Apr 8, 2012

Jawl part 3 ;**

She got out of the car to find Turki waiting in the elevator in nothing but his
jeans and flip flops.

She knew this was
going to be hard, she knew he was sexy, hot, but seeing him shirtless with his
scruffy look turned her insides inside out. He didnt say a word, he just pulled
her into him hugging her lovingly.

He needed to shower
her with love and attention because its what she was lacking right now.
She didnt say anything, she was exhausted. She got another beating from '9a7y
last night and was soar all over. He lead her into his apartment.
"shfeech 7yatie" tucking her hair behind her ear
"turki ana ta3bana" she lifted her sleeve up to show him her bruised arm "he hits me"
Turki was mad, they
never agreed on hitting. He was so engrossed in his thinking, he didnt notice
her crying. He pulled her onto his lap and hugged her. He felt bad for her, and
he almost forgot about his deal but his bad boy evil side quickly took over
"baby" he whispered into her ears in the sexiest tone ever, it made her
"you want to
forget everything?" he was daringly
staring into her eyes, she knew what he was talking about.
"shloun? '9a7y lail7en ma d5al 3lay" getting right to the point
"intay mo gltay he comes home
drunk?" this was all planned
out, he was just reciting his lines
"ee bs he goes to
bed" waiting to see where
this is going "okay uhwa lmn
edish il bait go to his room, and he is a man fa he will do anything o intay
work your magic"
"laa turki 5yfa" what if it didnt work
"3la ra7tich" turning his attention to the television
Ma2ab stood up, took
his hand and led him into the bedroom. He unbuttoned her shirt not taking his
eye off her lips. He then slipped her jeans off, grabbed her ass and boosted
her up as she secured her legs around his waist.

He started to
passionately kiss her neck. He gently placed her onto the bed, leaving a trail
of kiss that started from her right leg all the way up to her neck. He then
whispered into her ears
"do you want me"
Her insides were on
fire, her first kiss, the first time a man touches her, kisses her, sends her
on a wild roller coaster was just a random man not her husband.

She couldnt bare to
say the words yes, so she just nodded. Turki knew she wouldnt turn him down.
Dialing Saja
saja: 7beeby mabrook
'3aith: shino mabrook intay mynoon
saja: shfeek im39ib 7yatie a5eran fee shay
yarbu6na 3shan you leave hathech
'3aith: lo 3la ga9
irgubty ma ahdha tism3en, shofay sajo fukeny minich o min sharich ana shino
ya'9mnly ina mo il zift rylich
saja: you wish, its yours 7yatie its ours
finally so what will we do now
'3aith: shino what will we do ya mama ana ma
abech wla aby il ib ba6nich
saja: what are you saying
'3aith: fhmeha intay
mn kaifich bs mo tyeny wtgolen hatha wldik ana I want nothing with him sam3a
saja: e9eer 5air ya '3aith, ma a6l3 bnt oboy
itha ma 5alaitik itbous rely
'3aith: hahah '9ak7teny, wain oboch 3nich
Saja shut the phone in his face and was furious, but scared. He
might ask for a paternity test and they would then know it was not his baby.
She needs to find a way to pin the baby to him, he has to carry '3aith's name
to get his fortune.
It quickly came to her.
His fortune.
His grandfather.
Dialing Tarkan
turki: mm
'3aith: nayem
turki: haha ya3nee 5air
'3aith: 3ndy mushkila
*sitting up* shfeek '3youth
'3aith: int wainik lazem ashofik
*looking at Ma2ab who fast asleep with a smile on her face* mm 36ny sa3a bs okay
'3aith: okay
"why do I smell the beach" she asked him since her eyes were covered
"cause i7na 3l ba7ar"
"bs ana ma a7ib il ba7ar" pulling his hands away from her eyes
He was shocked "mino my7ib il
"ana" she smiled to him
"tara sa3a 3n
sa3a you are shocking me, shloun mat7been il ba7ar intay akeed kuwaitya?" looking at her like he was upset with her
"ee, bs ma a7ib il ba7ar bl kuwait its
not clear its scary" looking at his lips
"sht6al3n?" he gave her a naughty look
"haa" she didnt think he
would have noticed
"mn gal haa
sma3" moving closer to her,
she instantly moved away from him. She wasnt afraid of him, she was afraid of
her lack of control
"7arooth 5ala9" walking towards the beach
7arith carried her and ran to the water
"LAAAAAAAA please 7arith laa laaa"
"golay 7arith is the sexiest hottest guy
"MABY" she giggled
"walla agu6ich" he loosened his grip to scare her
"7arooth is the
sexiest hottest guy EVER" she quickly yelled
out. He placed her down on the sand and kissed the crown of her head "3baly b3d, o dgeega phone call"

"aloo .... hala
bl ga6i3 .... ana bl shalaih laa bs yay shway o b7ader .... mmm agoul ta3al I
want you to meat someone .... yala bye"

Rsal was busy playing
with the sand "mino byey?" she asked, she knew he wouldnt allow anyone to meet her he must
be a close friend.
"9a7by bs he is more like a brother, do
you mind?"
"not at all" she flashed him her beautiful smile
"youm 3n youm tid5len ib galby you
know" he was holding her
"ee adree" teasing him
"amout 3l theqa ana" kissing the palm of her hand
"inzain what are we doing here?" looking around at the empty shalaihs
"emshay" he lead her to a back porch where there was a table set for 2 "I hope you are hungry" he whispered into his ear sending a jolt down her spinal cord
"someone didnt let me have
breakfast" sticking her tongue
out to him
"hahah thats why I am making it up to you
know imshay"
He had nothing special
just a wide assortment of pastries, juices, jams. He had a variety of cold cuts
and fresh veggies.

sandwich?" she asked him, her
question took him off guard he wasnt use to a girl taking care of him, the
girls he was with liked him for his looks, his names, his cars or his money. He
just nodded.

Rsal started singing
to herself as she slowly built up his sandwich for him. She poured him a cup of
pineapple juice and placed the food in front of him, while she made her
sandwich "bl 3fia"

"alah e3afech
w5alech 7beebty yala ban6urich"
He was still taken back buy her gesture, she reminded him of his mother's
kindness, and care taking. It warmed his heart.

They enjoyed their
sandwiches, as they talked about random things. He couldnt get enough of her,
his hands were constantly in hers, or playing with her hair or brushing her
cheeks. She loved the attention she was getting.
Ma2ab opened her eyes
to an empty room. She looked around for Turki then quickly heard the shower in
the bathroom. She stretched as she smiled, she made a decision.

She was going to
ignore the guilt feeling and just have fun, she is too young to over think

"9a7 il
noum" he said as he hovered
his body over hers wearing nothing but his boxers. She just smiled back

He leaned in to plant
a kiss on her lips, slowly sucking on them to get a taste before he headed out "ana b6l3 for an hour wld 3my yabeny will you be
"ee, um maby arid il bait bro7y" her eyes tearing.
He quickly wiped her tears "laish wain
'9a7y?" he was getting
annoyed with this man
"safar o maby
arou7 bait ahaly o they ask me uhwa wain" her voice croaked as
she heard herself, she had no one.
"5ala9 3yal tnamen 3ndy okay?" getting out of bed
"okay bs my bag ib syarty brou7
"laa 5al3ch ana
al7en a5aly il front desk eyobnha lich, wain your key?" After she handed him her car key, he called the front desk and
asked them to bring her bag up to the apartment while he changed.

"here is your bag
baby, il bait baitich anything you want or need go ahead o ill be back with
lunch okay?" blowing her a fly
Ma2ab was happy.
She was her old self again, the way she was before getting married
"haa '3aith
shfeek" Turki asked as he
placed the cup of coffee in front of '3aith who looked like he has seen a ghost

"remember the
girl I saw? ily bl bm?" he knew Turki wouldnt
judge him unlike 7arith

"ee shfeeha" he knew '3aith has been up to something, but he hoped it had
nothing to do with the girl

"she was my
girlfriend for 3 years o b3dain ehy tzawjat o bs I never heard from her until
that day ily shfnaha, il muhum ehya dagat 3ly o she wanted to see me o
ana..." he dropped his head,
he was ashamed with himself
"okay fahamt o Falak found out?" it explained why '3aith had changed
"ee bs thats not
the issue, tarkan she called me itgoly ehya 7amel" Turki didnt know what to say, he was speechless for the first
time in his life he was given a problem he couldnt even fix
"tarkan shfeek sakit ma adre shsawi,
agoul 7g Falak?" he was lost
"laa shino
itgolaha mynoon int? shouf first thing we need to do is get a test to prove its
yours o we will work from there"
trying to comfort his cousin

"5ala9 okay" not so thrilled with what Turki said
"ism3ny you need to act cool my9er falak
itshik okay?" Turki knew '3aith was
always honest about everything
"ee inshalah bs ana 5yf minha, tara saja
mo hyna"
"lat7aty ya wld
3my 5alha 3ly ana" Turki took her number
just in case, he needed to think about this "ashofik ib bait yady il laila okay"

They each drove off
'3aith heading home to Falak and Turki picking up lunch before heading back to
He called a friend and asked him about Saja.
"baby" '3aith called out for Falak, who popped her head out of the
kitchen door "you are
early" she said
"3la shino" he was intrigued, he never saw her in the kitchen
"shino hatha" he looked at her with the biggest grin
"I COOKED" she joyfully yelled out
"min awalha machbous?" he was at a loss for words
"akeed I want to
be a good house wife, and I made it the way your mother did she helped me
maskeen 2thait-ha kil shway I call her" Falak was engrossed in explaining every detail of this meal,
however, he was engrossed in her. She was in a yellow strapless sun dress with
a white apron, she had her hair up in a pony tail and just outlined her eyes
with kohl. But she had a smile that shone brighter than the sun.
"alooo" she noticed he was not paying attention
"halaa" he smiled
"ma sm3t ayshay gltla?" she was upset
"hahah sorry sorry inzain ana yo3an lets
"OKAY" she was excited. She set the table and brought out the food and
sat next to '3aith as they enjoyed their meal.

"tslam 2edich
7beebty" helping her clear the
table "baby ma s2ltich
you think we need a nanny 3shan itna'9if?" washing his hand in the kitchen sink

"it3rf risa ily
ib baitna? she cooks as well o mama ma tabeha fa laish ma na5th-ha 3shan she
cooks 7gna" loading up the dish

"I dont mind,
5ala9 3la ma asawi her papers inwadeha baitna 3shan tit3lm cham shu'3la" he loved his mother's cooking
"yuum okay" pouring the boiling water in the thermos.
They headed into their living room to have their afternoon tea before they took
their nap.
"il salaam
3laa......" before Lyth could
finish his sentence he was shocked by the person in front of him "RSOOOL" he shouted

"heheh hey
buddy" she smiled to him,
never in a million years did she think 7arith and Lyth were friends.
"uhh it3rfoun b3'9?" 7arith was confused
"why yes we
do" Lyth said as he took
a seat next to 7arith "so he is the
special someone?" directing his words
to Rsal who instantly turned a deep shade of red.

"you have neen
talking about me?" 7arith was still not
sure of his feelings, he had a million question but he knew better than to drop
them now.
"ee" Rsal said as she moved closer to 7arith and looked deep into his
Lyth felt the emotions
in the air, he saw the way she looked at him, the way 7arith watched her.
His friend was falling in love.
"tara im here" trying to wake them up trance they were in.
"so tell me how did you meet?" 7arith couldnt wait any longer
"well, remember
lmn ri7t bait juwan for a gathering? well your friend here made fun of my
singing imagine" placing her hands
into his
"haha o int sh3rfik ib Juwan?" 7arith asking Lyth
"ahal Juwan kanaw
ma3na ib amreca, o kanaw sakneen ib nafs il apartment building fa knt al3ab
ma3a o5oha o bs we stayed in touch leana they left b3d ma 5ala9 obhum his
PHD" grabbing a mini
strawberry tart and stuffing it in his mouth
"ahaa, small world" looking at Rsal who was gazing at the water
Incoming Call Tarkan
7arith: hala turki
turki: 3sh mn sm3 9outik ya5ee wainik
7arith has been avoiding Turki, but he missed him
7arith: 3ashat ayamik, at'3ala 3laik
turki: hahaha e7iglik, ha wainik?
7arith: mako walla yet
il shalaih a'3ayer jw bs b7ader al7en warana 3sha bait yady il laila
turki: mur il duwanya
7arith: inshalah
The instant Rsal heard
Turki's name, her features changed. Lyth leaned in and whispered "shfeech"
"agolik b3dain okay?" before 7arith ended his phone call
"everything ok?" Rsal was worried because 7arith stiffened up
He smiled to her
reassuring her, then took her hand to take her for a walk, Lyth joined of
"mm 7beeby your phone is ringing" Falak moving closer to '3aith
"intay rday" crushing her under his arms
She looked at the phone and saw it was her mother in law
Falak: *clearing
her voice* hala 5alty
on-'3aith: hala yuma, nymen?
Falak: ee walla bs ashwa ga3dtena
om-'3aith: ee yuma, knt bs2ilich shloun il
Falak: it was good, bs a7is il 3aish kan lyen
shway bs '3aith i3jba,
om-'3aith: hny o 3fia,
lazem yuma awal mara ekoun il 3aish mo nathry bs ma3a il wagt tit3wdain

Falak: ee inshalah,
5alty ana sharait 2 mango cheesecakes, a chocolate one 7g the kids o it3rfen il
7ilo ily fee cream mn da5el mn baitna 5lait-hum eswoun 7g il 3sha ilyoum kafy?
om-'3aith: ee yuma wayed b3d laish kalftay 3la
3umrich, a9lan ana hm imswya
Falak: ya36ech il 3fia haha ana ma swait shay
om-'3aith: 5ala9 yuma a5alekum o ashofkum il
laila inshalah mo tab6oun
Falak: inshalah 5alty, ma3a il salama
Before Falak could
even reach over to place the phone on the bed side table, '3aith crushed her
with his heavy body.
"i cant breathe" barely managing to blurt out
"3dy murty 7alaly aswy fech ily aby" kissing her neck
"baby ma 3ndina wagt we are going to be
"laa fee wagt there always is time for
The family started
piling up at the grandparents house. The women gathered in the inside guest
room, while the men were in the duwanya which was not attached to the house and
had its own entrance.
"are you ready for the wedding?" Falak asked Njude as she took a sip of the coffee
"3dee" Njudes' eyes were sad, anyone could see that
"whats wrong?" Falak was concerned, she grew closer to Njude
"its a long story" no one knew the truth, except for her parents
"I have time, emshay inrou7 il
garden" smiling to her
"bu il shabab
shfeek shayef 7alik 3laina?" Turki nudging 7arith
who was engulfed in his phone

"ana? laa walla
bs int ma adre wainik hal ayam"
Turki smiled remember ma2ab who was waiting for him in his apartment.

"ahaa tarkan
tukfa gole you are being safe" 7arith couldnt be
judgmental, he use to do the exact same thing Turki was doing
"latwa9y 7are9"
"ya 3yal" their grandfathers loud roars
"hala yuba" the men headed to their grandfather
"wain Rakano?" their grandfather's weekly dinner was a must and no one would
dare miss it
"al7en akalma yuba" answered '3aith
The men socialized and
welcomed the visitors while the women did the same. Before they knew it they
were all called out for dinner which was always a buffet set outside in the
fancy tent.

7arith, '3aith and
Turki were sitting next to their grandfather talking "yuba '3aith wain Falak?" '3aith stood up to call his wife.

"il salam
3laikum" her gentle soft voice
welcomed them as she sat down next to '3aith's grandfather "shlonik yuba"
she felt safe and loved around him.

"ib 5air dam 3ainy shaftich, intay shlonich inshalah
mirta7a ma3a waldna" Turki looked down as
Falak smiled and answered.
"yuba it3rfen Turki o 7arith" Falak smiled to each of them and nodded.
Lyth: you ok?
Rsal: ee laish
Lyth: whats up with Turki?
Rsal: long story
Lyth: I have time
Rsal: okay wainik?
Lyth: bl bait I can meet you, Starbucks Plaza?
Rsal: okay ill see you there
"oh bs thats the
story with Turki" Taking a sip of her
iced venti caramel mochiatto as she admired Lyth's looks. His eyes naturally
attracted people, it was like they were flirting nonchalantly, his dark
complexion, dark eyes, darker hair and the thing she found the most attractive
on every man was his smile. His smile shined brighter than the sun.

"sm3eny Rsal,
intay it7ben 7arith?" he needed answers

"um ma adree if
its love bs I care a lot about him laish" she was afraid of the question
"na9e7a, itha
Turki 7a6 ib balah shay aw a7ad he wont drop it 9adgeny o itha Turki dara inich
intay o 7arith a couple ra7 emout and he will do the impossible to break you
apart 9a7 7arith is his cousin Tarkan e7ib yit7akum fena e7ib ekoun il mas2oul
3na ka2ana uhwa o5ona il kber o since 7arith ma3nda 5wan Turki steps in for
that role ma3ana ma bainhum ila cham shahar"

"so what are you

"nothing, you
heard what I had to say and I will always be here for you bs you dont want to
be on Turki's bad side, nor would you want that for 7arith leana if it comes
down to it 7arith will side with his cousin 9adgeny their family has a strong
bond no one can break it, they cover for each other and will do the impossible
for each other. ana I am not blood bs they do that for me" Lyth was being hard on her but she needed to know the truth, he
had to be there for her
Rsal got a phone call and excused herself
Rsal: hala mama

mama: zain thakrty
omik inti wain?

Rsal: starbucks laish

mama: mita raj3a?

Rsal: mama is
everything okay?

mama: aywa mama bs
nib'3a ni6la3 3l 3sha

Rsal: okay mommy al7en

mama: 6yb la tsr3en

Rsal: inshalah

"Lyth ana

"Rsool ana ma
gltlich to scare you, intay mithel i5ty and I had to tell you shofay for now be
extra careful okay o anything you need im here, yala gomay"

Lyth walked her to her
car, giving her a reassuring smile before she drove away.
"7beebty wain
rsal?" Faisal hugging his
"kalamt Rsal o hy
jaya wain Faroos?" running her hand
through her husbands hair
"ana mwjoud,
intaw ma tmloun mn b3'9 kil ma adish 3laikum masken ba3a'9?" Faris loved teasing his parents

"akeed laa bshouf
int kaif itha jt 7urmtik"

"laa tw il nas
3ly b3dy shaab ma malait mn 7yat il 3zobya" kissing his fathers head
"bs yuma Faris
ab'3a afra7 feek wshouf bizranik"
tearing up

"inshalah yuma
3ndich Rsal 7u6ay 7ailich feeha"

"shfeeha Rsal?" Rsal danced into the house
"7beebat galby,
baba wainich hal ayam ma ashouf dalo3ty walhan 3laich" hugging his daughter, Rsal felt guilty for neglecting her family

"baba wain
ma2aby?" Rsal trying to change
the topic before she cries

"galat she will
meet us there, yala imshaw"

Faris drove his
parents and his sisters to marina waves. As soon as they got settled into their
seats, Ma2ab joined them looking glamorous

"wain rijlik laih
ma ja m3ik?"
"7yatie '9a7y ra7
il Ba7rain 3nda shu'3ul" flashing them a smile

"mama kaif 7alik
inshalah mirta7a o mabsou6a ma3a?"
her mother was worried about her daughter, she didnt want to marry her off at
such a young age but she knew ma2ab wanted this
"akeed mabsou6a
mama il 7imdilah mny im3nsa mithel b3'9 il nas" looking at Rsal

"ma2ab Rsal
tawnha 9'3era o ma yaha il rayal ily yswaha" Faris defending his sister who looked hurt

"aywa daf3 3nha
ma ka2ana ana i5tik zyha" looking at the menu
"i7na yayen
nit3sha as a family aw are you going to be arguing all night?" their father mad at their daughter's relationship
"ana ma3ndy kalam
agoula ana ma a7u6 rasy ib rasy bazaren" pulling her phone out
"ya bnt
5ala9" her mother snapped at

Lyth: how is dinner?
Rsal: HELL, kl shway
itsameny il 3nis :p
Lyth: 5ala9 ill make you a deal, if you turn
40 and you are not married (which I doubt it) ana I will marry you shrayich :p
Rsal: ya3ne?
Lyth: ee e7a9lich Lyth mil7 il dinya ;)
Rsal: mada7 nafsa yabela .... shino??
Lyth: BOSA akeed :D
Rsal: hahah go call one of your girl friends
Lyth: I am meeting one now 3n ithnich shway ;p
Rsal: BE SAFE :$
Lyth: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
shakoo just because bshoufha doesnt mean you know ;) tara walla im a good guy
bs a7ib il banat shasawi ya7lokum uggggh :$
Rsal: duuude BOUNDARIES please
Lyth: inzain go eat, iklay il risotto 3jeeb o
akalmich b3dain 6yb?
Rsal: 6yb ;)
"Rsal wsh 3ndik
maska telefonik mn it7aken?" Ma2ab being nosy

"I dont think its
any of your business, itha mama o baba ma s2louny inti wsh da5lik?"

"intaw laish
taglboun s3ody lmn titnajroun?"
Faris curiously asked
"ee hm ana la7a'6t haha" his father laughed
After their
grandfathers house the guys hopped into their cars and headed out for a cruise
on the gulf road to check out the action.

Turki knew ma2ab
wouldnt be back for a fre hours and decided to have some fun with the guys,
they were more thrilled that '3aith joined them.
They drove around then headed to Coffee Bean when a friend informed them they
were there.
"wain lyth" Rakan asked his couisn as they settled down on a table outside,
the men caused such a rucous when they walked in, they grabbed every females
"ma adree al7en akalma" 7arith answered
"ha ya bu 7arith shloun il zawaj ma3ak?" asked one of their friends
"9aber 9aber masra3 ma 9ar bu 7arith uhwa
bu turki il kil 3arif"
"laa laa uhwa bu Rakan" everyone was jumping in, naming his unborn, unproduced on.
"la int wla uhwa a9lan '3youth Bu Lyth
msh hairk?" Lyth intupting them
"haik haik ya
7beeby haik" '3aith standing up to
hug his friend since he hasnt seen him in a while
keef?" welcoming his other
"int da5alt malyoun lahja ib ba3a'9"
7arith teasing him
"shaswi kila mn il 7ub" winking to him
"min haik" 7arith nudged him
"aywa haik"
The men laughed out loud and continued teasing each other.

Incoming Call Njude
7artih: aloo
njude: 7arith shlonik
7arith: tamam
njude: mash'3oul
7arith: ee walal 5air
njude: next week is my
7arith excused himself
and walked away from the table so he could talk to her freely
7arith: adree
njude: akeed mo hamik
7arith: shloun myhmny
intay bnt 3mity
njude: aha wily baina
7arith: njudey mako
njude: bs 7arith ana
lail7en a7ibik o abeek
7arith: ana shino
ib2dy ya njude yady mo ra'9y
njude: wnt shako mn
yady itha 5aly gal ee
7arith: laa ana ehmny
ry yady
njude: o obok?
7arith: 3la 3ainy o
rasy bs yady '3air
njude: 6oul hal wagt
int ma tabeny adre feek, akeed fe a7ad ib 7yatik
7arith: la mako
njude: la ana mit2kda
o 9adgny ra7 tindam ya 7arith
7arith: njude allah
ewafgich ib 7yatich
njude: raby ya7rig
galbik mithel ma 7argt galby ya 7arith
Njude shut the phone
and threw herself in bed weeping her heart out as she remembered 7arith and the
time they spent together.
It was years.
Incoming Call 7beebat
'3aith: hala bl zain,
hala bl 7ub hala ib om 7arooth
falak: hala feek ya bu
'3aith: 3edeha mara
falak: bu 7areth
'3aith: wainich?
falak: in bed, wearing
nothing but my black lace panties
'3aith: o foug?
falak: mm nothing, im
in my robe albis wla an6urik
'3aith: dgayeg wna
3ndich wala itha ma ni6rtay az3al
falak: mm okay yala
wa9lony" he wanted to be home
"imsh ana awdek
ya bu 7arith" 7arith thrilled that
'3aith wants to name his son after him
"tislamly ya bu
"aah ya3ne wa7da
ib wa7da" 7arith and '3aith
elft the men after they said their goodbyes. 7arith was to drop '3aith off then
head over to the duwanya to the guys
'3aith walked into the
house, took off his shirt, his shoes and his shorts and stayed in his boxers as
he ran up the stairs into the bedroom. He saw Falak in the middle of the bed in
nothing but her black lace panties, she was laying on her tummy flipping
through a magazine.
Candles lighting the
She looked like an
angle in his eyes. He smooth flawless body glowing on the crisp white sheets,
her hair resting on her right shoulder. She lifted her gaze up when she saw him
walking in to the room and flashed him a smile that shattered his insides.
He couldnt think, he
couldnt move, he couldnt do anything.
She looked breath
taking, he wanted to hold her in his arms and never let her go. He wanted to
lock her up in their house and spend eternity with her.
"hii" she greeted him
"ya hala" walking to her
She sat up and wrapped
her arms around his neck "you like" she asked shyly
"I love" he whispered into her ear has he grazed her ear lobe light with
his teeth, she tilted her head to the left and let him work his magic. She lost
her focus when he kissed her neck, it left her paralyzed.
He grabbed her ass and
wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed her against the way, he wanted her
to feel him before he explored her.
He kissed her.
He devoured her.
He owned her.
She let go of
everything inside and released herself to him. He saw a new side to her, a sexy
He took her to their
bed, but this time she took charge she positioned herself on top of him kissing
his neck, coller bone, chest, abs, pelvis. With every kiss she gently used the
tip of her tongue to give him a tantalizing feeling, one she could clearly see
he was enjoying.
She then took his
boxers off, as he literally ripped her panties off he couldnt wait any longer.
Compose message
ana rada il shiqa

yala ana al7en yayich

Compose message
mm I have a surprise
for you

Ma2ab headed to the
apartment since he left it unlocked for her. She took a quick shower and
slipped into a red bustier with its maching panty. She let her curly brown hair
as it is and applied her red stain lipstick. She sprayed herself with some
perfume and headed to the living room to wait for him.
She greeted him as
soon as her walked into the apartment with a sexy, passionate kiss. He was
taken off guard but quickly took control, he pushed her against the wall as his
hand grabbed her ass. He placed his full lips in between hers tasting her lips,
using his tongue he sweeped her bottom lip then sucked on them.
He heard her moan with
desire, he then carried her into the bedroom taking his clothes off.
He wanted to please
her, he wanted her to want him.
Need him.
Desire him.
Love him.
Rsal: PING !!!
Rsal: PING !!!
Rsal: PING !!!
Lyth: haa
Rsal: PING !!!
Lyth: PING !!!
Rsal: PING !!!
Lyth: I can go ALL night
Lyth: PING !!!
Rsal: what you doing?
Lyth: nothing chillin at the holiday in
Rsal: who you with ;p?
Lyth: ooh 9aa7 you listen to english songs
Rsal: :O
Lyth: I know :D
Rsal: im bored
Lyth: amurich ;p?
Rsal: do you want me to die?
Lyth: hahah mm
Rsal: HEY
Lyth: SORRY :S
Rsal: inzaaaaaaain
Lyth: hala
Rsal: how was your date?
Lyth: oooh im still on a high ;)
Rsal: wy3a
Lyth: you asked
Rsal: dude
Lyth: hala
Rsal: shft up?
Rsal:hahahahaha its AMAZING I laughed so much
Lyth: ee 3jeeb shfta ma3a my sisters
Rsal: 3ndik sisters ;p?
Lyth: yes ma'am 3ndy 3 sisters o 1 brother but
he is half of a twin who is a girl
Rsal: COOOL I always wanted a twin boy brother
Lyth: haha laish
Rsal: ma adree
Lyth: okay
Rsal: are you close ma3a your sisters?
Lyth: ya3ne bs they are younger fe big age
Rsal: how come
Lyth: my mom had miscarriages a few times
leana her immune system is week o 3aljiat then she was able to get pregnant
Rsal: oh, sorry for asking ma kan qa9dy I be
Lyth: la bl3ks i5thay ra7tich ask away my dear
Rsal: what else
Lyth: ma adree
Rsal: Turki ma3akum?
Lyth: laish tis2len?
Rsal: just wondering
Lyth: aha, shouldnt you be asking about
Rsal: it was just a question Lyth
Lyth: bs a wrong one
Rsal: okay 5ala9, ana banam gnite
Rsal quickly changed
her status to unavailable.
She was upset with
herself mosty.
Why was she now asking
about Turki?

She was unaware of her
surrounding, she was dancing then she felt his rugged hands around her waist as
he pulled her into a private room "lat5afen" he reassured her.
He looked at her as if she were the only girl his eyes has soon.
He looked at her as if she was the only girl his eyes wanted to ever see.
He was hungry for her.
In love.
In lust.
So was she.
He inched closer to her pushing her towards the wall, she had nowhere to go.
She was scared, yet
excited at the same time. The effect he had on her was intangible,
unexplainable. He slipped his hand around her waist moving her closer to him,
she could feel his groin. He moved her hair away and started sucking on her
"dont leave a hickey" she managed to say
"gltlich lat5afeny"
He carried her up so
that they were eye to eye right now. He gazed into her grey eyes, he was always
mesmerized by them. He leaned in to lick her lips with his tongue, he could
tell she wanted him bt he wanted to play hard to get.

As soon as she moved
closer to fully engulf his lips he would pull back. Hearing her moan with
desire only excited him more.
"baby" her breathing was getting heavier
"mm" was all he could let out
"kiss me" He didnt need to be asked twice he leaned in devouring her lips
between his lips, alternating between the top and bottom lip. He was forceful
but passionate. She let him take the lead and just followed.

He carried her into
the bed, slowly unbutton her shirt, placing a kiss as he slowly revealed her
body. He then cupped her breast in his hand as he sucked on the other.

She slipped her hands
into his boxers grabbing his behind, she knew he liked it. He took this as a
sign for him to keep doing what he was doing.

Next came her jeans,
slowing tugging on them placing a kiss on her thigh, her knee, her shin, then
he feet. He sat down on the bed pulling her on top his lap, she wrapped her
hands around his neck as she gently rocked her body against his. She did this
for several minutes until she could it was time.
He stopped her, holding her waist "baby I want you
Incoming Call 7arith
1 missed call 7arith
Incoming Call 7arith
2 missed calls 7arith
Incoming Call 7arith
Rsal: *with
her groggy voice* aloo
7arith: shako 6al3a ma3a lyouth?
Rsal: 7arith?
7arith: ee 7arith 3balich mino 7beeb il galb
Rsal: il sa3a cham?
7arith: 5 il fayer
Rsal: you woke me up for this?
7arith: EE
Rsal: *sitting up* 7arith min 9ijik lyth
is my friend o I went out with him whats the problem?
7arith: ahaa o you dont see it as a problem
Rsal: honestly laa
7arith: okay 5aleh uhwa yinf3ich
He shut the phone in his face.
Rsal was preoccupied with
the dream she had, and the dream itself didnt scare her it was the man in the
Rsal: ga3ed?
Lyth: ee shfeech?
Rsal: how did he find out ina I went out with
Lyth: I told him
Lyth: I am not hiding
anything from him b3dain lazem e3rf he is your boyfriend o ana 3baly you told
Rsal: my god lyth
Lyth: laish sh9yer?
Rsal: nothing 5ala9
Lyth: honesty intay il '3l6ana you should have
told him
Rsal: FINE 5ala9 Lyth ana banam okay !
Falak woke up at 3 am
to drink some water. She sat back into bed and watched '3aith as he slept. He
was sexy.
He was hot.
She wanted him.
He was naked.
She sat down thinking of ways to "waken" him up, she wanted him
She leaned over to him
kissing his neck ever so softly, gently sucking before her lips left his skin.
She then slipped her hands down to his privates hoping this would work.
"yal shai6ana" he smiled with his eyes shut
"shino" she innocently answered
She hopped on top of him and whispered
"rayle 7alaly asawe fek il aby"
What she said was a switch that automatically turned him on.
"shloun il 3sha" Turki asked Ma2ab as he smoked his cigarette after their
intense hour
"good I guess, il zifta Rsal
7alyana" annoyed with her
Turki quickly turned her attention to Ma2ab "i5tich?" as if he didnt know
"ee bs ana lail7en a7la" turning to face him
"intay wayed ma'3rora o yah il rayal il yaksirich" his words were a knife that jabbed her heart, she couldnt
answer because she knew he was right.
"shfeech mo 3jbich kalamy?" he wanted to annoy her
"ana banam" giving him her back as tears strolled down her face
He spooned her, kissing her neck "latnamen ma
shb3t minich" he was like an animal
"ana ta3bana Turki please" she didnt want him to see her crying
"bil6agag" Turki stood up and headed into the bathroom to take a shower
Compose message
compose message
ithe teqadmtlich ter'6ain feny?
compose message
a7ibich :*
me too :*
Dialing Mama
mama: aish tb'3ain
Rsal: mommy
mama: 5al9ena
Rsal: fee dress I like
mama: 6yb ok
Rsal: bs ma adree itha 7ilo 3lay, wainich
mama: ma3a obok inti ma3a mn?
Rsal: bro7y please mommy
mama: o lah ri7tay mn '3air 7d inti fain
Rsal: Adolfo Dominguez I love you
"shfeha rsool?" Faisal asked his wife
"tb'3ana nrou7 laha" annoyed with her daughter's phone call
"laish shfeha?" worried
.... sing it with me girl
Rsal: im not doing this
Rsal: this club is outta control
Lyth: she sent a dirty text ;)
Rsal: No im not doing this
Lyth: ha wainich
Rsal: shopping
Lyth: alone?
Rsal: the parents are coming
Lyth: aww you cant buy a shirt without mama or
baba? :p
Rsal: may I know what you want?
Lyth: nothing im bored
Rsal: and I come to mind when you are bored?
Lyth: YES
Lyth: agoul itro7en party?
Rsal: party mino?
Lyth: mine ;)
Rsal: seriously
"al7en i7na jyen nitfaraj 3laiki maska
jawalk ya bnt?"
"ma shftkum,
ta3aly mama shofay" pulling her mothers
hand "shrayich?" after trying on the dress
"al7en hatha nafnoof?" her father questioned the barely there dress
"ee baba shfeek mo 7ilo?" looking down at the dress
"kaifkum kaifkum ana bara"
"ha mama?" Rsal liked the dress and was planning on buying it either way
"3ajbik?" it clearly showed she was getting impatient
"ee" smiling to her mother
"6yb lah it7akeny
wtgolen ta3aly shofe ya bnt 6afashtne ana 6al3a ma3a obok" her mother didnt even listen to what she had to say and just
walked out of the store
"okay then" she said to herself as she walked into the fitting room to get
out of the dress
Faris: PING!
Rsal: yes?
Faris: wainich?
Rsal: 6al3a
Faris: alone?
Rsal: ee
Faris: ta3aly wasabi ilbd3 we are heading
there ma3a 3lawi o 7mayn
Rsal: 6yb
"bu ilshabab"
"shtabe?" '9a7y answered
"ana b3rf damik it7ibha laish hal
safra?" his cousin could tell
'9a7y was not his usual self
"mino gal a7ibha?"
"ana agoul,mn yena wnt ya bl '3urfa aw 3l
"aha mashalah 3laik" laying down on the bed, with one hand behind his head
" '9a7oy
shfeek?" '9a7y juggled the
idea of telling his cousin everything, he couldnt take it anymore.
So he did.
He told him about Turki.
The plan.
The job.
"awal shay
insawee inridla kil shay o itha 3l ilwa'9efa lat7aty ana 3ndy ma3arif" reassuring his cousin "a9lan
int laish ma yetny '9a7y ana wld 3mik o itrou7 7g il '3reb? tadre il 7imdilah
mo ga9erna shay"
"ana 3aref bs ma adre laish re'9ait"
"leanik 7bait il bnt" intrupting his thinking
There was one thing to do, and '9a7y knew what it was.
"baby .... baaby" '3aith called out for Falak from the upstairs living room
"hala baby" showing up in her apron
"shtsween?" he was enjoying the idea of seeing her in the kitchen
"I am making a chocolate fudge cake from
scratch" smiling proudly
"oh sh6ary?" pulling her close to him
"ma adree I had time on my hand before
larou7 bait baba"
"ilyoum yady
s2alny itha int mirta7a ib dawamich yabech tyen 3ndina il sharika, our
marketing department is weak and he wants you to shake things up"

"bs ana I didnt
major ib marketing, I do the PR work for our firm" clarifying her job to her husband
"nafs il shay ya mama" pinching her nose
"la mo nafs il shay" defending her job
"okay wla tiz3len
mo nafs il shay, shrayich?" he didnt want to
pressure her into anything
"mm but I like where I am its a small
firm and I know everyone"
"7beebty itha
intay mirta7a 3la ra7tich bs yady kan yabech ta7at 3aina, wayed e3izich"

"ana b3d a3izah
but for now I want to stay where I am" her mother in laws words kept ringing in her head, how she
needed her own personality, her own person and working in her husband's family
will not allow her to be Falak.

As much as '3aith
wanted her to work with him, he was proud of his wife and the progress she had
accomplished at work. He kept a copy of all the articles she has published.
Rsal headed out to her
car and noticed a man leaning against her car. At first she was scared, she
hated being in these situations. She recited the words she was to say to the

Just as she approached
her car, and built up the courage to talk she looked up at his face and she was
"wa5er 3n syarty" unlocking her car
"shlonich?" he cockily asked
"mo zaina, wa5er 3n syarty please" her voice was shaky
"mashy ana al7en
a5alech bs baina kalam" Just like that he
walked away from her leaving her in her thoughts.

She drove over to
Wasabi with a million thoughts in mind, how did he know where she was? Why is
he showing up now?
Did he know about her and 7arith?
She parked her car and
headed into the restaurant and saw her brother and uncles at a table.
However, someone else caught her eye.
She walked over to the
table greeting everyone, and to her luck she was left facing 7arith who was
sitting with his family.
He didnt take his eyes off her, and she didnt take her eyes off her food.
"shfeech?" Faris asked
"nothing laish?"
"ma 5alaity lna akel and you only eat
when you are nervous" laughing at his
"sorry bs yo3ana im not nervous" looking up to meet 7arith's gaze
Throughout their
dinner he didnt take his eyes off her. She was beautiful, anyone could see but
to him, in his eyes she was so much more.
She took over him.
Over his heart.
He missed her.
Her voice.
Her funny comments.
Her innocent nature.
He knew he over reacted, but she made him feel that way.
Compose message
im sorry
"Rsool 7amany
yaby yitzawaj" Faris finally blurted
out, it was the reason they wanted her to join them.
"9dg?" she was surprised
"ee walla, o lgait the girl" 7amany flashing her a smile
"mino?" curious
"as in ma2abs friend muruj?" shocked
"ee shfeech" 7amany was scared
"nothing, but ...." she didnt know what to say
"but shino rsool?" 7amany was on his nerves
"she is ma2ab's best friend do you really
want that?" stating the facts
"ya bnt" Faris gently pushed her
"sorry" flashing him an apologetic smile as she pulled her phone out,
and as soon as she saw the message she looked up at him with teary eyes.
She missed him.
She smiled to him and answered his text
ana b3d :(
compose message
b3d ahaly intay aby asma3 9outich il laila :$
Rsal: he apologized
Lyth: he better I gave him a lecture
Rsal: thanks lyth :$
Lyth: ya3ne mista7ya ma3a wayhich mo lyig yala
go attend to your boyfriend
Rsal: is your party still on?
Lyth: yes
Rsal: mm is 7arith going to be there?
Lyth: he better laish?
Rsal: lat39ib ... will Turki be there?
Lyth: laa Turki ra7 il s3odya
Rsal: bs I saw him an hour ago
Lyth: wain?
Rsal: 3ndy my car!
Lyth: aha, ma adre he called me half an hour
ago min the airport galy brou7 il s3odya
Rsal: okay
Lyth: swalich shay?
Rsal: la bs galy baina kalam
Lyth: alah yaster
Rsal: yaa, agoul 7g 7arith?
Lyth: not now
Rsal: 5ala9 okay
"ri7may telfonich ya bnt" 7amany said
"sorry, inzain so muruj did you talk to
"laa lail7en bs
kalamt omy o galatly she will call her mother 3shan ta56ubha" taking the bill to pay after endless arguments of who will pay
"alah yaktib ily feh il 5air" giving him one of her smiles
"inshalah" getting up "ha chocolate
"laaa mafeny
6af7ana" Rsal said placing her
hand on her stomach, 7arith heard her and smiled
"mino gal nabech ma3ana" Faris placing his arms around her shoulders
"fine" pretending to be upset
Ma2ab left Turki's
apartment after they had a major argument, she walked out of the bedroom to
find him with another girl and when she confronted him all he had to say was "you mean nothing to me and bs knt aby your virginity o
al7en intay wla shay"
She headed to her empty apartment. A place that scared her, a place she hated.
A place she missed.
She took a shower and
made her a cup of green tea and settled in front of the television to watch
Catch and Release, one of her favorite movies. She fell asleep in front of the
television, but she heard someone walking in.
"ma2ab" his warm voice called her
" '9a7y?" she was not expecting him
He pulled her into his lap and hugged her as she cried.
An hour later she was done crying and ended up sleeping in his
lap. He carried her to the main bedroom where she was sleeping and he slept
next to her.
For the first time.
Calling Juwany
Juwan: well hello there sunshine
Rsal: hala 7uby feech party?
Juwan: sure, whose?
Rsal: Lyth
Juwan: o he's a hottie
Rsal: I guess so 3dee yala get ready 3shan I
pick you up I wanna leave in an hour
Juwan: okay
Rsal: DUDE
Lyth: hala
Rsal: I am bringing a friend 3dee?
Lyth: ee, gltay 7g 7arooth?
Rsal: ee he asked me to come :D
Lyth: okay yala I gotta go make sure
everything is set up
Rsal: you positive Turki wont be there?
Lyth: ee ee we9al il s3odya b3dain 7rooth wont
let you come if Turki was there
Rsal: okay see you soon :D
Rsal wanted to wear
her new dress, it was a little shorter than usual and less conservative but she
had a cardigan that would work wonders with it. It was a olive green strapless
extremely hugging dress that bubbled out just a little bit and fell above her
knees. She paired it up with a grey cardigan. She sweeped her bangs to one
side, and braided the other side of her hair and put it up in a lose messy bun.
A thick coating of mascara, vibrant red lipstick, blusher and she looked
7arith was going to die.
She drove over to Juwan's house to pick her up "fuck you look hot"
"chubay yal kalba you look hot" Rsal blushing at her friends comment, yet she was thrilled.
"la seriously seriously you look hot kl
hatha 3shan 7arith?" raising an eyebrow
"no, bs I wanted to look good" making her way to the highway
"honey you passed good you look
sexy" applying her lipstick
"you remember 7amany 9a7"
"your hot uncle?" fidgeting with the ipod
"ee yaby ya56ub muruj" looking over at her friend to see her reaction
"ma2abs muruj?"
"ee" Rsal stepping down on the accelerator
"he likes her b3d why" laughing at her friends comment
"yeah but she is ma2abs friend" checking out the hunk next to them
"ee adree I said the same thing lo
5a6bich a7san" shooting her a smile
"laa ma abe 7amany"
"shloun 9a7ibna?"
"9a7bina zain ya 7ilwa o ya 7ilo boza mmm
"I didnt need to know that juj"
"have you kissed 7arith yet?" she knew her friend didnt but she was curious
"nope" flashing her a smile
"and how is that going for you?" holding her laugh back
"not so good he is so sexy" smiling
The girls arrived to
the shalaih and made their way inside. It was filled with people, dancing,
talking. Rsal was too busy looking for 7arith and before stepping out onto the
patio she was wrapped by his muscular arms and carried to the dance floor.
She turned around to face him giving him one of her smiles "hii"
"halaa" moving her away from his body as he openly checked her out. Her
face lit up.
"shino?" she innocently asked
He pulled her into his
arms and whispered into his ears in his sexy tone "you are going to kill me, that outfit...."
"7arith bs" she was blushing
The party was great.
Juwan and Rsal didnt leave 7arith's side. They talked, joked, danced, ate they
were having fun.

At 10 7arith pulled
Rsal out into the patio, her back was resting against the railing as he stood
in front of her. She had her arms around his neck, while his were around her
waist "I wont kiss
you" she teased him

"walla adree, o
you know I wont force you but that dress" this time she didnt look down she looked straight into his eyes
and it made her heart drop down to her tummy.
"shino?" he asked, he knew the effect he had on her. He felt it.
"nothing" smiling. She straightened herself up hugging him tightly as she
played with his hair.
"sha3rik 6yel" twirling his hair around her finger
"ee adree maly 5ulg aqu9a" hugging her tighter.
Rsal was looking down,
but she felt someones gaze on her. She slowly lifted her eyes up and her eyes
fell into his. It was the first time he ever saw her like that.
It was the first time she saw just how attractive he was.
She stood there staring at him.
He stood there staring back at her with his cigarette in between his lips.
10 minutes later,
7arith pulled her away placing a single kiss on her neck. It left her with
tingles all over.
She smacked his shoulders "3n il
"I couldnt help myself" kissing her forehead
"we should go" intertwining her fingers with his
"now?" he didnt want her to leave
"ee 7beeby ma aby at25er wayed" hugging him one more time
"9ber shino?"
Rsal didnt know what he meant, so she moved closer to him "shfeek 7yatie?"
7arith pulled her even
closer to him, their bodies were touching. He was staring into her eyes with
the sexiest grin on his face "ana mino?" he whispered.
Rsal looked up at him with her big innocent grey eyes "7beeby" she placed a kiss on
his left cheek "o 7yatie" a kiss on his left cheek and then she let her lips hover inches
away from his, looked up at him and said "inta
7arothi" she then walked away
leaving him in a daze.

"ahh rasool you
are killing me laish itsween feny chithi" looking at her with admiration "yala emshay"
pulling her back inside to find Juwan.
"you are coming with us?" she was surprised when she saw him heading towards his car
"akeed, ra7
amashekum its late ... Lyouth" he called out for
him. I didnt want to see him, after the stare down we had.
"hala 7arooth ha wain ray7" avoiding Rsal's eyes
"bamashe rsool o radlik, taby shay?"
lighting a cigarette
Lyth looked over at
Rsal, whom at that second was looking at him as well. He smiled "la salamtik 7u6 balik bl darb"
"thank you lyth for the party" Rsal quickly said before heading into his car
The second they drove away from the shalaih her phone vibrated she knew it was
from him
Lyth: no thanks needed ;)
Rsal: it was fun
Lyth: glad to hear that
Lyth: anyways drive safely
Lyth changed his status to unavailable and headed up to his
room, even though the party was still going he needed to be alone.
He felt something tonight.
Something he need to bury deep down.
No one can know.
"hala 7beebty" answering her from the bathroom
"matabena insafer?" carefully applying nail polish onto her toes
"I was going to surprise I booked a
flight Australia" getting under the
"9ij?" blowing on her toes
"ee walla next week we leave bnrou7 for
10 days 3dee?" moving closer to her
"akeed 3dee aw 7yatie .... 9aber 9aber
can I get a holiday?"
"already called your boss, it was part of
the surprise" stroking her arms
"7ilo the color?" showing him her toes
"ee ma3a iny ma a7ib red bs kil shay 7ilo
"you are not getting some tonight" flashing him a smile
"o mino gal I want some" trying to keep a straight face
"laa?" leaning in closer to him
"shofay what you are doing, shaklich you
want some"
"laa ma aby a9lan I cant" getting up to turn the lights out
"wai3" giving her a look
"shino wai3" annoyed
"I dont want to talk about it 5ala9 lets
She moved closer to him to snuggle but he moved away "shfeek?"
"you are on your you know fa no
"I wont bite '3aith laish we cant
"bs ma a7ib" giving her his back
Falak went to bed annoyed with him.
Lyth: ga3da?
Rsal: ee twny wa9la
Lyth: ahaa
Rsal: shfeek?
Lyth: la nothing just asking
Rsal: you sure?
Lyth: ee :D
Rsal: okay
They both were avoiding the matter at hand
Lyth: good morning :D
Rsal: :(
Lyth: shfeech?
Rsal: im sick ;(
Lyth: matshofen shar ... shfeech?
Rsal: I have a fever o my throat hurts o my
head hurts ;(
Lyth: haha 3n il dala3
Rsal: HEY :O
Lyth: I JOKE ! taben ayeblich shay?
Rsal: 7arooth :(
I know I shouldnt have
said that .... but I need to make things clear ... the look we shared yesterday
was not a friend to friend look it was something else and I just want to forget
it ...
ana 7mar ... AKEED
taby 7arooth ..... bs lyth 5ala9 5if 3l bnt .... mala da3y kl il msgs .....
Lyth: inshalah ;)
compose message
7aroothi :(
7aytie .. galby ... my 3ainy shfeech??
compose message
im sick :(
Incoming Call 7arooth
Rsal: aloo
7arith: shfeeha 7beebty
Rsal: mare'6a
7arith: b3d galby inshalah feny wla feech
*coughing* bsmilah 3laik 7beeby
7arith: it5afen 3ly?
Rsal: ee inta 7arothi, aby ashofik
7arith: shloun 7beebty you are sick
Rsal: 3dee please
7arith: okay amurich o ayebich il bait ahaly
ams safiraw ma buga a7ad ib baitna
Rsal: a5aly il driver egu6ny 3nich
7arith: okay
7arith headed to the
supermarket and asked their cook to prepare tomato soup. He placed some candles
in his bedroom, bought some flowers, some movies, he told them to make a pot of
jasmine tea and waited for her.

An hour later she
showed up in her track suit with her hair up in a bun, her face pale. He
carried her into his over sized bed, covered her up and brought her a bowl of
tomato soup.
"how did you know a7ib tomato soup?" with her squeaky voice
"wild guess, taben b3d?"
"la bs shb3t
maybe later" moving closer to him
as he hugged her "a5af I make you
sick" she said looking up
at him.

He placed a loving
kiss on the crown of her head "dont worry
7yatie aham shay 3ndy your health"

He pressed play on the
remote control and they watched the Transformers, his ultimate favorite movie.
Half way through the movie he wanted her to drink some tea and when he looked
down at her she was fast asleep in between his arms. He kissed her one more
time, wrapped his arms tighter around her and continued to watch the movie.
Things were better
between Ma2ab and '9a7y. She was worried about breaking the news to him about
her affair, she was determined to tell him.

'9a7y was struggling
with himself, he didnt want to tell her he knew and he wanted to be with her.

There was one last
thing to do. He came home pretending to be drunk and as soon as she saw him
slurring with his words she took the chance to seduce him.
"7yatie '9a7y ta3al nam 3ndy ana
5yfa" she said in her most
dal3 voice
"tabeny yamich?" he gave her a naughty look
"ee" she smiled as she led him to their bedroom.
'9a7y wanted to scream
out, not only did he have to pretend to be drunk he had to pretend not to
notice his wife was not a virgin.
"9ba7 il 5air 7beebty" '3aith getting out of bed
Falak ignored him and headed into the bathroom "za3lana" he asked
"la walla?" she was still furious
"7beebty ana ma glt shay bs its
" '3AITH you are not helping the
situation" slamming the bathroom
"ba6lay il bab"
" MA ABY " he screamed from behind the door
"yala 3d 7beebty sorry but its true"
She unlocked the door
and shouted "when I come out
of the shower I dont want to see you here" she locked the door once again and stepped into the shower to
cool down.

Half an hour later she
stepped out of the bathroom with a smile on her face she managed to cool down,
but as soon as she saw him in front of her she screamed.
"I heard mo zain you shower 9ij?" with a cheeky smile
"ana balbis o brou7 bait ahaly at'3da" walking into the walk in closet
He followed her and
locked the door behind him and moved closer to her cornering her "wa5er 3ny"
"many, dafi3 fech mahar aswy fech il
aby" moving closer to her
"ya mara" pretending to be mad
"hahah ta3aly 7beebty ill hug you
matabeny?" pouting
"I do bs shino ya mara?" moving closer to him
He pulled her into his
chest and squished her as he planted a kiss on her neck "libsay before you get cold 7uby" rubbing her back
"a7ibik bs still za3lana"
"5ala9 we will have make up sex awal
mat5al9en okay?" thrilled with the
"haha inzaain and
I will make it worth it" as she pushed him out
of the closet to get dressed
Rsal opened her eyes
forgetting where she was, but the second she heard his heart beats she hugged
him tighter as she inhaled his scent in "9a7
il noum 7beebty"
"9a7 ibdanik laish ma ga3dtny?" running her fingers along his forearm
"lntay ta3bana o abech tirta7ain" kissing her wrist "you feeling
"of course i woke up in yours nothing can
beat this"
"b3d ahaly" he shifted down the bed so that he was now laying down next to
her and she was resting on his chest while he played with her hair.

They spent the
afternoon in each others arms until she had to leave at 10:30, and as much as
she wanted to stay she was looking forward to her phone at home and the
messages she might have received.

As soon as she got home, she head up to her floor she didnt even
want to see her parents. She wore took a warm shower, wore her PJ's and cuddled
under her blanket.
Rsal: lyth?
Rsal: I hope everything is okay
The messages were not delivered to Lyth and when she called his cell his phone
was off
"7yatie itwadeny
il 9aloin aw arou7 bro7y?" Falak asked '3aith as
they were having their tea at her parents house
"laa ana awedich o 3la mat5al9en arou7 il
jam3ya ashtery groceries okay?"
"okay yala namshy
3shan yamdena" taking the last sip of
her tea "mama you are
coming ma3a il banat 9a7?"
"ee yuma, b9aly o arou7 il 9aloun"
Today was Njude's
wedding, and even though her father didnt want to throw her a wedding, their
grandfather stepped in and ended up paying for the wedding. It was to be held
in the grandfathers garden, which was bigger than any ballroom. The garden was covered
with an off white tent, chandeliers were hung, AC's were put up, speakers,
tables, and the dance floor was clearly outlines with purple roses.

The men were having
theirs at the families duwanya which was down the street from the house.
Everything was in check.

Njude's wore a
traditional lace strapless dress. It was simple yet elegant. She had her hair
pulled to a low side pony tail. She was a beautiful girl and didnt need much
make up, so she stuck to the more natural look with a daring matte red lipstick.

She was done with
crying, she was all cried out so now she was just going with the flow. They
told her smile, she smiled. They tell her walk, she walks. They tell her eat,
she eats. She was lifeless.

She smiled, took
pictures, even danced but was dead on the inside especially when the men came
in and she saw 7arith dancing like nothing happened.
"hala 7beeby" sitting down next to '9a7y
"I want us to
travel and start out everything fresh, o ra7 nasken bl villa ily wara bait
ahaly leana my brother is moving out fa before we leave we will chose the paint
colors and we will buy new furniture"
he knew she had questions, he could tell it in her eyes.
"tawna sharen our furniture 7aram" confused
"adree just pleae
do what I want min '3air questions 7yatie 3shany" laying down on her lap

"okay 7beeby ily
tshoufa" running her hands
through his hair

"7beebty mn ziman
mo ry7en bait ahalich lets pick up dinner and spend the evening ma3ahum
shrayich" he truly did want to
start fresh and the reason they were traveling was for his cousin to deal with
Turki and give him back everything.

He was thinking about
completing his education and was going to apply for the spring semester, for
both himself and Ma2ab.
"ee please wala iny walhana 3laihum"
lighting up to the idea of going home and
seeing her parents
"yala gomay call them and we can pick up
Ma2ab floated to her
phone calling her mother to inform her about their plans. Her mother was
thrilled, she missed her daughter and felt she was being distant.
Rsal was also going to be home.
"ha shloun il 3rs?" '3aith picked up his wife and her family
"wala 5oush 3rs o il 3rous mashalah
7ilwa" his mother in law
"alah ewafghum" falak said as her heart ached for Njude, she knew the truth.
Ma2ab and '9a7y picked
up food and headed to her parents house. Rsal has been frantically worried
about Lyth but did not want to ask 7arith about it especially since he didnt
mention anything.

"rsal e9er
akalmich bara please" Rsal freaked out, but
by now she was use to her sister and her attitude. As soon as they walked out
into the garden Ma2ab hugged Rsal and apologized.
She apologized for everything.
Rsal cried with her sister and apologized for not putting in the extra effort.
Half an hour later
they walked in hand in hand to join the family around the dining table. When
their mother saw them she cried herself and the girls joined her once again.
"walain laish tabchoun?" The father asked
"faisal 5alna ib 7alna" hugging her daughters
Faris and 7amany
joined them at dinner and all in all it was a pleasant dinner. At 12 '9a7y and
Ma2ab headed to their apartment.
"aby agolik shay" looking into his eyes as they sparkled
"golay ily tabena" smiling back at her
"a7ibik '9a7y and
I want us to start fresh aby nabdy mn il awal aby kil shay perfect baina abena
in3esh like a married couple" tearing up
"hm ana 7beebty sam7eny 3la how I was bs
mo ib 2edy walla" looking down
She wasnt one to
judge, she did the unspeakable "we both made
mistakes and now we are starting a new page" hugging him

ma3ay" He led her into their
bedroom where he slowly undressed her revealing her flawless, sexy, feminine
body. She danced around until she settled on his lab straddling him.
"you are so sexy" he whispered into her ear as he nibbled on her ear lobe
"yeah" kissing his neck
"uff you are driving me crazy with that
body" kissing her breast
"bs my body" slowly grinding herself against him
"o your lips" grabbing her ass
He couldnt take it
anymore, he wanted her. He stood her up peeled her panties off, unhooked her
bra, slipped his boxers off sat her on top of his.
He made love to his wife.
Lyth was laying on the hospital bed in the intensive care unit. He was between
life and death.
"babe" Joury called out for her cousin Jana
"7yatie dgeega I am talking to
3zooz" Jana answered.
Joury was an interior
designer who was lost in her painting world. She kept to herself, but loved her
friends. She recently opened up a designing store where she would be the
personal designer for those who needed her help. She hired 2 of her friends
with her.

She was an only child.
Her father was in the oil field, and was always traveling around the world and
his wife owned a wedding catering business. Joury learned to cook from her
mother, it was her second favorite pass time.
Jana was her cousin, her father and Joury's mother were siblings.
Life was going for
Joury. She was happily adjusting to her new business and working on her second
All of that changed when 3bdul3ziz came into the picture.
Tarkan Calling
7arith: haa
Turki: ya5ee goum lyouth bl mustashfa
7arith: shinoo
Turki: ee walla ya goum goum bamurik al7en
Turki picked up 7arith
and they headed to the hospital. Lyth was still in the ICU and was not
responding. He had gotten into an accident, he was speeding and drove right
into the traffic light. He broke 3 ribs and fractured his rib cage which cause
his internal bleeding which is why he was in the ICU.

The doctors managed to
control the internal bleeding, but he had fallen into a coma and now all there
was left to do was wait.

The arrived at the
hospital to find his family there. His mother was in no state to be seen, she
looked dreadful. His father didnt look any better.

"3my intaw rdw il
bait ry7aw o ana o tarkan ma3ah lat7atoun with 9ar shay inkalmkum" 7arith said

"ya36ekum il
3fia, 5ala9 i7na inrid il39er inshalah" His parents looked exhausted and they needed to rest.
Compose message
compose message
lyouth bl mustashfa :s
compose message
ee walla he is in the ICU alah yaster
alah egwma bl salama inshalah!
Rsal wanted to go see
him even if she was just in the same hospital she just wanted to be close by.

She got up and wore a
dress and headed to the hospital. She saw Turki and 7arith there, she asked the
nurses about him since she was sitting on a different floor she didnt want to
run into them.

She spent 5 hours in
the hospital, and would walk down every hour and peer around the corner to take
a look. At 8 everyone was gone, including his family. She headed over to the
window where Lyth was and she just watched him.

He was hooked up to a
million machines, he couldnt even breathe on his own. She grabbed the Qur'an
that was on the windowcill and she read. An hour later she felt a pair of eyes
staring at her.

"so we meet
again" he said as he
approached her. She was scared, she flinched away from him. She wanted to run
away but her feet were planted on the floor.
"ana ry7a" she was about to walk away when he pulled her in
"why are you here?" you could tell he was mad
"lyth is my friend" she quietly said
"bs your friend?" questioning her
She looked up at him with a disgusted look "ee he is my friend, wa5er 3ny Turki"
"sim3eny Rsal ana
bhidich al7en leana i7na bl mustashfa bs word of advice you should walk with
your eyes looking over your shoulder"
he tightened his grib on her arm and moved her closer "you never know when I might be watching" He gave her a look that would wake the dead from their grave "ana 7a6ich ib baly ya Rsal o I wont stop until I get what
I want from you"

At a different side of
the floor, 7arith stood in place staring at the little moment Rsal and Turki
had and he did nothing.
He turned around and walked out of the hospital with a million thoughts in
"Bu Rayan fe
wa7da ismha Saja taby itshofik"
The secretary announced over the intercome to the grandfather.
"5alha itdish"
Saja walked into his office with a plan in mind. If she wanted '3aith this was
the only way.
"il salam
3laikum" she said in her
innocent voice. He was taking back by her attractiveness and in the end he was
a man.
"3laikum il salam, tefa'9ly"
"dam fa'9lik ya Bu Rayan" flashing him a smile
"Can I help you with anything?" he was curious about this woman
"walla ma adre shagolik" pretending to be shy
"5air inshalah?"
"walla ya Bu
Rayan, ana 7amel o '3aith is the father" she was looking dead into his eyes when she said that
"a39abik bs its the truth wna mi7tara ma
adre shasawi o glt akeed inick tigdar its3deny uhwa wayed yitkalm 3n yada fa
yet ashofik" faking tears
"shino hal mu9eba! uhwa yadre?"
"ee ana gltla o
uhwa galy he wants nothing to do with me ta5ayal, wala ma adre shaswi shloun
agoul 7g ahaly?" now she was fully
blown crying
"bs bs la tabchen ana a7ilha inshalah,
5alely raqmich o ana akalma inshalah"
"mashkour walla ma knt adre shbaswi ma
3ndy a7ad arou7la"
"lat7aten inshalah"
"Joury mama come
into my office I need to talk to you"
her mother called her up in her art studio.
"inshalah mama"
Joury washed her hands
off from all the paint, and left her studio to head up to her mother's office.
She was waiting for her with a cup of green tea and some madeline.
"whats up" as she stuffed a madeline into her mouth
"mama aby a6lb
minich 6alb o ma abech itrideny"
worried about what she was about to ask her daughter
Jana stormed into the office "3mity you told her?"
"la you stormed in" Jana sat next to Joury and looked at her with a smile
"shfekum?" Joury was scaried
"you know 3zooz 9a7?"
"wld 5alich?"
"EE, well he just
got his masters and came back a few weeks ago and is interested in you" flashing her cousin a smile

"interested in me
for what?" looking at her mom
with a terrified look "mama whats
Her father walked in with a huge smile "mabrook
She stood up "shino??"
"mama 7beebty wld
5alty s3oud dg 3la oboch o 56ubich 7g wlda 3ziz o i7na wafaqna"
"mama .... I .... shino??" she looked over at her father, eyes filled with tears "baba b3tny?"
They looked at her
with cold eyes, she didnt find the love and comfort her parents gave her. She
ran out of the office and into her studio where she was alone and safe.
She cried.
"yuba int shsawait?" 3ziz screaming out
"la tinsa ga3id
itkalmny ya 3ziz" sitting down "yuba ana maly '3airik omik alah yur7uma twaft 12 years
ago and its been me and you since o al7en you are opening up the hotel o ana
abeek titzawaj o Joury 5oush wa7da, darsa o fahma o mitrabya o oboho wl ni3m
fee everyone knows him in the business market o omha it9er bnt 5alty"
"bs ehya mo bnt Al- shloun atzwjha?" he needed any excuse to get out of this marriage
"3de yuba il3yal
bsheloun ismna mo ism oboha" standing up and
facing his son "yuba ana kalamt
ahalha o 36ait-hum kilma"
3ziz looked over at his father then walked away.
Juwany: babe I just saw 7arith with a girl and they drove to a
building and parked bl underground parking, im guessing he is heading to an
Rsal: what?
Juwany: sorry 7yatie :S
Dialing 7arith
1 missed call
Dialing 7arith
2 missed calls
Dialing 7arith
3 missed calls
10 missed calls
She called and called and 7arith didnt pick up. He was preoccupied with
something else.
She headed into her
bathroom to take a long warm shower to take her mind of 7arith and Lyth. As
soon as she got under the covers she dozed off to sleep.
1 message received
I cant talk to you now I need to cool off
That was all he had to say.
"hala '9a7y" stepping out of the walk in closet in her robe
"come here" patting his lap
She took her robe off and sat on his lab
"amout feech" pulling her in for a hug
They had moved out of
the apartment Turki had given them, and settled into his room for now since he
applied for his masters.
Dialing Tarkan
Turki: hala '3aith
'3aith: ha tarkan shloun lyth?
Turki: il 7imdilah 6ali3o mn il 3nya o wdaw
private room
'3aith: il 7imdilah, shloun ahala?
Turki: alah e3enhum ... int shlonik? shloun il
'3aith: b5air ma 9ar shay 3la ily 5ubry 5ubrik
Turki: ana dzait laha wa7id e5ar3ha shway o so
far all is well
'3aith: il 7imdilah, o il yahel?
Turki: ehya mo ra'9ya itswy test fa mny 3rf
'3aith: alah yaster, galby mo im6amny o ana
5yf ina Falak tadry o she leaves me
Turki: laa lat7aty inshalah 5air
'3aith: inshalah, yala it2merny 3la shay?
Turki: abd salamtik
'3aith: alah esalmick fman il alah
Turki: fman il kareem
Little did '3aith know what Saja has already done.
Their grandfather was
wrestling with his thoughts. As much as he wanted to confront '3aith he didnt
want Falak to know, especially since she was pregnant.
There was only 1 thing to do.
He would marry Saja so
they baby would be raised within the family. He will keep it a secret, putting
her in her own house and provided everything she needed.
Rsal woke up stunned
with the message she received from 7artih. She opted to answer him and just got
ready to head to the hospital. She headed to the ICU to check on him, but her
heart skipped a beat when she didnt find him in his bed.

"excuse me where
is Lyth?" she was asking the
nurse with shaky hands, afraid of what she might hear.
"he got moved to a private room, its on
the 5th floor"
"is anyone there?"
"no miss he is alone"
Rsal walked up to the
5th floor to the room she was told knocked gently on the door and when she
heard nothing on the other end she walked in. She quickly pulled a chair next
to his bed and held his arm as a tear escaped her.

He looked pale, they
had shaved his head and there was a scar across his head, and across his chest
and abs. He was no longer on the respirator she could see him breathing.
"he is your friend haa" came the voice she didnt want to hear
She got up grabbed her
bag and headed towards the door, but he was faster than her "wain ry7a ya Rsal"
"Turki please wa5er aby a6l3" she was terrified and it showed on her face
"haha la laa 7beebty ana gltlich 76aitich
ib baly" inching closer to her
"Turki" a low raspy voice
Rsal froze in her
place, then turned around with a smile plastered across her face. She ran over
to him "Lyth?"

His eyes were closed, he
looked weak and all she could hear him say was "e6la3" she looked over at
Turki who had fiery eyes. He gave her a look and left the room.
"lyth can you hear me?" he nodded
"are you okay?" he nodded
"are you tired" he nodded
"are you just nodding" he smiled and nodded
She leaned in and
placed a kiss on his forehead. He smiled at her opening his eyes to look at
her. The look he gave her gave her goosebumps but before she could say anything
he fell asleep.

She left his room with
a smile on her face. She was happy, but a grey cloud came to rain on her
parade. Turki pulled her into the elevator then into his car. She was squirming
in his hands trying to losen his grip but it was a hopeless case.

Just as she was about
to open her mouth to scream for help he slapped her so hard, she passed out
instantly. He drove her to his hospital, carried her up into his bedroom and
placed her into his bed and watched her.

She woke up an hour
later with a heavy head, as soon as she saw him in his bed she thought the worst
and cried.

He ran over to her
placing his hands into hers as he sat down next to her "rsoolty 7beebty dont cry ana ma swait shay walla"
"wa5er 3ny please turki aby arou7"
"bs ana a7ibich
rsal ana abech o ra7 akalm ahaly"
he looked like a lost child in need of guidance
"bs ana ma a7ibik Turki MA A7IBIK" hysterically crying
"mo ib kaifich" walking out of the bedroom leaving her in her own misery
The more she screamed, the longer he ignored until he heard nothing from her.
Dialing 7arith
7arith: hala tarkan
turki: wainik
7arith: rad il bait int wainik
turki: ta3al il shiqa abek ib shay
"7uby jourety" Jana's loving voice filled her room
Joury was in bed,
under her covers since her parents dropped the bomb on her, she has been crying
nonstop. She wasnt in love with anyone, nor was she in a relationship with
anyone but the fact that her parents were forcing her was something she couldnt
wrap her head around.
"7yatie walla 3zizan is a great guy" trying to make this easier on her cousin
"I have nothing
against him but I dont want to get married" placing her head onto Jana's lap
"why not?" stroking her tangled hair
"I am not ready janoon" looking up at her
"7yatie intay you
dont have a man in your life 9a7?"
Joury nodded "so you wouldnt
mind an arranged marriage right?"
Joury nodded once again "okay so why are
you against 3zizan? he is family in a way b3dain he knows how much you mean to
me he wouldnt do anything to harm you" smiling at her cousin
"adree bs..."
"mn '3air bs o
min '3air dal3 il rayal beyey il laila ishofich you better dress up fahma"
her mother's cold tone of voice shook her
right out of bed and into the shower
yuba?" 3bdul3ziz was just
annoyed with the whole situation. He just got back from the states, he just got
his masters and was thrilled because he was about to open up a hotel in Miami,
he was going to be the youngest hotel owner in the world and that required his
undivided attention and now his father was forcing him to marry a girl he saw
once when they she was still in her diapers.

"il laila bnrou7
bait ahal joury 3shan itshofha sam3?"
His father meant the world to him, he was all he had left. His mother passed
away 12 years ago and he didnt have any siblings and even though his father has
remarried he never had children.

"inshalah yuba
ily it2mra" he never stood against
his father and he sure was not going to start now
"7beebty i7na
ry7en 10 days laish kil hal clothes?"
looking at the 2 filled suitcases on the floor
"I dont know what to take" frowning
"you are aware
ina you arent going to be in much clothes 9a7?" giving her a naughty look
"hahah '3aaith" pushing him away from her
"galby intay lail7en ma 5al9tay?"
"haha laa twny thalith youm" pulling out a skirt
"walain" leaving her in the middle of her mess
"I love you" she called to him
"sure sure" laughing as he settled in front of the television flipping
through the channel
"tarkan ha sh3ndik?" 7arith walked into the apartment
"mako, agoul 7aroth yeb il laptop mn my
7arith walked into
Turki's bedroom to bring his laptop, but something else was in his face. Rsal
laying on the bed, sleeping soundly unaware of her surrounding. 7arith kept a
straight face and walked out of the bedroom and sat next to Turki

"7arooth I didnt
want you to find this way bs knt bwarek ina all girls are the same o hathy mo
'3air ana mo dymen agolik girls cant be trusted?"
7arith didnt say a word, he was just clenching his fist.
Turki edited Rsals
words into "Turki
a7ibik" 7arith got the proof,
her voice, her words what more reassurance did he need?
3ziz and his father
dressed up in their dishdasha's and sham'3s and looked handsome as ever. They
got into his Austin Martin and headed over to Joury's families house.

They were welcomed by
her mother who looked stunning, she sat them down in their lavish guest room
where her husband was there. After their greetings they sat down and talked.

"Remy please call
Joury let her come down" their nanny went up
to Joury's room he was staring at her reflection. She looked stunning in a
cream colored dress, hugging her curves and showing off her goods. She had her
long curly hair as it naturally is and applied very little dress since she
didnt need much.
She headed into the room with Jana on her side "il salam 3laikum" they both said
"w 3laikum il
salam" everyone answered Jana
headed to her uncle and cousin kissing them, Joury was behind her. She greeted
her uncle with two cold kisses on each cheek and stood in front of 3ziz who had
his hand out for her to shake. She didnt look up at him.

She sat down next to
her father with her eyes glued to her lap. She didnt join the conversation, she
just laughed when appropriate. They headed into the dining room for dinner, and
she was mute as well staring at her plate.

3ziz on the other hand
was enjoying her shyness. He had heard about her beauty, everyone talked about
it the way they talked about her mother's looks but seeing her in front of him
he was speechless.
He watched her as she quietly munched her food clearly not savoring the taste.
He watched her as she twisted a strand of her hair around her
finger when they talked about her.
He watched her as she played with the ring on her finger in an attempt to
lessen her nervousness.
He just watched her.
"ha 7uby shrayich?" Jana sitting on the bed
"3dee" What could she say, she didnt even glance up at him and when he
talked she was too nervous to pay attention.

"shino 3dee ma
shal 3aina 3nich" Joury looked up at
Jana to make sure she was saying the truth
"ahaa" glad she got her attention
"joury" her mother waltz in to her room "b3d shahrain il milcha inshalah o next week bnrou7 France
injahiz, janoona can you come with us?" Joury heard those words and passed out on the bed.

A few hours later she
woke up and found the family doctor by her side and she was hooked to an IV "jana?" she completely avoided
her mothers gaze
"7yatie how are you feeling?" holding her hands
Joury looked up at her with teary eyes "I
dont want to get married please janoon I know he is a good guy bs ma aby a'6lim
il rayal ana I dont know him"
"joury il milcha
b3d 2 months 3jbich wla mo 3jbich"
her mother walked out of her daughters bedroom before she broke down herself.

"jana please dont
leave me" burying her face into
her pillow she really didnt want to get married
Rsal woke up with the
worst headache, she looked around the room and she quickly recalled everything
that happened, and once again she burst out into tears. She heard a muffled
noise and when she looked to her left she saw Turki asleep, shirtless next to

He woke up when he
heard her cries and hugged her "LATJESNY aby
arou7 il bait turki please 5alny arid il bait please turki ana ma a7ibik ma
abeek please" covering her face
with her hands as she cried, she broke his heart.

He got up, got dressed
and took her back to the hospital since her car was parked there. Rsal needed
to see lyth, she needed someone to console her. She headed to his room and
asked the nurse if he was alone, and when they confirmed she stepped into his
room she threw herself next to him and cried.
She felt his hand playing with her and she looked up at him with her blurry
eyes "lyth"
"why are you
crying?" he was concerned and
she knew he was exhausted. All she could say was "turki"
Lyth has had it with Turki, he couldnt believe 7arith was not standing up for
"bs ana lail7en bl jam3a"
"adree 7beebty
thats why I applied for the both of us, ana basawi my masters wntay itkamlen
your undergrad since most of your credits transferred" playing with her hair
"bs mama o baba o rsal o faris o .."
he placed his index finger on her lips
"o ana?" running his index finger across her lips, she planted a kiss on
his finger and said "inta 3omry"
"then 5ala9 7beebty" flashing her a smile before leaning in to kiss her neck
"mm b3d wa7da mny" pointing to her right cheek
"o here" pointing at her lips
'9a7y carried her into their bedroom.
"falak walla ra7
nit25ar" '3aith was annoyed,
they had to be in the airport and Falak was still in the shower

"dgeega bs I
promise" she stepped out of the
bathroom in her towel and hair tied up "I
promise I wont take long" she ran into the
closet quickly getting into her track suit and air drying her hair. She applied
her make up in the car since they were going to be late

"ashwa iny wadait
il bags earlier lo sam3 kalamich we would have missed our flight"
She leaned in to kiss him, and all it took was one kiss for him to smile again.
"ha saja shrayich?" he asked her
"ily itshofa ya
Bu Rayan" Her plan was working,
and he didnt even ask her for a paternity test

"la mn '3air Bu
Rayan, ana Mo7amad" he kept convincing
himself he was doing this for the sake of the baby. He was determined not to
tell anyone about this, its not the first time he has married secretly.

"5ala9 youm il
athain inshalah ayekum il bait ma3a il shai5" Saja stood up and kissed his right cheek "mashkour 7moudy 3sa raby ma ya7rumny minik"

Their grandfather was
use to giving, and he loved it and since his wife passed away 10 years ago he
pushed aside any feelings for the sake of his family but now Saja was starting
Before she stepped out of his office he handed her a credit card, an envelope
filled with money and car keys to her brand new S class.
"ha yuba shrayik?" s3oud asked his son while they were having lunch
"mashalah il bnt
ma 3laiha shay" He did think she was
pretty but he didnt know anything about her
"ee mashalah wayed 7ilwa alah
"bs yuba" drinking some water "ma
sm3na 9out-ha"
"ee kanat mist7ya
ya7laila, 3dee yuba b3d il milcha inshalah tit3rf 3laiha" 3ziz was happy,but after hearing his father's word the tightness
in his chest reappeared.
"inshalah, il 7imdilah ana shb3t" leaving the table
Dialing Janoon
jana: ha 3zizan
3ziz: hey babe shlonich
jana: uggh ive been better and you
3ziz: oh ive definitely been better
jana: so
3ziz: so
jana: 3zooz pick me up lazem we talk, ta3aly
in 2 hours please
3ziz: yala okay al7en amurich
3bdul3ziz and Jana's
relationship was tight. She was his unborn sister, he went to her for
everything and she did the same.
7arith was in
Starbucks waiting for his flight to London "lwsm7t o5oy are you done mn il newspaper?"
"ee tfa'6al" 7arith noticed the man's S3ody accent "rad il s3odya?"
"la ry7 3la
london, knt ab'3a atzawaj bs il bnt ra7at mny" remembering Rsal. 7arith held back his tears, he remember Rsal sleeping
in Turki's bed. She played him, and he cursed himself for believing her and
loving her "il banat ya5ee
mushkila" he chuckled.
Yasser and 7arith continued talking as they waited for their flight to start
"ha 7jy" jana nudged him as she got into the car
"ha 7ajya, sh3ndich ib bait the future
madam" lifting an eye brow
"hey 7dik 3la jourety"
"pretty soon btkoun jourety ana" he wanted to tease her
"LA she is mine, o tara 6a7at
3laina" hoping to arouse a
"laaa??" was all he said
They drove in silence until they arrived to Johnny Rockets Al manshar, it was
their spot.
"janoon I dont
wanna talk about it okay 5ala9 I am doing what is asked of me and that is more
than enough dont you think?" taking a sip of his
vanilla milkshake

"no its not,
ism3ny 3zooz int mithel o5oy bs ehya she means more o trust me you are getting
the better end of the deal lo itlif il 3alam kila ma tilga wa7da mithlha"

"hahah laa?" he understood Jana and Joury were close, but for her to defend
her this much he was surprised and interested

"ee and I dont
appreciate you talking about her like that, if I were you I would send her
flowers and chocolates she likes chocolates" taking a bite of her fries "did
you know she is an artist? her art work is hung ib XYZ gallery again I think
you should go check it out"
"shfeech im39ba?"
mr.successful she owns her own party planning/interior designing shop she
borrowed the money from her father and is paying him back and its very
successful she only has a quarter of the amount left to pay" taking a sip of her diet coke but maintain her angered gaze

"also, she doent
drink soft drinks leana she is anemic, and she has to take blood pressure pill
because its hereditary what else, she is super sweet and she cooks, boy does
she cook lo itro7 the best restaurants ma takel a7la mn akelha and she is
caring and thoughtful and she will always put others before herself" she was in tears now

"3ziz, she is being forced to marry you and when I talked
to her she had a smile on her face and said ana ma aby a'6lm il rayal sm3t 3na
a lot of good things o oboh wl ni3m fee bs I dont know him and im scared" wiping her tears "thats
what she said 3ziz, and you what did you say?"
He was speechless, he didnt know what to say.
what is there to say?
"hala 7yatie"
"laih refa'9t yasser?" sitting in front of him
"shino laish,
intay sm3te? egoul he wants to take her ma3a il s3odya, o ma yabeha itkamel
derast-ha o the only time bnshoufha when he has time off work sijin mo
zawaj" attending back to his
lap top
"6yb 3rfa bs hw rjal kways" She just wanted her daughter to get married
"mako '3aira
ya3ne? ana yayeb bnty 3shan abe3aha? shamou5a 7uby ya um 3yaly ana bnty rsal
'3air 3ndy o abeha yamy o inshalah byounha ily a7san mn yasser tawha

"il nas aish
btgoul ma2ab a9'3ar o itjawzt" leaving
the office before her husband answered her.

Faisal left her to
cool off while he finished the business proposal he had on hand. Once he
finished everything he headed up to their bedroom to find her sitting on the
couch her mind not with her "7beebty" moving closer to her
"mm" looking away from him
"7yatie" sitting down next to her
"aish tb'3a?"
"ab'3ak" hugging her
A weeks passed along.
'3aith and Falak enjoyed their trip and things were working great for them.
7arith and Yasser were traveling around Europe and were later joined by Turki.
Lyth left the hospital and hasnt heard from Rsal. He didnt go looking for her.
Their grandfather
married Saja and moved her into a 2 floor house in Salwa it had a view of the
beach. Her sister moved in with her. Her plan was set.

'9a7y and Ma2ab were
getting their paper work down, they set the appointment to get their visa. They
were thrilled, even though their parents didnt want them to leave they were
"7uby shfeech?" '9a7y concerned
"ma adree I dont feel well"
"you look yellow,
emshay inrou7 il mustashfa" before he could get
up, she fell to the floor in front of him. He quickly carried her and drove off
to the hospital in a frenzy. He was terrified.
They took her into the operating room while he waited.
and waited.
and waited.
"dictor 6amny shfeeha?" running to the doctor
"int knt 3rf inha
7amel?" '9a7y stood in front of the doctor, jaw dropped, eyes bulging "7amel?" he asked
"kanat 7amel bs il yahel 6a7 ana
"agdar ashoufha?" he was now thinking about ma2ab
"a5aly il nurse itwadik awal ma ewadounha
il '3urfa" leaving '9a7y in his
own thoughts
Half an hour later the
nurse called '9a7y, and with his heart pounding he stepped into the room to
find her sleeping peacefully. She still looked frail and yellow.
He sat next to her stroked her face, and playing with her hair watching her.
He fell asleep by her
side, and at 7 am he heard the nurse coming in to check on her "9ba7 il 5air"
"9ba7 il nour" she answered with her weak voice "what happened?"
"7yatie ma adre
shagolich bs you lost a baby" he had to fight back
his tears. Ma2ab's eyes started tearing up, but then Turki came to mind and she
knew there was a huge change this was Turki's child and not '9a7ys and that
eased her.
"dont cry 7beebty inshalah raby
e3w'6na" placing a loving kiss
on the crown of her head.
"aby a6l3 aby arid il bait please"
'9a7y went to find the
doctor and ask him if she could leave. She placed her hand on her stomach but
quickly snapped back into reality.
Rsal spent most of her
days in bed crying. She didnt talk to anyone. She didnt see anyone and when her
parents asked her she told them she was catching up on her reading.
Lyth: hey stranger
Rsal: LYTH
Lyth: why yes ;)
Rsal: are you out? where have you been your
phone has been off ;s
Lyth: baaih 5ubrich qadem mn ziman bs someone
was a bad friend :(
Rsal: im sorry but ...
Lyth: adree
Rsal: I missed you
Lyth: yeah?
Rsal: LYTH
Lyth: hahah I missed
you too, so when will you come see me im all banged up in bed but I can keep
you company
Rsal: tabeny ayek il bait?
Lyth: ee 3dee ill tell
my parents il shabab yayen b3dain I have my own apartment bl bait fa no one will
see you
Rsal: okay, ill change o come :D
Rsal jumped out of bed
and into the shower. She then wore a pair of jeans with a navy blue buttoned
shirt her ballerinas and headed to the supermarket to buy a whole load of junk.
She then stopped Johnny Rockets form milkshakes, Paul for tarts then finally
Lyth's house.

She followed his
directions, parked by the back door struggling with the amount of food she
bought, up the stairs and into his apartment.

She found him sitting
in the living room watching TV and when he saw her she saw his shining smile "hi stranger"
"hala feech, come here" she placed everything in front of him and sat down next to him
"can I hug you or will it hurt?" not knowing what to say
"aked it will hurt bs it will be worth
it" opening his arm up
for her
She hugged him and before she knew it she started crying "laish the tears?"
"Lyth ana wayed
5yfa you dont know what Turki did, I havent left the house since" her voice croaked as she remember Turki
"just forget about him Rsal, dont worry I
will take care of everything"
Here is the situation,
Lyth was thinking the worst. He thought Turki actually did something to her and
now he felt bad for her.
In a way he pitied her for what happened, and he didnt want to talk about it
"shfeek lyth?" he looked at her differently
"salamtich, so whats to eat im
Rsal knew something
was up, she could easily tell how differently he was treating her but she
thought it might had something to do with the accident and she didnt want to
push him further especially since he has been through a lot.
They watched TV in complete silence. She decided to leave, she was feeling very
"ha 3la wain?"
"o lazem arid il bait ill see you later
okay?" leaving before she
heard what he had to say
She stepped into her car and poured her heart out.
She had no one.
She had never been so alone.
She had been calling
7arith none stop but his phone was always off. Its been off since the day with
Turki, but she didnt link it.
3bdul3ziz's mind was
on over load for the past two weeks. His cousins words about Joury kept ringing
in his mind. He headed over to the exhibition to check out her art and he wsa
mesmerized by her work.
He also passed by her store to take a look at what they do, and was again he
was impressed.
Joury, her mother and
Jana were on their way to France to prepare for the milcha and wedding. Joury's
friends were taking care of her the milcha preparations since they worked with
her and knew the requirements and her likes and dislikes.

3ziz hasnt contacted her since the day he came over with his
father to see her, and she was not expecting to her from him.
screamed out from the bottom of the stairs.
"LAISH?" she cried back
"haha laaish??
shino uhwa il laish ana ma abeech MA ABEECH wala lo 3my mo daf3ly ma 5thaitich
yala bara BARA IL BAIT a9lan lo ekoun ib 3lmich ana mitzawj 3laich" He walked over to the kitchen to bring out his second wife. She
was a young girl, not 5alejy.
"ahaha ana mo
rayal ya njude?" he ran after her
grabbing her from her hair and shoving her into their bedroom. He held her
fragile arms over her head while he forced himself into her. Since she married
him, more than 2 months ago, he has never touched her. He spent every night out
of the house and if he did sleep in the house he would bring another woman with
Now that he decided to divorce her, he raped her as well.
"3shan mara thanya it3rfen mino il rayal,
6l3ay bara baity"
Njude packed her
clothes and headed to her grandfathers house she knew if she headed to her
parents house her father wont let her in.

With a frightened
heart she rang the bell and walked into the living room to find her grandfather
and 7arith sitting having a deep conversation. The instant she saw 7arith and
lost it.
She ran into his lap crying hysterically.
Her grandfather saw
the cuts and bruises all over body, he was frightened he pulled her into his
chest and hugged her "shfeech

Between her tears she
managed to say "yuba 6alagny
.... i3tida 3ly o 6ALAGNY" burying her face in
his chest as she sobbed.

7arith carried her
into one of the bedrooms, and called the nannies to help her shower and change.
He came back with the first aid kit to sanitize her cuts.
"6al3eny" he asked her
She couldnt look at him.
"judey look at
me" she lifted her gaze
up to meet his, her eyes were teary "smile
for me" he asked.

She looked down again,
she couldnt. She once gave him her heart, and she never got it back. He stayed
with her until she fell asleep then walked down to his grandfather.

"yuba, ana
btzawajha o itha int mo ra'97 kaifik ana kint abeha, knt shareha o int ma
5laitny o nisait-ha o lmn 7bait '3airha TURKI 5THAHA MINY al7en ana b5ith
njude" he stormed out of the
house and into his car
Dialing Lyth
Lyth: hala
7arith: hala feek, ha wainik
Lyth: hamik?
7arith: shino
Lyth: ta3aly il bait
7arith drove over to Lyth's house and made his way up to his apartment.
"ha lyouth shlonik" sitting down on the one seater
"7artih aby as2ilik so2al" he couldnt believe these men were his friends
"shfeek lyouth?" resting his arms on his knees
"int 3rf sh9ar m3a Rsal o Turki?" 7arith cringed when he heard there names together
"ee" he coldly said
"o ra'9y?" Lyth was annoyed
"b3d il shay 9ar o
ehya kanat ra'9ya itha il bnt '9y3a b3d ana shbaswi allah yaster 3laiha" lighting a cigarette
"agolick shay int o wld 3mik mo reyayel
til3boun ib banat il nas"
"haha lyouth 7beeby la tinsa 7alik" standing up
"agolik shay gd
mara shftny ma3a wa7da 5alejya? gd mara shftny adf3 for a girl? gd mara shftny
al3ab 3la 5awat? int kint 3arif mn il awal ina Turki kan 7a6 3aina 3la Rsal o
you risked the girl for your mere please, arid wgoul INT MO RAYAL, il 5aneth
wld 3mik e'9y3 il bnt o esafer ma3ak wnt ra'9y ?"

Lyth didnt see it
coming, 7arith punched him causing him to lose his balance and fall, 7arith
jumped over him beating the living day light out of him "7AROUTH" came turki's voice
from behind him.

7arith stopped and
looked down at his bloody lifeless friend. He quickly got up and saw his hands
covered with Lyth's blood, he then looked up at Turki for answers. "ana maly shu'3ul itha 9ar shay bagolhum int knt
mwjoud" and turned around to
walk away, 7arith pulled his arm and punched him causing him to tumble down the
"INT 7MAR it6ig wld 3mik?" turki screamed
"ana ma 3ndy wld
3m, wla ekoun ly il sharaf akoun wld 3mik int mo rayal!" 7arith stepped over him and spit on him before he headed into
his car to drive off.

He called the
ambulance and told them about Lyth from a local phone and headed to his
grandfather's house to see Njude.
Rsal: Lyth?
Rsal: PING !!
Rsal: I guess you dont
want to talk to me, ana basafer ma3a juwan I need time away from everything and
Dialing 7arith
7arith: shtaben
Rsal: what the hell is going one
*chuckling loudly* intay shtben bl'6b6?
*crying* 7arith shfeek?
7arith: Rsal alah
yaster 3laich jd intay wayed 6yba o shofay sh9ar ana 3arif kil shay Turki galy
and I hope you are happy ana 5ala9 ba5ith bnt 3mity ma aby asm3 minich Rsal

He shut the phone in
his face, pressing down on the accelerator. He parked in the underground
parking and headed up to Njudes room. She saw him in his bloody clothes and
bloody fists, her eyes opened wide "shfeek
He ran to her hugging her "itha it7ibeny
golay tm"
She looked at him with confused eyes
"I was with you
all day okay? ana knt nayem 3ndich please judey I need you o ana kalamt yady
5ala9 ba5thich no one will take you away from me" Hugging her

"7yatie o your
clothes shloun?" They decided they
would wash his clothes instantly he stepped into the shower to wash off his
friends blood, Lyth was one of his best friends and now he might have killed
He wore a pair of pants he found in one of the rooms and got into bed with
Lyth was rushed to the
hospital, his right jaw and cheek bone were broken, his nose was broken, and he
bruised two ribs just when they were beginning to heal.
"7uby I dont
think he will answer, we need to board now" Juwan said as she placed her hand on Rsal's back to usher her
into the plane
"I have a bad feeling babe" looking into Juwans eyes
"do you want us to stay?" hesitant
"no no, inshalah
everything is okay lets go '9a7y ma2ab o faris are already waiting for us"

Juwan's boyfriend
broke up with her, and since her and Rsal were feeling down and low they
decided to join '9a7y and Ma2ab who were in Dubai to get Ma2ab's mind off what
happened, and their brother, Faris decided to join them.
Once again Lyth was in the ICU, this time the people that truly loved him were
praying for him.
His family.
Turki was shocked at
what his cousin did, he drove over to his apartment but he had a hard time
breathing. He felt something pressing down on his chest, but chose to ignore
the feeling. He took a shower and jumped into bed to fall asleep.
Joury, her mother and
Jana spent every day for 3 weeks in the boutiques. She literally bought a whole
new wardrobe. She sketched out her wedding gown and was having it custom made,
she also sketched out her engagement party dress since her parents were having
a lavish party at their house.

Even though she was
enjoying all the new things she was terrified of whats to come. There was 3
weeks left to the milcha, and they were staying in France for another week,
they were just waiting on the engagement dress to be done before they headed
back. After the engagement party she had 2 months before the wedding.
She layed in bed thinking about 3ziz and her life with him "janoony"
"hala 7yatie" looking up from her book
"3ndich picture of 3bdul3ziz?"
"I do but its a
few years old" She sat down next to
Joury and showed her 3bdul3ziz's picture. It was him and Jana in Water World 3
years ago.

"thats him?" Joury was surprised, he was handsome. Manly, rugged, her had an
aura to him and his smile, oh his smile was simply heart melting.
"ee laish?" smiling
"la bs just
wondering" she glanced at the
picture one more time before snuggling into bed. She was hoping she would get
to know him, that he would have asked for her number but nothing. She gets her
knews from Jana, and she was postie he didnt ask about her.
'3aith walked into a
dark house, the only light was shining from the upstairs. He walked up the
stairs and into their bedroom to find Falak wearing barely anything, surrounded
by rose petals around the floor and candles.
he flashed her a smile.
"is it my birthday?" walking closer to her
She took his hand and
placed it on her stomach, and looked up at him with a smile "are you ready to be a father"

'3aith stepped back
looking at her, he then pulled her into his chest hugging her "9ij baby you are pregnant?"
"ee" her eyes tearing up "are you happy?" she was worried that it might be too soon to have a baby they
barely have been married for a year
"mn 9ijich"
he sat her down on the bed and sat down in front of her kissing her hands "I love you Falak amout feech and this is the best thing
that is happening to me, after you of course"
She leaned in and planted her lips onto his "a7ibik"
Lyth was out of it for 3 days.
7arith spent ALL his
time with Njude, and their grandfather has grown accustomed to the idea of both
of them together.

Turki admitted himself
to the hospital since what he was feeling was getting worse. The doctors took
some tests and will contact him once they know. He wasnt worried about his
family because they were on their summer vacation.
Rsal was having the
time of her life with her newly changed sister, her brother, her best friend
and her brother in law.
She saw some sparks between Faris and Juwan and she coulnt be more thrilled.
Dialing Lyth
1 missed call
10 missed calls
She was worried, she knew
something was wrong but she had no one to ask. She was done with 7arith and
would never call him.
She didnt expect him to side with his cousin especially since she had nothing
to do with it.
"rsool aby akalmich" Faris interrupting her
"whats up faroos" sitting next to him on the tanning bed
"um Juwan" flashing her a shy smile
"shfeeha?" she knew where this was going and she was thrilled
"shino shfeeha? ya3nee its clear" pushing her
"ee its clear and
if you are asking if she is single then yes she is single and yes she is great
and I love her and I love you and and .."

"bs bs siktay
shgaitna ib kalamich mat3arfen itjwben il jawab lazem itzyden mn 3ndich?" standing up to walk over to Juwan
Message received
you said you dont want
me or my baby right? you send your filthy cousin to get rid of me guess what I
saja shtaben
message received
is2al 7moody , ugh I mean yadik m7mad ;)
'3aith couldnt believe
the message he got from Saja what was she up to. Turki assured him everything
was okay so why is she showing up now?
He left his office and headed up to his grandfather's office
knock knock
"il salam yuba shlonik?" '3aith was on edge
"b5air sh3ndik?" he was never one to socialize at work
"yuba sh9ayer ma3a
saja?" His grandfather
dropped his pen and looked up at him with a disgusted look "haha tis2lny ana sh9ayer ma3a saja ya jleel il 7ya?
e'9ehar ana ma rbait ryayel ily ma3rfaw eraboun i3yalhum, algaha minik wla mn
7arith wla mn tarkan wela wa7id feekum agdar ashid il'6aher fee"
"haa shfeek yady sh9ayer?" sitting down in front of him
"sh9ayer? til3b
ib thailik wt-hid il bnt lmn tyek itgolik ana 7amel LAISH??" he was clearly pissed

"haa yuba, mn
9ijik int im9adgha? tara 6alagha ma 9ar 3ly wayed int chaykt mino obo il yahal
ana watheg itha 7alalna btshouf ana mo il oboy, yuba int shsawait?" he knew his grandfather dealt with the situation and was
worried about what he had done
"achathib murty?" just like that he dropped a bomb on '3aith
"m .. murtik??" '3aith stood up
"ahah ee 7beeby murty, itha int mo rayal
o mataby wldik ana 5thait-ha"
"laa e'9her ehya
sa7ritik int ga3d tisma3 shga3id itgoul?? int ma 7alalt 7g il bnt? ehya ma3rouf
3nha yuba il3bt ib 2edha o relha o yaya al7en itgu9 3laik"
"e6l3 mn il sharika o lat5alny ashouf
wayhik ihny mara thnya sam3?"
'3aith stepped out of
his grandfathers office and headed home. He didnt know what to do, or how to
act. Of all the people who had shocked him and hurt him in his life, his
Never did he think this would happen.
"rsool laish ma tyen ma3ana?" ma2ab hugging her sister
"wain ayey
ma3akum 7uby intay ry7a ma3a raylich I dont want to be the third wheel"
"you wont, intay i5te" giving her a loving smile
Rsal was emotional, and hearing her sister say that made her cry.
"shfeeech?" ma2ab was scared, she never knew how to deal with someone
crying. Juwan stepped in hugging Rsal as she cried, Faris was touched by her

"rsolty 7uby
please stop crying" trying to comfort her
friend. Juwan took Rsal to their room so she would rest.
"juwan im worried about Lyth ma adre
"rsal?" tucking a strand of free hair behind her ear
"mm" wiping her tears
"you love him
dont you?" Rsal didnt even look
up at her friend, she has been avoiding this issue.
"how about we go back so you tell
him?" smiling down at her
"juuj I wanna
sleep okay?" turning around and
snuggling under the blanket as she looked at the undelivered message to Lyth.
Rsal: I miss you :(
Even though she knew he wouldnt get it, she sent it!

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