am serious"

He walked out feeling smug about himself.

Whatever he wanted, he got.

Incoming Call Him

"hala mesfer"
"mfeny shay mesfer"
"la feech shay intay mtnadeny ib ismy"
It was true "Sorry bs bally msh'3ol"
"sorry 7beeby '9yqtich"
"la baby its okay, I miss you" She did
"walla 7tan ana oboy aby ashofich ilyoum" She just got an idea
"ee sure at 7?"
"mshy 7beebty 6l3ay mn il dawam o kalmeny"

It was a rather busy day at worked and she couldn't wait until it was over. She arrived at home and got into bed skipping lunch.

She woke up at 6 took a quick shower and got ready for her night with Mesfer.

Usually she would go over to his place and chill, today they were going to pick up dinner then head over to watch a movie.

They were at home slice, he was picking up the pizza while she waited in the car.

Just as he was about to enter, he stopped to say hi to some guys, and one of them quickly caught her eyes.


She panicked at first, then realized the car was tinted darkly either way she took a quick glance and turned slightly so that her back was facing the window just in case he wanted to take a sneak peak.

He was handsome, different than Mesfer.

She wanted to just sit there and watch him.

Mesfer had left his phone in the car, which was what she needed and she knew the password to his phone, she didn't want to snoop around she wanted 1 thing only.

The lawyers number, his friend.

Mesfer got into the car and she pretended like she was messaging.

"halla baby"
"ma a7ib tmskeen telefonich wna m3ach"
"I'm sorry 7beeby"
"sorry 6wlt knt aslm 3la osama, o5o nseeby"
"ee y7laila ma yshbh rayel e5tik"
"ee osama a7la"

They kept the small talk until they arrived to the apartment, popped a movie into the DVD and enjoyed their pizza.

She snuggled really close to him and closed her eyes to enjoy his smell.

"shfeech 7beebty mo 3jbtny"
"walla mfeny shay" He was good to her.
"you know if you need to talk I am here right"
"adree 7beeby" she looked up at him and gave him a quick kiss on his lips before he hugged her again and they sat there to finish the movie.

At 10 she headed home feeling a little better.

Tomorrow she was going to call the lawyer

Incoming Call Osama

"shfeek sakit"
"feek shay"
"you called 3shan tgoly hi o taskt"
"ha 3yal"
"mm, wilaht 3laich"
"ee goul mn il awal mo t36eny one word answers"
"rada il bait"
"isn't it late"
"I said I am heading home, and I am 28 years old 10 is not late"
"leanich 28 m3nta shino tkoun bara il bait ly nu9 il lail"
"la, a9lan why are we having this conversation"
"khl9 insay bs knt bsalem 3laich, bye"

He was a strange one this man

Dialling il khaal

"goul 5l9ny"
"aby il yacht hal weekend tkfa"
"6lbtik o tkfa 3shan il yacht, cham mra agolik la t6lib mny tby shay 3ndik raqam Thamer kalma o uhwa y'9b6lk kl shay, bs osamo in drait inkum imrkbeen banat wla feeh shrb my79el khair"
"khaly adree walla bs nby n6l3 in7adiq"
"okay yuba, youm il 5mees ykoun jahiz bl machla wl 3da intw ily 3laikum bs tyoun"
"mshkoor khaly"
"rayal shkbrik sh3r'9ik tgol mshkoor, rou7 bs"

Sultan loved his nieces and nephews, he worked hard for them to provide everything for them. He knew he couldn't get children on his own which is why he spoilt them endlessly, but Osama was different.

Osama was a copy of Sultan and he wanted him one day to take over and follow in his footsteps.


Let us take a step back ladies,

Mesfer's sister's husband is Osama's brother.

Mesfer's sister's husband's uncle is Sultan.

Mhra is "dating" mesfer

Mhra is "talking" to Osama

And lastly, Sultan is going to change Mhra's life completely.

This is going to be one hot juicy mess.


  1. tdodaht. so2al, shlon tgolen osama mo shayefha mn gabel oo eb Faith 3 shafha (bel.last part)

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