Apr 21, 2012

Faith 6 ;**

Sorry for the delay, just bare with me I promise it will clear up, hopefully.

As always I love you.


She hated the power he had over her, ever since she met him but there was chemistry between them, a spark. Even Mesfer could tell which is why he tried to keep their introductions minimal.

He trusted Mhra, and he trusted 9bee7.

But his guy instinct told him to keep his guard up.

"why dont you look at me like that"
"you want me to?"
"I do, but I cant"

She put her phone down and slowly raised her eyes, searching for his gaze.

It didnt take her long before their eyes met, and boy were his eyes mesmerizing.

She remember when they first met, almost 2 years ago.

He walked into the branch, demanding to see the branch manager he was loud and rude.

She quickly stepped out.

"lw sm7t, tf'9al ana mderat il fr3"

He eyed her down, head to toe.

"ee n3m tfa'9al mktiby"

He was annoyed that she was young, he was angry however, he found her pretty

"intay cham 3mrich"
"I dont think that is relevant to the matter, let me know what the problem is and I will try and help you"

He spent an hour complaining about the customer service and their lack of knowledge.

She calmed him down and was intrigued by his attitude, he was so out there, rude, blunt. She loved it.

"Aby rqmich"
"ee etha 9art ay mshkila aby adig 3laich, 3balich I am flirting"

She was mad.

"no, I will make a note anything you need they will help you with."
"ana abeech intay"

She eyed him down.

"tdreen 3ndy 9a7by Mesfer, y9la7lich"

She couldnt believe the audacity on this man

"I thing your time is over, like I said anything yo need it will be taken care of" She stood up and smiled.

"heheh mashy mashy, but this wont be our last meeting"

It wasnt, she started seeing him everywhere she went. He was never alone though he was always with a friend.


She wanted 9bee7, but he wouldnt budge.

"il salam 3laikum"
"w 3laikum il salam"
"Mhra 9a7"
"ee n3m"
"I dont need introductions you remember me akeed"
"I do, how can I help you"

She was with Mizoun, 3thoob and 3thari. They were openly staring at the men.

They were handsome

"remember when I told you 3n my friend, hatha Mesfer"

She couldnt believe he just said that in front of everyone.

Mesfer quickly nudged him and apologized for his friend's behavior.

9bee7 pulled a chair and sat down next to Mhra.

"bng3d m3akum"

Mhra and the girls quickly stood up and apologized and left not allowing the men to say a word.

"7ywan int"
"7beeby il bnt lik 9deqny"
"wnt shako feeny"
"kasr 5a6ry m3ndik a7ad, whya zaina"
"9bee7, mo chithi"
"I will get the girl"

"if you dont, I will" 9bee7 was thinking to himself. He wanted her so badly, but was fighting something.

What could it possibly be?

"t6l3n ba7ar m3ay?"
"3ndy yacht"
"la 93ba"
"m7d yshofich nrou7 for the day wnrid"
"mn 9ijick"
"walla, ma5th yacht 5aly" She knew he was referring to Sultan
"I cant"
"why bring your friends your family"
"wnta btkoun alone?"
"akeed alone mby a7ad yshofich, a'3aar ;p"
"yal 3yaar, mm meta?"
"tomorrow morning"
"I have work"
"ditch, youm wa7id it wont kill you"
"dont you have work?"
"ana b6aaly"
"aha, mm ill get back to you"

Calling Mizoun

"just say yes or no"
"um ok"
"Osama ybeny a6l3 m3ah ba7ar for the day"
"you are going right"
"ma adree"

Calling 3thari

"Just say yes or no"
"il naas tsalm"
"ma 3ndy wgt Osama ybeny al3 ba7ar m3ah for the day"
"ee, life is short"
"okay your answer a7san mn mizoun she said no"
"she is uptight like that, ana 9y3a oh can I come?"
"you want to?"
"ee bs mby ayey bro7y"
"y3ne agola yeeb rfejik?"
"yalaaa call him"

Calling Osama

"I will go, ill call in my supervisor and ask her to cover for me, I have one condition"
"ill bring he food and drinks, and a friend"
"ee yuba okay"
"fehamt ana shno abee 9a7"
"ehehe ana ba6aly mo '3by lat7ateen"

They agreed on the details and the time before she went to bed.

She knew it was wrong, but right now she wanted wrong.

"you are messaging the wrong guy"
"can I call you?"

She had her pillow talk with him.


not Mesfer.

Her "boyfriend"

Sultan on the other hand was planning a way on making it work. How will she split her time between Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

What she will tell her parents?

Did he care?

He needed her on this project for it to work, because if it crashes they will lose everything. That was the agreement he made with her manager, and with the CEO.

They give him Mhra for the project, and he will drop the charges made against the bank.


Thats what it always is about.

The thing Sultan was not ready for was spending so much time with her, he was always fascinated by her work and her personality and knew this would be hard, separating business from pleasure.

It has been a while since he has been with someone.

Does he want to go down that road with her?

He wasnt even being honest.

He brushed his feelings away before heading to bed.

"7beebty shtswy?"

Mesfer messaged Mhra, he felt like he was loosing her and at first he didnt care she was just a fling but he cant stop thinking about her.

He might even talk to his mother.

"Mhoor what are we doing?"
"we are talking"
"what are we really doing"
"I dont know"
"dont you like Mesfer"
"I do, but"
"but shino"
"you are one to talk, he is your friend"
"mm, okay"
"tbeny a9kra?"

What was she doing, things were getting out of control.

She knew it, but curiosity was getting the better of her.

Mhra, this cant be good.